Robert De Niro: Donald Trump Is "A Fake President"

The star of "The Irishman" on Netflix makes his third visit to The Late Show and gives Stephen Colbert his honest opinion about President Trump and some of the people seeking to replace him in 2020. #Colbert #RobertDeNiro #TheIrishman
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  1. Keith Cragg

    Keith Cragg

    5 timer siden

    I see, this was an add for bobs mate in New York ( democratic state ). Since when does an actor call the shots, oh shit!!! That’s right, I forgot about Ronnie, Arnie and the clintons

  2. Keith Cragg

    Keith Cragg

    5 timer siden

    That’s rich coming from someone who pretends to be someone else for a living. Another democrat program

  3. Aamir Hita

    Aamir Hita

    6 timer siden

    He wears same outfit in this, kimmel and O'Brien show. Sirca 2019.

  4. tua madre 85

    tua madre 85

    7 timer siden

    Robert de niro has swag..

  5. Alvin Su

    Alvin Su

    11 timer siden

    all beloved haters of Trump, whatever you shouted and tantrumed, Trump will win in 2020. no argue.

  6. van tran

    van tran

    11 timer siden

    Robert & Stephen What a dum & dumper

  7. Coby Rook

    Coby Rook

    13 timer siden

    but that like calling de niro a fake person cause he's an actor lol

  8. 2gointruth With Good News of The True Gospel

    2gointruth With Good News of The True Gospel

    21 time siden

    “Administer true justice, show loyalty and compassion to one another, do not oppress the orphan and the widow, the alien and the poor; do not contrive any evil against one another.” - (The prophet Zechariah 7: 9-10) -

  9. Daniel Sutfin

    Daniel Sutfin

    21 time siden

    De Niro has been actor sucks

  10. Harry L

    Harry L

    21 time siden

    Oh Rob we know the only reason ur a trump hater is cuz u had some black wife’s we know that if you didn’t you’d be as right wing as anyone

  11. IHIavok


    22 timer siden

    Bernie 2020.. No other candidate will do.

  12. violet jebraily

    violet jebraily

    22 timer siden

    He start getting crazy no joke all those black wife divorced very difficult to Handel him one he had some respect but lately swearing it’s not right for someone like home he is not a gangster he is actor at his age he should change himself believe me trump doesn’t cares but is he resale think Hillary is better I promise she is very dangerous women . Senior don’t waste your time on garbages🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

  13. Oddvar Olsen

    Oddvar Olsen

    Dag siden

    Lost a bit respect from deniro here, what about the war criminal who torched the middle East and are responsible for a million deaths and more. Deniro is rich and privileged enough, whoever is president doesn't matter to him. The investors will earn more money if the jobs and investments go to Asia that's probably the biggest reason for this coordinated witch Hunt on trump

  14. Chef Jeff98

    Chef Jeff98

    Dag siden

    God it’s like torture listening to Deniro talk. He keeps stumbling over his words.

  15. Faisal Zahid

    Faisal Zahid

    Dag siden

    2.9K Donald supporters disliked this

  16. Stephan Söderberg

    Stephan Söderberg

    Dag siden

    Bobs favor, Mayor Pet... really, seriously???

  17. nodgelyobo1


    Dag siden

    They are all fake presidents

  18. Paul Orlando

    Paul Orlando

    Dag siden

    Can't stand this Colbert guy, Never was a big Letterman fan either, but I actually miss him so much, Late Night has been horrible since, don't know how they keep this guy on.

  19. Paul Orlando

    Paul Orlando

    Dag siden

    DeNiro is one of the best actors of all time, no doubt. But I think he's wrong about Trump, unless it's something personal in the past.

  20. Harvey Wallbuilder

    Harvey Wallbuilder

    Dag siden

    DeNiro must be a fake actor.... I mean with 0 Golden Globe nominations and all.....

  21. boobtuber06


    Dag siden

    The Irishman was an 'irish carbomb' This show is quickly devolving from an already rocky start Robert DeNiro is living in his past reputation *I really think this thing between the president and Bobby is personal

    • boobtuber06


      Dag siden

      Preach it!

    • jon britton

      jon britton

      Dag siden

      Marty should have made this instead of Casino, which was pretty much Goodfellas in the desert. he is 30 years to late with actors who have become caricatures of themselves. all these Hollywood actors live in a bubble and have no idea about the real world, never worked a real job, but they are experts on world affairs, he is a joke.

  22. MaryAnn Russum

    MaryAnn Russum

    Dag siden

    Robert DeNiro has is right. He speaks the truth

  23. Doctor Codias

    Doctor Codias

    Dag siden

    Looks like Don Cicci was right about little Vito. Should've capped him while young.

  24. Ricky Vallon

    Ricky Vallon

    Dag siden

    disregard what this clip is about, Trump and what not, but this question is simply ridiculous; " You portrayed a lot of gangster throughout the years...how do you prosecute someone who runs things like a mobster?"....Let's ask Ryan Gosling all the physics about space travel or Russel Crowe how it was like to be a slave and warrior in ancient Rome.... Geez, talk about pushing an agenda. (No, I'm not a Trump voter).

  25. Jesse Reiter

    Jesse Reiter

    Dag siden

    More garbage actors wanting to tell every one Trump is a bad guy.



    Dag siden


  27. Karlo Veliki

    Karlo Veliki

    Dag siden

    De Niro should be worried about his acting. His performance in Irishman was beyond bad.

  28. Christopher Carmickle

    Christopher Carmickle

    Dag siden

    Robert De Niro needs take a quarter and have a rat naw that ugly cancerous mole of his face, cause it helps your worthless acting career, when your stealing money from public

  29. Mark Burle

    Mark Burle

    2 dager siden

    California is going downhill where all the anti Trump celebrities live. Not a word about cleaning up the Democrat run cities and the state. Just pouting about Trump. This is why he won in the first place



    2 dager siden

    Hey clowns listen up we love TRUMP

  31. Malte


    2 dager siden

    Why American people used to keep American flag EVERYWHERE, even in WCs??

  32. CJsConfusedMama


    2 dager siden

    Ffs stop blowing smoke up Bloomberg's ass.

  33. hani adel

    hani adel

    2 dager siden

    روبرت دينيرو بيقلد مارلون براندو في كل لحظة

  34. Boem Boem

    Boem Boem

    2 dager siden

    Trump is the best president they ever have in the VS. A fan from Belgium.

  35. AM MA

    AM MA

    2 dager siden

    It is what it is. Lol

  36. Ruby Dey

    Ruby Dey

    2 dager siden

    I respect Mr de Niro but the way he exp his opinion he could have handled it other way just to get fake cheers from crowd.

    • John Rambo

      John Rambo

      14 timer siden

      No Ruby, no!!!!!

  37. Joes Phone No Name

    Joes Phone No Name

    2 dager siden

    Hopefully Trump drops dead in 2020 probably gonna be a long line to piss on his grave

  38. Serboras Wizard

    Serboras Wizard

    2 dager siden

    Good acter and simpatizer of Neo liberalizem.Bob is democrats dogy

  39. Leon Andrews

    Leon Andrews

    2 dager siden

    Hey Bob, go home and get your shinebox!

  40. Royal Tap

    Royal Tap

    2 dager siden

    Robert de niro is a old grumpy jack off ran into him at the grocery store