Mystery Quiz RIDDLES To Hack Your Dumb Brain

Azzyland and I are doing some mystery riddles where the secret to solving the quiz is using the brainy part of your brain. AZZY'S VIDEO: noplayer.info/show/a3llbDlYV25MWDA.html
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Jay from the KubzScouts and I will be back soon!
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  1. Samuel Gonzalez

    Samuel Gonzalez

    3 timer siden

    @6:15 Gloom confirmed being a Kendrick Lamar fan

  2. Daniela Pacheco

    Daniela Pacheco

    4 timer siden

    If you eat fish you could get Salmonella

  3. Fxnessed


    12 timer siden

    She press the like buntton

  4. Mayfox Midnight

    Mayfox Midnight

    Dag siden

    You can do it no one pays attention to me but I will still cheer you on even though you will probably never read this

  5. Mia Cazandra Ley Tacderan

    Mia Cazandra Ley Tacderan

    Dag siden

    I love riddles but it is a little bit funny and scary

  6. Rosalinde Kok

    Rosalinde Kok

    Dag siden

    the first one wasn't right because the pain would go to the husband what is him not the mailman was the father

  7. Manana Moubarik

    Manana Moubarik

    Dag siden

    The green one✅

  8. Saafiya Sadal

    Saafiya Sadal

    Dag siden


  9. Potato Man

    Potato Man

    2 dager siden

    Joan of arc? does she mean Noah’s arc

  10. Your daily dose Of gacha toast

    Your daily dose Of gacha toast

    2 dager siden

    Answer to the thumbnail The girl already ate the triplets, and he ate to many cookie hamburgers Then he got more hungery so he ate the children

  11. jacqueline mata

    jacqueline mata

    2 dager siden

    Oh I know this riddle it's so easy so first the chicken then the fox then take back the chicken then the seeds then the chicken

  12. melissa legally red

    melissa legally red

    2 dager siden

    RED POTION!!!!

  13. Jordyn Chymbor-Souza

    Jordyn Chymbor-Souza

    2 dager siden

    For the vampires in the wood one, I would have shot the maniac so the vampires would drink his blood and then run away. Or just not go into the forest at ALL!!!

  14. Pheobe Bury

    Pheobe Bury

    2 dager siden

    I have saloution to farmer riddle! I haven't seen the awnser yet. Here is my solution so the farmer takes the fox to the other side then takes the chicken as he goes back for the grains he watches the fox closely and puts the grains on. Or he leaves the grains.....

  15. Xx_LunaMoonN_xX


    2 dager siden

    The baby boat is also correct because you could use your feet

  16. Hardy Tjoa

    Hardy Tjoa

    3 dager siden

    1+1=? Windiw!

  17. Hardy Tjoa

    Hardy Tjoa

    3 dager siden

    Vampires cant stand silver

  18. Cat Surgeon

    Cat Surgeon

    3 dager siden

    You can only eat freshwater fish raw, not saltwater fish

  19. Emma Oliva Rueda

    Emma Oliva Rueda

    3 dager siden

    Take a strawberry {\_/} (•^•) (>🍓

  20. Emma Oliva Rueda

    Emma Oliva Rueda

    3 dager siden

    Take a strawberry

  21. Sunflower Edits

    Sunflower Edits

    3 dager siden


  22. Sienna Baker

    Sienna Baker

    3 dager siden

    he could have taken the grain then the fox then then the chicken

  23. Edwin Aguilar

    Edwin Aguilar

    3 dager siden

    I thought get that u could use the bullet on the maniac because a maniac is just a person that kills people

  24. I Do EVERYTHING!!!!


    3 dager siden

    20:16 I thought u just take one trip so what you do is take the fox and the grain in one hand then puttee chicken next to you and row with the other hand

  25. Adriana Sojková

    Adriana Sojková

    3 dager siden

    Ithink its the green phosio

    • Adriana Sojková

      Adriana Sojková

      3 dager siden


  26. norhalijah abubakar

    norhalijah abubakar

    3 dager siden

    You are bumd

  27. fluffy fluff

    fluffy fluff

    3 dager siden

    4:34 Alan looks like Donald trump , 😛

  28. Chaime praise Luna

    Chaime praise Luna

    3 dager siden

    Watch some 7 second riddles horror

  29. Daniel Petty

    Daniel Petty

    3 dager siden

    The green potion

  30. rosalie duran

    rosalie duran

    3 dager siden

    The letter a is the real answer

  31. Hugh THENG

    Hugh THENG

    4 dager siden

    The fox, chicken, grain riddle was not too hard, I did it in primary ._.

  32. Faithful Glitch

    Faithful Glitch

    4 dager siden

    20:19 I thought the answer was he takes the grain first,comes back for the fox,and then the chicken.

  33. Holo sexuals For life

    Holo sexuals For life

    4 dager siden

    Grain fox then chicken

  34. Alejandro Torres

    Alejandro Torres

    4 dager siden

    Why did you said seviche

  35. Norma Navarro

    Norma Navarro

    4 dager siden

    Oh i love seviche my mexican family eats it all the time

  36. a1eyk


    4 dager siden

    (\_/) (~.~) (>🍕) Pizza¿

  37. park yunni

    park yunni

    4 dager siden

    5:16 ...oh so i m the only one who have a pack of bats living next to our neighbourhood

  38. Rush Twins

    Rush Twins

    4 dager siden


  39. cute panda

    cute panda

    4 dager siden

    Did anyone notice Gloom's hat had 2018 on it

  40. Sushi Gacha

    Sushi Gacha

    4 dager siden

    This Is Kassie 👑 👩 👚 🥿 And This Is Azzy 👑 👩🏻 👗 🥿