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Final Destination 2 (2003) KILL COUNT

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  1. Dead Meat

    Dead Meat

    9 dager siden

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    • Derik C

      Derik C

      Dag siden

      Do a Kill Count on the Hatchet series... Tons of kills to cover

    • Toka Lerutla

      Toka Lerutla

      Dag siden

      Wow you just showed me how good final destination 2 is.

    • OGs Legacy

      OGs Legacy

      Dag siden


    • krystina


      Dag siden

      @OGs Legacy Be good people

    • [insert cool username here]

      [insert cool username here]

      Dag siden

      You should have said "some with wine, some with lines"

  2. sadreGrandTour


    5 timer siden

    “Idiot lights” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Joshua Thompson

    Joshua Thompson

    5 timer siden

    When I watched this as a kid, I was mortified. My dad was watching it in the lounge room and I could not stomach the gratuitous violence. I even had nightmares but literally watching this I am laughing my ass off. Especially at that scene where it zooms on the TV! Lol! The naughties were fucking wild.

  4. Kzglc Gaming

    Kzglc Gaming

    6 timer siden

    Can you kill count childs play 2019 please

  5. fernando lopez

    fernando lopez

    6 timer siden

    Kill Count of Wrong Turn please

  6. giovanni ruska

    giovanni ruska

    6 timer siden

    God forgive me... Spookeyy!

  7. Logan King

    Logan King

    6 timer siden

    *My killer queen has already touched that grill.*

  8. xertified


    7 timer siden

    Alex: *THIS PLANE IS GONNA EXPLODE* Me:say sike right now

  9. demonfan1234


    7 timer siden

    There’s actually a Route 23 in New Jersey

  10. UnlimitedPlays


    7 timer siden

    Roses are red Fishes have gills I’m James A. Janisse Let’s get to the kills

  11. Long Haired Lioness

    Long Haired Lioness

    9 timer siden

    I think death got insane and manage to break God's law without him knowing Hopefully God will find out and get that death fired and replaced

  12. plazma


    10 timer siden

    who agrees that james should play dead by daylight on his next podcast

  13. Lozano3313


    10 timer siden

    Can you do hell razor next plzzz keep up the amazing work

  14. 100 subs with 3 vids?

    100 subs with 3 vids?

    10 timer siden

    I took a moment to notice that Tony Todd plays Briggs in the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Campaign

  15. Burgherr 8

    Burgherr 8

    11 timer siden

    Gratulations to 3 Million Subs!

  16. Soviet koala

    Soviet koala

    11 timer siden

    Ah shit South Africa has a bad history with water+human=death

  17. angrycat


    12 timer siden

    Okay gotta admit that ending was pretty cool lmao

  18. isaiah austin

    isaiah austin

    12 timer siden

    Kimberly: thinks that somebody is going to strangle Isabella. Death: ding dong your prediction is wrong.

  19. Isabellauntitled


    13 timer siden


  20. sure cause why not

    sure cause why not

    13 timer siden

    As I'm watching this we heard the were several cars crashed on the highyway

  21. Nightlark100


    13 timer siden

    Except.... Brian wouldn't have been in danger if Rory had died in the car crashes because the news van would have had no reason to be there... so surely Brian should have lived since Rory technically ensured his life would continue as it would had he not been there... i may be over thinking this.

  22. Vexenie


    13 timer siden

    Wow, that's ironic The deaths on avarage are every 3,33 min, the "Holy" number. Ironic how? Death is "unholy"

  23. MrMight999


    14 timer siden

    So is Bloodworth death or just a friend of death

  24. Uziel Yanez

    Uziel Yanez

    14 timer siden

    Nice video

  25. Snowpng


    14 timer siden

    20:01 lotta people won’t get it but it’s young Mickey lmao

  26. Jonathan Allman

    Jonathan Allman

    15 timer siden

    It's cool how the H falls on the fridge, just before Evans death, to spell eye. I didn't notice it before I watched watch mojo video of moments you have to pause on horror movies.

  27. Lidia Carvallo

    Lidia Carvallo

    15 timer siden

    Todd is clockwork confirmed

  28. eli 28436

    eli 28436

    15 timer siden

    Death cut up

  29. Nexils


    15 timer siden

    I bet this has been said multiple times in this comment section, but Tim's character was supposed to be a lot younger. But because that would be very disturbing to kill a kid on screen - (Charlie and Georgie would disagree) - they made him older while not changing much about the script.

  30. Cowboy Orange

    Cowboy Orange

    15 timer siden

    James, do a kill count for Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark!

  31. Sehm Almendarez

    Sehm Almendarez

    17 timer siden

    So every time u save someone’s life u gotta have a baby? Or save someone who should have been dead who is pregnant Hmmmmmm that’s a good story

  32. The Hamilton sisters

    The Hamilton sisters

    18 timer siden

    Who else knew that kat was from descendants

  33. Argon, Iodine, Sulfur

    Argon, Iodine, Sulfur

    19 timer siden

    i like watching this which censores the gore rather than the real movie

  34. Okay Dude

    Okay Dude

    19 timer siden

    When I was younger I thought ghost were trying to kill people but it’s just bad luck

  35. OlBlizzardlO


    19 timer siden

    The jerks at the start the long haired one was a jerk in smalleville to

  36. Fabulous Falcon

    Fabulous Falcon

    19 timer siden

    Come on Death, let me kill myself! Death: *No, I don't think I will*

  37. Traccox


    20 timer siden

    watching your videos=free movie=subscribed.

  38. Elite Wrestling Fan

    Elite Wrestling Fan

    20 timer siden

    You should do a kill award is what the best kill of the franchise at the end of reviewing all the movies

  39. Elite Wrestling Fan

    Elite Wrestling Fan

    20 timer siden

    I just got back from watching scary stories u should review it the "killers" are mentally disturbing

  40. Nico


    23 timer siden

    Please do silence of the lambs

  41. token the gamer

    token the gamer

    23 timer siden

    Can you please do the puppet master series

  42. Just ghost here

    Just ghost here

    23 timer siden

    Awwwww the kills are censored if there to gory awwwww :(

  43. Ferocious Battle

    Ferocious Battle

    23 timer siden

    Some of these deaths feel so far fetched. The entire pile up scene or at least the kills involving cars for whatever reason not slamming the brakes immediately is borderline hyperbole. I highly doubt people would look at a blazing fire and multiple car pile ups and be all "I'll just continue driving along, doesn't seem appropriate to hit the brakes right now". Hell the only character who stopped was Isabel. Would've been understandable if they'd shown the truck driver who killed the main character at the beginning had been shown being unable to hit the brakes instead of hitting 90 down a pile up. That Tim kid is a proper dope. Nevermind the absurdity of a 15 year old shooing pigeons away after being yelled that they're linked to his death. He should've been on caution after hearing of the death of the ladder guy and when the lady who saved his life is now telling him to avoid pigeons. Even when the glass panel is about to smush him, he just stands there like an idiot but it does sort of make sense judging from his last actions. I'm surprised no one decided to remove the obvious hazard that was a busted pvc pipe from the car seat, or at the very least remove the part lodged in the seat. It's definitely not something a lot of emergency services would just over look while removing someone from a seat. God I want to love these movies but they make it so hard.

  44. Laffy


    23 timer siden


  45. Frankie Spann

    Frankie Spann

    Dag siden

    Death killed Alex with a brick cuz he kept saying hoopla

  46. The Ill Mannered Gentlemen

    The Ill Mannered Gentlemen

    Dag siden

    Chief, I live in South Africa. If the police said "no foul play" suspected take it with a grain of salt. The cops here are corrupt and lazy. Not all of them, but yeah.

  47. Cali Jack

    Cali Jack

    Dag siden

    "We have a god of war present to explain the god of death" except in the God of War series he literally kills the god of death Thanatos

  48. Lastol I

    Lastol I

    Dag siden

    I think rory was being a d*** to make sure the other guy wouldn't be in danger with him

  49. gtr sub Louie duck ice bear we bare bear

    gtr sub Louie duck ice bear we bare bear

    Dag siden

    zombie from world warz Japan undead sea

  50. gtr sub Louie duck ice bear we bare bear

    gtr sub Louie duck ice bear we bare bear

    Dag siden

    Michael bay from explosion by die hard

  51. gamer 1219 Oyan

    gamer 1219 Oyan

    Dag siden

    dont go to africa

  52. Boomer Z

    Boomer Z

    Dag siden


  53. NitroFlare YT

    NitroFlare YT

    Dag siden

    Ellis was killed by death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. the gaming crab

    the gaming crab

    Dag siden

    I am 15 don't smoke and don't do rape jokes lol My friends do so e of then smoke tho so yeah like 1 or 2 smoke

  55. Jaws


    Dag siden

    Congrats on 3 mil!!!!! You really desserve 20 mil but you get there soon I bet!! I love your counts and just the comedy in it as well and can always count on your videos to cheer me up! Congrats and have a nice day! 😁

  56. D4MP


    Dag siden

    Death: I have successfully killed the survivors Also death: I have saved the lives of the survivors

  57. lgnd.huntet


    Dag siden

    Final destination 2 3ddd

  58. Jonathan Fuentes

    Jonathan Fuentes

    Dag siden

    Yo James that edit at minutes 21 55 was funny asf

  59. OneGuyOnAScooter


    Dag siden

    How to cheat death Step 1: Find woodland mansion Step 2: Find and kill an evoker Step 3: Obtain totem of undying and hold at all times

  60. {Prixx}


    Dag siden

    |All Final Destination Movies Are Sheer Anxiety.|

  61. Elijah Passarell

    Elijah Passarell

    Dag siden


  62. Razbionic


    Dag siden

    Sooooo the way to escape death is flatline?

  63. Razbionic


    Dag siden

    So while all of them in the car they couldn’t just kill them

  64. Razbionic


    Dag siden

    Guys I watched final destination 3 when I was a kid and it freaked me the fuck out

  65. Toka Lerutla

    Toka Lerutla

    Dag siden

    This is actually a amazing movie

  66. Not a Troll

    Not a Troll

    Dag siden

    Your voice satisfies me

  67. Jeffery Collins

    Jeffery Collins

    Dag siden


  68. Ash


    Dag siden

    you know when you're old when you realize that the awards handed out for the kills have changed.

  69. dunken 1107

    dunken 1107

    Dag siden


  70. 83rdox


    Dag siden

    I dont even like horror films, I usually don't like these types of channels... but I like watching your vids especially about shitty flicks

  71. Norah Bouza

    Norah Bouza

    Dag siden


  72. EE Watcher

    EE Watcher

    Dag siden

    My name came from The Butterfly Effect...

  73. Megara Lyons

    Megara Lyons

    Dag siden

    Her name was clear fucking clear. And here I thought you couldn’t pronounce claire correctly. 😂 this movie series is really good and has some great writing.

  74. wiolio


    Dag siden

    I remember seeing that ladder death when I was younger and I was traumatized for days after seeing it. Couldn't get that image out of my head. :(

  75. Gamer Boi

    Gamer Boi

    Dag siden

    These movies always freaked me out

  76. Subscribe to Pewdiepie

    Subscribe to Pewdiepie

    Dag siden

    Oh fuck no I just remembered I escaped death once

  77. leutian leyva

    leutian leyva

    Dag siden

    Don’t you’ve ever speak I’ll of a j cook again

  78. Ani Senpai

    Ani Senpai

    Dag siden

    i saw this when i was little, but it scared me so much that i stopped watching. i wanted to watch it now but i had no idea what it was called. thank death that you covered this.

  79. Jim Moys

    Jim Moys

    Dag siden

    Explicit for patreons? Seriously?

  80. Angry mom Productions

    Angry mom Productions

    Dag siden

    Didn’t like how Alex died? Don’t count this as canon just say (act) Alex moved and lived a full life but Clear stayed behind thus dying