My Crazy Strange Addiction Obsession

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Television is dumb and I am here to make fun of it.
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It was just gatorade


  1. Ryan Thompson

    Ryan Thompson

    8 dager siden

    God I hate this stupid drew gooden guy. Now PJ Handjob, thats someone I can get behind!

    • Tomato Chan

      Tomato Chan

      2 dager siden

      bro, does anyone get this joke, or is everyone assuming he's just hating?

    • Jenzed WASSUP

      Jenzed WASSUP

      3 dager siden

      i cant even tell if ur joking or not

    • Kendra Watlington

      Kendra Watlington

      4 dager siden


    • Emma Zack

      Emma Zack

      5 dager siden

      ur rude

    • TheWeirdo :3

      TheWeirdo :3

      5 dager siden

      He helped me stop my addiction to dying!

  2. Azairé ἄθεος Albertine

    Azairé ἄθεος Albertine

    49 minutter siden

    *Nothing like some serious food wastage for a little TLC **_"schadenfreude"._* *_Sorry starving children!!!...._* but we needed some sick-arse 3-second shots to make ABSOLUTELY ZERO POINT on a fake-therapy, cable-tv show..... *_you understand._*

  3. abortionsrock


    2 timer siden

    Can't get over the glasses and how stupid they look.

  4. LPS Bff for Life

    LPS Bff for Life

    3 timer siden

    He said: "TLC, The self proclaimed Learning Channel" 😃😅

  5. Kazandra Chavez

    Kazandra Chavez

    3 timer siden

    okay but can you make a video of that tv show that used to help parents set up a trap in their kid to see if they’d meet up with strangers that they met online

  6. Rhiannon Ramsey

    Rhiannon Ramsey

    6 timer siden

    I subbed! I'm a Greg now :)



    6 timer siden

    Wait so is eating raw salmon with sushi weird?

  8. Sofía Torres

    Sofía Torres

    7 timer siden


  9. Sofía Torres

    Sofía Torres

    7 timer siden


  10. Julia Bearb

    Julia Bearb

    7 timer siden

    YOU NEED TO REVIEW F THE PROM. That movie on crack.

  11. Kyl!xee xx

    Kyl!xee xx

    8 timer siden


  12. megafrog


    8 timer siden

    He inspired to make my own freaky eaters

  13. BigHatLogan56


    8 timer siden

    3:41 now thats danny, I know my danny when i hear my danny

  14. BigHatLogan56


    8 timer siden

    man, dwanny (drew+danny)is getting twice the subs because he needs 2 youtube channels to hid his case

  15. Lucas Rencker-Usui

    Lucas Rencker-Usui

    9 timer siden

    Do you live in Florida? I'm in sarasota.

  16. Sophia Ender

    Sophia Ender

    9 timer siden

    Ok heading over to

  17. Sepia Smith

    Sepia Smith

    9 timer siden

    seriously the production is really weird and just makes me feel sad for the people

  18. Jazzydog3456


    11 timer siden

    I’m Greg now yay

  19. Carolyn Cameron

    Carolyn Cameron

    12 timer siden

    Lucky she wasnt addicted to heroin, would they have given the family trays of smack and gear to see if she could resist taking a hit? :|

  20. Carson Walgrave

    Carson Walgrave

    12 timer siden

    Congratulations on 69 videos B U D D Y

  21. Lauren Animates

    Lauren Animates

    12 timer siden

    Did you actually drink a bottle of mouthwash just for a random parody?

  22. Jack Rogers

    Jack Rogers

    13 timer siden

    A guy eating rocks is an actual episode...

  23. Bell Bell

    Bell Bell

    13 timer siden

    He looks like jennxpenn

  24. jaree voldemort

    jaree voldemort

    15 timer siden

    From the thumbnail I thought she was addicted to soap 🕵️‍♀️

  25. Invisol


    16 timer siden

    Im kind of concerned abt the amount of mouthwash he drank for this,,,,

  26. Kyle Stewart

    Kyle Stewart

    17 timer siden

    I'm addicted to watching your videos might call a TV show later to cure me

  27. Kaitlyn Martinez

    Kaitlyn Martinez

    17 timer siden

    2:03 Me any time someone does something stupid.

  28. lost-_- player

    lost-_- player

    17 timer siden

    My addiction/ obsession is watching your vids. I DONT NEED HELP

  29. theonetruepotato


    18 timer siden

    wait did you actually drink the mouthwash?

  30. Rozana El Eid

    Rozana El Eid

    20 timer siden

    Israeli couscous ???

  31. vdb pierre

    vdb pierre

    20 timer siden

    react to ninja kidz tv next its next level shit

  32. PowerThrust


    22 timer siden

    You and Danny have the same initials, you come up with the same ideas, you’re both married. You both look like 5 year old boys. You named your tour “we are two different people”. You have the same editing styles. Cut the crap. We know you’re the same person. Drewnny goodzalez. Or… dannew gonzen. Hmmmmmm

  33. eva snape

    eva snape

    22 timer siden

    Lol you have 69 videos

  34. Snowypaw765 -Ajpw

    Snowypaw765 -Ajpw

    Dag siden

    Yep, told NOplayer about how they should have a system to show if you like something, I also asked for a system to perhaps leave your thoughts on a video, because they don’t have one already

  35. sam


    Dag siden

    literally watching this after eating 4 ice cream bars in a row

  36. Munawar Ismaili

    Munawar Ismaili

    Dag siden

    If Drew holds a wrench and levels up he will evolve into Hoovies garage

  37. fish man

    fish man

    Dag siden


  38. I love Mcr

    I love Mcr

    Dag siden

    If someone ever asks me why I’m watching this for the fifteenth time all I’d be able to say is “I’m preparing for the new video,it’ll probably be out really soon” and then they’ll be like “is it a series” and I’ll be like “no I need to watch this one a ton of times to prepare to watch the next one a ton of times”

  39. Syd W

    Syd W

    Dag siden

    Imagine if they did that with actual drugs

  40. Su


    Dag siden

    What kills me is that Drew only sprung for 2 bottles of mouth wash

  41. Lucia Duff-Gay

    Lucia Duff-Gay

    Dag siden

    i ate 47 ice cream bars while watching this video to show kimberly what an absolute monster she is. ha ha, that'll show her.

  42. Calcined Vids

    Calcined Vids

    Dag siden

    I literally googled "Guy who isn't Danny Gonzalez" and got your channel. Thats a thing I guess.



      18 timer siden

      I'm not Danny Gonzales either Hi

  43. Mia Alvarez

    Mia Alvarez

    Dag siden

    Hey guy?

  44. Ali Ababwa

    Ali Ababwa

    Dag siden

    That’s a lot of tomatoes

  45. ARandom Guy

    ARandom Guy

    Dag siden

    What if when she got offered the ice cream she flipped the fuck out. it would be like: Person: would you like some ice cream? Lady: are you fucking kidding me? P: ...what? L: I LITERALLY just got finished doing so much work to shake off this addiction, and now you're trying to make me start it again? P: well- L: wow, what a friend you are, going out of your fucking way just to make me suffer. Jeez. *leaves*

  46. Melanie Estrella

    Melanie Estrella

    Dag siden

    The Last Dinosaurs Vinyl I’ve decided to stan

  47. Eterra San

    Eterra San

    Dag siden

    I really would like to see you play BitLife lmao

  48. Senior Savage

    Senior Savage

    Dag siden

    69th video on this channel



    Dag siden

    Danny and Drew: We are not the same person Also Danny and Drew: Gimme that f**king ice cream!

  50. Ya Boi Lexi

    Ya Boi Lexi

    Dag siden

    I used to BINGE freaky eaters

  51. Blunt_Blue Bubble

    Blunt_Blue Bubble

    Dag siden

    7:56 YO ALL THAT FOOD WASTED! Bitch I’d be mad too like in America there are bitches who are starving but nope fuck them!

  52. breaf on ted

    breaf on ted

    Dag siden

    Hey Danny why do you have a map of the dc metro

  53. Zack Zack

    Zack Zack

    Dag siden

    you know when he said "hey guy" at the begging of the video he was referring to me

  54. Santos Johnson

    Santos Johnson

    Dag siden

    why does he remind me of vsause at 14:29

  55. The Best One B

    The Best One B

    Dag siden

    Nice crab cakes

  56. Siobhan


    Dag siden


  57. jakeinator21


    Dag siden


  58. Gaia Ciceri

    Gaia Ciceri

    Dag siden

    Wait, two of the people in those episodes were called Drew... and Danny?

  59. Ayla Bluhm

    Ayla Bluhm

    Dag siden

    Omg are you Danny Gonzalez???

  60. Casual Walrus みlk

    Casual Walrus みlk

    Dag siden

    Someones addicted to rocks Thats a real episode

  61. Chloe Brocklehurst

    Chloe Brocklehurst

    Dag siden

    I know the addictions aren't on the same level at all but imagine dangling heroin in front of a recovering heroin addict and asking them if they want some while everyone else is shooting my point being it may not be as serious but it's still a bit messed up...

  62. Mike Edward

    Mike Edward

    Dag siden

    She went through a meltdown... get it like Popsicles... I’ll show my self out.

  63. oxy 75

    oxy 75

    Dag siden

    Drinking just one bottle of mouthwash would make you sick as hell if not kill you

  64. alex james

    alex james

    Dag siden

    that 1st guy is asking for salmonella

    • Tamara


      Dag siden

      alex james I know right

  65. Nicotheniner


    Dag siden

    "Go, sit on your throne, as the rightful Ice Cream Queen!" -Drew Gooden, 2019

  66. K. Charrette

    K. Charrette

    Dag siden

    Daniel's pissed because he hates food waste

  67. Me Mes

    Me Mes

    Dag siden

    Cake boss is the only good show on TLC

  68. frida shupenia

    frida shupenia

    Dag siden

    Me and my family use hello fresh and the never package their vegetables (they get soggy) and package each piece of bread separately

    • Emily An

      Emily An

      Dag siden

      Be quiet rian Tomas

  69. poptqr


    2 dager siden

    what the heCk

  70. Niamh C

    Niamh C

    2 dager siden

    Please say that’s Gatorade

  71. less kiss

    less kiss

    2 dager siden

    Bring paint art back or I will get my 34.5 lawyers and the other guys lawyers from the Mac & Me video

  72. Nicole's Narrative

    Nicole's Narrative

    2 dager siden

    why wasn’t this sponsored by blue gatorade?

  73. Laney Y

    Laney Y

    2 dager siden

    I remember an episode of this show where the girl was addicted to sucking on her food and spitting it out and the people took her to a field and made her lay in a coffin for like an hour to prove that she’d die if she didn’t stop.

    • less kiss

      less kiss

      2 dager siden

      coming up

  74. Clara G

    Clara G

    2 dager siden

    Please react to Disney's zombies. It's a meme amongst my friends and yup. Enjoy

  75. GothSaidWhat


    2 dager siden

    Someone please help. NOplayer is shoving this video into my shuffle everyday, multiple times a day. I've watched it so many times. I'm breaking down. I'm only human, please-

  76. Megan Lytle

    Megan Lytle

    2 dager siden

    I thought the thumbnail was cheese and not ice cream and that would’ve been equally neigh even more great than ice cream bars

  77. Lauren


    2 dager siden

    I fucking love your vids

  78. Gamingwith Leo

    Gamingwith Leo

    2 dager siden

    0:00 hey guy

  79. Ellie Holmes

    Ellie Holmes

    2 dager siden

    Love the fact that Drew says that they are over the top with the shock therapy yet every addict straight after being told that they will basically die goes "fuck it, it's too hard. Give me my vice back" Luv ya Drew

  80. Jocelin Weiss

    Jocelin Weiss

    2 dager siden

    eating an ice cream bar while watching this