UFC 241 Free Fight: Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor 1

Nate Diaz shocked the world at UFC 196 when he submitted Conor McGregor in the second round. After nearly three years away from the Octagon, Diaz returns to faces former champion Anthony Pettis in the co-main event of UFC 241 in Anaheim on August 17.
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  1. City of Garlic 408

    City of Garlic 408

    2 timer siden

    Fuck lucky charms

  2. funkyflights


    3 timer siden

    Conor did get his revenge though... Would love to see a 3rd fight between these 2 ....

  3. Sidney Albury

    Sidney Albury

    3 timer siden

    I’m not surprised mother fuckers

  4. Ivan Fries

    Ivan Fries

    3 timer siden

    непомню где носки....

  5. Michael Devito

    Michael Devito

    3 timer siden

    That was such a GREAT fight, one of the best ever, Nate took his, Conor showed everyone how to lose like a winner - just awesome action, awesome match up, just fucking awesome...

  6. Jojoforpres


    3 timer siden

    Diaz could have won this fight a lot earlier if he didn't spend so long trying to slap the leprechaun. If he just committed to two strike combinations and leaning to his left this would have ended in the first round. When he did finally land the slap it was funny, though.

  7. Zen Thomas

    Zen Thomas

    3 timer siden

    McGregor pussy ass bitch, give him them Stockton slaps fuckin hard Nate, everybody in Eire☘🇮🇪☘ hates McGregor the bitch ass coke head

  8. Ngara Basement Studio

    Ngara Basement Studio

    3 timer siden

    Who's here after Conor punched the old man just to see his ass get kicked and felt better after

  9. polo walker

    polo walker

    3 timer siden

    Still one of the best fights ever!!!

  10. Howdy Joe !

    Howdy Joe !

    3 timer siden

    Who's watching when Diaz beat Pettis?

  11. elyanwee MARK

    elyanwee MARK

    3 timer siden

    this one is old video right ?

  12. Michael Painter

    Michael Painter

    3 timer siden

    Looked like Connor gassed there at the end. Those quick twitch muscles don't last forever.

  13. Will Crespo

    Will Crespo

    3 timer siden

    Would have been a different fight if Diaz had insulted McGregor's whiskey. 🤔🤦‍♂️

  14. Taufik Ismail

    Taufik Ismail

    3 timer siden

    Diaz Too strong for Mc Gregor

  15. conejo negro6

    conejo negro6

    3 timer siden

    Jajajaj ya saben los invictos que con los mexicanos se la pelan sangre de guerreros 🇲🇽👊👊🥊 a la vrg pinche fanfarron

  16. Bentriverrusher


    3 timer siden

    Gave up his back like a bottom bunk mate in a stone jug.

  17. Blackshirt- D

    Blackshirt- D

    3 timer siden

    Connor took the easy way out. He knew he was getn his ass turned into mashed taters.

  18. jayjay flshing tv

    jayjay flshing tv

    4 timer siden


  19. Michael Mills

    Michael Mills

    4 timer siden

    disgusting!!! Why in the fuck did Conner give up his back!!! He was not getting hurt HE MADE A COSTLY MISTAKE IS ALL!!!!!! I hope Nate gets Killed in the streets!!! Illiterate, unintelligent--said WTF is a Gazelle!!! Its an African deer type of mammal!!! PLEASE get a hold if the looser Nate's ppl and let me fight that freak!!!!

  20. Chris


    4 timer siden

    Mcgregor when he’s fighting a man of similar age who’s looking at him.

  21. Thank You

    Thank You

    4 timer siden

    13:09 Joe Rogan desperately wanted to help Conor, but there was no helping him at this point, this is Nates world

  22. Michael Mills

    Michael Mills

    4 timer siden

    if you are like me then YOU absolutely HATE NATE DIAZ!!! I HATE THIS KID!!!!!!!!

  23. Gabriel Lopez

    Gabriel Lopez

    4 timer siden

    The downfall of McGregor.

  24. Thank You

    Thank You

    4 timer siden

    Say what you want, but I know this for a fact, Nate Diaz is a fucking warrior, and a good dude, meanwhile Conor is a little punk bitch that goes around sucker punching people in public, in old days, guys like that got gang bashed, and Dana would ban them from UFC for that shit. But all that aside, this is one of the greatest UFC fights of all time

  25. Pandas are cool

    Pandas are cool

    4 timer siden

    Two Shitty human being and the cockiest in the business. I couldn't care less which one loses.

  26. eyes open

    eyes open

    4 timer siden

    Man I miss Goldie 😢 he was apart of the Atmosphere , L.I.P. (RIP)

  27. Riano Rizal

    Riano Rizal

    4 timer siden

    Stockton baby!! 👋👋✔️💯🔥🔥®️

  28. Dimple George

    Dimple George

    5 timer siden

    Fuck you NATE DIAZ!!!!! HAHAHA

  29. John A

    John A

    5 timer siden

    Look what’s happened to shit talker

  30. shawn morris

    shawn morris

    5 timer siden

    BAD ASS!

  31. Cryptic Nightfall

    Cryptic Nightfall

    6 timer siden

    That announcer should get a raise

  32. Jonny escobar

    Jonny escobar

    6 timer siden

    Hermosa pelea

  33. Vanessa Marchena

    Vanessa Marchena

    6 timer siden

    Que fusto me da q perdio el hijo de puta cooner

  34. Michael Ault

    Michael Ault

    6 timer siden

    The best fight of the UFC Nick Diaz whipping Conor McGregor's little twinkie but

  35. Ken Hall

    Ken Hall

    6 timer siden

    did you see kron subconciously acting out the choke in heavy anticipation? that was dope.

  36. Oleg VOV

    Oleg VOV

    7 timer siden


  37. Waryaa Moxamad

    Waryaa Moxamad

    7 timer siden

    First time Connor fought someone within his body frame range....the biggest name he took before this was Aldo, but Aldo was just too small...Connor cuts weight drastically to fight the small men, that is why he looks so slim and also why he struggles with his stamina.

  38. Seyit Keskin

    Seyit Keskin

    8 timer siden

    Nate diaz 👑⚡

  39. 1UP R

    1UP R

    8 timer siden

    Nate diaz 👍🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽



    8 timer siden

    Natural vs steroids...... Steroids-LOST...

  41. DM Rodwell

    DM Rodwell

    9 timer siden

    De man Diaz fuk up Connor

  42. Isaac Duran

    Isaac Duran

    9 timer siden

    That midget got slapped

  43. kevin Jasso

    kevin Jasso

    9 timer siden

    Tacos !!!!!

  44. Kenneth Carpenter II

    Kenneth Carpenter II

    9 timer siden

    I sure hope they fire Joe Rogaine soon. Hate hearing him talk.

  45. HunterXD


    10 timer siden

    Why do they call it light weight when they are tall and they look big lol

  46. ПОДУШКА МЕЙРАМА official

    ПОДУШКА МЕЙРАМА official

    10 timer siden


  47. Tanju Simay

    Tanju Simay

    10 timer siden

    Fuck you connors.

  48. __МиНи ЧеЛ__

    __МиНи ЧеЛ__

    10 timer siden

    Конор лошара ,нехуй выёбываться и бить только в голову

  49. Tekashi 69

    Tekashi 69

    10 timer siden

    Danna white on suicide watch

  50. Yonatan Yaacov

    Yonatan Yaacov

    11 timer siden

    11:08 When the spirit changes to victory

  51. Bartek Wozniak

    Bartek Wozniak

    11 timer siden

    Lekcja pokory dla dla chuja

  52. Kir pitch

    Kir pitch

    11 timer siden

    Конор= лошарапонторез

  53. H.J. Wicko

    H.J. Wicko

    11 timer siden

    Diaz should call McGregor's old man into his corner... 😊

  54. Mike Marshall

    Mike Marshall

    11 timer siden

    It’s a shame Bruce doesn’t have the class his brother has

  55. Stan Lee's Ghost

    Stan Lee's Ghost

    11 timer siden

    "I see blue lips. Blue lips, a zimmer frame and a puddle of piss" Conor McGregor

  56. matt g

    matt g

    11 timer siden

    uuuuugh.. NATE DIIIIAZ!

  57. Itelvina Natural Solutions

    Itelvina Natural Solutions

    12 timer siden

    Dana white cried so hard. And begged Connor for forgiveness after the fight.

  58. Bill Cow

    Bill Cow

    12 timer siden

    Thanks for the fight but no post fight comments?

  59. Stooksbury Boom

    Stooksbury Boom

    12 timer siden

    Петуху опять хвост задрали😂😂😂😂

  60. Game Over

    Game Over

    12 timer siden

    конор сам виноват лица понадавал диазу бить его вот и ушатался

  61. Jason-doc- Holiday

    Jason-doc- Holiday

    12 timer siden

    And Diaz still goes and shows respect

  62. MArk Marcus

    MArk Marcus

    13 timer siden

    Lol conor is always getting in trouble.. just watch the interview with the old man on

  63. Иван Булычев

    Иван Булычев

    13 timer siden

    Отсасал петух рыжий

  64. Ravi Yadav

    Ravi Yadav

    13 timer siden

    Well done Diaz that's👉 the way

  65. Ksha


    13 timer siden

    Mcgregor always Gangster

  66. Андрюша


    13 timer siden

    Опять довыёбывался гриша на ринге и получил пиздюля

  67. kent


    14 timer siden

    The blood made it slippery

  68. Ирод Карпушь

    Ирод Карпушь

    14 timer siden

    выпускайте теперь хабибку против диаза.

  69. Ирод Карпушь

    Ирод Карпушь

    14 timer siden

    пацан коннор шёл к победе )

  70. Selie Visa

    Selie Visa

    14 timer siden

    Great fight. What a comeback by Nate Diaz.

  71. ruben rodriguez

    ruben rodriguez

    14 timer siden

    Buy why does Conner go for Diaz legs??? The fight was almost over and he mighta won in decision. Can someone explain why Conner just didn’t finish it out fighting since he was doing well and ain’t as strong wrestling. Thxs

  72. One life One Chance

    One life One Chance

    14 timer siden

    Diaz is a warrior

  73. N D S HERO

    N D S HERO

    15 timer siden


  74. Marc Romero

    Marc Romero

    15 timer siden

    Diaz punching techniques be like 1_2s_Bitchslap_1_2_combo lol

  75. Andreas Kunze

    Andreas Kunze

    15 timer siden

    6:49 mies. Ich hass das.

  76. Basant Singh

    Basant Singh

    15 timer siden

    Haha! Fixed.

  77. Viktor Altech

    Viktor Altech

    16 timer siden

    А что есть те, которые верили что он крутой боец?

  78. A Bro

    A Bro

    16 timer siden

    "Im Not Suprised Motherfuckers" - greatest post fight speech

  79. Nasss s

    Nasss s

    16 timer siden

    Lupet puta

  80. Eric Arem

    Eric Arem

    16 timer siden

    One of my favorite fights. I come back & watch it over & over!