He "Lost His Eye" Wait is that me? - Reacting to "True Story" Animations

I was added to this "True Story" Animation. Were back reacting to "True Story" Animations
Life Diary -


  1. Game Master

    Game Master

    28 dager siden

    Video: I lost my eye Bijuu: I lost my identity

    • Nadia Leszczynska

      Nadia Leszczynska

      44 minutter siden


    • dare devils

      dare devils

      2 timer siden

      Lol XD

    • Dragon Tale

      Dragon Tale

      21 time siden


    • EllieMissDoodle


      22 timer siden

      Thanks for roasting him

    • Vaiku Telefonas

      Vaiku Telefonas

      Dag siden


  2. Nico bain

    Nico bain

    17 minutter siden

    Button eyes

  3. The Bros Vlogs

    The Bros Vlogs

    37 minutter siden

    Video: I will never have the blessing of having two eyes Me: at least I did not lose my eye with being stupid lol and I no lie when say this stick in eye then eye on head but can not see learn math lol he’s an idiot

  4. Nadia Leszczynska

    Nadia Leszczynska

    44 minutter siden

    Da gurl has 4 fingers!!°=°

  5. linda thomas

    linda thomas

    Time siden

    Can actually lying it's not true animated story more like stupid lie animated stories

  6. funniest Cats channel

    funniest Cats channel

    Time siden

    Im watching this video in the hospital

  7. Psychø Eclipse

    Psychø Eclipse

    Time siden


  8. Feroz Sheikh

    Feroz Sheikh

    Time siden

    The girl with the third eye 👁 should give one of her eyes to that boy 👦🏻

  9. Feroz Sheikh

    Feroz Sheikh

    2 timer siden

    Diwali was pronounced wrong and it is the celebration of lights

  10. blixer


    2 timer siden

    this is a REAL good video

  11. Balloon Kids

    Balloon Kids

    2 timer siden


  12. dare devils

    dare devils

    2 timer siden

    She said "and I have huge button eyes"

  13. Dolphin Amazing 789

    Dolphin Amazing 789

    3 timer siden

    If i was taller my parents would be alive is about a kid who was short so he had to ride the baby rides with his parents and his dad got stuck on one and was dragged away he came back once the ride was over dead a few months past and the kid went skiing with friends he fell down a hole and he was to short to reach his friends so they called his mom hours passed they finally got him out and his mom wasn’t there so they took him home while on the way home they saw a crash sight and the car was his moms

  14. Thabile Ntombela

    Thabile Ntombela

    3 timer siden

    Wait a minute, even if she can see with her eyes closed how can she see through the blindfold🤔🤔🤨

  15. Ultimate fortnite Gamer

    Ultimate fortnite Gamer

    3 timer siden

    Why you brother dandtm doesn’t talk to you

  16. Layla Bailey

    Layla Bailey

    3 timer siden

    Say. My. Name

  17. Layla Bailey

    Layla Bailey

    3 timer siden

    You copied. Jack. Sept. A. Guy

  18. Droslay YC

    Droslay YC

    4 timer siden

    Wait how can Christine the third eyed girl sleep if she can see even if she blinks

  19. Droslay YC

    Droslay YC

    4 timer siden

    That one eyed kid should be called cyclops Parker

  20. Lizzy Gacha

    Lizzy Gacha

    5 timer siden

    wait for the 2nd story then wont she be able to see when she sleeps

  21. adam fortnites

    adam fortnites

    5 timer siden

    A girl has green hair in my schooklo so its not just u unless its u

  22. Michelle DiMarco

    Michelle DiMarco

    5 timer siden

    Bruh your in this

  23. CookiezAndMore


    6 timer siden

    random gurl forgot her name:its like i have a hidden i under my skin Me:maybe U Just Hsve Thin eye lids

    • CookiezAndMore


      6 timer siden


  24. Goten DBS

    Goten DBS

    7 timer siden

    Ha funny bijuu

  25. lisnato tisto

    lisnato tisto

    7 timer siden

    Did u ever scroll trough comments and say holy cow i wish i commented that

  26. Alia Oceanstone

    Alia Oceanstone

    7 timer siden

    To not to go to there

  27. Gabrielle summers

    Gabrielle summers

    8 timer siden

    When he said four it sounded like a Minecraft man dying like if u agree

  28. Alida Shikongo

    Alida Shikongo

    8 timer siden

    I Hurd butt knifes

  29. Alida Shikongo

    Alida Shikongo

    8 timer siden

    😆😆😆 not to go to there 😂😂😂🤣🤣⚰️

  30. The singer kid. random songs

    The singer kid. random songs

    9 timer siden

    Thats fake im half blind and half deaf... :(

  31. kinghasi_1 gaming

    kinghasi_1 gaming

    9 timer siden

    Video:I lost my eye Mike:WAIT IS THAT ME!???

  32. Anthony Sanluis

    Anthony Sanluis

    9 timer siden

    you had a brother

  33. Mando3DTDM36 MS36

    Mando3DTDM36 MS36

    10 timer siden

    Bijuu mike:nobody has green hair jacksepteye:I'm I a joke to you

  34. Lil Fl0w

    Lil Fl0w

    13 timer siden


  35. judi shepard

    judi shepard

    14 timer siden

    WhY YoU mAkE fUn Of JaCkSePtIcEyE my favorite NOplayerr yeah jerk

  36. Josefina Gonzalez

    Josefina Gonzalez

    16 timer siden

    jack the guy that bijuu mike said he looked like kid for IT the kid for IT his name is Jack

  37. Marygrace Spane

    Marygrace Spane

    16 timer siden


  38. Marygrace Spane

    Marygrace Spane

    16 timer siden

    Once upon a time Clarin died

  39. ima strangeduck

    ima strangeduck

    18 timer siden

    Bijuu Mike you have found your long lost twin

  40. Cassie Kinder

    Cassie Kinder

    19 timer siden

    "Not to go to there"

  41. Ahmad Sabla

    Ahmad Sabla

    19 timer siden

    She said button eyes lol

  42. Not an Animation channel

    Not an Animation channel

    19 timer siden

    The girl in the second video should give her extra eye to the first guy

  43. Olivia Greif

    Olivia Greif

    20 timer siden

    "And huge butt eyes" 😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  44. Cookie !

    Cookie !

    20 timer siden

    6 year-old: if i were six feet tall my parents would still be alive.... i knew i should have stolen my mom’s jewelry and sold it for 5,000 dollars so I could get that neck surgery i wanted

  45. green tea alovera

    green tea alovera

    21 time siden

    Mike: butt eye? Me: she said button eye

  46. Aaron Guzman

    Aaron Guzman

    21 time siden

    I think the girl in the second story is on crack

  47. Jaiden Jefferson

    Jaiden Jefferson

    21 time siden

    Button eyes

  48. Løra XøXø

    Løra XøXø

    21 time siden

    Know whats funny I stabed myself in the eye today and had to go to the ER and I see this video pop up lol 😂 I made a video on meh channel

  49. Samuel Ramirez

    Samuel Ramirez

    21 time siden

    They change their name when they do it not know who they are

  50. ranger


    22 timer siden

    19:50 XD

  51. Ingrid Rox

    Ingrid Rox

    22 timer siden

    They should've called him Pirate Parker

  52. Matteus Sandin

    Matteus Sandin

    22 timer siden

    he already watched the video (I Lost My Eye) Before reacting to it if you didn't realise that :D

  53. Persillica


    23 timer siden

    13:09 she’s saying “button eyes”

  54. Faze Peppa

    Faze Peppa

    Dag siden

    Follow hazardous2 on ticktok

  55. Ella Wright

    Ella Wright

    Dag siden

    She said "HUGE BUTT NYE'S" you're welcome.

  56. Play To Win

    Play To Win

    Dag siden


  57. angomila


    Dag siden

    Wow Wow Wow Is Dat Really You!!!!????? :O

  58. Charlie Thomas

    Charlie Thomas

    Dag siden

    7:43 I’m having nightmares

  59. Darin P

    Darin P

    Dag siden


  60. Emily Lynn

    Emily Lynn

    Dag siden

    Really, that whole thing was Jack's Dad's fault for telling them to stop playing video games.