Saving A Rusty Project Car From The Scrap Yard

This week, we’ve teamed up with Shell V-Power to save an owner’s classic Polo from the scrap yard!
Thanks to Shell V-Power for sponsoring this video
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  1. victor abreu

    victor abreu

    2 dager siden

    I wanted to see the detailing process

  2. Seaf Halabi

    Seaf Halabi

    2 dager siden

    I like her hair

  3. William Wilcox

    William Wilcox

    4 dager siden

    would have been easier with a £100 mot if were all honest here

  4. BigbadJoe Joe

    BigbadJoe Joe

    5 dager siden

    Is it just me but when the chick was talking I just totally switched off........

  5. MrTry


    6 dager siden

    6:39 WOW Jo’s arm is hair AF!

  6. Akshay Bodha

    Akshay Bodha

    8 dager siden

    If only pimp my ride could have went in this direction instead..

  7. rafspitfire


    8 dager siden

    Most British pimp your ride ever!!!

  8. Tom McDermott

    Tom McDermott

    9 dager siden

    Dam she has hairy arms 💪

  9. Mc Chicken

    Mc Chicken

    11 dager siden

    dry rotted tyres pass ? wow that's bad

  10. Stu Parky

    Stu Parky

    12 dager siden

    Mot's are really in depth and picky! Shame they don't do mot's for the roads we have to use too.....

  11. Lynn Mckenney

    Lynn Mckenney

    13 dager siden

    Watching an MOT inspection being done as a many vehicles here shouldn't be on the road. 0_o

  12. Alex Huntesmith

    Alex Huntesmith

    13 dager siden

    One of those most awesome, and tasteful sponsorships I've seen from anyone in a long while. Gotta love the awkward Shell name dropping and convo though, but Shell deserve it methinks.

  13. Felix


    13 dager siden

    5W40 in that old engine? nah.... better put 10 or 15W40 in it.

  14. npj2597


    13 dager siden

    Don't comment that often but this was a pretty sick video

  15. grhsep3


    14 dager siden

    I put that oil in my type R and my k20 ate it.

  16. Ghassen Fathalli

    Ghassen Fathalli

    14 dager siden

    11:50 They missed the top of window glass. Otherwise great job!

  17. Andy Bray

    Andy Bray

    14 dager siden

    If we successfully try to scrap low emission zones and ulez in european cities (including round London and rest of the U.K), we should restore the scrapped old cars but do work on exhausts for today’s strict mot

  18. jelmervandegraaff


    15 dager siden

    1:41 when she puts her hair in a ponytail

  19. -ATNx7-


    15 dager siden

    Bro, the shell girl was amazing, I got lost in the way she talked, look, like she got it like that.

  20. Nickolai


    15 dager siden

    Please don't let freaking oil companies sponsor you..

  21. serberusmitch


    16 dager siden

    Could of at least got an interesting polo like a g40.

  22. Tomáš Novotný

    Tomáš Novotný

    16 dager siden

    shell helix oil is great for its price! :)

  23. FDG


    17 dager siden

    would of been nice to know the total cost of the repairs

  24. FDG


    17 dager siden


  25. Vaggelis T.

    Vaggelis T.

    17 dager siden

    shell girl is so adorable

  26. Marco Műhelye

    Marco Műhelye

    17 dager siden

    You know what? I had a Liqui Moly commercial in that Shell sponzored video... wired.... :)

  27. Nuno Santos

    Nuno Santos

    17 dager siden

    Thumbs up for this channel! It's a honour to be subscribed 😎

  28. mstrbkr


    17 dager siden

    Does the definition of project car really stretch this far? It’s like he got a car from the scrappy and cut a few bits off 10 minutes before entering the competition. Beginning of the project is it? 😉

  29. James Roberts

    James Roberts

    18 dager siden

    Shell: So how you finding being an advocate of shell and being able to not only learn all the benefits of our fuel and oil products but to be able to pass that knowledge on to others across the uk Shell lady: Yes

  30. James Roberts

    James Roberts

    18 dager siden

    Momentum boys 💪🏻✌🏻

  31. Drew Wagar

    Drew Wagar

    18 dager siden

    I doubt you'll find a knock sensor or an engine management system on a carb fed Mk2 Polo S. ;)

  32. Ruben_Rome_ 7

    Ruben_Rome_ 7

    18 dager siden

    Geez, never heard of an MOT test but I am scared that if my yota ever needed one I’d fail

  33. zogworth


    18 dager siden

    @8:30 Thank me later

  34. Spicy Boi

    Spicy Boi

    18 dager siden

    Is it just me or have alex his arms shrunk? I noticed this after watching an older video and right after this one

  35. Kiri The Wolf

    Kiri The Wolf

    18 dager siden

    Wheres the TOTO? Like geez have an update whats going on with toto, i wanna know. Inb4 you scrapped it and k20-swap never happened :(

  36. jools182


    19 dager siden

    Alex, why did you look so embarrassed when the Shell girl was talking to you? ....about lubricants

  37. Mark


    19 dager siden

    I'm here for the 'Synthetic oil will cause leaks' comments

  38. Leon Dunphy

    Leon Dunphy

    19 dager siden

    7:37 the face of a man trying to take on board too much information in one go.

  39. oinaaahsafe92


    20 dager siden

    Help me with my mk2 golf restro and ill give you ford mondeo

  40. Mehlman62890


    20 dager siden

    Waste of time and money if it has that my problems. But they don’t call it a rusty project car for nothing.

  41. Killah17FS


    20 dager siden

    how about filming any of the work that is done to the car instead of making a 10 minutes shell-commercial??

  42. Sheng Long

    Sheng Long

    20 dager siden

    mmm lubrication

  43. mick muller

    mick muller

    21 dag siden

    ugh um the steering wheel is on the wrong side any way I have an old e30 and its sitting on my drive way for the past 7 months now what sould I go and change to make it drive again??

  44. Zack


    21 dag siden

    6:19 ah, yes. the british woman charm

  45. Daniel Marshall

    Daniel Marshall

    21 dag siden

    3 Advisorys.... yes don't forget those.

    • Daniel Marshall

      Daniel Marshall

      21 dag siden

      LOO....BRI...C*NT, oh yes please

  46. Martin Hopland Nilsen

    Martin Hopland Nilsen

    21 dag siden

    Sorry Alex, but to much talking in this video. See you in next vid

  47. Wind of change

    Wind of change

    21 dag siden

    Answer me this, are these cars truly loved, if left in such a terrible and poor state, for such a long period of time ? Not to mentioned this video didn't showcase any of the work to car, it's literally one long ad for shell.

  48. Black Mafia

    Black Mafia

    21 dag siden

    how to pass car test pay 1000 quid under the table 😏

  49. Adam Smith

    Adam Smith

    22 dager siden

    I lost it when she was talking about knock in front of that polo, same with the oil, them old things need all the minerals it can get, my 97 even gets part mineral and thats what Honda told me to do

  50. YouTuber Person

    YouTuber Person

    22 dager siden

    Unless your engine visibly suffers from engine knocking, premium petrol is a waste of money. The ability of the fuel to cope with higher compression has no benefit in cars that do not have the requirement. ITS A SCAM.

  51. 1066gaz


    22 dager siden

    Looks like half a job. Dents on wing with rust and wheels not sprayed silver either. Easy jobs to do & spoiling the car. Bad advert for shell methinks.

  52. R O Malley

    R O Malley

    22 dager siden

    its all about the V power lubricants hey Alex, I love your channel but that was just all about the dollar but great to see the results

  53. No More Racist Coon

    No More Racist Coon

    22 dager siden

    They used the wrong oil. Every polo owner knows that

  54. Sterling Price

    Sterling Price

    22 dager siden

    It is much easier to pass inspection here in the US. Much much much easier. If your lights and signals work, windshield wipers, horn, tires still have some tread, brake on passenger side front wheel, you're usually good to go. Being on joking terms with your mechanic works wonders.

  55. Randy Randier

    Randy Randier

    22 dager siden

    Total waste of time and resources spend on a car that's not worth saving. You can't polish a turd.

  56. steve williams

    steve williams

    22 dager siden

    Stopped watching when the promotion started.... Shame.

    • zogworth


      18 dager siden

      @steve williams that's alright. Glad you appreciate it.

    • steve williams

      steve williams

      18 dager siden

      @zogworth Thanks so much for your incisive insight and advice.

    • zogworth


      18 dager siden

      It said at the beginning it was a sponsored video. Just skip forward like everyone else.

  57. Fraser King

    Fraser King

    22 dager siden

    Front fog lights don’t come into the MOT

  58. Moey Youssef

    Moey Youssef

    22 dager siden

    is it just me or would you still not trust that car

  59. stu0508


    22 dager siden

    Gotta say i don't mind any of your sponsors, except Shell. Why is she talking about knock sensors, ECU adjustments and Shell V Power in an 85 Polo with a carb? It's just jarring to see them in your videos- not a good fit for your brand at all. Surely Shell get enough advertising.....

  60. Dayboy Jackaboy

    Dayboy Jackaboy

    22 dager siden

    Pretty sure Alex stood ontop of something while talking to that women