500 edits of the same video

A few comments I must make: Yes, I am sweating in this video, it's hot in california. 98+ degrees. Let a guy sweat. If it's gross, get a BARF BAG, kiddo. Also, I'm pregnant. I figured id tell you guys here first. I'm not the first pregnant male, but I am the best.
256 Edits (loud):
I'm sorry if you werent included in the 500 edits, turns's very time consuming to go through that CRUD. TY
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  1. Pax-Bent Plays

    Pax-Bent Plays

    8 timer siden

    4:31 - 4:32 i think best one was dios time stop edit

  2. Anther site

    Anther site

    9 timer siden

    I liked the TF2 reference.

  3. J. T.

    J. T.

    12 timer siden

    You forgot to censor the woman's name in one clip. Hope she will be all right :/

  4. whyme


    22 timer siden

    Reddit is not a funny place

  5. Owen Coukell

    Owen Coukell

    Dag siden

    Imagine this getting 444k likes

  6. Cole Ulysses

    Cole Ulysses

    Dag siden

    does anyone know where to find the full video from 5:26

  7. Mr. Olive OIl

    Mr. Olive OIl

    Dag siden

    please like so we can see the pinyatas open

  8. Liam Dawson

    Liam Dawson

    Dag siden

    I’m not liking so I can always see micraft creeper and stiff

  9. Boimarco 469

    Boimarco 469

    Dag siden

    I need steve diamond sword and diamonds,

  10. Epic Canadian Chad

    Epic Canadian Chad

    2 dager siden

    they amount of sweat on his face lol.

  11. utku the annoying retard

    utku the annoying retard

    2 dager siden

    the autsitic edit is better than your actual joke of an editor

  12. Anon the-third

    Anon the-third

    4 dager siden

    Dont forget to fill the pinatas with something like my grandparents at my mother's birthday party.

  13. Sp00ky.mp4


    4 dager siden

    Bro I remember overgrowth 😂😂😂

  14. chuckda duck

    chuckda duck

    4 dager siden

    not funny

  15. Jack Hinks

    Jack Hinks

    6 dager siden

    Where is the Garfield Content Cop

  16. Samantha Batts

    Samantha Batts

    8 dager siden

    Still no 400K likes? BunchaBitches! What are his millions of subscribers doing? Slapping balls? Is that even a thing? Well it is now cause Y'alls a bunch of BallSlappas!!

  17. NuNz XeRo

    NuNz XeRo

    9 dager siden

    This is a slightly worse meme review

  18. dark_papi69


    9 dager siden

    Cmon guys lets get it to 444,000 likes

  19. PC Basics

    PC Basics

    10 dager siden

    Bust open the creepy boi!

  20. kagatoASUKA


    10 dager siden

    Dat Jojo reference doe.

  21. douglas ascencio

    douglas ascencio

    12 dager siden

    Man I'm sad we haven't reached the 444k likes for this one :(

  22. paynexkiller


    13 dager siden

    We’re still not at 444k. Wtf.



    13 dager siden

    Why does he always look so sweaty

  24. S. T.

    S. T.

    13 dager siden

    The first bad one was the best

  25. Killer Pickle

    Killer Pickle

    14 dager siden


  26. Crispe


    14 dager siden

    he looks like an off brand mr beast

  27. Mitch Young

    Mitch Young

    15 dager siden

    I have searched so long for the one at 5:27 does anyone know where it is

  28. Jason Harp

    Jason Harp

    15 dager siden

    Still not 444,000

  29. Lemonade


    16 dager siden

    i'll bet 444k dollars that our gift for getting 444k likes and him busting open the creeper will be the content cop we've been waiting for just saying

  30. Allahisgay Mohammedthefalseprophet

    Allahisgay Mohammedthefalseprophet

    17 dager siden


  31. Johnny Melville

    Johnny Melville

    19 dager siden

    Nice little TF2 meme Ian

  32. Maureen Duck

    Maureen Duck

    19 dager siden

    First the creeper and Steve must have some fun

  33. Evan Ammon

    Evan Ammon

    20 dager siden

    It looked like he said “everybody” when he dubbbed over it with Garfield

  34. Collin Graham

    Collin Graham

    20 dager siden

    So close to 444,000 bust them bitches open

  35. Commie Senpai

    Commie Senpai

    20 dager siden

    9:54 It looks like idubbbz is getting the d

  36. Indra


    22 dager siden


  37. Corona Virus

    Corona Virus

    22 dager siden

    You: Something, something Thanos Me: IQ Test Results 47

  38. Schred Bois

    Schred Bois

    23 dager siden

    Yo y did i get a fucking tom styer ad libtard lookin ass

  39. Alex Whelan

    Alex Whelan

    23 dager siden

    edups please send me all the videos and I will genuinely code that AI

  40. Hayden T.

    Hayden T.

    24 dager siden


    • Maguire Adams

      Maguire Adams

      21 dag siden

      Hayden T. It’s actually been over 2 years

  41. The internet stole my soul but it gave me Overwatch

    The internet stole my soul but it gave me Overwatch

    27 dager siden

    When you realize that iDubbbz is from the partyvan.

  42. Thanos


    28 dager siden


  43. Parker Hollingsed

    Parker Hollingsed

    28 dager siden

    Does anyone know where the full one at 5:27 is? It’s literally the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.

    • Sassopato


      20 dager siden

      I can't find it

  44. Jake Morris

    Jake Morris

    28 dager siden

    Where can I find these fucking videos

  45. xxXTheBlueOneXxx


    29 dager siden

    Love ur greenscreen meme

  46. skippy games

    skippy games

    Måned siden

    Give this man some ads

  47. Erick The XGamer

    Erick The XGamer

    Måned siden

    What is that background music in the beginning of the video

  48. Bongo Smash

    Bongo Smash

    Måned siden

    petition to not like the video since the creeper is cool and steve is the friend of the creeper

  49. UnknownGamer40464


    Måned siden

    Do slenderman gangnam style again

  50. Spunkie


    Måned siden

    3 cosmetics only bud

  51. Volvary


    Måned siden

    Ian: *blurs person's last name for privacy.* Also Ian: *Leave the shot for a long time on that person's full name*

  52. Asriel_Memurr


    Måned siden

    If anyone cares, the first song that plays is from warioware DIY

    • Oof da Oofster

      Oof da Oofster

      Måned siden

      Asriel_Memurr Oh, my bad.

    • Asriel_Memurr


      Måned siden

      Oof da Oofster I meant the song after, sorry. The first one is TF2, but immediately after is warioware DIY

    • Oof da Oofster

      Oof da Oofster

      Måned siden

      Asriel_Memurr No, it’s from TF2

  53. Yaveton


    Måned siden

    o m g a t f 2 m e m e

  54. MrDepressed


    Måned siden

    You cant have 3 different head cosmetics in your loadout

  55. KaynStoopid


    Måned siden

    He made a fucking za warudo reference

  56. Desk Atlas

    Desk Atlas

    Måned siden

    I smell jojo

  57. Lemonade


    Måned siden

    rly rdy for him to bust steve and this creep open come on 444k pls

  58. Soup_Squared


    Måned siden


  59. BJay Croft

    BJay Croft

    Måned siden

    A coomer is a thing now, but it's not what Ian thought it would be

  60. Meme Lord

    Meme Lord

    Måned siden

    Reddit is bad humor, go use iFunny for anti jude humor and kekposts.