Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 6

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The Crew is joined by Stuntman and Stunt Coordinator Eric Linden to react and break down some of Hollywood's best and worst Stunts!
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  1. S Polti

    S Polti

    2 timer siden

    Really cool video series. You could create a mini sponsored clip involving CGI or stunts etc. and react to that in order to maintain the flow of the video(s).

    • S Polti

      S Polti

      Time siden

      This may work with some of Clint's stunts too, as there's a very real sense of impending injury and a need for protection.

    • S Polti

      S Polti

      Time siden

      E.g.: a VPN sponsor might go well with a segment about the protective padding a stunt person requires when falling down stairs etc. Perhaps some of Corridor Crew's own stunt exploits involving protective padding would pair well with that kind of VPN message. Example dialogue: "This was the second stunt I'd ever done on camera. Segueway, before I show you my fall, I want you to remember how badly I could have been injured had I not protected myself. That's what you're doing with your data, IP, etc. every time you navigate the web without a VPN; you're throwing your privacy down some stairs and hoping it doesn't break its back."

  2. Jem Arcilla

    Jem Arcilla

    2 timer siden

    Please do react stunts of John Wick 3

  3. Hennimore


    2 timer siden

    Launch Clint 2020

  4. BCshooterFMJ PRIME

    BCshooterFMJ PRIME

    3 timer siden

    I'm subscribed you cunts.

  5. Amirudin Khan

    Amirudin Khan

    4 timer siden

    The raid is amazing😘

  6. Default


    8 timer siden

    Do Ip Man

  7. Donatello Viado

    Donatello Viado

    8 timer siden

    Ummm, not to be rude, but "Air Ram"? I believe the term that you were looking for was Aerial Faith Plate?

  8. Nathan Cook

    Nathan Cook

    9 timer siden

    If Clint doesn't get launched by an air ram within the next 6 months I'm unsubscribing.

  9. Cherry Oakhold

    Cherry Oakhold

    9 timer siden

    What about Bollywood stunts?

  10. Jeremy Comans

    Jeremy Comans

    12 timer siden

    "A Bittersweet Life" (Kim-Jee Woon, 2005) has some sweet fight scenes. Particularly the warehouse fight.

  11. Final Boss Veigar

    Final Boss Veigar

    12 timer siden

    Next time you do a Stunts video, how about the stunt where Jackie Chan ended up going to the hospital due to a mistake in landing?

  12. Joe Peloquin

    Joe Peloquin

    13 timer siden

    Check out Donnie Yens Flashpoint final fight. Nasty stuff

  13. Stick-It Productions.

    Stick-It Productions.

    14 timer siden

    "I'll find you and subscribe you myself." Me: Subscribes.

  14. Wyatt Thies

    Wyatt Thies

    14 timer siden

    The princess bride duel scenes.

  15. chiefbluebear


    15 timer siden

    Aquaman Film VFX

  16. Alison L.

    Alison L.

    15 timer siden

    There’s a funny Chinese movie called “Goodbye Mr. Tumor”. It features an action sequence (a dream) that would be fun to break down :) it’s available on Amazon Prime Video

  17. Jupiter_mac


    16 timer siden

    Captian america winter solider elevator scene if you haven’t done it already

  18. Kev ENFORCER


    17 timer siden

    I hope they react to Aquaman one day

  19. mr donna

    mr donna

    17 timer siden

    In james bond "living daylights" there's a scene near the end where james bond fights necros. It looks like a terrifying stunt was done there

  20. Oskar Arbenz Braunstein

    Oskar Arbenz Braunstein

    18 timer siden

    We want the air ram!

  21. William Rogers

    William Rogers

    19 timer siden

    Clint gets Air Rammed

  22. Jake Dyer

    Jake Dyer

    19 timer siden

    I would love to see the stuntmen react to the Indiana Jones films.

  23. Bhakthi Ubeysinghe

    Bhakthi Ubeysinghe

    20 timer siden


  24. Tyler Jenkins

    Tyler Jenkins

    22 timer siden

    The skydiving scene was from mission impossible fallout, not rogue nation, but the video said it was from rogue nation

  25. jason francese

    jason francese

    23 timer siden

    4:17 That’s Mission Impossible: Fallout. Not Rogue Nation.

  26. Brandon Burns

    Brandon Burns

    23 timer siden

    Stuntmen react the bathroom fight from the warriors

  27. Summar yadav

    Summar yadav

    23 timer siden

    LOL. After the threat, I subscribed.

  28. Kingo man

    Kingo man

    23 timer siden


  29. jcaudill1972


    23 timer siden

    I'd like you to do anything Jackie Chan simply because back in the day we all know he did his own stunts. Like I think it's Rumble in The Bronx where he jumped across an alley from a parking ramp through a door on the other side. He busted his ankle but kept doing the stunts in the movie

  30. Keti Khukhunashvili

    Keti Khukhunashvili

    23 timer siden

    Can you please review tomb raider and female stunt people in general?

  31. jcaudill1972


    23 timer siden

    I'm subscribed cuz I love it and always wanted to be one but my body is junk now and I'm to old lol



    Dag siden

    React to UA:LA with GUI Dasilva

  33. Sean Else

    Sean Else

    Dag siden

    The flame stunts in Saving Private Ryan

  34. Rakshith s shankar

    Rakshith s shankar

    Dag siden

    Make a reaction on kgf kannada movie pls

  35. Kunal Thapa

    Kunal Thapa

    Dag siden

    Maybe react to Ong Bak?

  36. Nico Zimmermann

    Nico Zimmermann

    Dag siden

    what about the mad max films???

  37. ServentForAnubis


    Dag siden

    I don’t sub because you tell people to sub and you run ads on videos while doing ad reads.

  38. The Superginge

    The Superginge

    Dag siden

    As long as you guys know I'm going to be skipping every part of the video where you talk about merch, your sponsor, tell me to subscribe, then we're gravy

  39. reid ob

    reid ob

    Dag siden

    And we don’t subscribe because you don’t need any more royalties from you tube ...... you guys are picking apart magicians work ..... go to hell

  40. reid ob

    reid ob

    Dag siden

    4:15 that’s not mission impossible 3 .......... it’s 2 And you call yourselves movie industry pros lol 😂

  41. D4N13L _

    D4N13L _

    Dag siden

    Can you do basically any scene from The Protector, but really the one with about 30 other guys in black

  42. lardman


    Dag siden

    Branded movie 2012

  43. PS4 Masada

    PS4 Masada

    Dag siden

    Lmao i thought i was subscribed for more than 6 months now 😂👌

  44. Taiaroa Tait

    Taiaroa Tait

    Dag siden

    Surely you guys react to Kingsman 1 and 2

  45. Jc C

    Jc C

    Dag siden

    You should react to some of the battle scenes in seven samurai

  46. Tori wyatt

    Tori wyatt

    Dag siden

    I would love to see you brek down the eastern promises sauna scene

  47. ishwuh


    Dag siden

    Jackie Chan - Armour of God 2, Operation of Condor, wind tunnel fight sequence

  48. MorningWood USA

    MorningWood USA

    Dag siden

    Jw 3

  49. Lean Boi

    Lean Boi

    Dag siden

    Do Ong Bak movies !!!

  50. Chitown Flips

    Chitown Flips

    Dag siden

    Analyze the fight from first ip man where he fights like 12 ppl at once. Prob my fav fight scene in any movie

  51. Studio 322

    Studio 322

    Dag siden

    Just in case.. I just suscribed.. please don't find me.

  52. Eloise Johnson

    Eloise Johnson

    Dag siden

    Do some Tom cruis movies 🎥 that would be so good !!!

  53. Liquid Dusk

    Liquid Dusk

    Dag siden

    Stuntmen react to kiss of the dragon

  54. Natalie Adkins

    Natalie Adkins

    Dag siden

    Crouching tiger hidden dragon

  55. Red Rising1

    Red Rising1

    Dag siden

    Clint the stuntman OP

  56. Smitty Plays

    Smitty Plays

    Dag siden

    You guys should react to the 19-2 school shooting episode long take it is 13 minutes long!!!

  57. Trusty Patchy

    Trusty Patchy

    Dag siden

    i honestly thought i was already subscribed cuz these vids always come up on my front page

  58. Never Know

    Never Know

    Dag siden

    Yess..... I would love to see Clint die on a Air Ram!!! zzzzzz

  59. paul Wong

    paul Wong

    Dag siden

    Plz check out the Donnie yan vs Collin Chou fight scene noplayer.info/show/QzNMUTU1cWt3LUE.html

  60. Javier Barreda

    Javier Barreda

    2 dager siden

    Sponsor made me laught so hard xD