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Camping has a lot of benefits for your mental health and helps to restore balance. Camping is a great way to spend time with family and friends and also to make new friendships and to share camping experience. Besides, if you spend most of your time in the office or studying, you need to go to the suburbs for fresh air. Fresh air increases the amount of serotonin, stimulates the immune system, cleanse the lungs and makes you happier. Check out a collection of camping ideas that will ease your life! Use paraffin candle to waterproof your sneaker and you won’t be afraid of the rain or puddles anymore! If you are in the forest, it’s highly important to figure out what direction you should go. But what to do if you don’t have a phone or compass with you? We share a handy tip that will help you navigate your way while camping. To make a compass you will need a metal sewing needle, a leaf and a cup with water. Watch our tutorial on how to create an emergency compass. Watch this video and you will learn various ways to start a fire using ordinary things. You will be surprised by the next easy fire-starting method, use battery, and aluminum foil. Did you know that the mint is a perfect repellent? Burn mint and the smell produced by the burning mint can keep mosquitoes at bay. You can turn an empty plastic bottle into a toilet paper holder. You can use egg carton as a fire starter. Place pieces of charcoal inside the carton and light the carton. Make a trap for insects. Pour coke into a cup and place near you.
00:09 Camping toilet idea
01:18 How to waterproof your sneakers
01:45 DIY Floating compass
04:58 Use tampon to stop bleeding
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  1. Furry Heart

    Furry Heart

    11 timer siden

    I stg if I hear this song one more time I'm going to do something I might regret

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    Stefan Gaming

    11 timer siden

    Jeste cu serem na cepanu stolicu i kesu boles ne bira kude udara

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    Wilmer Herrera

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    the pretty blonde on the crapper made me clic.

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  5. Melody111616 ROBLOX

    Melody111616 ROBLOX

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    To be honest how would you randomly have a... Water filter?

  6. كاظم العراقي

    كاظم العراقي

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    العقل نعمه رائع

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    Artic Temp

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    ZZ. Z

  9. Mohamed Amami

    Mohamed Amami

    11 timer siden

    In three words Don't go camping.

  10. Peri Vrabel

    Peri Vrabel

    11 timer siden

    Also 11:10 you can just use a regular match🤦🏼‍♀️

  11. Peri Vrabel

    Peri Vrabel

    11 timer siden

    From 0:01 to at least 9:57 the same song playing on repeat😩

  12. Lovely Luna

    Lovely Luna

    11 timer siden

    How did a iPhone turn into a android then back into a iPhone? ( 1:44)



    11 timer siden

    6:07 you also can use the bottle for water ?¿

  14. منوعات عاشقت باربي

    منوعات عاشقت باربي

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  15. Natasha Tamara Brouwer

    Natasha Tamara Brouwer

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    I love life hacks

  16. Natasha Tamara Brouwer

    Natasha Tamara Brouwer

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  17. Peter Wilson

    Peter Wilson

    12 timer siden

    Who watches 5 minute crafts but don’t even do the hacks

  18. The Sharpshooter

    The Sharpshooter

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    I like 123 go better

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    0:43 straight up nasty

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    Euleda Turner

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    Umm when she fell that was jello

  22. Julian Rae

    Julian Rae

    12 timer siden

    #2. If a tent is too difficult to set up, just buy a new van!!

  23. Karina Grillo

    Karina Grillo

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    Sim ficou legal mais. Tem muita mintira

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  25. Summer Pottruff

    Summer Pottruff

    12 timer siden

    Why are you WASTING so much stuff If you can't bare bugs DON'T camp!

  26. David Hazen

    David Hazen

    12 timer siden

    If u leave ur door open ur battery finna run down



    12 timer siden

    I like toilets! :-P :-P :-P

  28. محمد صفاء

    محمد صفاء

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    حلوه الأفكار بس رح نام تصبحون على خير☺

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    Just use a water bottle 😒

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    Ali Le Kabyle

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    The blond girl is amazing.. anyone know her name? Please

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    Sou Fødæ

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    Alemanha 🇧🇪 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪

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    13 timer siden

    She just pooped in the wild where did she put the bag

  34. আকাশ Rahman

    আকাশ Rahman

    13 timer siden

    The first one really creeped me out.

  35. Gudiya Ahmed

    Gudiya Ahmed

    13 timer siden

    Who else bring eggs to a camping trip 😂

  36. Annathea Holton

    Annathea Holton

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  37. Mary Hansbury

    Mary Hansbury

    13 timer siden

    Wait You can plug in a hot glue gun IN THE WILD BUT YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO MAKE A FIRE What’s the logic

  38. Dulce maria Hdz

    Dulce maria Hdz

    13 timer siden

    Me gusta

  39. Xoxo madie and Adela xoxo

    Xoxo madie and Adela xoxo

    13 timer siden

    The shower one : Where on earth do you get water from . People can see you from the other side And you can’t just shower you would be showering with mosquitoes

  40. Flavia Tavera

    Flavia Tavera

    13 timer siden

    Con l'assorbente gli è sparita anche LA FERITA🤣

  41. Raul Furo campana

    Raul Furo campana

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  42. joaquim Rodriguez

    joaquim Rodriguez

    13 timer siden

    Watch on mute, the music is awful.

  43. Hadley Grace

    Hadley Grace

    13 timer siden

    If a zipper gets stuck use a pencil

  44. Naila sisi

    Naila sisi

    13 timer siden

    Wi Irgendwie geniale Idee . Aber auch ein bischen ekelhaft 😂🤪

  45. Meme's LPS

    Meme's LPS

    13 timer siden

    I have a hack that will solve all of these: Don't go camping

  46. Marionna Marshall

    Marionna Marshall

    13 timer siden

    I have a hack JUST BUY A RV

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    Bryan Rosario

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    First one no

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    Dani’s Creation

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  50. HYPERGDD ͔


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    thumbnail: uh... why transparent bag? lol

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    esteban avalos

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  53. Dani’s Creation

    Dani’s Creation

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  54. deksper **

    deksper **

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    I'm a guy; so not cool to carry around tampons for emergencies.

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    سيف Saif

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    روووووووعة نتعلم منها 🌺

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    yamina Belkissen

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    Leur méthode trop pratique👍☺️

  57. hatching hammer

    hatching hammer

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    girl: falls also the girl: *makes the t-shirt "life hack"* me: but arms dont break when you fall...

    • hatching hammer

      hatching hammer

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      at 3:31

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    *Check my new rurumusic collection* **

  59. Lana Tachie Mensah

    Lana Tachie Mensah

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    Are you kidding me plastic straw save the turtles

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    Kid dude Perfect

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    Is this the first time five minutes crafts actual did there clickbait

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    Uh oh I see inappropriate content. 👺😡

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    wow such amazing hacks

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    of course i’m gonna find a toilet seat in the woods

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    Hahahahaha yey 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    до чего люди додумались😑

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    I bet these people Never even been in a forest

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    Ole Kristian Amundsen

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    I don’t really like to go to toilet outside

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    Kassandra Lopez

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    How does she have water if she threw it

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    Khloe's Toy Channel

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  72. roz ismail

    roz ismail

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    Spongebob and Patrick selling chocolates Old lady "What are you selling" Spongebob. "We are selling chocolates" Old lady "MOM" Woman in wheelchair "What" Old lady "They are selling 70% belt tree cocoa chocolate

  73. Kassandra Lopez

    Kassandra Lopez

    14 timer siden

    I have the best hack for camping Don’t go camping boom

  74. Peter Mudr

    Peter Mudr

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    Plast and see

  75. Unicorn master Playz

    Unicorn master Playz

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    8:11 why did you leave the chips for the insects Lol that’s why the insects came you idiot

    • Unicorn master Playz

      Unicorn master Playz

      13 timer siden

      Who agrees

  76. Laura&Edwin Castaneda

    Laura&Edwin Castaneda

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    Hi YES

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    gloria nelson

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    I live in Hawaii so we don’t go camping in the woods we go camping at the beach

  78. Hacking Films

    Hacking Films

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    4:21 you don’t need a belt those pants are already a little small for you

  79. Mr.Cheezy


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    That whe u fall and get hurt whit blod is fake u make that hurt

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