Mystery Quiz RIDDLES To Hack Your Dumb Brain

Azzyland and I are doing some mystery riddles where the secret to solving the quiz is using the brainy part of your brain. AZZY'S VIDEO: noplayer.info/show/a3llbDlYV25MWDA.html
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  1. Kendra Ybanez

    Kendra Ybanez

    30 minutter siden


  2. Kendra Ybanez

    Kendra Ybanez

    30 minutter siden

    R ed

  3. LobitPlush.—. Productions

    LobitPlush.—. Productions

    57 minutter siden

    16:06 am gonna me monna buildings with my friends and sing next to the water *IBEEN STARTING AT THE EGG OF THE WATER* and play game :D

  4. McKenna Campbell

    McKenna Campbell

    2 timer siden

    its werewolves!!!!!!!

  5. potatoes rule BOIS DROOL

    potatoes rule BOIS DROOL

    4 timer siden


  6. Lylah Keltner

    Lylah Keltner

    6 timer siden

    My name is Lila on of the riddles it said Lila!

  7. Sushi Kat haii

    Sushi Kat haii

    6 timer siden

    At 3:32 and 4:03 i almost cried because I’m sensitive and because of the music too T^T

  8. Jairo Martinez

    Jairo Martinez

    6 timer siden


  9. Cub Is alive

    Cub Is alive

    7 timer siden

    18:44 I hate that so much

  10. Madelynn Mulig

    Madelynn Mulig

    7 timer siden

    i got this

  11. I'm a froggy croak ribbet hop

    I'm a froggy croak ribbet hop

    7 timer siden

    I got so mad cause I knew the answer right away I got so mad I threw my tablet the answer is shoot the maniac the sun is coming up and vampires can't stand sun

  12. omolade owoleke

    omolade owoleke

    7 timer siden

    Tell me why the pregnant riddle was like that story of the girl seeing the future and said her father was going to die but the mailman died instead

  13. Kireina Michelle

    Kireina Michelle

    7 timer siden

    The first riddle in this video shows why men cant get pregnant

  14. Lil mohwk cat

    Lil mohwk cat

    7 timer siden

    2:23 dude try ther clothes🎽🥋

  15. hybrid alpha 23

    hybrid alpha 23

    8 timer siden

    You can eat fish raw because one ingredient is some types of sushi is raw fish

  16. Rainbowlight Cheese

    Rainbowlight Cheese

    8 timer siden

    bro that fox, grain, & chicken riddle was in poptropica it used to mess me up so bad

  17. NoScopeRavens


    9 timer siden

    Take the blue potion and just dont get married

  18. Anthony Elias

    Anthony Elias

    9 timer siden

    Julie was probably sad about her car because it was a lot of money

  19. Anthony Elias

    Anthony Elias

    9 timer siden

    The baby boat and take care of it then be happy

  20. Angel Playz

    Angel Playz

    10 timer siden

    Guys if you wanted to know how sashimi is prepared here is how: So you can’t eat fish from the wild because there are germs and dirt or just anything that might get you sick,but how people make sashimi is because they take the fish that people raised in clean water and that’s the sashimi we eat.

  21. John Fiala

    John Fiala

    11 timer siden

    Did u forget sushi

  22. Ducky-witha -knife

    Ducky-witha -knife

    11 timer siden

    I whach TV with a knife in my hand!?!?!

  23. Richard Piadozo

    Richard Piadozo

    11 timer siden

    Red potion because he don't love you but you love being mistress and have a job

  24. Jglascat happy face

    Jglascat happy face

    12 timer siden

    For the riddle with the pirate, cannibal, and baby, I was thinking that you had to give the baby to the cannibal to eat so they weren't hungry... I'm so sorry

    • Vee Little Miss

      Vee Little Miss

      4 timer siden

      I agreed, fellow riddler

  25. Rin ???

    Rin ???

    12 timer siden

    6:38 werewolves.... Not vampires.

  26. Alister Grey

    Alister Grey

    13 timer siden

    Azzy: Mana, Life & Stamina Me: ah yes, the basic video game essentials

  27. Rand Binchi

    Rand Binchi

    13 timer siden

    13:25 I wondered why she asked azzy until I remembered she has a masters degree in biology

  28. Sigb Mango

    Sigb Mango

    13 timer siden

    Maybe the car was a gift from hér dead Mother

  29. Rand Binchi

    Rand Binchi

    13 timer siden

    5:38 was he watching logan Paul

  30. Che Huzarevich

    Che Huzarevich

    13 timer siden

    Uhhhh duh u Take the chicken 🐔 then go for the Fox and then and Grian

  31. The Hunter

    The Hunter

    14 timer siden

    Mana life stamina=skyrim

  32. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther

    15 timer siden

    Look at kassie's face at 8:57 lol

  33. Rainbowcat eats bread

    Rainbowcat eats bread

    17 timer siden


  34. Aboosh _Yeet_Gacha_

    Aboosh _Yeet_Gacha_

    17 timer siden


  35. Jen Hoehler

    Jen Hoehler

    18 timer siden

    First take the grain acrossed then the fox then the chicken

  36. TMNT lover

    TMNT lover

    18 timer siden

    Actually you can only survive 3 weeks without food! 13:23

  37. Alyssa Busby

    Alyssa Busby

    18 timer siden

    When Luke was killed and he wanted to find out who the vampire was i thought of putting some garlic on their food for everyone and the vampire would die

  38. Kerry Verhoeven

    Kerry Verhoeven

    18 timer siden

    Stops at 19:44 take the chicken over getthe grain take the chinken to other side take fox over then get chicken

  39. Rika Mukhlisina

    Rika Mukhlisina

    19 timer siden

    Because i am a muslim i cant eat or drink for a month and i survived. i am 10 years old from indonesia Please notice me

  40. Phoenix


    21 time siden

    You don’t need matches to make a fire, you can just use two rocks and scratch them together to make sparks

  41. Itz Pinkie Potato

    Itz Pinkie Potato

    Dag siden

    7 second riddles: don’t eat the raw fish Me: h-hunger games lied to me.... If YoU dIe FrOm EaTiNg RaW fIsH wHy DiD kAtNisS eVeRdEeN sUrViVe ThReE fReAkInG bOoKs?!

  42. Wolflover Wolflover

    Wolflover Wolflover

    Dag siden

    silver bullies r afectiv to werewolfs

  43. kob the troll

    kob the troll

    Dag siden

    Is you shirt see through because im not sure if i see a bra or it's just the design on the shirt

  44. Doom Boom

    Doom Boom

    Dag siden

    Do the blue one you can just not get married

  45. Christina Zoeller

    Christina Zoeller

    Dag siden

    4:00 red 🔺️🔻🔺️🔻🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴

  46. smarthic c

    smarthic c

    Dag siden

    I used to eat ceviche like every day

  47. Anna Frost

    Anna Frost

    Dag siden

    i would have shot the maniac and the blood would attract the vampires to him so i could run away.

  48. Kelli Owens

    Kelli Owens

    Dag siden

    Hi I’m on my mom account and love ur vids I liked when used to play Roblox I miss u playing it if u will can u check out flee the facility or adopt me????

  49. Rosa Sanchez

    Rosa Sanchez

    Dag siden

    kyle had a taa too

  50. Danielle


    Dag siden

    Hey that riddle that a ship crash and 5 friends survived you did that in another video

  51. Danielle


    Dag siden

    Actually its not true that you can live without food for about a month but it is true that you can live without food for about 4 days and without water or any drink for about 3 days and without them both you will only survive for a little over a day!😂😂😂 I CANT BELIEVE 7 SENCOND RIDDLES WOULD LIE!!!!!!! Oh and i know this because my aunt told me and also my teacher told me

  52. Lil wolfie 123

    Lil wolfie 123

    Dag siden

    U know on the thumbnail it’s like the doctor was fat shaming him

  53. Compilations Time

    Compilations Time

    Dag siden

    in the first riddle.. why did the mail man die?? Women don’t die because of labour pains.... WOMEN ARE STRONGER THEN MENNNNN

  54. Lila Cole

    Lila Cole

    Dag siden

    My name is lila too #teinning

  55. Pari Panda

    Pari Panda

    Dag siden

    I heard is u say the youtubers name 5 times they will pin ur comment Gloom Gloom Gloom Gloom Gloom I hope it works

  56. Layla_Playz 16

    Layla_Playz 16

    Dag siden

    Am I the only one who thinks the farmer and the chicken one was from brain games the tv show

  57. XxWateryGachaChloe Life

    XxWateryGachaChloe Life

    Dag siden

    They get sushi fish which is cleaned from all the bacteria‘s and all that stuff

  58. Ruby Nhliziyo

    Ruby Nhliziyo

    Dag siden

    They smoke the fish beforw they make the shusi

  59. Husky Gamer 89

    Husky Gamer 89

    Dag siden

    First he brings the fox to the other side and then he brings the green and then he brings chicken it’s like that’s how it works OK guys

  60. Darla Roybal

    Darla Roybal

    Dag siden

    At 6:42 it’s Werewolfs

  61. Grace The Beary

    Grace The Beary

    Dag siden

    Is Cassie bi? I saw her coming out vid but didn’t see it all cos it was long and boring

  62. Grace The Beary

    Grace The Beary

    Dag siden

    When u guys do this do you FaceTime?

  63. Isabella Dilullo

    Isabella Dilullo

    Dag siden

    you break the chicken I did grab the green that you bring the chicken back from the fox and then you bring the chicken

  64. Caroline Patnode

    Caroline Patnode

    Dag siden

    Take The Grain Then The Fox And THEN the Chicken 19:42

  65. Abby pierce

    Abby pierce

    Dag siden

    19:49 fox,grain,chicken Bam!

  66. MagicalWolfy


    Dag siden

    3:27 i would chose blue and never get married (if i had to chose)

  67. Finn Dahlstrom

    Finn Dahlstrom

    Dag siden

    you switch the stuff bring stuff back and yeah

  68. JJ Mac

    JJ Mac

    Dag siden

    8:47 I think the sushi fish is smoked I'm not sure , that's what I think , does anyone know ?

  69. Eleanor Smelleanor

    Eleanor Smelleanor

    Dag siden

    I disagree with the riddle at 11:37 because if the cannibal was that hungry when he got to shore he would have already eaten the baby and the pirate therefore he wouldn’t have needed to eat Tom because he wouldn’t be hungry anymore BOOM 💥 BABY !!

  70. unknown name

    unknown name

    Dag siden

    10:03 dark answer give the baby to the cannibal and have him give you a ride

  71. Xxgatcha BlueberriesxX

    Xxgatcha BlueberriesxX

    Dag siden

    But raw fish is sushi. Right?

  72. Ella Benitez

    Ella Benitez

    Dag siden

    What is your name

  73. Ella Benitez

    Ella Benitez

    Dag siden

    I think it was the green one

  74. Xtreme Gamerz

    Xtreme Gamerz

    Dag siden

    At 21:21 did no one else see julie holding her car keys? Am I the only one who saw that?

  75. jake Dragisic

    jake Dragisic

    Dag siden

    for the john and the forest thing its ez. vampires cant come out in daylight and in the pic the sun is rising

  76. jake Dragisic

    jake Dragisic

    Dag siden

    5:54 kassie on steroids

  77. Bilal Iliqud

    Bilal Iliqud

    Dag siden

    *Show More* *Show More* *Show More* *Show More* *Show More* *Show More* *Show More* *Show More* *Show More* *Show More*

  78. Bilal Iliqud

    Bilal Iliqud

    Dag siden

    12:28 She Should Die. Hehahehahehaheha

  79. One LittleSoul

    One LittleSoul

    Dag siden

    22:40 She could have been saving up and now all her money is down the drain Maybe valuables were in the car Maybe the car belonged to a family member that means or met alot

  80. Madison Whitt

    Madison Whitt

    Dag siden

    Azzyland - “ Most people surprise their girlfriend with a box of chocolates, this guys like I’m a Rarewolf” 4:45 Edit: I’m not making fun of azzyland or trying to be mean. I love azzyland and think she’s awesome. Just thought this was funny