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Today we wager Would you RATHER versus my editor!
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  1. nathan butler

    nathan butler

    9 timer siden


  2. Private Skepsis

    Private Skepsis

    14 timer siden

    Saturdee or ssundee Saturday and Sunday you like how they sounded :) and you were with maddy a lot more than 5 years you were also in the military:D

  3. Oliver Johnson

    Oliver Johnson

    15 timer siden

    5:59 you said no more tp butcha did it agian

  4. Callum-Lee James

    Callum-Lee James

    20 timer siden

    7:28 is so funny cuz he says he won’t mention toilet paper again but he mentions is after 5 minutes just like in Memento

  5. 682 Tokorima

    682 Tokorima

    21 time siden

    As someone who is about 90% pacific islander. I also, am mildly offended right now.

  6. Lamawizard 305

    Lamawizard 305

    23 timer siden

    Ssundee on the first would you rather it said they will come back to kill you it doesn’t say you die so just defend yourself

  7. jklol 2000

    jklol 2000

    Dag siden

    Any body thought of gatica the movie witch it based of of geneticly changing your child

  8. xd epikgamr

    xd epikgamr

    Dag siden

    Anyone else wonder why SSundee has toilet paper next to his computer 🤣

  9. Cdocxx X

    Cdocxx X

    Dag siden

    0:11 i would pick hairline

  10. RealOceanic


    Dag siden

    Man, some people are stupid

  11. FriendlyFish


    2 dager siden


  12. Agus Widiantoro

    Agus Widiantoro

    2 dager siden

    Ssundee=why do people dont like their video games EH My mom=its because video games cause vilens (sorry for my grammar)

  13. Malici Misiurski

    Malici Misiurski

    2 dager siden

    I hit the sub and un subed

  14. Jessy Terpoorten

    Jessy Terpoorten

    2 dager siden

    Look like this. If i press the sub button im unsubbed xd so easy chose

  15. mr mezs

    mr mezs

    2 dager siden

    People ho dont like video games need jesous

  16. Richard Manziello

    Richard Manziello

    2 dager siden

    OK...SO EVEry one is saying oh why Is sundae talking about toilet paper, buttttt the real question is why does he have a toilet paper roll right there on his desk??

  17. ForceGirl808


    3 dager siden

    Thats offensive because I live in the Pacific...

  18. UnderFell Papyrus

    UnderFell Papyrus

    3 dager siden

    The first one I would pick ‘chop of your own arm’ cuz I can get a prosthetic arm

  19. Inf3rnoDragon


    3 dager siden

    SSundee: "Ain't nobody gonna mess with a man in a monster truck." Me: *dies of laughter because of how true it is*

  20. nhanrey09


    3 dager siden

    im typing this without looking in my keyboard ;> bro its 2019 why not do it ssundee

  21. Dox Yo boo r us

    Dox Yo boo r us

    3 dager siden

    No do Pokémon

  22. spagetti lover

    spagetti lover

    3 dager siden

    I have a haircut worse, that i cant feel hair where there is hair

  23. TheRobloxGamers


    3 dager siden

    i type with my index fingers all te time sundee

  24. Fish nipples Footlocker

    Fish nipples Footlocker

    3 dager siden


  25. Freddy Bigfoot

    Freddy Bigfoot

    3 dager siden

    1:12 Did he just get his left and right wrong?

  26. Freddy Bigfoot

    Freddy Bigfoot

    3 dager siden

    1:12 Did he just get his left and right wrong?

  27. Ian Santiago

    Ian Santiago

    3 dager siden


  28. RedShirt Dyed

    RedShirt Dyed

    3 dager siden

    SSundee said jk on the hogwarts one but jk more like j k Rowling

  29. Jeremiah Lebron

    Jeremiah Lebron

    3 dager siden

    God squad flash ssundee crainer. runic

  30. Greggory Johnson

    Greggory Johnson

    3 dager siden

    What is wrong with you peopel

  31. Happy Phoenix

    Happy Phoenix

    4 dager siden

    O I remember the guy from Groundhog Day i’ve never seen it but my music teacher told us about it A few days before Groundhog Day

  32. Mamata Panday

    Mamata Panday

    4 dager siden

    He said hit that subscribe button or get that hairline. I hit the subscribe button but I’m already subscribed now I’m unsubscribed.

  33. Nicholas Cox

    Nicholas Cox

    4 dager siden

    I remember Feed The Beast

  34. Lord Christopher Larcena

    Lord Christopher Larcena

    4 dager siden

    Hey ssundee,u can get 55k likes in 15 minutes.

  35. voltage 666

    voltage 666

    4 dager siden

    True true very true editor Bones do heal but teeth don't

  36. maria Nava

    maria Nava

    4 dager siden

    Your cursing your hearline 🤣

  37. CrankyCat88


    5 dager siden

    Russell is a LIAR the dentist is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. EchoPirate


    5 dager siden

    I imagine your face on a truck Then you beep beep. Then a derp smile

  39. Dragon Dagger

    Dragon Dagger

    5 dager siden

    What if your 100 years old and you will die in 2 years but you will die in 30 year 😯

  40. MEGAscrub


    5 dager siden

    please delete your channel

  41. Gachagonian


    5 dager siden

    On the first question if you chose red they never said that you cant retailiate against them and they never said that the succeed

  42. Sean Vandenham

    Sean Vandenham

    5 dager siden

    Nobody: Ssundee:TOILET PAPER

  43. mr. medkits

    mr. medkits

    5 dager siden

    hhhhmmmmm... I,ma go with... or

  44. Angel Hernandez

    Angel Hernandez

    6 dager siden

    Don't make mi cut you

  45. Just Burgers

    Just Burgers

    6 dager siden

    I would rather hit the subscribe button, but now i'm unsubscribed... happy now?

  46. Jacob DeWulf

    Jacob DeWulf

    6 dager siden

    the hairline

  47. Darren Gravalese

    Darren Gravalese

    6 dager siden

    I love your videos ssundees :)



    6 dager siden

    5:29 me: I do i get a lolipop

  49. ian manito

    ian manito

    6 dager siden

    Right is alwaya the answer

  50. Universal Bulbasaur

    Universal Bulbasaur

    6 dager siden


  51. pro bros

    pro bros

    7 dager siden

    Do you sit on a porta poty to game

  52. Coolkidguy _playsgames

    Coolkidguy _playsgames

    7 dager siden

    Whald you rather live life without electronics or live life without NOplayer comment if electronics like if NOplayer

  53. Corydog2


    7 dager siden

    If you can't touch red things or you die you will die either way because blood is RED EH

  54. Nathan Unspeakable

    Nathan Unspeakable

    7 dager siden

    12:14 I listen both an play in the same time

  55. Uxol


    8 dager siden

    Delete you acc

  56. Kayden Clarke

    Kayden Clarke

    8 dager siden

    i always hunt and peck i am right now if i somt ftis haoends (translation: if I don't this happened)

  57. FireFox 90

    FireFox 90

    8 dager siden

    Most people in commints “Ssundee we don’t care what you look like!!” Me in commints “LOL YOU LOOK FUNNY 😆”

  58. Jacob Malone

    Jacob Malone

    9 dager siden

    Show Russell face please

  59. A Green Boy

    A Green Boy

    9 dager siden

    dO sKyfaCTory 5!!!1 buT thIS tIme nO biFFle & siGils like, literally. if you ever start another skyfactory, do NOT put biffle and sigils; keep it consistent and nostalgic with the dynamic duo of ssundee and crainer!

  60. AJ CRUZ


    9 dager siden

    SKyFactory 5 or Trollcraft 2