These quizzes actually drove us insane...

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These quizzes actually drove us insane...


  1. Big Balls

    Big Balls

    26 minutter siden

    The McDonalds bit sounded like some SCP shit

  2. V.R


    Time siden

    2:17 Carson, what the fuck is wrong with your index finger

  3. Ayas


    Time siden

    S A U S A G E S A M M Y

  4. Hayyew


    2 timer siden


  5. Tis I, The Anon.

    Tis I, The Anon.

    3 timer siden

    You are the salad.

  6. Chongo Ok

    Chongo Ok

    4 timer siden

    13:46 someone yelled why you did that bro randomly when he said tomato and I’m dying

  7. Eluvix


    5 timer siden

    Remove L and one A from salad and that's carson

  8. Danny the dark Kitten

    Danny the dark Kitten

    6 timer siden

    Can you unban me from your server, it said I commit seversl frauds???

  9. FatherChubbs Gaming

    FatherChubbs Gaming

    6 timer siden

    Memes shall be made

  10. Aaron Kai Macdonald

    Aaron Kai Macdonald

    7 timer siden

    One of them is literally fucking high and is tripping balls and they all decided to record a video with him? fucking fantastic.

  11. Jumbo


    7 timer siden

    Carson for the love of god continue this

  12. Glaive


    8 timer siden


  13. JohnsonLundh


    8 timer siden

    why cant i join your dc server? :(

  14. Brony Philosopher

    Brony Philosopher

    9 timer siden

    Plot twist: The quizzes are actually meant to test your self-control

  15. Im snake pancake

    Im snake pancake

    10 timer siden




    10 timer siden

    That laugh tho 🤣🤣🤣: 13:34

  17. Coolghost14


    10 timer siden


  18. KalashnikovsAndMorphine


    10 timer siden

    As a former McDonald’s employee I’m crying 🤣🤣🤣

  19. The Monkey

    The Monkey

    11 timer siden

    I love how when Carson is messing with them, the music generally associated with anti-soft locks in Mario maker 2 plays

  20. TheUltimateNavigator 1

    TheUltimateNavigator 1

    11 timer siden

    CallMeCarson What about CallMeKevin

  21. Egg Leg

    Egg Leg

    11 timer siden

    Why the fuck am I crying over the orange bit

  22. RC Shenanigans

    RC Shenanigans

    11 timer siden

    “What are nouns” Cooper 2019

  23. Eh Eh

    Eh Eh

    11 timer siden

    Where’s the Jedi Fallen Order game

  24. Austin Emms

    Austin Emms

    12 timer siden

    All my favourite parts: 0:33 “It’s Cumin” 0:59 “Hairy Nuggets” 3:38 “Charcoal Bread” 8:04 “Cheesy Hamburger” 10:54 “He listened to me. I’m in.” 13:17 “I HAVE A PERSONALLY. I WATCH THE OFFICE. IT’S OK. I HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE” *Big Time Rush Intro Song*

  25. Melon The Inkling!

    Melon The Inkling!

    12 timer siden


  26. One_Fake_ Asian

    One_Fake_ Asian

    12 timer siden

    i wont frog mug link

  27. House_owner_ 3

    House_owner_ 3

    12 timer siden

    Plz do more of this

  28. Actual Garbage

    Actual Garbage

    13 timer siden


  29. Can of Beans.png!

    Can of Beans.png!

    13 timer siden

    C A R S O N. U S E S. F I R E F O X .

  30. DipsyDoodleDog


    13 timer siden


  31. TheWildWeaboo


    13 timer siden

    you guys were insane before you made this video XD

  32. GreatValueGaming


    14 timer siden

    No one: Carson's finger: B E N D

  33. DanK Dino

    DanK Dino

    14 timer siden

    11:14 “He clearly likes it!”

  34. LuphDead123


    14 timer siden

    When Mason said "IM GONNA THROW UP" he lowkey sounded like James Charles

  35. UwU cifer

    UwU cifer

    14 timer siden

    this is the funniest video i have seen in a long time wtf

  36. HeroRage


    15 timer siden

    This is the most chaotic channel i ever found... I LOVE IT

  37. xX Glass Xx

    xX Glass Xx

    15 timer siden

    I S C R E A M I J U M P I S C R E A M I J U M P

  38. Creeper Commande

    Creeper Commande

    15 timer siden

    I nearly choked to death laughing

  39. Cram


    16 timer siden

    Buy me.

  40. Meteoryte Krenaryte

    Meteoryte Krenaryte

    16 timer siden

    OMG, Why do you sound so much like Pyrocinical!? XD I got that out of the way you laugh!!!