Fake Convenience Store Employee Prank! (BEHIND THE COUNTER)

Music by:
Johnny Yukon - Lies
30 - Green Room
Additional meetup footage by @conoreiffe
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  1. Jason Harp

    Jason Harp

    5 timer siden

    They are living there best lives 😂

  2. greg wener

    greg wener

    14 timer siden

    Nobody gonna acknowledge how easy bradley threw that man up for the darts lmao



    14 timer siden

    Is that a prank or footage of me on the job? Come on now. I've been smoking bongs and packing chews ever since I got my first boner.

  4. aidan clifford

    aidan clifford

    15 timer siden

    The trailer park boys/office type cut scenes are amazing

    • aidan clifford

      aidan clifford

      15 timer siden

      You should do a movie or try to make a show. If Logan Paul can make it Steve can make it

  5. 4GLO51MAN4 Dylan

    4GLO51MAN4 Dylan

    17 timer siden

    Trailer park vibes !! Yayuhhh I fuck/w u guys AHAHHA

  6. Omar Chavez

    Omar Chavez

    Dag siden


  7. space man

    space man

    Dag siden

    faggots chasing the car and going crazy ruined it for everyone

  8. space man

    space man

    Dag siden

    *gibberish* *gibberish* *gibberish* "A M I S T U T T E R?"

  9. Real Mike Clements

    Real Mike Clements

    Dag siden

    Woooow. 9-0 you a bitchhhhh Lmaooo

  10. Real Mike Clements

    Real Mike Clements

    Dag siden

    9 0 you a bitch for dropping that bong

  11. diego aguilera

    diego aguilera

    Dag siden

    The boys always lift!! 🔥🔥🔥

  12. FabianKr


    Dag siden

    What's the song name in the beginning

  13. Sujal Bhogade

    Sujal Bhogade

    Dag siden

    Which song is used at 18:32

  14. Blake Browne

    Blake Browne

    Dag siden

    “Sometimes, some questions are left unanswered” -905 shooter

  15. Issa Spam

    Issa Spam

    Dag siden

    Am I the only one who feels like 9-0 doesn’t belong in this group ? lmao

  16. Peaktra


    2 dager siden

    9-0 for 10 second he’s was turning into Manny Pacquiao with them hands😂😂👏🏻

  17. Joshua Skyking

    Joshua Skyking

    2 dager siden

    11:20 I’m so high I think I started watching trailer park boys.

  18. Zach Hall

    Zach Hall

    2 dager siden




    2 dager siden

    trailer park boys vibes from the interview parts

  20. Big D*ck Club

    Big D*ck Club

    2 dager siden

    9-0 Cock = 9.0’’

  21. TG1joker


    2 dager siden

    sexy asian bastard"

  22. Tilak Patel

    Tilak Patel

    2 dager siden

    Brings back those good ole dudesons days

  23. Daddy Plays

    Daddy Plays

    2 dager siden

    First its 905 and steve Now its pat and brad Then its gonna be a foursome

  24. Bryce Hair

    Bryce Hair

    2 dager siden

    Why is every nelk fan 15

  25. VanCity Nico

    VanCity Nico

    2 dager siden

    Anyone else notice the videos are starting to have a trailer park boys feel to them with the solo interviews.

  26. Diego Santillan

    Diego Santillan

    2 dager siden

    It’s my dream to party with the Nelk boys

  27. Diego Santillan

    Diego Santillan

    2 dager siden

    I deserve to win because I’m a full fucking sender! My best friend and I love your videos and it’s a dream to party with the Nelk Boys especially in Ibiza.

  28. Reko Sanchez

    Reko Sanchez

    2 dager siden

    That 🥩 between Pat and “Billy” Martyn is hilarious haha

  29. Oh yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeah

    2 dager siden

    90 better stop dissing our roads😂

  30. Stalwart Shinobi

    Stalwart Shinobi

    2 dager siden

    where are they!? i didnt think canada sold warburtons bread or lotto lol

  31. KingAlexGaming


    2 dager siden

    What country are they at?

  32. QB Danan

    QB Danan

    2 dager siden

    Bruh I worked in a Gun range since 12 y.o. Top class olympic handicap shooter taught me. Couldve hit double clays ez. Wish I was there😂✌

  33. Mike Schmittinger

    Mike Schmittinger

    2 dager siden

    This could easily be the #1 rated show on TV. Best content on NOplayer in my opinion

  34. Eduardo Lopez

    Eduardo Lopez

    2 dager siden

    These videos are fucking hilarious man seriously. Good job 😂👏

  35. Kyle Toussaint

    Kyle Toussaint

    2 dager siden

    did the full send dab pens drop?

  36. Zoaxy


    2 dager siden

    My question is how tf do they get to work there lmaoo

  37. The life of 2shoes

    The life of 2shoes

    2 dager siden

    Bro these mfs are wild

  38. omar oa 420

    omar oa 420

    2 dager siden

    19:09 reminds me of Trailer Park Boys

  39. Brandon Kavanugh

    Brandon Kavanugh

    2 dager siden

    Bruh I love the trailer park boys format lmfaooooo

  40. OhBonezz


    2 dager siden

    "Mr. Daniels no" 😂😂

  41. Tim Evans

    Tim Evans

    3 dager siden

    Wow 9.0 really layed out Jesse for real, did not see that coming

  42. RAIG


    3 dager siden

    If u had me in that hot potato I would've called an Uber or Lyft during it and took off with that bong as soon as it got there! Lol! 🤣 That's hoping it hasn't broke yet and I caught it.

  43. orange juicegames

    orange juicegames

    3 dager siden

    Love this shit

  44. shoya


    3 dager siden

    if trailer park boys full sended yall are fucking insane now

  45. Marsha Montgomery

    Marsha Montgomery

    3 dager siden

    So 9 O really just waxed Jesse and then they tried to act like Jesse won one of the rounds tryna make it some sort of tie lol. If it had been the other way around they would have been talking shit about how 9 0 lost. Let it be known on this day 9 0 got jesses ass.

  46. Liam Turley

    Liam Turley

    3 dager siden


  47. RAIG


    3 dager siden

    If u want a funny Mexican dude I'm your guy lmfao!

    • Ben Simmons

      Ben Simmons

      2 dager siden


  48. Deez Nuttz

    Deez Nuttz

    3 dager siden

    20:40 you looking small now Bradley 😂🤣💀☠

  49. Marsha Montgomery

    Marsha Montgomery

    3 dager siden

    Wtf that grandma had to have been an actor right??!?!?!?

  50. Deez Nuttz

    Deez Nuttz

    3 dager siden

    8:26 make sure 9-0 sleeping 😂🤣😂🤣

  51. Marsha Montgomery

    Marsha Montgomery

    3 dager siden

    Good job with the content lately boys fuckin like 5 videos in a month all of em could have been split into 2 different videos easy. All over 20 minutes. Y’all on fuckin fire again 🔥 🔥 🔥 💎 💎 💎 🔥 🔥

  52. Adam John

    Adam John

    3 dager siden

    dude i love the bits bro , so fucking good with big Brad shacking that kid like a shake weight (crying laughing emoji)

  53. Derek Nieuwenhuis

    Derek Nieuwenhuis

    3 dager siden

    Song at 14:50 ?

  54. XxK1LL3RxKING


    3 dager siden

    Hahah pat is the fucking shit! 🚫🧢

  55. A Q

    A Q

    3 dager siden

    Pat and brad is ok, nine 0 and steve are better

  56. Ceo Kushsmoke

    Ceo Kushsmoke

    3 dager siden

    Y’all need to make a tv show id totally watch that shii ! No cap 🧢

  57. Aria Janesar

    Aria Janesar

    3 dager siden

    9o %100 won the boxing match

  58. Panthro Psyched

    Panthro Psyched

    3 dager siden

    Hey dad you are creepy and weird

  59. Mike Lala

    Mike Lala

    3 dager siden

    Full time Pat

  60. Aathithya Kumar

    Aathithya Kumar

    3 dager siden

    dude 7-11s in chicago area will be ideal for this! might get hit tho #fullsend