Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #12

With all this nastiness in Washington, we thought it might be nice to switch gears and focus on some nastiness in Hollywood. From time to time, we like to shine a light on the harsh words fans post about celebrities online. Here’s a new edition of #MeanTweets with Will Ferrell, Jon Hamm, Chris Rock, Kim Kardashian, Maisie Williams, David Harbour, David Spade, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zendaya, Fred Savage, Tiffany Haddish, Martin Short, Mark Hamill, Sarah Paulson and Jeff Goldblum.
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Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #12


  1. Codey Snow

    Codey Snow

    21 minutt siden

    I'm glad Kim wasn't on these till the 12th version. Based on her tweet that was chosen, producers agree..

  2. Music man That likes old and new music

    Music man That likes old and new music

    33 minutter siden

    0:47 that is so true she does

  3. Zbriu


    54 minutter siden

    Maisie Williams is beautiful but that tweet is so accurate... :P

  4. digital subliminal messages

    digital subliminal messages

    Time siden

    S T O P. R a P E I N G. B a b I E S He's....funny though /

  5. Lord Vader

    Lord Vader

    2 timer siden

    The one about Tiffany haddish is toooo accurate.

  6. Anon


    2 timer siden

    Is Mark Hamill stuck with the Joker voice? I thought he sounded way different back in the Star Wars films

  7. Neko Nao

    Neko Nao

    3 timer siden

    I love it when they laugh and go like "That's not wrong actually"

  8. jack_ attacks99

    jack_ attacks99

    3 timer siden

    I love you jeffy 💕💕💕

  9. PriyaDarsini Mj

    PriyaDarsini Mj

    4 timer siden

    Are those birds... shitting in the background??

  10. Nur Azida Alyssa Azmi

    Nur Azida Alyssa Azmi

    4 timer siden


  11. Posy and Zeno Music

    Posy and Zeno Music

    4 timer siden

    lol luke skywalker

  12. Posy and Zeno Music

    Posy and Zeno Music

    4 timer siden

    so true about kim k

  13. Driftingcurve 20

    Driftingcurve 20

    6 timer siden

    1:26 Shots have been fired I REPEAT, SHOTS HAVE BEEN FIRED!!!!!!

  14. kid602hih ;jog'bek

    kid602hih ;jog'bek

    6 timer siden


  15. GAY GOC


    6 timer siden


  16. Todd Mitchell

    Todd Mitchell

    9 timer siden

    I just wanna put this out there...Chris Rock is 54 years old.

  17. Indiegirl007


    9 timer siden

    Sara took that so personal. LOL

  18. Indiegirl007


    9 timer siden

    The only one I agree with, is the Maisie one. She really DOES look like your grandma before she met your Pop-Pop. She just has very classic features, that's all. She's a throwback! Nothing wrong with being an original edition.

  19. Irina Rose

    Irina Rose

    10 timer siden

    Will Farrell omggg 😭😂😂😂😂😂 mood

  20. Christy Hemphill

    Christy Hemphill

    11 timer siden

    Honestly I like all of them I love how none of this gets them down I love Kim Kardashian comeback she used to be my biggest hate but not anymore

  21. Fathimath Izwa

    Fathimath Izwa

    12 timer siden

    Zendaya .....woaahhh...i felt the heat from her roasting that dude

  22. Jayne Brennan

    Jayne Brennan

    14 timer siden

    Jeff Goldblum looks great

  23. BeefNuts 666

    BeefNuts 666

    16 timer siden

    More interested in what Zendaya's feet taste like....

  24. Angie Olguin

    Angie Olguin

    16 timer siden

    How does hotdog water smell lmao 😂

  25. Johnathan Kendricks

    Johnathan Kendricks

    16 timer siden

    2:19 Sarah Paulson she bout that life for real...for real real life bio😭😭😂😂😂😂😂🦁🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. Satwika Teli

    Satwika Teli

    17 timer siden

    Jeff Goldblum is absolute gold!

  27. Chris John

    Chris John

    17 timer siden

    Mean tweets ? or tweets that mean nothing.

  28. Mayme Dodds

    Mayme Dodds

    18 timer siden

    Zendaya: *Hold my Louboutins* *Insert hair flip*

  29. Stephen Morris

    Stephen Morris

    19 timer siden

    2:05 but actually old mark Hamil just looks like Slavoj Žižek

  30. Nevermore '

    Nevermore '

    20 timer siden

    Only the annoying ones try to fight it.

  31. seven princes

    seven princes

    20 timer siden

    Zendaya my queen 👑👑

  32. Robert Escobedo

    Robert Escobedo

    20 timer siden

    About zendaya, PERIODT. PERIODT, POOH.

  33. Alexander De Borja

    Alexander De Borja

    20 timer siden

    Jeff Goldblum microdoses acid.

  34. Tori Estrada

    Tori Estrada

    22 timer siden

    Oh Jeff, please continue doing what youre doing, we need more people like you in the world 💞

  35. Kenya Bjohnson

    Kenya Bjohnson

    22 timer siden

    I don't know what it is or why... but I definitely have the hots for The Goldblum❤👌 His energy is magnetic💁‍♀️

  36. Siete Ardillas

    Siete Ardillas

    22 timer siden

    00:24 what’s wrong with his lip

  37. Isaiah Orsborn

    Isaiah Orsborn

    22 timer siden

    Jeff goldblum is literally in his own world and I love it 😂😂

  38. Jory Lacroix

    Jory Lacroix

    22 timer siden

    How dare you dis the goldbloom. Shame

  39. Monique Fullerton

    Monique Fullerton

    Dag siden

    Jeff Goldblum is so focking HAAAWT

  40. Jared Barton

    Jared Barton

    Dag siden

    Loled at Chris Rock.

  41. john lennon's daughter

    john lennon's daughter

    Dag siden

    Maisies reaction was so cute :D

  42. Chichi E

    Chichi E

    Dag siden

    Zendaya's roast and Tiffany Haddish's roast were amazing

  43. ade roy hutana

    ade roy hutana

    Dag siden

    I love the smell of hot dog water.

  44. ade roy hutana

    ade roy hutana

    Dag siden

    I love the smell of hot dog water.

  45. ade roy hutana

    ade roy hutana

    Dag siden

    I love the smell of hot dog water.

  46. Amaequiaas Corner

    Amaequiaas Corner

    Dag siden

    I mean they were right about Tiffany haddish and Kim Kardashian, it has to be said 🤷🏾‍♀️

  47. Li


    Dag siden

    I didn't even know that Kim could read...

  48. Jaz B

    Jaz B

    Dag siden

    I Absolutely loved Zendaya's comeback it was as beautiful as she is!!!! P.S. loved Tiffany Haddish's comeback as well she's so damn funny!!

  49. Pia Dylan

    Pia Dylan

    Dag siden

    Jeff Goldblum is iconic

  50. Panthera Felidae

    Panthera Felidae

    Dag siden

    Did Jeff Goldblum just read the tweet with his eyeglasses off and then put it back after reading?? Isn't it suppose to be the other way around??

    • Tori Estrada

      Tori Estrada

      22 timer siden

      Depends if hes near or far sighted, if he can see up close he doesnt need the glasses to read, maybe just to see things far away 😄

  51. Melissa Vang

    Melissa Vang

    Dag siden

    Haha love zendaya! Perfect response... Geez people are so jealous in this comment section tho 😂

  52. Mitali Biswas

    Mitali Biswas

    Dag siden


  53. CommanderOfTheSun


    Dag siden

    I'd like to smell Zendaya's success...

  54. Fiona Tisdale

    Fiona Tisdale

    Dag siden

    But I'll support that mean tweet about maise Williams thought, her face is kinda like a very young grandma

  55. BanKoci


    Dag siden

    Why do some celebrities act like " oh no some regular ass person doesn't like me?" If I was a celebrity it wouldn't bother me, laugh at it because it's funny. People have opinions just like a**holes.

  56. lya c

    lya c

    Dag siden

    zendaya is THAT b*tch.

  57. X marx the spot

    X marx the spot

    Dag siden

    Don't wanna be rude maisie Williams but why do you look like eep from the croods

  58. Duckgirl999! at the Disco

    Duckgirl999! at the Disco

    Dag siden

    Martin Short looks like he's gonna cry...

  59. VoiceOf Reason

    VoiceOf Reason

    Dag siden

    That Kardashian creature is 100% plastic

  60. oohhair


    Dag siden

    Love Zendaya