Stop-Motion Ninja Melk Commercial!

I was tasked with making a commercial for Ninja Melk... Nearly half a year and over 3500 pictures later.
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  1. Honey


    7 timer siden

    Loved the depiction of monster, rockstar and redbull :)

  2. Laura Chittenden

    Laura Chittenden

    19 timer siden

    Wow super impressed as always

  3. lol lol

    lol lol

    20 timer siden

    Ohhhh it’s monster, red bull and Rockstar

  4. Big Weiner

    Big Weiner

    Dag siden

    Can you put in store yet

  5. MAX RR

    MAX RR

    Dag siden

    смотрите мои смешные видео на MAX RR channel

  6. Steven Matute

    Steven Matute

    Dag siden

    Uh it’s out of stock!!! Are you guys restocking soon?????

  7. R.B.


    2 dager siden

    Ryannnnnn when you re-stock your energy drink pls make it available for Canada ;n;

  8. Kemi


    2 dager siden

    Give Greg a raise!

  9. Miso Soup productions

    Miso Soup productions

    2 dager siden

    So Red Bull, monster and what the hell is that can someone tell me what energy drink brand that it

    • Honey


      7 timer siden


  10. Josh Resnick

    Josh Resnick

    2 dager siden


  11. Rizky Rakhmadani

    Rizky Rakhmadani

    2 dager siden

    Wow 24 weeks ??? Its half of year 😂😂

  12. Indri Iriana

    Indri Iriana

    3 dager siden

    Dear ryan. I miss you

  13. Joel Angel

    Joel Angel

    4 dager siden

    i loved it

  14. possum


    4 dager siden

    we did a ninja melk review. go watch it. please. :)

  15. Suns Geek

    Suns Geek

    4 dager siden

    I love RHPC and Nigahiga!!!

  16. Sameera Hassan

    Sameera Hassan

    4 dager siden


  17. Fishstick FN

    Fishstick FN

    4 dager siden

    Dear Ryan make a TEEHEE Flavour for ninja melk

  18. Henry to

    Henry to

    4 dager siden

    I’m slow i just realized it’s monster red bull and rockstar rockstar took a while

  19. William Teichroeb

    William Teichroeb

    5 dager siden

    Does ninjamelk sell in Canada?

    • William Teichroeb

      William Teichroeb

      2 dager siden

      R.B. Noooooooo!!!!!!! My life hurts right now!!!😭

    • R.B.


      2 dager siden

      no it doesnt :(

  20. Galina Babeshkova

    Galina Babeshkova

    5 dager siden

    This video deserves more views, this is so high production! Great amazing job!

  21. dasdsadsa asdasdas

    dasdsadsa asdasdas

    5 dager siden


  22. Elegant _Melody

    Elegant _Melody

    6 dager siden

    I LOVED IT😂❤️

  23. _ Dragonxy _

    _ Dragonxy _

    6 dager siden

    looks cool)))

  24. Eivind Midtskogen

    Eivind Midtskogen

    6 dager siden

    Dear Ryan, is Ninja Melk ever gonna be in normal stores? More specifically european stores?

  25. PizzaPastaSoSo YumYum

    PizzaPastaSoSo YumYum

    6 dager siden

    Did u guys realize that his last opponent was Red Bull????

  26. Ezekiels animation

    Ezekiels animation

    7 dager siden

    It's milk not melk

  27. Vivi


    7 dager siden

    This is a masterpiece!! honestly one of the best commercials I’ve ever seen, and that’s including Super Bowl ads *_*

  28. Abdul wahith Imran

    Abdul wahith Imran

    7 dager siden

    Make a ninja melk movie

  29. Fr13d r1c3

    Fr13d r1c3

    7 dager siden

    Oh I get it the redbull wings thing the monster can is a monster but what’s the other guy

  30. The Federal Bureau Of Investigation

    The Federal Bureau Of Investigation

    7 dager siden

    It's reminiscent of Joseph joestar against the pillar men

  31. The Shadow Legacy

    The Shadow Legacy

    7 dager siden

    I didn't expect ending... TEEHEE!

  32. SittieAynah BintAbdulLatif

    SittieAynah BintAbdulLatif

    7 dager siden

    My jaw dropped and was open the entire time I was watching that commercial. Amazing work, Ryan and Greg! 😍

  33. useless thumb

    useless thumb

    7 dager siden

    Isn’t this a little long to be a commercial?

  34. V K

    V K

    8 dager siden

    You guys should totally make the Ninja Melk mascot into an action figure or stuffie for people to buy! I like the modern look of him with the sneakers, like how Miles Morales wore a hoodie with his Spider-Man suit.

  35. Jenish Giri

    Jenish Giri

    8 dager siden

    others : NO one can put much effort in a youtube video. ryan & team : *_HOLD MY NINJA MELK_*

  36. test acount

    test acount

    8 dager siden

    The kamehame'melk' was unexpecting. Anyways, looks good :D!

  37. super expensive guys

    super expensive guys

    8 dager siden

    Dear ryan can you do gangdam style

  38. RK


    9 dager siden

    Nice job greg, for real! And to everyone at rhpc! This is really smooth!

  39. Percabeth888


    9 dager siden

    So it's monster red bull and???

  40. Haziq Ismail

    Haziq Ismail

    9 dager siden

    That is great

  41. cupcakexlindsay


    9 dager siden

    So is ninja melk a milk flavored energy drink?

  42. cupcakexlindsay


    9 dager siden

    That commercial was sick tho!

  43. Pesmerga Moba

    Pesmerga Moba

    9 dager siden

    I though the intro was naruto shippunden's opening

  44. MJ V

    MJ V

    9 dager siden


  45. FighterMaster61


    9 dager siden


  46. musikSkool


    9 dager siden

    I was 100% sure he'd make a joke about it eating a can of ninja melk, and him being a can-nibal.

  47. ThirtyFiveAlive


    9 dager siden

    This is such a great video!!! Looks like a commercial for the Super Bowl, except for the last part lol

  48. Magnus Nord

    Magnus Nord

    10 dager siden


  49. Eggshell Productions

    Eggshell Productions

    10 dager siden

    Wow, Kanye, very cool!!

  50. AnnTheSoSnazzian


    10 dager siden

    sean appreciasean? more like greg agregciation... i tried ok

  51. quanoh2


    10 dager siden

    Are you

  52. Logan Treble

    Logan Treble

    10 dager siden

    When will ninja melk come to Australia

  53. Rico Seeber

    Rico Seeber

    10 dager siden

    Melk means milk??: is your energydrink milky??

  54. Xeonex


    10 dager siden

    when will the UK receive our everyday kick 😂

  55. Emilio Pena

    Emilio Pena

    10 dager siden

    That intro 10/10

  56. ULTUZ


    10 dager siden

    Greg wow amazing

  57. Bᅵᄋ HazzarD

    Bᅵᄋ HazzarD

    10 dager siden

    minja melk vs monster energy,red bull, and the other one i dont know

  58. Kalernor


    11 dager siden

    Daaayyum, Greg did all that animation on his own? Way to go Greg.

  59. Sundays with TimmyExJW

    Sundays with TimmyExJW

    11 dager siden

    Shane Dawon releases make up in the make up industry. Ryan Higa releases energy drinks because he loves energy drinks. What a time to be alive.

  60. Kazuto Lu

    Kazuto Lu

    11 dager siden

    I wanna see the bts that took half a year