Testing Useless Nail Hacks (Blowing Bubbles Through My Nails)

"Which life hack do you think was tHe MoSt UsELeSs?"
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  1. Cecilia Kreiberg

    Cecilia Kreiberg

    40 minutter siden

    its almost like troom troom made this for you cristine!!! i mean, the name BEN, nail tutorial, the tea party. anddddd finally they are saying that the nail video tutorial is "useless" i mean cristine. THE VIDEO WAS MADE FOR YOU SIS

  2. Grace Villarosa

    Grace Villarosa

    3 timer siden

    There not even hacks

  3. Underextinction


    3 timer siden


  4. Mishal Fatima

    Mishal Fatima

    5 timer siden


  5. Destiny Duran

    Destiny Duran

    9 timer siden

    “Would you like a blow”😂💀 and then she hits us with a “ I would like to see your blowing technique”😂😂

  6. Jade Min

    Jade Min

    13 timer siden

    3:15 DUCK CULT

  7. Charley B

    Charley B

    13 timer siden


  8. •Elijah Elmmental•

    •Elijah Elmmental•

    13 timer siden

    They’ve got ad- *add plays* Me: 😂

  9. Wren MacDonald

    Wren MacDonald

    15 timer siden

    I am hand model Ben asks real important question BUBBLE BEN!! Wat I said where’s the “insert important adult thing”

  10. Mocchaq


    15 timer siden

    They have caught her on their radar and tried to take her legacy

  11. Ella Mayden

    Ella Mayden

    15 timer siden

    Teacher how many fingers do u have kids raise hand me 10 simply 5 teacher explain her well I only really use one hand teacher how her well I have a NOplayer Chanel and barely show my Other HAND that’s how

  12. Gennavieve Hope Herd

    Gennavieve Hope Herd

    16 timer siden

    This is how much money trom trom makes a week 10000000000000000$$$$$$$$$$ for dumb life hacks

  13. Grace & Katie

    Grace & Katie

    17 timer siden

    This troom troom video literally make fun of cristine the whole video and she just laughed it off true queen 😂👸🏼💿

  14. vhic dela cruz

    vhic dela cruz

    17 timer siden

    My friend: what's your favorite color Me: *screaming* HOLO Friend: but- ME: HOLO HOLO HOLO HOLO HOLO TACO!

  15. Simran Ram

    Simran Ram

    19 timer siden

    5:31 Did anybody else think she was gonna call Ben 😂

  16. Elizabeth J

    Elizabeth J

    20 timer siden

    10:48 actual couple goals

  17. bssni touir

    bssni touir

    20 timer siden

    My theory: Troom troom knows that Cristine’s gonna watch this, and made this video specifically for her.

  18. Cecilia Alcantar

    Cecilia Alcantar

    21 time siden

    Christine:they've got adds Also Christine's video:plays add

  19. Life of Yari

    Life of Yari

    22 timer siden

    Lol when she said “they’ve got ads” and ad popped up 🤣

  20. sacred hearts club

    sacred hearts club

    22 timer siden

    "would you like a blow?" cRISTINE THERE ARE CHILDREN WATCHING

    • bssni touir

      bssni touir

      20 timer siden

      if parents wanted their kids to be safe online that’s why there is youtube kids right?

  21. • Adi •

    • Adi •

    Dag siden

    So you guys see in thins video how crystine really acts and so because of that sub

  22. Liepa Mikaliunaite

    Liepa Mikaliunaite

    Dag siden

    Try cracking nail polish

  23. Sophie Karakan

    Sophie Karakan

    Dag siden

    Another potential video. It has H💿L💿 noplayer.info/show/eHlwMVM3YW4yWTg.html

  24. LauraDaSloth


    Dag siden

    Who else got an add when Christine said they got adds?

  25. Mariam Gogiberidze

    Mariam Gogiberidze

    Dag siden

    I wonder when will dumb “TROOM TROOM” hacks will and?

  26. Lim Yee Xin

    Lim Yee Xin

    Dag siden

    half of the time I was like DO IT TO BEN DO IT TO BEN

  27. FlyingWonderGirl


    Dag siden

    Different type of drill would be better. Not wall drill.

  28. roouit patan

    roouit patan

    Dag siden

    i love how she says my “real hand” like her other hand isn’t even a thing 😂

  29. Laural ローラル

    Laural ローラル

    Dag siden

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ben so overjoyed by the sheer absurdity of a video

  30. Sally Davis-Blair

    Sally Davis-Blair

    Dag siden

    Can we talk about the Tea?! We call that dishwater ! Did you just show the teabag to the mug cos it sure as heck wasn't brewed!! 😆

  31. Emily Noir

    Emily Noir

    Dag siden

    Ben you're such a coffin cutie!🕷️🦷🖤🤍

    • roouit patan

      roouit patan

      Dag siden

      I love this 😂😂😂 You h

  32. Caite Duff

    Caite Duff

    Dag siden

    You need to check out 123 GO!

  33. Kelly Keys

    Kelly Keys

    Dag siden

    Sick of chosing which ones most useless 'It'S NOt a PrOBlem AnYMore'

  34. Amaya K

    Amaya K

    Dag siden

    Cristine: it BUBBLE BEN I died lauging

  35. Syd Jane

    Syd Jane

    Dag siden

    if parents wanted their kids to be safe online that’s why there is youtube kids right?

  36. Maia Bean kawaii

    Maia Bean kawaii

    Dag siden

    She used a hole puncher and made a USEFUL lifehack for a USELESS life hack

  37. MooWillow


    Dag siden

    Also, I set my channel as “not for kids“ even though the content is technically family friendly. Just didn't want my end cards, polls, and comments stolen, lol! I guess there are some alcohol and drug references, so there. Not suitable for children muahahaha!!!

    • MooWillow


      Dag siden

      Oh and i was on NOplayer before 13 (the minimum age), but my channel was controlled by my parents.

  38. You don’t know me

    You don’t know me

    Dag siden

    Um I think troom troom is shading you

  39. Canadian _ Eh

    Canadian _ Eh

    Dag siden

    Just a couple of 30 year olds, getting amused by bubbles, that you blow threw your nails, yep this is what I watch on my free time.

  40. claudia rose

    claudia rose

    Dag siden

    Normal couples: Lets go to dinner and then get ice cream Simply dad and mom logical: BEYYYNN come blow bubble through my nails