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Film Theory: Joker Ending Explained (ft. Pitch Meeting)

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This video is not sponsored but we want to thank Warner Bros. Pictures for bringing us out to see this movie... twice!
This video contains spoilers! I've seen the new Joker movie a few times now and, oh boy, does it make my Theorist brain go! There is SO MUCH to this movie and because of that I want to break down the full movie - especially that ending! If you were confused about what was real and what was only in the mind of our titular character, I've got you covered!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Koen Verhagen, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. God Sun

    God Sun

    15 dager siden

    This was an awesome breakdown

    • Armando Sanchez

      Armando Sanchez

      19 timer siden

      God Sun The next movie will be jokers was really a black lady ,with powers to spear as man , then get bitten by a snail and becomes greenish and with a snails evil smile , hows that breakdown ?

    • Thescaryestpig3 C

      Thescaryestpig3 C

      Dag siden


    • Young Papa

      Young Papa

      Dag siden

      We can all agree that Jared Leto is the best joker tho

    • Jack Shill

      Jack Shill

      Dag siden

      Hello there

  2. jazz322alllwaysswing


    4 timer siden

    You sure that was a body in the scene where he's kicking the bins ? I thought he was just venting rage. I dont remember ever seeing a body

  3. Adrian Smith

    Adrian Smith

    4 timer siden

    Yeah... So the first 14 minutes 30 seconds are actually just a flashy, edited, trendy recap of the actual movie. Not exactly respectable to the heavy tones of the film. The remaining information is 90% obvious, 5% wrong, and 5% interesting. Watch at your own risk.

  4. Kevin C

    Kevin C

    4 timer siden

    Dear matpat. Just saw a thing that says througout the movie of joker the clocks on the walls stayed the same. Maybe something to look in to

  5. ll DareMe ll

    ll DareMe ll

    5 timer siden

    What were 3 RICH people doing on a subway?

  6. Ivo Krigers

    Ivo Krigers

    5 timer siden

    Last scean wasn't fake becose People reaction was real

  7. Denzel Boks

    Denzel Boks

    5 timer siden

    Do you have 90 minutes?

  8. Seraphina Vasiliev

    Seraphina Vasiliev

    5 timer siden


  9. Ethan Lawrence

    Ethan Lawrence

    5 timer siden

    I say it was the mum fault for the mental illness because she was the one who said you have a mental illness but once he stops having the pills, he’s laughing stops and his free to be a true hero of Gotham

  10. ShadowLord7462


    5 timer siden

    i think everyone in the cinemas was scared of me coz of the evil laugh i had when people got killed in the movie

  11. nataliakrawczyk


    6 timer siden

    The hall in his building = the hall in the hospital at the end

  12. Lil_ Jong-un666

    Lil_ Jong-un666

    6 timer siden

    6:58 the news in the middle is by Clark Kent ;)

  13. reasonwillnotprevail


    6 timer siden

    wait he was kicking a person in that scene? i thought he was just kicking garbage bags...

  14. Anne Cecilie Lindhard

    Anne Cecilie Lindhard

    6 timer siden

    When he turnes into the joker, sitting by the mirror doing his makeup, we see him pull up a photograph of his mother from her youth- and when he turns it, it has a personal, romantic message signed "TW". I am completely sure that this stands for Thomas Wayne, and thereby Arthur Fleck is actually his son, and brother of Bruce. I first noticed this the second time I saw it, but I think its really important for the story.

  15. jamesRPM


    6 timer siden

    19:06 - Anyone know who this artwork is by or where to find it, pleeeease..?

  16. Taco Bell

    Taco Bell

    6 timer siden

    Aye my bad homie I fell alseep

  17. caboose sevear

    caboose sevear

    6 timer siden

    Great Collab!

  18. Marvinerle


    7 timer siden

    Did I get this right that his mother abused him but was still allowed to keep him as a son?

  19. StevenSanders2


    7 timer siden

    We're not talking about Endgame because Endgame was vapid and devoid of meaning and any point. Joker embarrass the Avengers. DC wins with this one masterpiece of a movie.

  20. Noah Rosellini

    Noah Rosellini

    7 timer siden

    ehhhhhh, naw most of it was most likely real

  21. Connor Quinn

    Connor Quinn

    7 timer siden

    YES I love the collab

  22. Jonah Hill

    Jonah Hill

    8 timer siden

    I just realised something. If you’re saying that the dance seen is fake because of the fluency. I beg to differ because In the scene of him dancing on the stairs it’s the same thing. He’s perfectly dancing. I don’t believe this is due to it being a fantasy I simply believe it’s due to him being free with nothing holding him back. He’s so peaceful in those scenes that his body just moves as you can see. But that’s just a theory a stupid theory!

  23. zach niederstadt

    zach niederstadt

    8 timer siden

    Who else thought he was just kicking trash to let off steam and not kicking a body

  24. Montana DeWeese

    Montana DeWeese

    8 timer siden

    I don't think he was stomping on a body though

  25. Spetsnaz 101

    Spetsnaz 101

    8 timer siden

    SPOILERS: when he shoots the three stock brokers, he fires something like 10 rounds, the gun he has is a revolver that can only hold 6. Also towards the end of the film he his holding an old photo of his mother, written on the back is something like 'You always knew how to pose, love TW' sort of proving that his mother did have an affair with Thomas Wayne.

  26. T H

    T H

    8 timer siden

    everything in this movie was unreal except the last scene. As we see Joker in other movies, Joker was just making a joke about how he was born (Joker always explains why his lips are splited as his father cut it by knife and always kill the person after he explained it.) Thus, the whole Arthur story was just another joke that Joker made for as his “grown up history”.

  27. Andrew Kasparian

    Andrew Kasparian

    8 timer siden

    Clark Kent wrote one of the pieces about the radiator huh...

  28. No One

    No One

    8 timer siden

    I'd just like to say that while the original line originally was "a system that treats him like trash," Joaquin changed it to "a society that treats him like trash." (9:33) Needless to say, we live in a society.

  29. Jelo XD

    Jelo XD

    8 timer siden

    I haven't watched the movie but idc!

  30. MR. NAIVE


    8 timer siden

    This guy hosts both game and film theories ... .... what .. am i hallucinating

  31. Aussie Films YT

    Aussie Films YT

    9 timer siden

    9:89 Cant stop thinking about that part

  32. The Kingdom Of SnapBack

    The Kingdom Of SnapBack

    9 timer siden

    I think the hallucinations stop when he stops taking his medication

  33. Secondbye


    9 timer siden

    Downvoted because the first 12 minutes you are just talking about the movie with no theories.

  34. James Hart

    James Hart

    9 timer siden

    I feel like him going to the comedy club and watching the guy really happened. It shows how his take on what is funny is completely different from everyone else.

  35. Rogue Soldier

    Rogue Soldier

    9 timer siden

    It was sooooooo goodddd

  36. IPisCrispy


    9 timer siden

    what ever happened in his head was always happy and he was the focal point of those fantasies. everything else is real, but the end crash is debatable...

  37. Danktankhank !

    Danktankhank !

    9 timer siden

    2:44 that is my local theater it’s in Oregon

  38. Samuel Steil

    Samuel Steil

    9 timer siden

    Day 1 of asking MatPat to do a film theory on inception If you were here for day 1 you’re an OG

  39. Jose Palomo

    Jose Palomo

    9 timer siden

    My issue is that if the whole movie was in the Jokers head, then he imagined having an imaginary gf and then realized she was imaginary in his imagination 🤤

  40. bruce davis

    bruce davis

    10 timer siden

    Oops something

  41. kennedy jordyn

    kennedy jordyn

    10 timer siden

    i remember one specific scene where joker was putting on his makeup before his appearance on the show, he found a picture of his mom with a note from thomas wayne saying something similar to "you were so beautiful on this day". i'm still stuck on whether penny wrote that note herself or thomas and her really had something going on.

  42. bruce davis

    bruce davis

    10 timer siden

    Him smoking has to mean smithing.

  43. Scotty Omega

    Scotty Omega

    10 timer siden

    What about how the time never changes? On every clock in the movie it's always the same time. It's like 11:10 or 11:15

  44. Frost Spawn

    Frost Spawn

    10 timer siden

    Collaborating with Pitch Meetings are TIGHT!

  45. stratton99


    10 timer siden

    The trash kicking was to set up the line at Arkham where he tells the clerk, "I finally took out my feelings on another person ... and it didn't bother me." Arthur is kicking the trash at that point because he is aware of and worried about how people will respond if he reacted to others as he truly wants to. This is why his hallucinations have people admiring him. He longs for people to react positively to him because he doesn't get that in the real world. However, seeing the people with the clown masks had the effect of encouraging Arthur to embrace his desire to act exactly how he wants to. It gives him the confidence you see as he dances down the stairs and across the stage. Which we can be sure that the dance down the stair is real, because the police are there and they are not reacting positively to Arthur. In fact, any time people are reacting negatively to Arthur, its real. One additional thing I did not see mentioned in this video is the picture Arthur is holding and crumples while doing his make-up before his former co-workers arrive. (Which is not a positive interaction, so we know it to be real.) This comes after Arthur has learned about his mother's time at Arkham and has confirmed what Thomas Wayne told him - he was adopted and Wayne never had any relationship with Penny. However, as Arthur looks at the old photograph of his mother, he turns the photo before crumpling the picture in his hand. We can interpret this as continued anger toward his mother for her lies - which he may believe. Or we can take the writing on the back of the picture into account. "You have a beautiful smile. -T.W." A message from Thomas Wayne that is clearly not professional in nature. Now, due to the next, less than positive interaction with his former co-workers, we know this is real. From this, we are left to conclude that Penny's incarceration was against her will and likely directed by Thomas Wayne to hide Arthur's existence. The truth is right there for us to read - Arthur is Thomas Wayne's child and Bruce is his half brother. Finally, at the end we see the first truly positive response to Arthur as he stands on the hood of the police cruiser. We know this is real because Arthur is confused by it. Its not how people normally react. Even in his dreams, they don't celebrate him. Sure they may smile and treat him kindly, but this is beyond that. Its beyond anything he could ever have imagined and it locks the Joker into reality. The Joker got what Arthur always wanted - admiration. And because of that, the Joker will never take a back-seat to Arthur ever again. This is who he is now because people enjoy the Joker and more importantly, Arthur enjoys the Joker.

  46. Hazzard157


    10 timer siden

    I am less than ok with the fact that Joker is years older than Batman in this universe.

  47. Dane Roschen

    Dane Roschen

    10 timer siden

    Was I wrong in trying to differentiate using the music? It seemed like reality had no soundtrack so that it hit that much harder for the audience. It all seemed to line up.

  48. TruePeace Tip

    TruePeace Tip

    10 timer siden

    The most annoying editing and hosts ever. Congrats my brain has bubonic plague

  49. Ryan Swob

    Ryan Swob

    10 timer siden

    My theory, if this movie is taken to be cannon (wich i believe its not) than he most likely did kill franklin on live tv, gain power from the citizens and start a revolution. If its not cannon, its likely just a hallucination. I say it needs to be cannon to be accurate because someone like the joker doesnt gain all that power and respect from his henchmen without doing something respectable. They wouldnt be led by a crazy social outcast loner who can barely function on his own.

  50. Veron


    10 timer siden

    I think he becomes more of himself when he becomes the joker, that’s y his confidence charisma assertiveness shoots through the roof, he’s unhinged, not hiding behind Arthur. When Arthur dies joker is born which is y he’s so animated and acts different, he’s finally being seen. Arthur was the mask, joker is the real person. If u notice all the happy things that happen to Arthur r illusions, but the bad things r reality.

    • Veron


      10 timer siden

      But I totally get the multiple choice, who knows he probably got arrested after he stole the files and got thrown in Arkham, and the rest of the movie was imagined while he was talking to the therapist at the end, who he actually decides to kill, because of all the things he imagined, then becomes the joker.

  51. Sexy John Candy

    Sexy John Candy

    10 timer siden

    To those saying the trash could have been a body, no. He fell into the pile after kicking the trash to exhaustion. When he fell into it, he sank almost out of view. If there was a body there, it would have more resistance. Also at the end he doesn't say it's a joke between me and him, he says "you wouldn't get it" Idk if the ending was a special film fest Ending, but if he saw it again I assume it would have been in theaters.

  52. Nicolas Moreno

    Nicolas Moreno

    10 timer siden

    i think the captions are on lsd

  53. RIP Statereaper

    RIP Statereaper

    10 timer siden

    Can we just talk of how real it is? With the mental health system

  54. Xavian Dionson

    Xavian Dionson

    11 timer siden

    This was more intense then endgame not gonna lie

  55. Anthony Eckerson

    Anthony Eckerson

    11 timer siden


  56. Parzivaldageck0 _

    Parzivaldageck0 _

    11 timer siden

    What about at the actual end when he is running in a loop



    11 timer siden

    How much time I got? I got 22 minutes... use it wisely



    11 timer siden

    Who else loves Ryan in here????

  59. Angel Gonzales

    Angel Gonzales

    11 timer siden

    The joker was the worst movie I've seen in a long time. This is the worst joker so far. Just a awkward 40 year old who acts like a bullied high school kid who missed one to many many hugs..... good PSA for mental health bad joker movie.

  60. Leo ._idk

    Leo ._idk

    11 timer siden

    The clocks would read 11:11