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Editor -Andrew Reynoso
Production Designer - Lynell Vinuya
Makeup/Special Effects - Melanie Licata
Jon Jafari - Himself
Charlotte Claw - Herself
Sergio Torres - Himself
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PSYCHIC Vampire - Shayna Conde
Psychic VAMPIRE - Nils Ekstrom
Music by Tom Ryan


  1. Electragedy


    24 minutter siden

    TECHNICALLY human beings as we know are mostly originated out of Africa. However you are not culturally or ethnically African if you are not a participant of the culture or have a parent that is ethnically African

  2. Matthew Worobiej

    Matthew Worobiej

    34 minutter siden

    Has anyone else been getting an influx of Theragun ads ever since they watched Jon’s video?

  3. Mike Mayfield

    Mike Mayfield

    Time siden

    Gwyneth is in her own delusional world and some people live there too with her.

  4. Jack Mich

    Jack Mich

    Time siden


  5. Real.Piece.Of.Work


    4 timer siden

    Sorry dude, you fucked up, you accidentally included a UK flag when talking about free countries.

  6. Real.Piece.Of.Work


    4 timer siden

    There is on way that the "smile makers" don't attach to the massage gun thing.

  7. Dannyboy4327


    7 timer siden

    Best part starts at 10:18

  8. PastaFrog


    7 timer siden

    if you told me in 2013 that jontron would go on to publically protest gwyneth paltrows alternative medicine scam while dressed as a literal 1800s snake oil salesman i would have had a stroke

  9. David Bland

    David Bland

    7 timer siden

    4:38 Why are Androids 17 and 18 in that?

  10. SleepLess


    8 timer siden

    Goop sounds like a sexual transmitted disease

  11. Snickerz


    8 timer siden

    How much money do you have?!

  12. Mobi Moddz

    Mobi Moddz

    8 timer siden

    Well I guess we found the leader of the antivax moms

  13. Nick A

    Nick A

    9 timer siden

    You wanna make money, sell shit to women.

  14. NostalgiaKarl K.F.

    NostalgiaKarl K.F.

    9 timer siden

    I love how Jon is just expressionless as he screams.

  15. MrYyelo


    10 timer siden

    I swear this lady is talking entirely through her nose.

  16. Joshua Butts

    Joshua Butts

    10 timer siden

    Definitely my favourite recent Jontron video.

  17. ___Clumzy___ _

    ___Clumzy___ _

    11 timer siden

    Am I the only one who saw bulletproof oxygen on the one machine

    • Oda Swifteye

      Oda Swifteye

      10 timer siden

      I couldn't comprehend it so it passed by me.

  18. Equestrian Legion

    Equestrian Legion

    11 timer siden

    JonTron had the ultimate vibe check

  19. Alder Eckhart

    Alder Eckhart

    11 timer siden

    Is that Linkara running in the Crystal Ball?

    • Oda Swifteye

      Oda Swifteye

      10 timer siden


  20. FilterHat


    11 timer siden

    5:20 Cordyceps, popularly knows as the virus from "The Last of Us," is a fungus which takes over the body of it's host, climbs to the most optimal location for the spread of spores, sprouts a growth out of the host's head, and releases spores from said growth.

  21. OOOF exe

    OOOF exe

    12 timer siden

    It's illegal to list ”love” as an ingredient

  22. Jas Jas

    Jas Jas

    12 timer siden

    Joon Troon

  23. moldy potato

    moldy potato

    12 timer siden

    I didn't have a problem with Gwyneth Paltrow until this

  24. Metafron


    12 timer siden

    Jon looks more and more like John Belushi every time I see him.

  25. SeniorSuiki


    13 timer siden

    Trying to think of a comment to shame GP and get 5k likes

  26. Islam is right about women

    Islam is right about women

    13 timer siden

    My theory is true. Women and children are the dumbest humans on this rock.

    • Oda Swifteye

      Oda Swifteye

      10 timer siden

      I mean, you didn't need a theory to figure out that children are not smart, it's literally impossible for a child to be smart as intelligence is taught earned over the course of decades and they haven't been around for A decade. Women are of average intellect but they are slightly more superstitious than men so it makes them more vulnerable to woo and given how they are emotion focused and not mechanic focused it's easier to lie to them about the functionality of a product and not get caught.

  27. Madison Stoner

    Madison Stoner

    14 timer siden

    "Congestion in the deep core" refers mostly to being constipated, I think. So, if you're full of shit, you should definitely buy these products. :)

  28. chrisplayz 1234321

    chrisplayz 1234321

    14 timer siden

    Gwenith paltrow is gonna copyright strike this video

  29. Dallin Haddock

    Dallin Haddock

    14 timer siden


  30. Michael Novelli

    Michael Novelli

    14 timer siden

    10:32 😂😂😂

  31. Hugh Mungus

    Hugh Mungus

    14 timer siden

    In other news jontron sexually harasses employee for a comedy bit

    • Oda Swifteye

      Oda Swifteye

      10 timer siden

      He never interacts with an employee.

  32. SlayQueen 17

    SlayQueen 17

    14 timer siden

    You know you're weird when New Yorkers stare at you.

  33. Abdullah B

    Abdullah B

    14 timer siden

    Giving viewer interaction cos i love this channel

  34. GBlue


    14 timer siden

    Took me forever to notice Linkara in the crystal ball in the psychic vampire scene

  35. Shaldur prime

    Shaldur prime

    15 timer siden

    12:40 holy shit bulletproof oxygen bar scents include lemon, lavender, grapefruit, and something else probably

  36. Itty Bitty Titty Committee

    Itty Bitty Titty Committee

    15 timer siden

    give her some slack, she lost iron man

  37. MoonRuneian


    16 timer siden


  38. Nora M

    Nora M

    16 timer siden

    She literally put two Os between her initials WOW

    • Rishi Rajan

      Rishi Rajan

      7 timer siden


  39. Patrikas R

    Patrikas R

    17 timer siden

    Damn I need some *cosmic health*

  40. Kefka Palazzo

    Kefka Palazzo

    18 timer siden

    I must admit, as a Dane, I was very happy that he specifically mentioned us as a free country :D

  41. Mother Brain

    Mother Brain

    18 timer siden

    Woman are dumb

  42. RingPop Gaming

    RingPop Gaming

    18 timer siden

    If you’re famous you can literally sell anything to anyone for any price and JonTron exposes them

  43. Swedish Metokur

    Swedish Metokur

    18 timer siden

    Jon: Dont curse, Gwen- Train: *Ghost Noises* Jon: *sHUT THE FUCK UP!* Dont curse, Gwyneth.

  44. Collcroc123


    18 timer siden

    Vibe check

  45. Jake Hicks

    Jake Hicks

    18 timer siden

    Madlad john.

  46. Mike


    19 timer siden

    This episode was pure gold. Well done!

  47. RedPanda PowerPoints

    RedPanda PowerPoints

    19 timer siden

    Uh...Microsoft already had two o’s in it MicrOsOft

  48. 247StayFrosty


    19 timer siden

    that DOOM had me stitches

  49. Gacha Films2

    Gacha Films2

    19 timer siden

    GOOP WHAT WHAT WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Christ’s Wolf Dog

    Christ’s Wolf Dog

    19 timer siden

    13:45-13:55 Unfortunately, we don’t live in a Free Market economy but a corporatist/crony capitalist one.

  51. marioxy878


    19 timer siden

    3:04 clearly the face of someone who is 100% sane

  52. Eight Block

    Eight Block

    19 timer siden

    Well scientology is a fucking scam too , but we're not going to talk about this heh ?

  53. KTWEBS


    20 timer siden

    you might want to skip that cordyceps mushroom product guys...

  54. Nigel


    20 timer siden

    As someone who uses things like crystals but in religious practices, yeah this is fucking insane.

  55. ILuckyPunk


    20 timer siden

    there's no way you can be that ignorant and/or full of yourself that you just have no idea that all of this garbage doesn't actually work

  56. Zeljko Opalic

    Zeljko Opalic

    20 timer siden

    Man that skit at the end was brilliant, good show Sir.

  57. Zeljko Opalic

    Zeljko Opalic

    20 timer siden

    Gwyneth Paltroow, yeah get that double oo Gwyneth mmmm yeah get it.

  58. Grant Hewitt

    Grant Hewitt

    20 timer siden

    micrOsOft, jon, to o's

  59. Papa Panzer

    Papa Panzer

    21 time siden

    15:07 the look of disgust on that woman's face.

  60. Zx rod Dog

    Zx rod Dog

    21 time siden

    You forgot about goocci