6 Trump Supporters vs 1 Secret Hater

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  1. Jacob Warnke

    Jacob Warnke

    6 timer siden

    Keith was the only one that new what he was talking about

  2. iiSailorii


    7 timer siden

    Bruh, It should be 6 Trump Haters & 1 Trump supporter.

  3. Jake Hodges

    Jake Hodges

    8 timer siden

    They really let a liberal win🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. prevail223


    8 timer siden

    Damn, so the purple hair dye trend has moved passed the super liberal, feminist, man haters. Interesting, that used to be a dead give away. Such a confusing world we live in.

  5. Angel Mendez

    Angel Mendez

    9 timer siden

    I hate 6 of these people

  6. CherrySpriteYT


    9 timer siden

    "I am a mom." my moms a teacher so I'm double fucked. Literally can't lie or keep a secret

  7. Yeeterson Junior

    Yeeterson Junior

    10 timer siden

    Should’ve been 6 Trump supporters vs 1 Secret hater.

  8. Nathan


    10 timer siden

    I was hoping it would be Zacharias because I didn't want to believe someone got their information primarily from Infowars.

  9. Hufflepuff Badger

    Hufflepuff Badger

    12 timer siden

    You should do 6 flat earthers vs 1 sane person

  10. RJ Cope

    RJ Cope

    13 timer siden

    Kathryn: I’m not a Trump supporter Erin: That’s not vegan

  11. Bridgette Bbynreee

    Bridgette Bbynreee

    14 timer siden

    *scrolling through the comments while watching and lOwKeY hopping I find the answer 😂🤙😬👍

  12. IbokRock811


    14 timer siden

    Do you wanna do, believe what you wanna believe....however, it always surprises to see women who support trump, given his track record with sexual assault and abortion rights for starters...

  13. Mar marilo

    Mar marilo

    15 timer siden


  14. Lexi Sigs

    Lexi Sigs

    15 timer siden

    Alternative title: 1 intelligent person, 6 idiots

  15. Jessica 🐟🐠🐡🦀

    Jessica 🐟🐠🐡🦀

    18 timer siden

    The guy who listens to Alex Jones is a loon.

  16. Flóra Symons

    Flóra Symons

    18 timer siden

    I have never seen a liar being catched... WHY

  17. Kamiah Davis

    Kamiah Davis

    18 timer siden

    Bruh trump gay it should be trump haters vs 1 supporter

  18. Stacy Montalvo

    Stacy Montalvo

    20 timer siden

    Whole time I just hoped the secret hater won lol

  19. mayoi neko

    mayoi neko

    22 timer siden

    i knew it was her, she has the vibe

  20. JACOB


    23 timer siden

    Plot twist it was all of them???

  21. YoutubeCancerCure


    Dag siden

    the TDS in the comment section astounds me

  22. YoungBlunt &Mizguided

    YoungBlunt &Mizguided

    Dag siden

    When she mentioned the GI BILL 😭 and said her father came from nothing 🙄 Historically, white ppl in America have benefited the most from social welfare programs. The GI BILL wasn’t even granted to a significant amount of people of color, even though black ppl have fought in every war this country has had. Your father had has help, and him being able to utilize the GI BILL in the first place is proof of that. YOUR “nothing” isn’t the same as nothing to others, we were never on a leveled playing field

    • YoungBlunt &Mizguided

      YoungBlunt &Mizguided

      Dag siden

      Oh she’s not a trump supporter lol it makes sense now

  23. samminos


    Dag siden

    That’ll be a big yikes from me dawg

  24. AdrianHasSkillzz


    Dag siden

    Never end this series

  25. SW


    Dag siden

    2/3 finalists were minorities, and the white one was anti-Trump.

  26. MamaKermit


    Dag siden

    6 criminals vs 1 clean record

  27. MamaKermit


    Dag siden

    6 prolife vs 1 prochoice

  28. MamaKermit


    Dag siden

    6 highschool graduates vs 1 highschool dropout

  29. Shiro


    Dag siden

    All of them seemed braindead, couldn't really tell who was the mole

  30. cynthiarox66


    Dag siden

    6 introverts vs 1 extrovert

  31. Kaela Jehnke

    Kaela Jehnke

    Dag siden

    Democrats, I will like you as long as Beto does not make it to the final election.

  32. Harppuunamies


    Dag siden

    2,5k Trump voters would like to deport those who use government benefits to go to Disneyland to Mexico.

  33. EL0A ManO

    EL0A ManO

    Dag siden

    Anybody else know from the first round?

  34. ThatOneGuy


    Dag siden

    "I support him because I am a dad" NOICE

  35. Caleb Bean

    Caleb Bean

    Dag siden

    most liberals lie so this is accurate

  36. Angela Marie

    Angela Marie

    Dag siden

    Very interesting, but this whole thing was painful to watch 😂

  37. Gir1s Ru1e

    Gir1s Ru1e

    Dag siden

    The should do a video with 6 Teachers vs 1 Non-teacher

  38. Destruction 736

    Destruction 736

    Dag siden

    Wow i wonder who it is with that high quality editing at 0:27

  39. Ofa Ma'u Valdez

    Ofa Ma'u Valdez

    Dag siden

    Is it me or does the mole always to there research

  40. James McCabe

    James McCabe

    Dag siden

    ”i support him because I'm a dad” What?

  41. Freeman Muse

    Freeman Muse

    Dag siden

    3:52 FACTS LOL

  42. RomanOutdoors


    Dag siden

    I knew they were gonna use a black guy to throw them off, just fits both viewpoints so well from where each side was coming from. Also, why do they always say like “ *I kNeW iT* ” after they literally never voted for them

  43. Ali R

    Ali R

    Dag siden

    i basically wanted to die when the guy who said he gets all of his info from alex jones wasn't the liar tbh

  44. Dwill tv

    Dwill tv

    Dag siden

    That black guy officially not invited to the bbq anymore

  45. Norrissa Riggs

    Norrissa Riggs

    Dag siden

    Ugh it really sound like they support him for personal reasons, not for making the country safer, I cringe.. Also I was spot on, I'm good with these videos Hehe.

  46. Jaemin Barrs

    Jaemin Barrs

    Dag siden

    "I support him because he follows the constitution" Me: Pffffffttttt

  47. Andrew Hunt

    Andrew Hunt

    Dag siden

    Interesting how Jubilee assumes that if you aren't a Trump supporter, you must be a Trump *hater*...

  48. élobean


    Dag siden

    I’m not a trump supporter trump is horrible

    • Aava Ghorbanian

      Aava Ghorbanian

      Dag siden

      yeah same

  49. 800 PES0

    800 PES0

    Dag siden

    All of em should be trump haters

  50. Otaku Trash

    Otaku Trash

    Dag siden

    To be fair this country was founded by immigrants.....just saying

  51. heckin tasty

    heckin tasty

    Dag siden

    honestly aside from the erin vegan moment, this is the only video i skipped through just to avoid listening to a group of... yeah. you get the point. they have so many weird/twisted/slanted views like the whole "trump listens to the constitution" when anyone who has read the constitution knows it says nothing about immigration besides naturalization. also, what does being a dad have to do with trump lol? the biggest red flag for the mole that they should've IMMEDIATELY caught was the "i wasnt provided anything but i went to college on the gi bill" like, she owes her tuition to the armed forces; she literally received financial aid from the government just like everybody on medicaid, social security, or welfare, and trump, let alone all conservatives, hate and detest those kinds of programs and try to drive them into the ground.

  52. Poppy Gloria

    Poppy Gloria

    Dag siden

    Why hasnt penguinz0 reacted to this yet

  53. Ruby Crim

    Ruby Crim

    Dag siden

    6 pro-life 1 pro-choice

  54. Alberto


    Dag siden

    PLEASE MAKE 6 barbz vs 1 secret hater

  55. Jenna A.

    Jenna A.

    Dag siden

    I am the secret hater

  56. Kari Kristine Haugberg

    Kari Kristine Haugberg

    Dag siden

    This was really hard to watch.

  57. Jasper Thornton

    Jasper Thornton

    Dag siden

    They lose every time

  58. LOL


    Dag siden

    2,000,000 people vs 5 trump supporters

  59. DList Lover

    DList Lover

    Dag siden

    I really appreciated this video especially since I’m having to swallow so much liberalism for a grade from my college professors.

  60. iRezi


    Dag siden

    right off the bat i could tell she was the mole cuz she was shaking so much trying to explain why she was a trump supporter.