6 Trump Supporters vs 1 Secret Hater

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  1. Kerry Collier

    Kerry Collier

    2 timer siden

    All of these people are nuts, well the ones that are actually supporters

  2. Creaco


    9 timer siden

    At the start you said "If the mole is still in the box, here *SHE* wins a cash prize" don't say she, say them. It gives a hint to us

  3. Charles Pollock

    Charles Pollock

    16 timer siden

    Whyd she ask her what democrat would you vote for tf 😂

  4. Ismael Mandujano

    Ismael Mandujano

    17 timer siden


  5. Joey Kyber

    Joey Kyber

    18 timer siden

    Man Keith seems like an awesome guy. I really like his personality

  6. No Wallet

    No Wallet

    19 timer siden

    My French teacher seemed Liberal. We were talking about it and she said she supported Trump. She said she was affraid to show it because she was scared her car was going to get keyed. Which is funny because its a conservative country school, but we have a small leftist population that is pretty liberal far left.

  7. No Wallet

    No Wallet

    19 timer siden

    Oh yeah it was obvious who the liar was from the start.

  8. Jose Jimenez

    Jose Jimenez

    19 timer siden

    I not gonna lie but whoever voted for Trump your going to hell

  9. M a x i e p o o

    M a x i e p o o

    20 timer siden

    I don’t like that they are either trump supporters or trump haters like why can’t people just be not biased

  10. Kuzhii


    20 timer siden

    I guessed it by luck

  11. Leonardo Murgia

    Leonardo Murgia

    Dag siden

    2:23 Annessa è stata annessa

  12. Azar Tsay

    Azar Tsay

    Dag siden

    Is it just me or do all girls vote the guy out every single time, I really hate it, most games the girls win because they band together and gain a money prise just by eliminating as many people as possible

  13. Chris Jones

    Chris Jones

    Dag siden

    If it’s the black guy I’ll be very surprised

  14. fsantora


    Dag siden

    It took me 30sec into the video to figure that out...

  15. Carlos Antonio

    Carlos Antonio

    Dag siden

    I wanna be on this show or.. plain. I'm a half Panamanian half white gangster ass person from the hood wit a cop dad growing up in Arkansas an I feel there are more things they can touch up on and more specific questions or ways to verify the answers or rebuttals these ppl go thru or explain in all episodes not just this one



    Dag siden

    The first thing she said was funny asf 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Budgie Birb

    Budgie Birb

    Dag siden

    I hope they’re all liars-

  18. Mr. Ramirez

    Mr. Ramirez

    Dag siden

    The trump hater should've evenly distributed the wealth between all of them as a symbol. 😂

  19. Phravokeツ


    Dag siden


  20. Kurumiinho


    Dag siden

    The guy in the blue suit sounds like those partners u get for a group project that have no clue what the project is about and just say a bunch of crap based on what they think the topic is.

  21. Claire Elizabeth

    Claire Elizabeth

    Dag siden

    Okay boomer

  22. Lowtan18


    Dag siden

    I would have been perfect for this. I'm an ex Trump supporter. I'd lie my ass right to the money.

  23. M


    Dag siden

    Well, they believe all of Trumps lies, so it is maybe quite easy to lie on them anyway.

  24. Steven Ater

    Steven Ater

    Dag siden

    Dang! Deserved win. Not gonna spoil but that's some A level acting

  25. The House Community

    The House Community

    2 dager siden

    Upspeak = Democrat. Simple as that so that must mean Kathryn is the mole

  26. Epiccheeseburger Yumyy

    Epiccheeseburger Yumyy

    2 dager siden

    Wtf is Zach doinh with his beard

  27. Pastor David

    Pastor David

    2 dager siden

    You should do Christian's who support homosexuality vs Christian's who dont

    • Pastor David

      Pastor David

      3 timer siden

      @Chaz Hagen link?

    • Chaz Hagen

      Chaz Hagen

      17 timer siden

      They did that kind of...

  28. Devin Wiseman

    Devin Wiseman

    2 dager siden

    I would’ve walked out and said “I’m going to go throw up now”

  29. Liam Jones

    Liam Jones

    2 dager siden

    U stoned Zachary?

  30. Devin Wiseman

    Devin Wiseman

    2 dager siden

    “I get my info from Alex Jones” “wow we have a lot of informed people here” oh god I’m sick to my stomach

  31. Devin Wiseman

    Devin Wiseman

    2 dager siden

    The one thing trump doesn’t do is follow the constitution thats for sure

  32. Michelle Johansen

    Michelle Johansen

    2 dager siden

    6 athletes and 1 sports hater

  33. Cody Humphries

    Cody Humphries

    2 dager siden

    Trump 2020

  34. Matthew Wag

    Matthew Wag

    2 dager siden

    I’m surprised that the comments weren’t that much of a war zone

  35. The Normal One

    The Normal One

    2 dager siden

    Knew it since the beginning! Just look how she says she's a Trump supporter, it literally looks the first time she has ever said it?

  36. Abby C

    Abby C

    2 dager siden

    This would be much more interesting if they had a rule where they can’t lie. Because right now, it’s just a question of who knows the stereotypes better.

  37. Teehee


    2 dager siden

    The black guy makes me ashamed of my race because idk if he saw the video of when donald trump called black people a bunch of names and let's the crowd hit them.

  38. Zaynab Ahmed

    Zaynab Ahmed

    2 dager siden

    I feel like slapping the trump supporters

  39. Val


    2 dager siden

    Lmao I had to come to these comments I'm finna instigate like a mf I'm not even American

  40. Nikki Nicole

    Nikki Nicole

    2 dager siden

    I have to pretend to be a Trump supporter every holiday, where’s my money

  41. Makayla Enjoli

    Makayla Enjoli

    3 dager siden

    Immigration shouldn’t even be an issue, this country was built on the backs of millions of immigrants.

  42. TonyTheZombie21 Official Channel

    TonyTheZombie21 Official Channel

    3 dager siden

    I'm so happy she won

  43. TonyTheZombie21 Official Channel

    TonyTheZombie21 Official Channel

    3 dager siden

    He is the worst

  44. TonyTheZombie21 Official Channel

    TonyTheZombie21 Official Channel

    3 dager siden

    He sucks

  45. TonyTheZombie21 Official Channel

    TonyTheZombie21 Official Channel

    3 dager siden

    I am a Trump hater

  46. ZirkulierT YT

    ZirkulierT YT

    3 dager siden

    all the trump supporters f you

  47. ImSoShxft y

    ImSoShxft y

    3 dager siden

    Wait so its illegal to run over these trump supporters in this video

  48. Evan


    3 dager siden

    6 Stoners and 1 non smoker PLEASEE

  49. Calico Cat

    Calico Cat

    3 dager siden

    Throw everyone away

  50. Romel Alvarado

    Romel Alvarado

    3 dager siden

    "I don't fit the mold of what Trump supporters look like...."

  51. superkiller348


    4 dager siden

    Mole: I’m a trump supporter Moles mind:what the fuck am I doing

  52. HydromaniacCat


    4 dager siden

    Trump or Bloomberg 2020, but preferably Trump 4EVA!

  53. luuuke_exe


    4 dager siden

    TRUMP 2020 BABY

  54. Fortnite Is Fucking Gay

    Fortnite Is Fucking Gay

    4 dager siden


  55. Nawal Abdirazak

    Nawal Abdirazak

    4 dager siden

    I'm laughing so badly right now

  56. Elizabeth Talavera

    Elizabeth Talavera

    4 dager siden

    Once she said she went to college was a sign that she was not a trump supporter 😂😂

    • Anne Margre Flikweert

      Anne Margre Flikweert

      4 dager siden


  57. SacredBro's


    4 dager siden

    I hate this video.

    • Anne Margre Flikweert

      Anne Margre Flikweert

      4 dager siden

      Bruhh why?

  58. Rohan Nagi

    Rohan Nagi

    4 dager siden

    Wait hold up the Indian/Mexican girl supports trump because she believes in immigration? Wtf?

  59. Blaxter22


    4 dager siden

    The title should say, "6 patriotic people vs one hidden dumbass communist."

  60. Sepyas


    4 dager siden

    Infowars xddd what a joke