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Is the Tesla CyberTruck Worth it?! - A Truck Owners Thoughts

The Tesla Truck is here. And... its... different. Elons CyberTruck has broken the internet with its unique polarizing design. The Electric Tesla CyberTruck might look futuristic and funky, but its whats under the hood that maters. Figuratively speaking of course. Cuz... under the hood is more storage space. The Telsa Truck will be one of the most capable vehicles on the road when it comes out in 2021, and 2022. (Assuming Tesla can keep to the schedule.) And I am super excited about it. The specs of the new Electric Trucks take vehicles to the next level. far beyond what gas powered vehicles can accomplish.
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  1. ray blood

    ray blood

    8 minutter siden

    lets see it work on ice road truckers then we talk

  2. FusionxNation


    Time siden

    99.9% of comments: **Talks about Tesla truck** Me: *”Boi this guy looks like Mr. Clean”*

  3. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo

    Time siden

    Im still waiting for your durability test and teardown.

  4. Manipuri Songs

    Manipuri Songs

    2 timer siden

    Why don't you teardown this truck😂?

  5. undogmatisch


    4 timer siden

    The cybertruck wouldn't even be certified in Europe, due to severw safety issues.

  6. Rami Ghazzawi

    Rami Ghazzawi

    4 timer siden

    Look at all the sheep flocking

  7. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover

    5 timer siden

    How much you wanna bet a child is gonna get locked in there and the parents can’t get the child out because, well, tesla glass

  8. A-Dork-able - Copagoy

    A-Dork-able - Copagoy

    6 timer siden

    This truck is ugly how can people like it?

  9. ARednecksLife


    8 timer siden

    Is it truly gonna be a useful truck especially when it comes to hauling heavy loads for a long period of time... Also not all jobsites have stable power so would you be able to charge this vehicle on an average job site?? Lastly on a job site what’s more important charging the truck or using your tools easy answer your tools... Hybrid gasoline electric is still a better alternative.

  10. Kingston Nguyen

    Kingston Nguyen

    8 timer siden

    It’s halo



    9 timer siden

    Honest question. What about the bed? Does it have a tailgate?

  12. Warrior Man

    Warrior Man

    11 timer siden

    Ps2 Graphics

  13. MRH BKJK


    11 timer siden

    No, Electric Cars or Trucks is not the future. Hybrid is the way to go. Your Engine will charge the battery and Battery will help with your Fuel economy. No way, With the passage of time Battery will lose It's capacity.

  14. Zahm Bohddie

    Zahm Bohddie

    11 timer siden

    doesnt look like a truck... probably cant haul stuff like a it isnt a truck...fuck off its a car that looks like the 90s version of "futuristic" aka like a block of shit

  15. Bungardener


    11 timer siden

    I love the look of the truck

  16. Bryan Edge

    Bryan Edge

    12 timer siden

    Idc what anyone says the Cyber Truck is cool af. I want one so bad.

  17. Jordan Is Pro

    Jordan Is Pro

    12 timer siden

    Why is it so cheap😂

  18. Radical Rage

    Radical Rage

    13 timer siden

    I think it looks cool

  19. Accidents Happen

    Accidents Happen

    13 timer siden

    'Glass is glass and glass breaks' lol

  20. Nisha Tebear-Coolman Xx

    Nisha Tebear-Coolman Xx

    13 timer siden

    A Toyota is not a truck it’s a truck if your gay

  21. Skull Crusher

    Skull Crusher

    13 timer siden

    Next to jerry

  22. Skull Crusher

    Skull Crusher

    13 timer siden

    Who else saw what’s inside guy

  23. ZyptosKid


    13 timer siden

    this elon guy needs someone to tell him "no"



    15 timer siden

    he looks like an egg🥚comment if u think so 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Vignesh Mj

    Vignesh Mj

    17 timer siden

    Waiting to know if it scratches at level 6 with deeper groves at 7.

  26. Täsla on Weed

    Täsla on Weed

    17 timer siden

    Electric cars are worse than SHIT!!!

  27. Z the gamer

    Z the gamer

    17 timer siden

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  28. ez icarus

    ez icarus

    19 timer siden

    Tired of killing passengers. Looks like Elon has his eye on your children crossing the road now. This won't pass European pedestrian safety requirements

  29. Maybe_ aDot

    Maybe_ aDot

    20 timer siden

    *Shapes of cars over the years* 1900s to early 2000s: Boxy 2000s to 2018: Curved 2019 and over: Triangles

  30. Victor Draws

    Victor Draws

    21 time siden

    everyone: *hating on the design* me: *i actually kinda like the design*

  31. LT. Leech

    LT. Leech

    23 timer siden

    What’s next? Futuristic City?

  32. Apophenia


    23 timer siden

    Franz goes all out on that regular door and barely uses any strength on the Tesla

  33. Andi P.

    Andi P.

    Dag siden

    I dont like trucks, they are to heavy and unefficient for a normal person

  34. Jayshree Soni

    Jayshree Soni

    Dag siden

    Do a cybertruck scratch and bend test

  35. Hesh_Walker77


    Dag siden

    The textures on the car haven't loaded for me

  36. Solo94


    Dag siden

    Sounds like his voice over is recorded in the bathroom 😂

  37. Gideon Wallace

    Gideon Wallace

    Dag siden

    You're not a real truck guy unless you drive everywhere in 4 low.

  38. Omar Khalil

    Omar Khalil

    Dag siden

    It’s fucking sexy I can’t wait to see one

  39. tai hok

    tai hok

    Dag siden

    It looks too THICC

  40. someone


    Dag siden

    Wtf is that