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Even I Can’t Hate the 16” Macbook Pro 2019

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Apple’s new 16” MacBook Pro is a refreshing change of pace with its revised keyboard and standard 16GB of memory. Has Apple finally listened to the criticism they’ve taken for many years now?
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  1. Saivon Playz

    Saivon Playz

    Dag siden

    A petition do you commenters like the MacBook Pro don’t worry don’t like reply good or bad

  2. iMiguelAOG


    Dag siden

    The thing about Apple is they'll make choices that are bad for the consumer because they'll buy from them anyways. And then once in a while they'll listen to some things consumers suggest, and be seen as a hero.

    • Saivon Playz

      Saivon Playz

      Dag siden

      iMiguelAOG oof

  3. Trevor Scott

    Trevor Scott

    2 dager siden

    I can. You get better video performance for less out of the 13 inch with an egpu and mid tier graphics card.

  4. Sergio Raudales

    Sergio Raudales

    2 dager siden

    MBP 2020 gets an SD card reader.

  5. JDB 1113

    JDB 1113

    2 dager siden

    I don't understand all the fuss about not being able to build it yourself or repair it yourself. 98% of the globe are not tech geeks, and I can smell a media disaster from here if all of you were able to tinker with it and blame the OS for underperfoming (due to switching hardware to something the OS is not meant for) Apple is Apple for a reason, and from the start. I like the fact they don't give 3 fucks and try to please everyone. They shouldn't, because as proven by electing Trump - listening to the majority is the most idiotic thing anyone can do. I'm not a fanboy, but I am a professional businessman, and Apple is the only tech company out there with a half decent product when it comes to laptops. I grew up on Windows, used it for 20+ years. And I've never made a better decision than switching to Apple in my life - simple, easy, no bugs, no lagging, no issues whatsoever, while I had to wait upwards of 5 mins for my Windows gear to start up, and lag my way through the day to get anything done. I still use Windows for gaming, but that's about it.



    3 dager siden

    we love it and saved 366,51 € :)

  7. Simon Paille

    Simon Paille

    3 dager siden

    to late linus... i already am stuck witha raspbery pi with 32 gb of storage and 1 gb of ddr2 memory

  8. Cameron Frye

    Cameron Frye

    5 dager siden

    I didn’t know it was possible for you to be alright with a Mac, much less have some praise for one..

    • SoLongSidekick


      5 dager siden

      He's praised Apple every time they've made a good hardware decision. Unfortunately, for a company that has just about the worst hardware decisions of any out there, that's not very often.

  9. Morecado


    6 dager siden

    For a small crowdfunded company, I must say that Apple is doing quite well. Just a little bit more and they might actually be something to consider.

  10. RiKs


    6 dager siden

    Who’s here at 9.99M subs Hit like and may ur wishes come true 👇🏼

  11. adredy adredy

    adredy adredy

    7 dager siden

    New camera ? :D

  12. Lil Quake

    Lil Quake

    7 dager siden

    Its all fun in games until your premium "TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta MAX RGB SSD 1TB 2.5 inch SATA III 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive" catches fire and you loose all your precious..... nothing because you didnt even get a chance to put anything on it.

  13. KAI


    8 dager siden

    Linus: *praises apple* Literally everyone: _impossible_

  14. Nice u

    Nice u

    9 dager siden

    god you're annoying.

  15. V. N.

    V. N.

    9 dager siden

    3:47 when an excision song starts playing

  16. Wesley Franken

    Wesley Franken

    9 dager siden

    Just bought a MacBook Pro 16 because of this review. Thanks!

  17. Morten


    10 dager siden

    If you need windows on it, just go virtual instead of bootcamp

  18. Esrael Nate

    Esrael Nate

    10 dager siden

    i think this was one of the best adds iv watched at the end of the vid



    11 dager siden

    8:30 just show the 2.4 doesn't hit 5.0. Definitely going for 2.3, not worth $200

  20. Masked Badass

    Masked Badass

    12 dager siden

    As long as Apple keeps being ridiculously overpriced they can still get bent.

  21. Tech Roar

    Tech Roar

    12 dager siden

    That MacBook Pro is A KILLER machine! As someone whose currently using the 2012 MacBook Pro w/ an SSD upgrade, this is the Mac I want next! Saving up for it!

  22. Raymond Wiik

    Raymond Wiik

    15 dager siden


  23. Violet Fyxe

    Violet Fyxe

    16 dager siden

    OLED screens still have a _huge_ issue with blue diode degeneration. That's fine for a $300 smartphone, but who wants to have their $3000 laptop's screen look yellow in three years just for deeper blacks? The restrained CPU fans are bullshit though. I'd rather have a laptop that runs a little louder or slower than one that TIM-COOKS the god damned CPU. 🔥🤦‍♀️

  24. M


    18 dager siden

    This thing is a real iPOS

  25. Gebrüder Schwarzwald

    Gebrüder Schwarzwald

    18 dager siden

    1:57 Violence is never the answer.

  26. Ydoum's Gaming Den

    Ydoum's Gaming Den

    18 dager siden

    You will once they tell you that you need to replace parts for $1500 instead of plugging back a single cable.

  27. Amogh Bhurke

    Amogh Bhurke

    18 dager siden

    Wtf is he doing 4:22?

  28. Mikayel


    19 dager siden

    OLED displays on computers are a bad idea the start menu button will burn in less than a year later and your screen will go to shit in 2 years

  29. Mikayel


    19 dager siden

    4:15 thinner bezels vs a stabile OS :)

  30. Mikayel


    19 dager siden

    Am I the only one who liked the butterfly keyboard?

    • Tarek Ahmed

      Tarek Ahmed

      15 dager siden


    • Asif Talpur

      Asif Talpur

      17 dager siden

      Yeah just u.

    • coveringfish


      18 dager siden


  31. wrangleroooo


    19 dager siden

    Stupid dongle era, bring back classic USB and HDMI. Staying with 2013 model, fuck you Apple

  32. Grant Goodman

    Grant Goodman

    19 dager siden

    linus... you have the absolute worst, most mind-bendingly torturous intro music of any NOplayerr ever and it drives me fucking insane every time i watch one of your videos. the music is obnoxious and fucking loud. please stop

  33. Benzinewagen


    19 dager siden

    Auto-restart issue & data loss => bye to this $4k ironing board

  34. ItzHawwi


    19 dager siden

    I thought the title says "Even I can't TAKE 16" .....

    • a


      16 dager siden

      Nah that’s pornhub

  35. neverforgetus


    20 dager siden

    9:25 They are a lot of applications for that.

  36. Bailey Stoner

    Bailey Stoner

    20 dager siden

    Too bad it doesn't run most 3D games even at lowest settings. I had the high-end model and returned it. Everyone raved about the GPU. Nope.

  37. Omitechom


    20 dager siden

    Did you know about the issue when connecting the MacBook Pro 16-inch to an external monitor? The fans will go crazy and the machine will get very hot, if you check Apple discussion forums you will find an 11 page thread already.

  38. DerLümmel


    20 dager siden

    Please make the intro dark mode i just burnt my eyes

  39. Josip Ricov

    Josip Ricov

    21 dag siden

    I can! No 4K camera!

  40. techlabs007


    22 dager siden

    please stop putting your dummy minions on the video doing the most awkward shit.

  41. Petr Lazar

    Petr Lazar

    22 dager siden

    Wait, what? A 3500+ USD computer you can work on? Magical.

  42. Numan Noor

    Numan Noor

    22 dager siden

    Salute to Craig Federighi to providing a excellent operating system. Yes that’s CATALINA

  43. Numan Noor

    Numan Noor

    22 dager siden

    Scissor cut keyboard once again to the existence 😂. Rolling to old MacBook Pro structure. Good

  44. WalkinOSF


    22 dager siden

    You can feel the sarcasm in this one.

  45. ruffsnap


    22 dager siden

    10:30 -- Why oh why do people like 16:10 aspect ratio, 16:9 is sooo much fucking better. The vast majority of videos are 16:9 aspect ratio, that's what screens should be.

  46. Renu Sharma

    Renu Sharma

    22 dager siden

    While watching this video there was a ijustine video with title Love for mac

  47. Andrew P

    Andrew P

    22 dager siden


  48. rchavezj


    22 dager siden

    You did not specify the CPU or GPU on this video. Need more info

  49. KKYong


    23 dager siden

    At Least 16 Inch Macs Are Better than 17 inch macs

  50. StealthNinja4577


    23 dager siden

    Until they need to be repaired and it turns out they have some component that fails from a design error

  51. Sandro L.

    Sandro L.

    23 dager siden

    It still is a dongle book pro so it sucks now they had space for usb3 and hdmi but they keep removing them which has no sense i hate dongles will never upgrade to this touchbar shit who wants a touchbar btw 🤷‍♂️

  52. Guitaripod


    23 dager siden

    Man that sticker is ugly af

  53. Vaidas Šukaukas

    Vaidas Šukaukas

    23 dager siden

    800$ more? That's like extra whole gaming PC... I will never understand apple users...

    • Monque


      22 dager siden

      Vaidas Šukaukas I wish all will come to that conclusion and stop trying to understand apple users every release.

  54. P. Stephens

    P. Stephens

    23 dager siden

    I don't hate the MacBook Pro. I just loathe dongles.

  55. Luke Bannon

    Luke Bannon

    23 dager siden

    I don’t think they’ve made a decent music production laptop since the 2015 MacBook Pro. Ports ports ports.

  56. Patrick Weaver

    Patrick Weaver

    23 dager siden

    I can. Wait until the video cable snaps and they tell you it's a $2000 to repair not covered by warranty.

  57. Andrew Leong

    Andrew Leong

    24 dager siden

    Waiting for the 14 inch

  58. Walker Firmin

    Walker Firmin

    24 dager siden

    I can still can't congratulate apple on the small things that they have done because I still hate Apple's terrible habit of soldering everything. I am sticking with my hackintosh laptop. Not switching to the macbook pro until apple fixes RAM upgradability and gives me my two M.2 slots for windows and mac. What really makes me hate apple the most right now is that it is the only laptop I can buy with more than 2 thunderbolt 3 ports and I can't switch because of their lack of upgradability.

  59. PristineBean


    25 dager siden

    If apple either switches to ryzen or intel gets their shit together with nm next mac could be pretty sick

  60. Irish Potatoes

    Irish Potatoes

    25 dager siden

    “The apple macbook camera is DECENT.” Me with my 0.3 mp camera: my laptop cries 3900 USD?! UGH UGH UGH IM HAVING A HEART FAILURE.

    • Odin Asgard

      Odin Asgard

      11 dager siden

      Irish Potatoes It’s 2399, whatever