Nicole Scherzinger - Whatever U Like ft. T.I.

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Music video by Nicole Scherzinger performing Whatever U Like. (C) 2007 A&M Records


  1. the last change

    the last change

    6 timer siden

    Maybe she need melody thornton to do some adlibs with high note at chorus part. Nicole by herself is boring as hell

  2. Lekha Chunduri

    Lekha Chunduri

    10 timer siden she gets kidnapped, and it's supposed to be hot?? ....what

  3. Runa Begum

    Runa Begum

    18 timer siden

    Why is the a copy of beyonce ring the alarm ??

  4. وآت سابي ٠٠٩٦٧٨٠٠١٠٥٧٧١

    وآت سابي ٠٠٩٦٧٨٠٠١٠٥٧٧١

    Dag siden

    How much I love you, Nicole

  5. Carolina Rodrigues

    Carolina Rodrigues

    Dag siden

    10 f** yrs of this and STILL the most SENSUAL MV EVER MADE! (after Wicked Game)

  6. Ber Johnson

    Ber Johnson

    Dag siden

    I wish there was a radio station that plays ONLY these songs.

  7. Starlight Buds

    Starlight Buds

    3 dager siden

    Who agrees that they would rather have this kind of music then what we have now?

  8. Miguel Gutierrez

    Miguel Gutierrez

    3 dager siden

    Nicole looks Sexy ass hell. 😍😘

  9. Evin Kalgak

    Evin Kalgak

    3 dager siden

    WHO is watching this 2020???

  10. Дан Бак

    Дан Бак

    3 dager siden


  11. Natan Rocha

    Natan Rocha

    3 dager siden

    Cadê os Brazuca 2019

  12. ali 1017

    ali 1017

    4 dager siden

    بداية الانحراف

  13. Zulie Guzman

    Zulie Guzman

    4 dager siden

    She's gorgeous and very sexy, but as a solo artist in my opinion is not for her... sorry! NS fans but she's better as a group artist.

  14. gabe logan

    gabe logan

    5 dager siden


  15. Gianina Manolescu

    Gianina Manolescu

    5 dager siden


  16. Ian Fimone

    Ian Fimone

    5 dager siden

    After this video came out all i wanted was a pit of hot stones to walk on 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

    • Юля Козлова

      Юля Козлова

      2 dager siden


  17. Francesca M

    Francesca M

    6 dager siden

    The only bad thing about this song is that it has an ending. 🙄⚒

  18. Kudret Hairet

    Kudret Hairet

    7 dager siden

    75% speed , thank me later biaaach

  19. Marina


    7 dager siden

    13 years later still know the lyrics but I can't remember what I ate few days ago -.-

  20. Middy Mehdi

    Middy Mehdi

    8 dager siden

    Oky I'm here after the reunion

  21. _getfree


    8 dager siden

    I really thought this was gonna be a hit when it first came out. Surprised it wasnt more successful I still love it

  22. Francesca Agyeman

    Francesca Agyeman

    9 dager siden

    She would’ve been 29 years old in that video if it was released in 2007. I just worked it out the maths. She’s born in 1978.

  23. Gene S

    Gene S

    10 dager siden

    December 2019 and still rockin😎😍

    • Starlight Buds

      Starlight Buds

      3 dager siden


  24. Daniel Templeton

    Daniel Templeton

    10 dager siden


  25. Daniel Templeton

    Daniel Templeton

    10 dager siden

    Blessings Pro

  26. Fisioterapeuta Jhonata Clarck

    Fisioterapeuta Jhonata Clarck

    11 dager siden

    This is so hoooooot

  27. mutualdistraction


    11 dager siden

    Is this video intro showing how T.I. takes his Daughter to the gynaecologist?

    • lvlysticgirl


      9 dager siden


  28. Harmony Hawkins

    Harmony Hawkins

    11 dager siden

    I absolutely love her

  29. Patryz Detalla

    Patryz Detalla

    11 dager siden

    This song is so advance from the year it was released.

  30. andy tv

    andy tv

    12 dager siden

    I still dont understand why people slept on it... this is a real banger

  31. Robson Luz

    Robson Luz

    12 dager siden


  32. kamel Hamou

    kamel Hamou

    12 dager siden

    Reach me then ... Bye ...

  33. Nicole Castiglia

    Nicole Castiglia

    13 dager siden

    This song is still SICKENING.

  34. Sir Henry

    Sir Henry

    13 dager siden

    She has as much dislikes as the comments... Hmm

  35. Elle' Law

    Elle' Law

    16 dager siden


  36. Dicle Su

    Dicle Su

    17 dager siden

    2019 ????

  37. Jason Carlin

    Jason Carlin

    17 dager siden

    Trying a bit too hard to look black

  38. V Cadaverini

    V Cadaverini

    17 dager siden

    What’s going on here? He releases a song under the same name then features here?

    • V Cadaverini

      V Cadaverini

      15 dager siden

      ash I heard a twitch streamer I like sing the guys version

    • ash


      16 dager siden

      I thought Nicole did a version of the song ur thinking of hahah how weird only a day apart

  39. Lekha Chunduri

    Lekha Chunduri

    18 dager siden

    the song is awesome! so dont hate on what im about to say. it's the video im looking at. it reminds me of how sexually exploited such a talented and amazing singer like nicole was, at a time. tbh, she didn't even have to go down this path of having to sexualize herself on camera. seeing her outstanding performances of broadway classics such as phantom of the opera, don't cry for me argentina, and others, she could have easily made it on broadway or other performing arts platforms. i just feel bad a little that's all. but, either way, she's had a great career, and i guess it all turned out alright haha. i'm not saying you should feel guilty about finding her really hot in this video and stuff XDD i mean, i get it, it's the point of the video, or else what's the point lol i just want those who are seeing this video to not lose sight of the fact that she's also got a lot more talent in her, beyond this song and the video

  40. lucien granger

    lucien granger

    18 dager siden

    Sean Garrett ladies and Gentlemen... what a talent