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    faroq albar

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    Mera Deen Islam TV

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    Village Life with Alisha Khan

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    Cric and nature videos

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  5. JERRY Gaming

    JERRY Gaming

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    He said that, that time when he mentioned for a break, he was actually quitting youtube, but uploaded video soon after. Does that mean this break is the real quit?

  6. taran singh

    taran singh

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    No doubt ur a big ass youtuber in the whole fuckin world..... but the fact that our Tseries is best🌚🤣😘

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    anish rocks12

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    Artemiy Art

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  10. Creative Hacks

    Creative Hacks

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  11. Kawaii Muffin Gaming

    Kawaii Muffin Gaming

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    0:33 “scams the internet” Me:I’m out.

  12. Jayesh Dhakate

    Jayesh Dhakate

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    This much views is on bb ki vines video although he have 16.4 million subscribers . 😂😁

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    Василий Кауров

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    I'm Nella

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  20. 1000 Subs With No Videos

    1000 Subs With No Videos

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    The 100k people who disliked are t-series fans

  21. Architect-Nilesh Sawant

    Architect-Nilesh Sawant

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    Louis Tapia

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    Wow es grandioso saludos Félix

  31. 50,000 with 2 Videos challenge! Hello

    50,000 with 2 Videos challenge! Hello

    2 dager siden

    0:20 dose anyone see that his dog in Minecraft is the exact same name as his shirt

  32. Gabriel Mejia

    Gabriel Mejia

    2 dager siden

    Forever Brofist

  33. JD Varma

    JD Varma

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    Kimberly Jane Songcog

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  42. Blxck Rxse

    Blxck Rxse

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    I'm literally so happy for Felix & Marzia, Congratulations for making it to 100 million subscribers, You deserve it, You are truly an awesome human being, Bro fist! :) - Kane Alexander Farrell (Blxck Rxse)

  43. MR PETER gaming

    MR PETER gaming

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    Maria Luminita Capleru

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    Unknown Artist Siva

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    Syl C

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  53. Hallie Lindsey

    Hallie Lindsey

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    Niranjan Mahapatra

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    d. k.

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    Zidane Milla Camones

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    Mi la

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