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  1. CashNasty


    5 timer siden

    Sad that they don't add people... not like adding everyone but if someone is just too funny and amazing...

  2. ADDE_23


    9 timer siden

    Felt like Simon and JJ had some experience with the threesome

  3. Aaron D

    Aaron D

    15 timer siden

    This was funnier than most Sidemen Sundays not gonna lie!

  4. Veer K

    Veer K

    17 timer siden

    Harry would have the most subs

  5. LET IT UP


    18 timer siden

    3:20 what did harry say?

  6. m0v


    Dag siden

    Where I can buy that big teddy bear?

  7. LlamaGaming


    Dag siden

    Notice how they put the brown guy on the floor xd

  8. Taso G

    Taso G

    Dag siden

    What's KSI's song called. The one that plays at the end of the video

  9. wilko yeet

    wilko yeet

    2 dager siden

    I love how everyone is being pretty mature and sitting normally then Harry's inside a giant Teddy bears arms

  10. AleshiaDPG Z

    AleshiaDPG Z

    2 dager siden

    Bruh at 12:48 to 13:25 Harry is just playing with his bear

  11. april00026000


    2 dager siden

    Anyone else find it cute how Harry is just snuggled on the bear, he truly is the baby of the sidemen

  12. Hippity Hoppity

    Hippity Hoppity

    2 dager siden

    Milk first is way better. I don't like soggy cereal so I prefer all the dry cereal to float at the top and using my spoon I just gently drown a small portion, and now I'm eating crunchy cereal freshly dipped in milk in each bite

  13. josh whitelam

    josh whitelam

    2 dager siden

  14. Naomi A

    Naomi A

    2 dager siden

    JJ saying he doesn't eat poo but ass like there's a difference .. still a batty man lol (jk love you JJ)

  15. Teri Wilkinson

    Teri Wilkinson

    2 dager siden

    harry cuddling the massive teddy bear🥺💖

  16. Rhianna Rajput

    Rhianna Rajput

    2 dager siden

    awww Harry with the teddy bear 🧸

  17. Michael Gorilla

    Michael Gorilla

    3 dager siden

    Harry’s gonna be the first sidemen to die. Overdose.

  18. Mikael johansson

    Mikael johansson

    3 dager siden

    There are probably hundreds of thousand of people imagining Vik masturbating after that assumption

  19. homeboyjz Video's

    homeboyjz Video's

    3 dager siden

    Please don’t make a movie

  20. PyroMayhem


    4 dager siden


  21. Fukin TOAST

    Fukin TOAST

    4 dager siden

    i go milk cereal then bowl

  22. Chocolate Milkshake

    Chocolate Milkshake

    4 dager siden

    Jj: i have lots of money Also Jj: my best friend runs a charity Me:DONATE SOME MONEY THEN!!

  23. A very Good name

    A very Good name

    5 dager siden

    right josh get them socks down matw

  24. Dmex_42


    5 dager siden

    Crazy to think in a few years these guys are gonna be like 30 and look really grown up and shit

  25. Rosie L

    Rosie L

    5 dager siden

    trailers are usually better than the movie anyway

  26. Hamish Gardiner

    Hamish Gardiner

    5 dager siden

    Look at Harry at 12:30 and how much he is enjoying himself

  27. Dion Page-dove

    Dion Page-dove

    5 dager siden

    16:14 Vikk looks thicc and severely depressed

  28. K Hach

    K Hach

    5 dager siden

    “The sidemen will never add anyone to their group” All: true Me: BUT WHAT ABOUT PHIL😭😔

  29. Shorty Short

    Shorty Short

    6 dager siden

    Any one else see a spelling mistake? Afterwords

  30. Broken Karma

    Broken Karma

    6 dager siden

    10:27 vik looks like he doesn’t want to talk about this

  31. Itzrv9


    6 dager siden

    I need the background music at 18:30 if anyone knows.

  32. Esa Shiraz

    Esa Shiraz

    6 dager siden

    please leave a like to stop vikkabuse #vikkabuse

  33. Ryan Ali

    Ryan Ali

    6 dager siden

    2:54 cringe

  34. Emma Leadbetter

    Emma Leadbetter

    6 dager siden

    Oi viks looking thicc like a thicc indian boi

  35. Alice Jackson

    Alice Jackson

    6 dager siden

    They go out about how old josh is yet he’s only a few days older than Simon 😂

    • ダチかわいい


      3 dager siden

      it's just the fact that josh looks old while Simon with his babyface init

  36. Melon P

    Melon P

    7 dager siden

    What is the song?

  37. Joseph Bacon

    Joseph Bacon

    8 dager siden

    14:52 black don’t crack

  38. Georgia Eager

    Georgia Eager

    8 dager siden

    17:51 𝒆𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒏 😂😂

  39. T-bag


    8 dager siden


  40. big nibba

    big nibba

    9 dager siden

    Vikas arms be lookin big

  41. markush 030

    markush 030

    9 dager siden

    3:35 Ethan is such a dick sometimes, because he was the one who was scratching his ass and sniffing it after in christmas video, in some egg-vids aswell

  42. paige jones

    paige jones

    9 dager siden

    wait they dont live in the sidemen house they just shoot videos there ....

  43. Ali Hassan

    Ali Hassan

    9 dager siden

    Anyone else get excited when they see “harry’s fun facts”?

    • KyazSho


      Dag siden

      Gabrielle Taylor shut up r u a girl haha bitch

    • Ali Hassan

      Ali Hassan

      4 dager siden

      I think i hear some tears 😢😢

    • Gabrielle Taylor

      Gabrielle Taylor

      6 dager siden

      @Ali Hassan go fuck your self you little fortnite nerd

    • Ali Hassan

      Ali Hassan

      6 dager siden

      Gabrielle Taylor alright dont cry haha

    • Matt


      6 dager siden

      Gabrielle Taylor bruh it’s not like he did anything lol

  44. V .I.2elite

    V .I.2elite

    9 dager siden


  45. Jiren Joestar

    Jiren Joestar

    9 dager siden

    Harry: I'm not gay but £20 is £20

  46. Jakedemiranda 7

    Jakedemiranda 7

    9 dager siden

    Why did this get so bent

  47. Rehan Hussain

    Rehan Hussain

    9 dager siden

    14:05 is vik sitting on the teddy leg

  48. QU4Li7Y


    9 dager siden

    BOY look at Vikk's arm, #musclestar123

  49. Imperial Streak 2151

    Imperial Streak 2151

    9 dager siden

    “Vikk has never masturbated before.” Hahahahaha I laughed so hard during that scene.

    • Vivek Chinnee

      Vivek Chinnee

      Dag siden

      and KSI having a seizure after that

  50. syke


    9 dager siden

    when will they upload sidecraft ??

  51. Nabeel Mazid

    Nabeel Mazid

    9 dager siden

    Is Sidemen Uber Eats challenge a good idea?

  52. Ewan meers

    Ewan meers

    9 dager siden

    Swear Harry is a city fan?

  53. Jas Kaur

    Jas Kaur

    9 dager siden

    HAHAHA Vik in briefs masturbating 😂😂😂😂😂 killed me fam 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  54. Rubina Akbur

    Rubina Akbur

    9 dager siden

    *"If yOu PuT miLk iN FirSt YoU nEeD tO gEt LocKeD uP bEcAusE yOu ArE a PsYcoPaTh"* - Behzinga 2019

  55. Alex Elizarkov

    Alex Elizarkov

    10 dager siden

    vikk still uses a flip phone

  56. Kiara Nahamore

    Kiara Nahamore

    10 dager siden

    Harry is just cuddling the teddy bear most the video, that’s freaking adorable 😍 Also, I feel as if Harry isn’t exactly bisexual, but he’s not 100% straight either. That’s how I’ve been most my life as I’ve dated both genders, but didn’t really care about whether they were male or female. My family categorizes it as being pansexual, but I don’t like to put a label on it. 🤷‍♀️

  57. dapu


    10 dager siden

    Vik showed his penis in a q&a with Simon but it got blurred

  58. BenAnderson


    10 dager siden

    Petition for jj and Ethan to go on I’m a celeb together | | V

  59. Alisha Corley

    Alisha Corley

    10 dager siden

    I love these videos man 😂😂😂

  60. Ak Go

    Ak Go

    10 dager siden

    I think JJ genuinely doesn't like vikk. Laughs at any vikk assumption