President Trump, In His 'Great And Unmatched Wisdom,' Decides To Abandon Kurds

Another day, another problematic presidential phone call, this time with the leader of Turkey. But don't worry, America, your leader possesses unmatched wisdom. #Monologue #Impeachment #Colbert
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  1. PiedPiper11


    11 timer siden

    That was some next level narcissism

  2. benjamin hoover

    benjamin hoover

    11 timer siden

    human dignity is a simple subject...

  3. Mamee laws games aba zvz

    Mamee laws games aba zvz

    15 timer siden

    Ypg pkk are terrorist most of the kurds live in Turkey and they opposed the pkk and Ypg one question terrorists organisations vs each wow a very good policy

  4. Kim Rebley

    Kim Rebley

    15 timer siden

    what a shit person

  5. James Sefcak

    James Sefcak

    20 timer siden

    Trump's stupidity by far outpaces his so called 'wisdom'.

  6. Theo Fulk

    Theo Fulk

    Dag siden


  7. Aphmau 111101

    Aphmau 111101

    Dag siden

    oh my god

  8. faron tilley

    faron tilley

    Dag siden

    The US cant do fuck all with out help, if the US wants to go in on there own next time, I got one word for them ( Vietnam ) the US has NAVER won a war on there own not one, so if the US think next time will be different LOL NO it fucking wont. If other country's stop selling military stuff, the US wont have any Tanks - Jets - Ships - Drones - missiles. the US buys more Tech - Software - Hardware then any other country in the top 10. The US needs others more then others need the US.

  9. Brrmycoochiscold


    Dag siden

    Using air time to overdue his ‘political comedy act’ aka pushing his own political agenda is pathetic and a disgrace to tv. This guy sucks

  10. Garry Bartlett

    Garry Bartlett

    2 dager siden

    This late night show host must know the past tense of think is thought... cock...

  11. Garry Bartlett

    Garry Bartlett

    2 dager siden

    Also... Kurds are Muslim (generally speaking)... and therefore are not our friends... like the mujadeen in the 80s will turn on us once they have won against their enemies...

  12. Garry Bartlett

    Garry Bartlett

    2 dager siden

    But the transcript is freely available... Biden is on video saying he told them they would get nothing... unless his son is on it... yet you ignore that...

  13. Mark Taylor

    Mark Taylor

    2 dager siden


  14. Phelix Kelevra

    Phelix Kelevra

    2 dager siden

    While most of the time I've found what Trump has done laughable, it feels really bad to be laughing at leaving the kurds to be steamrolled by Turkey. A country by all western standards, who doesn't respect human rights and who is constantly edging towards a dictatorship... If any country deserves to be tossed out of Nato, turkey is the one so long as Erdogan remains in power...

  15. Bryan Phipps

    Bryan Phipps

    2 dager siden

    Old Stephen will fully guarantee Trump's win in 2020! Good Job Go Trump!

  16. Jojoforpres


    2 dager siden

    How long do feel is appropriate to hold the Republican Party responsable for DT? I know I personally will never forgive them for selling out the country they live in just for the empty promise of money, but I am biased against that sort of thing.

  17. Steve Miller

    Steve Miller

    2 dager siden

    Biden: Does something illegal Leftist: We need to move on Trump: Has only done good Leftist: We need to impeach him because the media says so

  18. Arcieres


    2 dager siden

    Rather than Kurdish fighters that helped the U.S. to defeat ISIS, what we have is the next: U.S. sponsored and armed rebels to oust Bashar Alazar for the sake of U.S. and other Western allies, after some time most of these rebels ended up opposing Western interests and forming ISIS, then U.S. declared ISIS was terrorist and U.S. had to look for others allies within Syria. The only ones that U.S. could find were the Kurds, whom were courted by the promise of get a independent State away Syria, something that everybody knows that was lawfully impossible and that Turkey would never allow it because for the point of view of Turkey the PKK and the Kurdish armed forces are terrorists. Turkey is a very important strategic ally for the NATO, so Trump had to choose between protect Kurds, dismember NATO and turn Turkey into an enemy (the only NATO member that has true influence in Middle East), or abandon Kurds, that paradoxically is the best option to get the peace in Syria, because Kurds have been forced to negotiate with Syria government to reach agreements and join their forces to expel the common enemy (the Turks).

  19. 50zcarsman


    2 dager siden

    The Russians told Trump that America's real enemy is COBRA -- a ruthless terrorist organization DETERMINED TO RULE THE WORLD -- and that he should pull out of Syria to carry the fight to COBRA. To take on Serpentor and his ilk, Trump has already directed that $200 million from the Pentagon's service member healthcare budget be diverted on an emergency basis to building up our country''s daring, highly-trained special missions force (codenamed: GI JOE).

  20. Henrique Martins

    Henrique Martins

    2 dager siden

    7:08 Better Call Saul

  21. Bugsea


    3 dager siden

    He thinked it first alright, he needs money for attorney fees, because he is in deep shit. I bet Gowdy will not represent him without some cashola up front! This was in Putin's interest and probably is paying for it to happen. That we know, Trump can be bought!

  22. Habib Ciltik

    Habib Ciltik

    3 dager siden

    So. The US weapoized a terrorist organisation (YPG/PKK) to fight another terrorist organisation(ISIS). And now The US is calling a terrorist organisation their Ally? Does anyone see a problem here?

  23. Miguel Angelo

    Miguel Angelo

    3 dager siden

    Colbert, you are just a puppet. Your shows have become a propaganda chanel, sad, sad, sad!

  24. Bato Laklija

    Bato Laklija

    3 dager siden

    Isent you friends whit peddo podesta!! ? Pizza enybody???

  25. megacultureman


    3 dager siden

    Turkey did not kill innocent people, YPG is a terrorist Kurdish group who attacted Turkey Border...Turkey has right to protect its borders...

    • Lizzard


      6 timer siden

      good joke buddy

  26. GEARS 1984

    GEARS 1984

    3 dager siden

    RONALD REAGAN is Pissed!: noplayer.info/show/eHJ2eFBZb2lXRE0.html

  27. Nataly D

    Nataly D

    3 dager siden

    A former klan member once said the klan meetings were so full of hate he could cut it with a knife. He had to leave because it was eating him up inside. Day in and day out living with obsessive, irrational hate. Day after day scheming to hurt people who frankly didn't give a damn about him. Powerless, self-destruction.

  28. psycho416s


    3 dager siden

    Eat a gun snowflakes

  29. Syriusz B

    Syriusz B

    3 dager siden

    2039: Russia invades Poland. Trump: we will send our best tweets to call for peace!* --- So, is NATO going to be abandoned because we know that we can't trust USA? *in 1939 UK and France were obligated to start war with 3rd Reich. UK sent their bombers full of... leaf letters calling for peace. Poor Brits needed some carrots to improve their eyes enough to realise that they were not bombs, but then it was too late for Poland. France attacked but then got scared of some border police so they retreated and started "phoney war". That is one of major source of distrust in Polish people towards NATO. Now if we add USA to countries that are known not to help their allies, things start looking grim.

  30. Anne-Marie Batakis

    Anne-Marie Batakis

    4 dager siden

    Ok one small problem with the Jedi mind trick jab, Trump is so damn stupid he would fall for it!

  31. 刘宇龙


    4 dager siden


  32. Harshita Goyal

    Harshita Goyal

    4 dager siden

    2:46 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  33. Harshita Goyal

    Harshita Goyal

    4 dager siden

    2:46 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  34. pixpusha


    4 dager siden

    All the power Donald Trump claims to have, he doesn't truly have.

  35. Vinay N

    Vinay N

    4 dager siden

    People are missing the big picture here. Trump obviously does not believe in meddling in a border dispute that has going on for centuries. He has argued that middle east wars are a waste of money and does not achieve anything. Maybe one day the peoples in the middle east can sit down and have a last peace agreement; this is what happened in Europe after WW2. I am sorry for the Kurds but Trump is wise to not get involved in a war between Turkey and Syria. I am no fan of Trump but I understand his reasoning, he has explained himself very clearly in his own entertaining way.

  36. TheOffkilter


    4 dager siden

    LOL a Warhammer 40K reference in the "full God-Emperor" bit. Stephen is such a nerd and I love it.

  37. TheOffkilter


    4 dager siden

    Omg the hosts on Fox and Friends were sooooo surprised Graham did that and were having to think of a way to please their master in the Oval Office as soon as he got off the phone. Its hilarious to watch.Its shocking how terrified of him and his twitter account they are.

  38. Nikodem Fiedorow

    Nikodem Fiedorow

    4 dager siden

    Hey hey hey don't disrespect God Emperor of Mankind, he is nothing like Trump, God Emperor is mostly competent.

  39. barıs kurt

    barıs kurt

    4 dager siden

    You guys talking about things u dont understand. its not the kurds that us allied with. İts a pkk/ypg happens to be a terrorist organization. its true they are kurds but kurds living with turks in turkey peacefully for hundreds of years. So many kurds despise pkk/ypg both in turkey and in syria. Please search before u talk.

  40. Guitar Collector 12

    Guitar Collector 12

    4 dager siden

    Colbert, you should thank GOD for Trump. He is your only saving grace for a failing profession 😏

  41. Jamis Ins

    Jamis Ins

    4 dager siden

    Leave Donald Trump alone. I feel sorry for him having so many people hate him when all he’s done is try to help us all. He’s done so many things to make America Great again. We are all richer now. And this rubbish about Donald Trump lying is fake news. Not one person has any evidence of just one lie he’s told but the fake news is saying he has lied over 17,000 times since he’s been President. And no one can tell me that any other president has done as much as Donald Trump. Trump for 2020.

    • Blue Line Tactical Solutions

      Blue Line Tactical Solutions

      3 dager siden

      You're a complete moron.

  42. Randhir Rawatlal

    Randhir Rawatlal

    4 dager siden

    i feel that comedians reporting the news and adding a laugh track to each horrible thing that happens has played a significant role in getting us to the point we're at now

  43. Lol Kage

    Lol Kage

    5 dager siden

    Im not even going to watch this video I just wanted to comment that Steven Colbert has really gone downhill with his hard on for anything related to trump. Got a few laughs from the boss on chopper talk and now he wont drop it. It is insane that you think doing the same bits again and again is going to net you a larger audience. Steven, your impressions suck and your content is lacking. Your forced laughter from the audience is like watching reruns of scooby doo. Boring.



    5 dager siden

    The Democrats needs Michelle Obama, Joe Biden is lacking stamina, Sanders is too old but he has stamina to beat trump but his health condition will disqualify him, Warren is so soft to win Trump...please tell Michelle Obama time has come to run for the president

  45. Sue Davis

    Sue Davis

    5 dager siden

    how about great and unmatched stupidity, corruption, narcissism, mendacity, racism, misogyny, ignorance, incompetence etc, etc etc

  46. Cheeseatingjunlista


    5 dager siden

    Letting 100,000s plus people die just to distract his home audience from his Peachy Problems _ what diseased bag of rotting dogshit, lock him up, fling away the key

  47. Max Chasur

    Max Chasur

    5 dager siden

    Do you think the brain dead Cult 45 are letting pride stop them from condemning 45 because they realise that he is possibly the “worst human being in the World, and it’s their fault!!

  48. Ethan Pond

    Ethan Pond

    5 dager siden

    I don’t want to go this far, but I will. Someone should do Donald in. Like the Italian mafia or something.

  49. Johann Popper

    Johann Popper

    5 dager siden

    Get this straight in your heads, Americans: 16 years ago the media was anti-Bush because he was pro-war. Now the media is anti-Trump because he's anti-war. Get what they are really against now?

    • Johann Popper

      Johann Popper

      5 dager siden

      @Hungry Estonian People who disagree with you aren't "insane". Also, I support global communism, so I'm not a Trump supporter. Nonetheless, the fact remains Trump is indisputably dismantling the American empire by pulling the U.S. out of the Middle East and southeast Asia and Latin America, one step at a time. To say otherwise is probably due to extreme attachment to social issues or whatever pet hatred one has that ignores the benefits of Trump's new foreign policy.

    • Hungry Estonian

      Hungry Estonian

      5 dager siden

      Trump isn't anti-war, he created more war by allowing Turkey to invade with their Al-Qaeda militias who have already freed almost 2000 ISIS fighters. Trump didn't even initially evacuate US troops back to the US just moved them from North to South so Turkey could invade, he only pulled them out after Turkey fired at US positions and told them to get out of their way. After he pulled out 1000 US troops from Syria because he's Erdogan's pet he sent a further 3000 US troops in Saudi Arabia to help them continue their genocidal war in Yemen. How can you deny reality like this? I don't like Obama or the Democrats either but you Trump supporters are absolutely insane and in complete denial.

  50. Johann Popper

    Johann Popper

    5 dager siden

    Clinton abandoned the Kurds. Bush 2 did nothing for the Kurds. Obama did nothing for the Kurds. U.S. policy has never been to help every possible nationality, no matter how small, achieve self-determination. The U.S. has never ever been in support of self-determination. No rational government could be. You think the Kurds deserve a homeland? Then you think Jews do, Nazis do, American southern white supremacists do, black supremacists do, etc. If government were tied to race, then we'd all be screwed. Stop blabbing about issues you don't think through, New York & Hollywood. Jeebus Cripes, now American liberals are war hawks? Totally ridiculous anti-Trump nonsense. Talk about policy, not people, otherwise you look stupid.

  51. adonisduque


    6 dager siden

    His samel lan to abandoned American farmers. But who cares if nobody is buying the produce they have nobody to harvesting the crops

  52. silkroadcaravan


    6 dager siden

    The US (and Great Britain) has a long history of betraying and abandoning our allies, going back at the very least to the Arab Revolt we fomented against the Turks in WW1, and including South Vietnam, and the Iraqi resistance in Gulf War 1... but the Kurds aren't fighting ISIS on our behalf, they're doing it to preserve their culture's existence.

  53. Dennis Zwolle

    Dennis Zwolle

    6 dager siden

    It's more like, fox and friends..OmG he taking bad about the president, should we respond or tell Mr. Trump???

  54. Jaegermeister1234561


    6 dager siden

    God Emperor; Smells like heresy

  55. A B

    A B

    6 dager siden

    “Trump went full twit” 🤣🤣🤣

  56. Chriss iv1000

    Chriss iv1000

    6 dager siden

    orange man bad

  57. larry hazard

    larry hazard

    6 dager siden

    Wow! this crap is still on tv?

  58. KendrixTermina


    6 dager siden

    He actually wrote the "unmatches wisdom" thing I thought the comedians were adding this sarcastically

  59. howard stern

    howard stern

    6 dager siden

    Too bad his father didn’t just pull out and leave Donnie high,and dry?

  60. Steven&Jennifer Hodges

    Steven&Jennifer Hodges

    6 dager siden

    Great and unmatched wisdom. Wow!!