TO ALL THE BOYS 2: P.S. I Still Love You | Official Sequel Trailer 2 | Netflix

Lara Jean and Peter have just taken their relationship from pretend to officially official when another recipient of one of her old love letters enters the picture.
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TO ALL THE BOYS 2: P.S. I Still Love You | Official Sequel Trailer 2 | Netflix


  1. Anu D

    Anu D

    6 timer siden

    You know what the one thing that I didn’t like is they’re kiss doesn’t looks patient like previous movie.

  2. 林珅緒


    6 timer siden

    Does anyone remember that John Ambrose showed up at her door at the end of the first movie ?

  3. Violet Luxton

    Violet Luxton

    7 timer siden

    Why is John Ambrose white in the first movie but not in the 2nd

  4. tpain53ful


    7 timer siden

    I think the movie was good and for yall saying john Ambrose was better for her he didnt even care about Peter and Lara Jean relationship he didnt respect Peter was her boyfriend so yall wrong

  5. Jay Esmoral

    Jay Esmoral

    8 timer siden

    Part of the minority that wanted her to be with John Ambrose.

  6. Rani Kumari

    Rani Kumari

    8 timer siden

    I love Peter. Duh. But that piano scene.

  7. Ms. Ria

    Ms. Ria

    10 timer siden

    A bit disappointing. The first movie gave justice to the book. The second movie, not so much. They pretty much gave lara and john a bit more romantic scenes and brushed off lara and peter's relationship. Stormy is still awesome but Im a bit sad they didn't keep in the part where lara learns about stormy's love stories. Although I get why they didn't keep it in. The books made sense as to why peter and lara was better together in the end. The movies cheated john. It's not bad, just not that good either

  8. Elly Evana

    Elly Evana

    10 timer siden

    Am i the only feelin sad cuz lara gettin back w peter at the end :((( I SRSLY SHIP HER WITHHH JOHN WTFFFFFF 😭😭😭😭😭

  9. Choko Moji

    Choko Moji

    13 timer siden

    Read this only if you watched both movies already :) Greatest Differences between Book and Movie (some are pretty surprising): 1) Margot and Lara Jeans fight after Margot found out she liked Josh was much bigger, there was the silent treatment, tattling of Lara Jeans supposed "hot-tub sex", and also revenge involved before those two exploded and finally made up (the sisterly connection is so accurate that I love it so much) 2) JOHN IS STORMY'S GRANDSON, Stormy dies in the books :((( but has a really heart-warming funeral 3) Kitty had a silly little crush on Josh :P 4) Kitty is quite the embodiment of a bratty little sister, she mailed out those letters not for Lara Jean to socialise but because she wanted revenge from Lara Jean, and when Peter and LJ went on strike during the second movie, Kitty got mad and said her sister "does not deserve Peter" - of course, little sisters are like that but I still love Kitty :) 5) Mr. Covey is so much more awkward with Trina its hilarious 6) Gen making up with Lara Jean was a lot more real, all (Gen, chris, peter, john, lj, etc) were playing this childhood game where the winner could ask anything from any loser. Gen and LJ were finalists, and while hanging out with John after the ball she saw Peter and Gen together. She was about to tag Gen before she saw her crying, and Gen annoyedly told her "I don't care about this stupid game, I was with Peter because my dad was cheating on my mom,". This made LJ remorseful. 7) Lara Jean was really bullied for the hot tub take, memes were made, she was described as a slut, etc. 8) Peter did not kiss LJ because of spin the bottle, but because he didn't have a kiss with Gen and decided to go for LJ as a "second choice" - which made Gen understandably upset since Lara Jean kissed back at her own will, knowing Gen liked Peter a lot 9) Lara Jean was Peter's first kiss xshjhahd 10) LJ was a lot more conflicted in the books, and was not selfish towards John, a lot more about jealousy and insecurities were conveyed making her decisions understandable, the movie could have gone more in-depth on that instead of the "cute" scenes. If you have anymore I will add them :D

  10. BTS_my_ Lifeu

    BTS_my_ Lifeu

    14 timer siden

    I want peter in my life😢😢

  11. jaehyeong the rose

    jaehyeong the rose

    15 timer siden

    This sequel honestly wasn’t that good. The book was better and I’m not even a book person lol

  12. Rogue Wade

    Rogue Wade

    16 timer siden

    Yeah, sure. Do John dirty like that. I enjoyed the movie, but seriously? Poor guy shouldn't have been left hanging to that ending. He was a nice, solid guy who deserved love.

  13. marielle m

    marielle m

    16 timer siden


  14. Shiyun Lee

    Shiyun Lee

    16 timer siden

    Lara has obvious South east Asian face and acting North east Asian role... looks awkward. I guess Americans can't tell the difference.

  15. Dark Frost

    Dark Frost

    16 timer siden

    We kissed and now i feel like I ruined everything" You did you fkn wrench!

  16. Charlotte Fraietta

    Charlotte Fraietta

    16 timer siden

    OH MY GOD I bet no one noticed this The poem that he reads her on the field He didn’t write it He stole it from “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Alan Poe and just replaced the name Annabel Lee with Lara Jean 🤦🏼‍♀️

  17. Jayk Hughes

    Jayk Hughes

    17 timer siden

    Ummmmmmm.......... does no one else see she is a horrible person

  18. Gaming Jefferson

    Gaming Jefferson

    19 timer siden

    0:19 to a little kid show ( odd squad ) to being in a movie like this... wow

  19. Francisco Colchado

    Francisco Colchado

    21 time siden

    We’re just going to ignore the fact that John Ambrose was a white straight hair boy in the first part and now he turned black with Afro hair lmao

  20. Zana Starlight

    Zana Starlight

    21 time siden

    I love this series so much however this movie felt really rushed and forced. The whole John arc felt cramped and rushed. In the books Peter was a nice guy however he wasn’t a good a boyfriend to Lara Jean in fact he was a pretty bad boyfriend to her. Don’t get me wrong they did have chemistry and did love each other, but they were just awful together. John cares for Lara Jean a lot, he protected her and did his best to listen. He knew she was dating Peter and respected that a lot and didn’t try anything on her after he found out they were dating. Peter was a major jerk to Lara Jean I’m sorry but he was. He still loved gen regardless if he was with Lara. John tried so hard with Lara Jean and was genuinely a nice guy. However in this movie it feels like we see Lara Jean fussing over nothing. We see her as overreacting when that’s not what happened. Everything was rush and forced in this film.

  21. Coconut Coconut

    Coconut Coconut

    Dag siden

    She looks a little chubby

  22. Yessenia Young

    Yessenia Young

    Dag siden

    Did anybody notice that they changed John Ambrose in part 2 then from the 1st movie. John Ambrose from the 1st movie is not john Ambrose from the 2nd movie 🤔.

  23. çağla


    Dag siden

    i love this movie 🤧💖

  24. Endless Cycle

    Endless Cycle

    Dag siden

    when will it be released already? or where can I see?

  25. Julia Dean

    Julia Dean

    Dag siden

    This movie was super good! Did anyone notice how much McClaren said “I can’t believe” in this movie tho? Lmao 😂

  26. Jaliyah Crawford

    Jaliyah Crawford

    Dag siden

    Ok no hate. I love the movies but how in the 1st movie John Ambrose was white and in the 2nd he's black?? HOW COULD THEY MAKE THIS SIMPLE MISTAKE!!!😫😫 Still love the movies though.❤

  27. Sophia •

    Sophia •

    Dag siden

    My only issue with this movie is that in the first movie ‘John Ambrose McClaren’ is a completely different person and shows up at the very end of the movie holding his letter and flowers for her. So it’s kinda weird that they changed to a different actor and storyline kinda.

  28. Saška Kojić

    Saška Kojić

    Dag siden

    gosh theres still a third movie givin all my hopes for third one, this one seems like a whole a lot of dissapointment right there

  29. Yanyan May

    Yanyan May

    Dag siden

    Just done watching...and for me it was really amazing...hoping for the next sequel if ever there is...i just really love their story... ❤️❤️❤️ I might like LJ to be with John because of his character...but I still love LJ for Peter, because after all they are the main character of the story....and it would be more disappointing if they didnt end up with each other... For some reason...LJ seems to be getting prettier...Noah seems to be more romantic... And John Ambrose, well he seems to have a charming voice...then whos the guy whom LJ met in the camp? I wonder...🤔

  30. Alice Lee

    Alice Lee

    Dag siden

    Why is the asian girl always having a white dad

  31. cookiez pastel

    cookiez pastel

    Dag siden

    Shooooot i dont have Netflix anymore :((((

  32. Amanda Quoff

    Amanda Quoff

    Dag siden

    Ok but like, she ever getting her scrunchie back??

  33. Mary Jefftherese Sison

    Mary Jefftherese Sison

    Dag siden

    Did anyone noticed that little john ambrose from part 1 is different from the little john ambrose in part 2? 🤔

  34. San Colo Sayan

    San Colo Sayan

    Dag siden

    Netflix for free work 100% no cb no fake Enjoy

  35. treasured moments

    treasured moments

    Dag siden

    Great movie for THOTS

  36. barihope


    Dag siden

    Movie was wonderful. Loved the ending. First movie 8/10. 2nd movie 8.5/10.

  37. Master of Ks

    Master of Ks

    Dag siden

    NOBODY is questioning John Ambrose being different race in the first movie lmfao

  38. Victor Adebanjo

    Victor Adebanjo

    Dag siden

    I love this movie

  39. Валентина Иванова

    Валентина Иванова

    Dag siden

    To all the people who have read the books 📚 can you tell me why did Peter tell Lara Jean to make a fake dating thing ?? I mean was it just to really make Genevieve jealous or maybe because Kavinsky just wanted to be with Covey ??? Help me figure this out

  40. Jmask14


    Dag siden

    I think this might be the Netflix series we need a girl who decides her friend from middle school or her boyfriend

  41. ReZZree


    Dag siden

    worst movie ever lol (jordan wtf r u doing)

  42. Swiloz


    Dag siden

    How did John change his skin color I-

  43. Bri


    Dag siden

    The whole time I was rooting for John because I secretly wanted him for myself ( well not secretly anymore )

  44. Jenni Wuensche

    Jenni Wuensche

    Dag siden

    I’m probably the only one that found this movie extremely cringe

    • Faith 228

      Faith 228

      Dag siden

      Jenni Wuensche I found it so cute all the cringe is what made it cute and funny

  45. Anna Oop

    Anna Oop

    Dag siden

    I’m kinda sad that she just left John like that

  46. Rui Lei

    Rui Lei

    Dag siden

    ok but if Lara jean breaks up with Peter ima throw hands

  47. Huyền Trang

    Huyền Trang

    Dag siden

    My god, I need a little sister like Kitty indeed :))). Noone around her stay alone actually ^^

  48. Sierra Banks

    Sierra Banks

    Dag siden

    John Ambrose was white in the first movie x)

  49. Travis


    2 dager siden

    Best movie ever

  50. Manu T.

    Manu T.

    2 dager siden

    I read all three books, and loved them very much. I was looking forward to the movie, but I loved it. There are differences and some details have not been added but it makes sense, it is a film, it is another means of narration. The atmosphere, the actors, the music ... it makes me really comforting and romantic. Maybe I'm too fond of this story but I loved this sequel (I also love Noah madly) and I am looking forward to the third film! ❤️

  51. magically yours

    magically yours

    2 dager siden

    john btr gt a gd ending in anothr universe🙄 the ending feels so rushed

  52. Sthembile Ngubane

    Sthembile Ngubane

    2 dager siden

    Amazing 🤭😍🤭😍

  53. jose Torres flores

    jose Torres flores

    2 dager siden

    Yassssss finally!!!

  54. The All Stars

    The All Stars

    2 dager siden

    Why did they blackwash John Ambrose?

  55. hasa masa

    hasa masa

    2 dager siden

    netflix wtf,peter treated lara like trash most of the movie and john was always there for her but she still stays with peter and literally nothing happened the entire movie..so disappointing...this is turning into riverdale because its literally a wattpad fanfic

  56. Madison Zamora

    Madison Zamora

    2 dager siden

    Okay, I just finished watching the movie.. and I fell in love. Please make a 3rd movie!!! We all want one!!!!!

    • Faith 228

      Faith 228

      Dag siden

      Madison Zamora they are it’s already been filmed. Back to back actually

  57. sedih hijab

    sedih hijab

    2 dager siden

    hancur yang ada

  58. Nur Khalimah Oficial

    Nur Khalimah Oficial

    2 dager siden


  59. ganga tejwani

    ganga tejwani

    2 dager siden

    I was super annoyed with lara jean all through the movie 🙄 i mean she didnot told john she is with peter and even after talkin to gen she didnot get back with him 😣 and kissed another guy to realize she wants peter Like what?

  60. パンプキンパイ、


    2 dager siden