Billie Eilish on Dealing with Fame, Being Present & Turning 18

Billie talks about living with her parents, being nominated for several Grammys, performing at the American Music Awards, being competitive with herself, why she’s looking forward to turning 18, dealing with fame, trying to be present, going on tour, her friendship with singer Jessie Reyez, and Jimmy proves how old he is with some questions for Billie from way back in 1984 - when he was 17.
Billie Eilish Asks Kids “When We Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?”
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Billie Eilish on Dealing with Fame, Being Present & Turning 18


  1. KM Shor-d

    KM Shor-d

    46 minutter siden

    A very good interview to show the generation gaps. Its hilarious and SHOULDN'T have not been taking soo seriously but some sensitive people lol. I was born in 85 so I'm of age. Its funny and interesting

  2. Deadliest FX

    Deadliest FX

    6 timer siden

    Can you name a Van Halen? Kimmel is my daily source of dumbass cringey material.

  3. vomit


    8 timer siden

    i wonder when her downfall will be

    • Kelli L

      Kelli L

      7 timer siden

      Prob not as fast as yours, but the difference is no one will give af about yours.

  4. Anna


    8 timer siden

    I feel like she also may be a little bit less familiar with some big cultural phenomena because she was homeschooled not solely because she's 17.

  5. huang cello

    huang cello

    8 timer siden

    suddenly when billie eilish turn 18 she start using bikinies

  6. x


    10 timer siden

    i love u billie so muchhhhh

  7. Sabastian Highton

    Sabastian Highton

    10 timer siden

    Fake laugh in 3... 2... 1... 1:27

  8. John


    10 timer siden

    has anyone read their bibles lately? Go read your bibles and find Jesus.

  9. Ghoster Crack

    Ghoster Crack

    11 timer siden

    The audience is so annoying

  10. モリノブ


    11 timer siden

    Hair color green is a color that expresses a sense of security, stability and harmony. It is also a natural color of trees and forests, so it will calm your mind and relax you. ☺

  11. Josh George

    Josh George

    12 timer siden

    Hahahahaha now i like her

  12. Tdog683107


    13 timer siden

    No one gonna talk about the fart at 1:30?

  13. andale beto

    andale beto

    13 timer siden

    Does she have a nice body??? Shes always wearing lose ass clothes so i cant tell her figure.

  14. Ken Brunet

    Ken Brunet

    15 timer siden

    All these triggered Billie fans melting faster then snowflakes are formed. Funny how everyone can relate to Billie watching her young self from only 2 years ago and cringing hard. Yet they can't see how they WILL relate to young poeple not knowing anything about their childhood 20 years from now. Yes it's funny. No he wasn't being insulting.

  15. Mr. Jazzbo

    Mr. Jazzbo

    17 timer siden

    1:27 She p00ted 😅

  16. Xonneka


    17 timer siden

    ¡Ella está brillando!

  17. hannah frahm

    hannah frahm

    18 timer siden

    I’m the same age as Billie Eilish and I had a Cabbage patch doll

  18. Lump


    19 timer siden

    haHAA this guy

  19. Dan Snail

    Dan Snail

    20 timer siden

    I don’t like Kimmel but why is everyone so offended by this interview? I felt like the point was to highlight how successful she is for her age. Overly sensitive lol



    21 time siden


  21. Mattheus • 16 years ago

    Mattheus • 16 years ago

    Dag siden

    Her hair is pretty but it's 99% the reason she would get recognized at CVS. Her cloths too

  22. PetiteMorgs Morgan

    PetiteMorgs Morgan

    Dag siden

    i'm 14 and i know these answers

  23. The One Minds

    The One Minds

    Dag siden

    Another industry puppet glorifying opioids for the slavery of man kind

  24. Prog Metal Musician

    Prog Metal Musician

    Dag siden

    Millennial's. The stupidest generation in the history of the world.

    • Prog Metal Musician

      Prog Metal Musician

      7 timer siden

      @Kelli L Even worse!

    • Kelli L

      Kelli L

      7 timer siden

      She's Gen Z. Oops...

  25. Truly Canehdian

    Truly Canehdian

    Dag siden

    This girl is so well spoken and wise for a 17 year old

  26. S C

    S C

    Dag siden

    Jimmy blew this interview, it could’ve been great had he tried.

  27. Tom-Bomb


    Dag siden

    I still say she's 21-22. And they're promoting her as a 17 year old for the publicity. Just my thoughts

  28. LukeDoingThings


    Dag siden

    Okay Jimmy name celebrities from the great depression hahaha so funny u don’t know

  29. Miranda


    Dag siden

    I’m 14 and I knew some of these 🤣

  30. Jessica STANchez

    Jessica STANchez

    Dag siden

    retire. jimmy.

  31. Zach Eccles

    Zach Eccles

    Dag siden

    Jimmy k sucks

  32. Rahul Loves'ThePayne

    Rahul Loves'ThePayne

    Dag siden

    I’ve been watching Billies interviews and what I love about her interviews is that she also asks questions and love to have an insight 💛 Can’t believe I used to listen her music soundcloud and now she has 6 Grammy nominations.

  33. J’Nae


    Dag siden

    Jimmy is an Gen X’er and not a Boomer kids

  34. Julie I

    Julie I

    Dag siden

    This interview was one of the cringest things I have ever seen. Props to Billie for remaining calm and handling it all professionally.

  35. Imran Hayat

    Imran Hayat

    Dag siden

    She look like a green parrot lol

  36. Robert Slocum

    Robert Slocum

    Dag siden

    She's cool, he is a cry baby

  37. Leigh-anne Harris

    Leigh-anne Harris

    Dag siden

    Im a teen & ik the answer to half those lol

  38. Clyde Cromey

    Clyde Cromey

    Dag siden

    Easy questions. Is this girl stupid?

  39. Samuel Clay

    Samuel Clay

    Dag siden

    Someone fart at 1:27?

  40. W B

    W B

    Dag siden

    Who the f knows Suck Halen songs or members anyway. I'm 44 and even I couldn't name a 1. They also suck hard. Just like this guy. Billie Eilish is awesome.