Like It Is - Yusef Lateef (The Blue Yusef Lateef).wmv

A master of the tenor sax and myriad other woodwind instruments, Yusef Lateef is joined on this 1968 date by an all-star ensemble that features trumpeter Blue Mitchell, bassist Cecil Brooks, and guitarist Kenny Burrell. They delve into the spirituals on "Juba, Juba," and the blues on "Othelia," "Back Home," and "Six Miles Next Door." "Moon Cup" is an impassioned Afro-Eurasian eclipse of the medieval plainchant and Filipino chant, while "Get Over, Get Off, and Get On" sounds like it could be a track from the original Shaft. The standout track is "Like It Is," a hypnotic midtempo blues composition laced with strings, background vocals, and Lateef's exotic sax and bamboo flute. Here's further proof that this master's aural explorations broadened jazz and paved the way for world music's enduring popularity. --Eugene Holley Jr.


  1. SlaughterX


    4 dager siden

    Hmmm, who sampled this. I know I've heard it before in a rap song... Found it, Cormega - Unforgiven, but it sounds more like Fourth Movement: Passacaglia

    • Pablo Moreno

      Pablo Moreno

      2 dager siden

      And another sample from IAM in their song: Un bon son brut pour les truands

  2. Fatima Amaray

    Fatima Amaray

    8 dager siden

    This music is from soul to soul 👍👍👍👍

  3. Lerf8


    12 dager siden

    bass line in the beginning reminds me of the bass line in that temptations song

  4. Dean Salmino

    Dean Salmino

    14 dager siden

    1:48 am From Hollywood California.

  5. Dean Salmino

    Dean Salmino

    14 dager siden

    This alivened my sense of sound. Attracted me thru sound and vibration never felt this before. Music I have found you

  6. Alonzo Williams

    Alonzo Williams

    17 dager siden

    The master of instruments yusef lateef

  7. E.T.


    25 dager siden Check out my beat I made sampling this record its dope.

  8. Garance Mirgaine

    Garance Mirgaine

    27 dager siden

    I'm in love with this music... Its beautiful, really well done Mr. Lateef

  9. Kev Larius

    Kev Larius

    27 dager siden

    That flute was divine

  10. femaleskater1185


    28 dager siden

    that instrument in the beginning gave me serious asmr tingles lol

  11. Stijn Dierickx

    Stijn Dierickx

    Måned siden

    And then I was like "fuck, Tour Maubourg sampled this" and then life was good

  12. alexandru frija

    alexandru frija

    Måned siden

    Did NTM sampled this?

  13. Kat Pootz

    Kat Pootz

    Måned siden

    Who else is still listening in 1968?

  14. Sam Abate

    Sam Abate

    Måned siden

    i am of the buddha thank goodness.

  15. Sam Abate

    Sam Abate

    Måned siden

    wake up fresh and new for a cup of brew. listen to the jazz and read the gazette.

  16. Sam Abate

    Sam Abate

    Måned siden

    may all of your nights end in peace.

  17. Darian Lenoir

    Darian Lenoir

    Måned siden


  18. Full Color Emotion

    Full Color Emotion

    Måned siden

    Lost my dear friend a couple of weeks ago, this track is the only comfort I have had in he’s passing. R.I.P Stephen Johnson. Deeply missed.

  19. Pastrus S

    Pastrus S

    Måned siden

    3:02 to 3:09 is the best part

  20. Alfred Riven

    Alfred Riven

    Måned siden

    Das kommt von Herzen, klare Sache.

  21. Moksha ,

    Moksha ,

    Måned siden


  22. Gilmar Oliveira

    Gilmar Oliveira

    Måned siden

    Muito bom

  23. Stay Jaya

    Stay Jaya

    Måned siden

    check out my music peeps - jazzy hip hop for your soul x



    Måned siden


  25. Thesaurus Rext

    Thesaurus Rext

    Måned siden

    OH my god.

  26. Mariam Jama

    Mariam Jama

    Måned siden

    لطيف 💙

  27. chana gnanesh

    chana gnanesh

    Måned siden

    Thank You for the music experience.. It was great

  28. Jay Cardon

    Jay Cardon

    Måned siden

    Wow! That intro sounded quite similar to The Temptations - ‘My Girl’

  29. sonofJurell


    Måned siden

    This is civilized.

  30. robbietheking69


    Måned siden

    this reminds me sound of series luke cage right?

  31. Michael Gray

    Michael Gray

    Måned siden


  32. Marcus Allison

    Marcus Allison

    2 måneder siden

    I absolutely love this.

  33. Andy Nixon

    Andy Nixon

    2 måneder siden

    Nice .



    2 måneder siden

    YE Baby

  35. The Ark-vist

    The Ark-vist

    2 måneder siden

    Ancient Decendents...The Arki-vist...(Live frm CapeTown)

  36. Gregor DerEinzigWahre

    Gregor DerEinzigWahre

    2 måneder siden

    Chilling with the pain

  37. yoni tapia

    yoni tapia

    2 måneder siden

    Wow first time i hear this,and it was by a failed click. and i stay im super high and this blow my mind.

    • Mario Caffari

      Mario Caffari

      8 timer siden

      so it was the right click !

  38. Hebrew Sistah

    Hebrew Sistah

    2 måneder siden

    1st time hearing this! 08/12/19 Very soulful

  39. jpratx


    2 måneder siden

    Nothing like listening to this song barefooted. Take those shoes and socks off, sit back, and enjoy!

  40. Dawn Peek

    Dawn Peek

    2 måneder siden

    This music is Everything! I mean absolutely EVERYTHING!

  41. Wildgremlinz


    2 måneder siden

    Cormega "Unforgiven"

  42. Elijah Held

    Elijah Held

    2 måneder siden

    KA brought me here

  43. Misogynist


    2 måneder siden

    bana da böyle üfle yusuf abeeeeey

  44. Grizzly876


    2 måneder siden

    420 dislike gang

  45. Jen Crow

    Jen Crow

    2 måneder siden

    This is so special and great. It's special and great to be Human. ;)

  46. boop zoop

    boop zoop

    2 måneder siden

    The emotions here are stunningly powerful, it's beautiful

  47. Jacqueline Holden

    Jacqueline Holden

    2 måneder siden

    im on this side of youtube again lol

  48. Chrysalis Telamon

    Chrysalis Telamon

    2 måneder siden

    Anyone know any other songs that sound this sexy.. like a black and white detective movie.

  49. Isilda Matias

    Isilda Matias

    2 måneder siden

    Inspiration! Beautyful!

  50. real ghost

    real ghost

    2 måneder siden

    Moments like this make me thankful for NOplayer!

  51. Akua Salaam

    Akua Salaam

    2 måneder siden

    This is sooooo beautiful... My God!!!!

  52. Tim Burton

    Tim Burton

    3 måneder siden

    This sounds like a hot, humid, summer night. Like you're watching the people walk by in the city from the sidelines.

    • Manpreet Singh

      Manpreet Singh

      2 måneder siden

      Feels like snow to me

  53. Jovana Lješković

    Jovana Lješković

    3 måneder siden

    It kinda sounds like a soundtrack from the Holy mountain movie

  54. Barbara Camargo

    Barbara Camargo

    3 måneder siden


  55. Derek Henriquez

    Derek Henriquez

    3 måneder siden

    NOplayer just keeps bringing me to the promised land.

  56. Manuel R. Knipping Reynoso

    Manuel R. Knipping Reynoso

    3 måneder siden

    OMG this sour deezle slammed me hear. Yes heaven on earth is real.

  57. Pancho Arevalo

    Pancho Arevalo

    3 måneder siden

    Algún chileno aquí

  58. Lonely Mars

    Lonely Mars

    3 måneder siden

  59. African Herbsman

    African Herbsman

    3 måneder siden

    So glad I've discovered this masterpiece. Beautiful

  60. blun nelson

    blun nelson

    3 måneder siden

    stop comment!.....listen