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  1. m o

    m o

    6 timer siden

    Pls do more

  2. Nicole Harper

    Nicole Harper

    6 timer siden


  3. Nicole Harper

    Nicole Harper

    6 timer siden


  4. Nicole Harper

    Nicole Harper

    6 timer siden


  5. Mysterious Passmore

    Mysterious Passmore

    7 timer siden


  6. Carmela Antoniou

    Carmela Antoniou

    8 timer siden

    This is ligit full of everybody dying

  7. Pixelated AJ Gacha

    Pixelated AJ Gacha

    8 timer siden

    Guys this doesn't help that it's 3 in da morning

  8. Average Animations

    Average Animations

    8 timer siden


  9. Eron 0451

    Eron 0451

    9 timer siden

    Nobody. Not even a single soul. Mah cat. 11:25

  10. Lightning


    9 timer siden

    5:58 Dan: Her name was Chloe *Music intensifies*

  11. zeke aldwyn verzosa

    zeke aldwyn verzosa

    10 timer siden

    DANTDM look at the glass in the final riddle

  12. Golden Garuda

    Golden Garuda

    11 timer siden

    This was good. More would be cool. I enjoy watching you laugh in the face of death.

  13. Vaishali Dixit

    Vaishali Dixit

    12 timer siden

    I hate you

  14. Ghen Fabros

    Ghen Fabros

    12 timer siden

    At least you got the colour green

  15. Michael Cooley

    Michael Cooley

    12 timer siden


  16. Kai Lewis

    Kai Lewis

    12 timer siden

    Dantdm he gives me the power to make my own video. Your the world's most popular youtuber dantdm

  17. Ytgamet1234


    13 timer siden

    For the riddle of who will survive the girl has her hand out of the box

  18. ChelynTheCookie - Minecraft

    ChelynTheCookie - Minecraft

    14 timer siden

    my bran died

  19. Nate1532


    15 timer siden

    5:59 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. SouthishTX


    15 timer siden

    4:24, someone’s going to die for sure

  21. Tamira Hadaway

    Tamira Hadaway

    16 timer siden

    That was most intensified music after you said her name was Chloe

  22. Alex Calabretta

    Alex Calabretta

    16 timer siden

    in the mirror when she turns her head

  23. linford R. Coultas

    linford R. Coultas

    17 timer siden

    Dan your my favorite NOplayerr and I love your vids

  24. Fluffyfloo


    18 timer siden

    I bet that cats vicious

  25. christina dill

    christina dill

    18 timer siden


  26. Megan Ballard

    Megan Ballard

    19 timer siden

    setouq gniod ew era yhw - em 9102

  27. Roblox Wiz

    Roblox Wiz

    19 timer siden

    the mirror

  28. Dragon ball z slayer Boom

    Dragon ball z slayer Boom

    20 timer siden

    It was her

  29. Thongbay Chanthasaeng

    Thongbay Chanthasaeng

    20 timer siden

    Who got 9:58 answer right?

  30. Maximum Warrior

    Maximum Warrior

    20 timer siden

    the monster was in the mirror for a split second

  31. Kathrine Dream

    Kathrine Dream

    20 timer siden

    I love this plssss do more of these dannnnnn 😂😂😂❤️

  32. Albert Gunn

    Albert Gunn

    21 time siden

    Dab police forver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Chara Response

    Chara Response

    21 time siden

    I don't know if you think this game would be inappropriate to play-through But if you can... Could you play Detroit: Become Human?

  34. Bharathi Pulla

    Bharathi Pulla

    21 time siden

    You are awesome

  35. SummerGacha


    22 timer siden

    10:09 I got it correct because I thought she had scars on her

  36. Tiffany Ellison

    Tiffany Ellison

    22 timer siden

    11:24 the monster is in the mirror

  37. Erik Arellano

    Erik Arellano

    22 timer siden


  38. Erik Arellano

    Erik Arellano

    22 timer siden


  39. Barry Rimer

    Barry Rimer

    23 timer siden

    My brain is scared

  40. Jeslyn Nunez

    Jeslyn Nunez

    Dag siden

    lol how you dan dance

  41. kingkool coolson

    kingkool coolson

    Dag siden

    Got every single one

  42. Kikidog Kikidog

    Kikidog Kikidog

    Dag siden

    I got so of them correct

  43. Colton Englebright

    Colton Englebright

    Dag siden

    In the mirror

  44. Steve Barnett

    Steve Barnett

    Dag siden

    5:56 got me dead 😂😂😂😂😂

  45. Mel AteTheCookie

    Mel AteTheCookie

    Dag siden

    You should play sally face.

  46. Mel AteTheCookie

    Mel AteTheCookie

    Dag siden

    Nobody: Literally no one: Dantdm: Watches monsters inc 74 times.

  47. stacy wanyagi

    stacy wanyagi

    Dag siden

    the monster was in the mirror before she looked at the cat. IM a genuine

  48. stacy wanyagi

    stacy wanyagi

    Dag siden

    the person whos talking is sooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry that was nit operate I'm just gonna shut up now.... .-.

  49. Levi Ackermann

    Levi Ackermann

    Dag siden

    --"When suddenly he tripped... oH noOoO!" XD

  50. Daygo Tube

    Daygo Tube

    Dag siden

    No one: Not a single soul: Not even my dog: Almost everyone: “Why are we quoting?”

  51. Emma Rooney

    Emma Rooney

    Dag siden

    You can pause anytime

  52. Vera-Nika Vahturova

    Vera-Nika Vahturova

    Dag siden

    Oof i know something no one knows muahahahah!!!

  53. Sherlock Games

    Sherlock Games

    Dag siden

    These riddles are a bit easy

  54. Drhon Woods

    Drhon Woods

    Dag siden

    what is the song tho 6:22

  55. Tweettweetie Jamaa

    Tweettweetie Jamaa

    Dag siden

    I love that narrator she knows how stupid her job is and I love it

  56. Bruhhh chillin

    Bruhhh chillin

    Dag siden

    11:11 It's in the mirror

  57. Kratos_ Estrella

    Kratos_ Estrella

    Dag siden

    Wat is da shape of your brain now

  58. Hyper Perfect Cell

    Hyper Perfect Cell

    Dag siden

    Dan is Lestrade confirmed

  59. Ritesh Singh

    Ritesh Singh

    Dag siden

    Hey Dan I got a question for u what would u do if ur twin bro almost died a. Don't care or b. Save him Also why do hate ur bro bujji mike Edit:why dan....why....Just why

  60. Melissa Vaught

    Melissa Vaught

    Dag siden

    why did you have the blue out of your hair? i love blue!