Driving my car around is... weird || TRUCKLA UPDATE + CYBERTRUCK

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We took Truckla to the Tesla Cybertruck event and drove her around, creeping on people who were already creeping on us. Get a Truckla shirt if you want one. Or for somebody else, if you don't want one:
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I thought I should hide a joke at the bottom because you went through the trouble of scrolling all the way here. But I can't think of anything funny. So instead I'll just tell you that your body is a fucking magical creature and that you should listen to it if it tells you that it needs something.


  1. Levin Soh

    Levin Soh

    47 minutter siden

    "G-wiz had sex with the Delorean and out came the CyberTruck" XD

  2. Xaviah Hudson

    Xaviah Hudson

    4 timer siden

    This is what tesla shouldve went for

  3. Yah Yeet

    Yah Yeet

    7 timer siden

    Well uhh at least it doesn't look like triangles?

  4. Feldon Ferguson

    Feldon Ferguson

    7 timer siden

    To tell the truth I like trukla more like alot lot

  5. K.T K

    K.T K

    9 timer siden

    Lumber call?



    10 timer siden

    6:51 pretty much defines everyone's internal reaction on earth.



    10 timer siden

    Elon's Musk was here and somehow after he saw this, he's still sticking with that... cyber truck.

  8. Babby Girl

    Babby Girl

    10 timer siden

    Testors truck is nice but truckla looks better

  9. Roger Skagerström

    Roger Skagerström

    12 timer siden

    One of your funniest videos ever :P Simone - the most loveable person on the youtubes? Think so!

  10. Roger Skagerström

    Roger Skagerström

    12 timer siden

    HAHAHA Simones face when the truck rolls up on the stage :D

  11. Krendils Shieldheart

    Krendils Shieldheart

    12 timer siden

    I so wanna meet simone giertz....would be absolutely amazing ^_^ for real I look up to her and her shitty robots lol

  12. A-Dork-able - Copagoy

    A-Dork-able - Copagoy

    13 timer siden

    Why are people so interested in this? It's a truck and, a Tesla truck, tesla bad ;))) but it looks better than the model 3 because that car is very ugly.

  13. 2K


    13 timer siden

    They didn't want the Truckla nearby because it looks at least a million times better than the Cybertruck.

  14. J0se G. Martinez

    J0se G. Martinez

    15 timer siden

    Why'd you blur the license plate in the photos but not in the video

  15. Vicky Dionne

    Vicky Dionne

    15 timer siden

    I prefer the look of your Truckla !

  16. Ahsan Siddiqui

    Ahsan Siddiqui

    15 timer siden

    2400 people down rated this video ?! Ahahahah !

  17. gridsleep


    16 timer siden

    I wish I had a raygun that disintegrates smart phones. Or just a pocket sized EMP gun. That would be useful.

  18. gridsleep


    16 timer siden

    Also use Ghostery and Remove NOplayer Bloat. (I use AVG Security and VPN. Sorry, Simone.)

  19. Jim Kuhlman

    Jim Kuhlman

    17 timer siden

    You are too cool and I love your truck! Any possibility of a complete build sheet on it? I am considering buying a wrecked Model 3 to do the same as you did.

  20. Rashad Foux

    Rashad Foux

    20 timer siden

    Truckla looking up at Cybertruck: "Are you my dad?" XD

  21. antony kolony

    antony kolony

    Dag siden

    6:55 the exact same face I did!

  22. neko2412neko


    Dag siden

    Turning the Model Y in a Truck would be the next ultimate project, I think... the more SUV like dimensions would fit perfectly to become a truck!!!

  23. P andesal

    P andesal

    Dag siden

    now turn the cybertruck into a truck looking truck

  24. trainfart


    Dag siden

    Simone!!! ;D

  25. carlos briggs

    carlos briggs

    Dag siden

    Love Truckla - Hate Cybertruck! Good luck and health to you Simone.

  26. Dark X

    Dark X

    Dag siden

    for anyone who saw the what's inside cybertruck event , truckla was shown in one frame

  27. king Arthur

    king Arthur

    Dag siden

    Cringe at the cyber truck 🤪🤣

  28. king Arthur

    king Arthur

    Dag siden

    Not a lot of pimp my rides in her home town huh

  29. Gunhaver


    Dag siden

    Truckla is WAY better than cybertruck in every way

  30. Suharto Gutur

    Suharto Gutur

    Dag siden

    "Good for you" Lol

  31. iBiana Doubt

    iBiana Doubt

    Dag siden

    Simone tells us that she's having trouble with the side effects from chemo...😖 after telling us, "BAD BRAIN !!!". Then we have Simone looking like a model, modeling her Truck-la, and then getting all flustered, because she wanted the phone number of beautiful-nerd-boy... ☺🤣😆♥️👍😎👍 We love you so much Simone. Brian just needs to stay gone ☺🤣😆 👍😍😘♥️🇸🇪🇺🇸👍

  32. arnold lee

    arnold lee

    Dag siden

    The look on your face when the Cybortruck was revealed , priceless . . . new subscriber.

  33. John Dayton

    John Dayton

    Dag siden

    Thanks for the video. They always seem to make me smile, this one especially the last 30 secs or so.

  34. Crumbz McChip

    Crumbz McChip

    Dag siden

    love the Truckla, pick a better sponsor.

  35. Harris Avaan

    Harris Avaan

    Dag siden

    First fifteen seconds of this video > video.

  36. evil6661701


    2 dager siden

    this lady kind of looks like kuato from Total Recall.

  37. Tyclone


    2 dager siden

    (5:32) Lmao 😂😂😂

  38. Jayden Lee

    Jayden Lee

    2 dager siden

    noooo hard works... meets cybertruck

  39. Alvaro Pineda

    Alvaro Pineda

    2 dager siden

    Hey shitty robot queen. So happy to see you making pickup trucks now 😂😂😂😂. Greetings from colombia

  40. Drayton Van Sickle8

    Drayton Van Sickle8

    2 dager siden

    Lift your truckla and make the cyber truck a convertible