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Kristen Bell Ponders Morality While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Kristen Bell is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood, with a career in TV and film that includes everything from box office smashes to beloved cult classics. Speaking of the former, Frozen II hits theaters this November. And, on the topic of the latter, you can catch new episodes of Veronica Mars streaming on Hulu now. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as Bell tests her Carolina Reaper-trained palate against the wings of death and discusses everything from the moral philosophy of The Good Place, to the time her husband embarrassed her at the Met Gala with Jay Z and Beyonce.
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Season 9
Episode 11
First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.


  1. First We Feast

    First We Feast

    9 dager siden

    So what are YOU doing with the death chili?! Share your thoughts here:



      2 dager siden

      why do you have kristen bell in your show.........shes a sex slave trafficker

    • Kyle Cavasos

      Kyle Cavasos

      2 dager siden

      Throwing all the death chili in the garbage and apologizing to the patrons. Explain their food will take longer and make a new batch.

    • RainPainAway


      3 dager siden

      Pleeeease bring Conan to this show. He would be so funny in this

    • Dylan DoesDumbStuff

      Dylan DoesDumbStuff

      3 dager siden

      Have Logan Paul on

    • Rubie Rojas

      Rubie Rojas

      3 dager siden

      Can we get David dobrik on here

  2. Jet Black Storm

    Jet Black Storm

    5 timer siden

    Kristen Bell is a hot one 👉🏻😏👉🏻

  3. A Simple Opinion

    A Simple Opinion

    5 timer siden

    Incredibly entertaining!

  4. Robert Valle

    Robert Valle

    6 timer siden

    She was a BEAST! I don't even think that it affected her. She is awesome. R.

  5. Becca [AMellowMarshmallow]

    Becca [AMellowMarshmallow]

    6 timer siden

    Bring in ReviewBrah!

  6. julianne jade

    julianne jade

    6 timer siden

    I really expected her to get two extra hot wings after to beat her husband’s record

  7. N Morris

    N Morris

    6 timer siden

    Can't believe she mentioned Akabanga. I lived in Rwanda for two years and food (mainly melanges) became really boring... until someone in a restaurant handed me a tiny bottle of this chilli oil. Awesome stuff, loved chillis ever since!

  8. Nicholas Beringer

    Nicholas Beringer

    7 timer siden

    In honor of Supernatural's last season, I think you should get BOTH Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki or just go with Eric Kripke if the point of the show is to only have one person at a time. Misha Collins and Jim Beaver would be cool too if you can't get those other guys. The internet might lose it's collective mind if you managed to get Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I'd also like to see: Lzzy Hale Slash Ozzy Osbourne Emma Watson Jennifer Lawrence

  9. Swoosh !

    Swoosh !

    7 timer siden

    Y’all need Chief keef

  10. Ronnie Escalante

    Ronnie Escalante

    7 timer siden

    Nice shoulder pad

  11. Brynn


    8 timer siden

    why this music??

  12. Ionwisdom1


    8 timer siden

    22:20 Gotta love that Marriage banter

  13. Jaime Blanco

    Jaime Blanco

    9 timer siden

    She dropped that F bomb twice in a few seconds and jumped even higher up on my hot ladder.

  14. bodhi tree

    bodhi tree

    9 timer siden


  15. Liberty S.

    Liberty S.

    10 timer siden

    Kristen and Dax need to write a how to deal with relationships book

  16. Liberty S.

    Liberty S.

    10 timer siden

    I love Anna she was my favorite character and of course Olaf

  17. Shaan Faro87878

    Shaan Faro87878

    10 timer siden

    The good place...

  18. Clint E

    Clint E

    11 timer siden

    Idk what it is about her but she is just so damn chill. Like just the kind of person you would invite over for crawfish boil or go on vacation with. I bet that would be one cool ass couple to go do shit with. I bet they are down for whatever. She’s smart and very Funny! Good job on the wings btw, killed it.

  19. JohnDIGG@ (#RapThanos)

    JohnDIGG@ (#RapThanos)

    11 timer siden


  20. Amanda


    11 timer siden

    death of Logan = death of Veronica mars

  21. Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea

    Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea

    12 timer siden

    20:05 omg she’s so adorable 😂

  22. Cyndi Foster

    Cyndi Foster

    12 timer siden

    10:30 Lol some one read a headline about Logan Echols and thought it was actually about Dax.

  23. Fibro Walker

    Fibro Walker

    12 timer siden

    I have watched 7you for a long time, I have loved your channel for a long time, but your Vegan comments lost me, based on there faulse comments. I have so much respect from your guys but you lost me, look at regen ag and promote a possitive way of life.

  24. H_ Hassler

    H_ Hassler

    12 timer siden

  25. Brett Walker

    Brett Walker

    13 timer siden

    Questions; 1) How old is the glutton vs how old are the other five patrons? 2) What does the glutton do for a living? Is he/she making a positive difference in the world - Doctor, aid worker, etc? Same questions about the other five patrons. 3) Does the glutton have people who are reliant on them? - Kids, employees, etc. Same question about the other five patrons. Unfortunately, it is never as simple as 'Kill one to save five'. That is utilitarianism is a flawed philosophy.

  26. vmwindustries


    13 timer siden

    She seems way too sweet! Im sure Dax has something to say about that though! Lol

  27. tangled up

    tangled up

    14 timer siden

    Fitting the video is sponsored by tums

  28. themantheycallnitro


    14 timer siden

    "Vegan" wings? Lol that's a pretty funny joke

  29. Unknown


    14 timer siden

    I love her, good actress she is beautiful even after having kids. But too bad see is such a communist. The scary part is she wants to interfere and wants to make the decision and wants them to do what she wants. When morality thing to do in most cases is not to interfere and let people who are professional try there best. She is reading too much into situations that super rarely happened and will most likely never be put in the situation her whole life.

  30. Zac Oros

    Zac Oros

    15 timer siden

    First full couple?? What about Ethan and hila

  31. Max Åkesson

    Max Åkesson

    15 timer siden

    is it possible to order to sweden?

  32. DJ Metro

    DJ Metro

    15 timer siden

    how old is her now?

  33. Shannon Wilson

    Shannon Wilson

    16 timer siden

    A frigging Beast

  34. Levi Skardsen

    Levi Skardsen

    16 timer siden

    I'm pretty sure Russel Brand is the reigning champ of Hot Ones. It didn't phase him at all.

  35. Qui TV

    Qui TV

    16 timer siden

    Omg Eleanor 😍

  36. Renil Ravindran

    Renil Ravindran

    16 timer siden

    The Sloth-wink got me..ngl...

  37. Jesse Grimm

    Jesse Grimm

    16 timer siden

    Bro! Please!!! Dont ever tie your hoodie strings again. Still love the sho!!!



    17 timer siden

    This episode is cursed please watch those pesky planes

  39. Brian Reusch

    Brian Reusch

    17 timer siden

    She’s awesome 😍

  40. Ryan McMullen

    Ryan McMullen

    18 timer siden


  41. Matthew Colvin

    Matthew Colvin

    18 timer siden

    Awww. She's a smart cute little Benthamite isn't she

  42. yoshisbro08


    18 timer siden

    Damn! I fell in love with Kristen and Sean after this episode. Great job Sean!

  43. carlyn reber

    carlyn reber

    19 timer siden

    This will forever be my favorite interview show. Sean Evans is basically the perfect interviewer. He is so natural, the shows asks such well researched questions, and he’s not afraid to be a little awkward, which adds a touch or reality and really makes the celebrities true selves shine through.

  44. GracefullyRestored JourneyToABetterMe

    GracefullyRestored JourneyToABetterMe

    19 timer siden

    I’ve love Barack Obama on this ! 😩



    19 timer siden

    Vegan wings...two words that should quickly be followed by a shotgun blast directly to the face of the offending yuppie spewing such bile.

  46. Alkadias


    21 time siden

    she's classy , elegant and barely complained at all . Respect !

  47. Clark42EoC


    22 timer siden

    Last season of Good Place Wtf!?!?!?!??!? bOOOOO

  48. Tatinah Bels

    Tatinah Bels

    22 timer siden


  49. Marlow Kaplan

    Marlow Kaplan

    23 timer siden

    Go away.. battin'

  50. keyblade zero

    keyblade zero

    23 timer siden

    damn i love me some kristen bell anyway, but this just took it up a whole other notch!

  51. Alexander Graetzer

    Alexander Graetzer

    Dag siden

    Such a smart lady.

  52. Derrick Claar

    Derrick Claar

    Dag siden

    How?! How, how, how, are the women always so awesome on this show?! The guy guests are always great, but the women are just awesome. Thanks again Chris.

  53. Justin Farrar

    Justin Farrar

    Dag siden

    I never knew those promos they play at the beginning were actually shot at the end.

  54. BrainDeadVampire


    Dag siden

    Damn she's fucking fine

  55. Trianna Danee Moore

    Trianna Danee Moore

    Dag siden

    Please: Backstreet Boys ❤️

  56. Kevin Lacayo

    Kevin Lacayo

    Dag siden

    I'd like to see Sofia Vergara on hot one's.

  57. DCM7734


    Dag siden

    Vegan wings? Really?

  58. Frederic Lasnier

    Frederic Lasnier

    Dag siden

    vegan wings ??

  59. joann reyes

    joann reyes

    Dag siden

    Bring Daniel Radcliff!!!

  60. Luis


    Dag siden

    She’s a bad ass!! And she’s gorgeous!! Wifey material all day

  61. MJ Follmer

    MJ Follmer

    Dag siden

    She is a national treasure. 100%

  62. Eric Kociemba

    Eric Kociemba

    Dag siden

    Need more party down questions. Haha

  63. S S

    S S

    Dag siden

    Utilitarian whatever that is is a martyr as I understand it from this clip. I don't know, I'm just drunk and that's how I feel.

  64. _t-d_


    Dag siden

    It's ball cancer.

  65. eLyUKayEe


    Dag siden

    What kind of vegan wings are those?

  66. Maximus Prime

    Maximus Prime

    Dag siden

    I'm missing something. When did Kristen Bell become a thing? Shes all over the place now.

  67. Jack Lee

    Jack Lee

    Dag siden

    Metta World Peace please.

  68. David Richardson

    David Richardson

    Dag siden

    Could she be more adorable? No, she could not.

  69. Gabby Minkiewicz

    Gabby Minkiewicz

    Dag siden

    Lol every time I hear something I think is funny I repeat it too. Most people don’t care, but when I meet someone new I think they think I’m mocking them but I’m not hahahah

  70. Synergy


    Dag siden

    The Rock pls

  71. roger peet

    roger peet

    Dag siden

    Every time I see Kristen, I think, 'I want to make out with her for only 15 minutes.' (it's possible)

  72. LeAngelo Barnes

    LeAngelo Barnes

    Dag siden

    You can tell when the heat kicks in because that's when she starts loosening up and starts cussing! 😂

  73. LeAngelo Barnes

    LeAngelo Barnes

    Dag siden

    She's seems too nice to like 🌶️spicy food. Lol

  74. Trey Moore

    Trey Moore

    Dag siden

    Gotta have Joe Rogan on! And then you go on the JRE!

  75. Wilson Cortez

    Wilson Cortez

    Dag siden

    Please do Margot Robbie

  76. Silks


    Dag siden

    What a beast. I'm in love

  77. drummerboy smith

    drummerboy smith

    Dag siden

    I love her even more now. She's delightful.

  78. dominic0917


    Dag siden

    I feel like Bill Hader would be so much fun with this, make it happen y'all.

  79. John Smith

    John Smith

    Dag siden

    I feel like Sean is doing this show for 2 reasons. 1 to pay the bills. 2 to say he's had dinner with a bunch of beautiful actresses

  80. Electric Cervix

    Electric Cervix

    Dag siden

    2:53 - It's tuRmeric... it's not a tumor.