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Zombie At School! / 12 DIY Zombie School Supplies

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What the hell are zombies doing at school? Although in the Troom Troom school anything can happen! And since today we'll learning with the Zombie, let's do school supplies of a zombie-style!
Supplies and tools:
• Felt
• Axe blade template
• Wooden ruler
• Acrylic paint
• White chalk
• Utility knife
• Sandpaper
• Wooden stick
• Parchment paper
• Hot glue gun
• Twine
• White eraser with a plastic center
• Glue stick
• Polymer clay
• Coloring
• Pre-made cracker dough
• Lunch box
• Gummy brain candies
• Ketchup
• Radiation sign sticker
• Cardboard
• Play Doh
• Scissors
• Foam paper
• Marker
• Light clay
• Wide flask
• Clear slime
• Pink plastic brain
• Label
• School supplies
• Toothpicks
• Stapler
• Old sketch book
• Yellow sticker warning tape
• Old teddy bear
• Zipper
• Bag ribbon
• Strap slider
• Lighter
• Glitter
• Tape
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Question of the Day: what weird school supplies you’ve ever encountered? Comment Below!
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  1. Kimberly Cross

    Kimberly Cross

    12 timer siden

    In a zombie apocalypse I wouldn’t even go to school

  2. Kenneth Risum

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  3. Eva Pham Phan

    Eva Pham Phan

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  4. Sarah Miao

    Sarah Miao

    20 timer siden

    i dont have blue eyes i have brown so can you add some diderent colours or just only blue?

  5. Upendra Tiwari

    Upendra Tiwari

    23 timer siden

    Nice ghost

  6. roblox gamer

    roblox gamer

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    Natrada Kapukae

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    Kabeer Khan

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  9. Birender Sangwan Butana

    Birender Sangwan Butana

    Dag siden

    I like the school supplies

  10. Slime Cat

    Slime Cat

    Dag siden

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  11. Slime Cat

    Slime Cat

    Dag siden

    This is the best video to wait on 5 minute crafts upload a video

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    yustina wiwin

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    Its so fun

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    Stacey Holloway

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    richard harrell

    Dag siden

    is a good time to come by and see me

  16. Sameera Sangeeth Fernando Weerapura

    Sameera Sangeeth Fernando Weerapura

    Dag siden

    Nando's zombie videos I like it

  17. Rondii Klokoc

    Rondii Klokoc

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  18. Kylie :3 Firebomb

    Kylie :3 Firebomb

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    The zombie girl is so funny😂

  19. Musa Qazi

    Musa Qazi

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  20. Maha Qazi

    Maha Qazi

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    • richard harrell

      richard harrell

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      You stupid

  21. Franciszek Malik

    Franciszek Malik

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    Elo jestu olga hi 😎

  22. Ly Channel

    Ly Channel

    Dag siden

    5:35-5:37 cute😍 😍 😍

  23. Phyo Thadar

    Phyo Thadar

    Dag siden

    Zombie Girl 👍👍👍

  24. Suratmi Ratmi

    Suratmi Ratmi

    Dag siden

    wow is amazing

  25. Raj Priya

    Raj Priya

    Dag siden

    Troom troom is bad

  26. Jennilyn Ceba

    Jennilyn Ceba

    2 dager siden

    Hi buotiful

  27. Bittu Kumar

    Bittu Kumar

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    Nice video😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  30. Sulastri Narasia

    Sulastri Narasia

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    ·N I S S E· dlcs.

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  36. Snowy Winter

    Snowy Winter

    2 dager siden

    Who is allowed to bring even fake weapens to school? NOT ME

  37. Mikayla Lavender

    Mikayla Lavender

    2 dager siden

    This video is so cool

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  39. boys vrs girls

    boys vrs girls

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  40. Shae Singh

    Shae Singh

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  41. Jeoff Leance Masujer

    Jeoff Leance Masujer

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  42. emmadi prasanna

    emmadi prasanna

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  43. Bacon Hair

    Bacon Hair

    2 dager siden

    I thought zombies eat brains My life is a lie

  44. Aina SPAF 88

    Aina SPAF 88

    2 dager siden

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    Niranjan mohandas

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    you guys are the worst

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    Stick are very good

  50. I Am A NoOb

    I Am A NoOb

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    This is the weirdest channel I have ever been like whats the point having that on ur bag? Like come on ur just wasting eaeth resources

    • Krishnakumar v

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      @I Am A NoOb I said I'm sorry

    • I Am A NoOb

      I Am A NoOb

      2 dager siden

      Krishnakumar v damn no respect, u never taught of our earth being destroyed? Hmm? No one's a weirdo becuz everyone has different characteristics characteristics. Dont judge other's until u know them who they really are :]

    • Krishnakumar v

      Krishnakumar v

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  51. Bill Vailate

    Bill Vailate

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    3 dager siden

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    3 dager siden

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  54. You_Will Lose

    You_Will Lose

    3 dager siden

    Now I know where my braincells died at

  55. Jyotismita Das

    Jyotismita Das

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    She is not that bad She is CRAFTY

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