I Made It For 3 Seconds in Will Smith's New Movie (Bad Boys For Life)

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Thank you Will for bringing us onto the set and letting Thomas cross a huge item off the bucket list. Also, a big shout out to the directors of Bad Boys For Life, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah for being such great sports. We had a blast.
...And yes, Thomas is now convinced he is a famous Hollywood actor.
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Bonus thank you to Aidan Tanner for help filming this


  1. Aaron Hardy

    Aaron Hardy

    4 måneder siden


    • JajarGaming


      Måned siden

      Aaron Hardy h

    • andrew


      2 måneder siden

      Is it on Netflix?

    • dennis soh

      dennis soh

      2 måneder siden

      WOW the Lost Pyramid documentary was simply amazing.

    • AliMaxHD


      3 måneder siden

      The countdown isn't only for the documentary it was also for my bday less goo

    • SphinxTechGT


      3 måneder siden

      Comment posted 1 week ago :0 WHERE IS IT I GOTTA FIND IT

  2. nuken Jamir

    nuken Jamir

    8 timer siden

    The scene when he realised he got a whole trailer for himself 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Rida Bade

    Rida Bade

    9 timer siden

    Probably my fave vid on this channel! + theyre all awesome

  4. Hey Stob it

    Hey Stob it

    11 timer siden

    its rewind time

  5. Andover SantaParade

    Andover SantaParade

    15 timer siden

    Aaahhhhhhhh that's hot aaaahhhhhhh that hot

  6. Zerocu Games

    Zerocu Games

    15 timer siden

    Thomas gets and Oscar XD

  7. Michael Kruse

    Michael Kruse

    17 timer siden

    How many fkin ads do u really meds? Like come on now. Wtf



    22 timer siden

    1 or 2 hour movie And you get only 3 seconds At least 1 minute man. But not complaining just saying

  9. Dian Herlina

    Dian Herlina

    23 timer siden

    5:15 owen wilson right there

  10. Polish Filipino

    Polish Filipino

    Dag siden

    Thomas: **Gets chance to be in movie** Also Thomas: **Scurries away from scene as soon as possible** Don't worry Thomas. We all understand you didn't want to get in Will Smith's way. I would have done the same thing

  11. Dirty Dancer

    Dirty Dancer

    Dag siden

    Laughed my ass off at your impressions. Big career in acting ahead lmaoo

  12. JAY JAY


    Dag siden

    8:33 best actor of the year award goes to thomas lol XD

  13. aliq fakhri

    aliq fakhri

    Dag siden

    momm can i have a life like him?

  14. Jasper Tong

    Jasper Tong

    2 dager siden

    "wait, so my mum pays you?"

  15. Camila Santana

    Camila Santana

    2 dager siden

    Weren’t you already in La la land and The Notebook?

  16. Cindy Lee

    Cindy Lee

    2 dager siden


  17. mau5Player


    2 dager siden

    Ah that’s hot

  18. Masked Titan

    Masked Titan

    3 dager siden

    Thomas: I DELIVERED CAKE IN A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE!!!!!! Hollywood actors: so noob

  19. Anon FX

    Anon FX

    3 dager siden

    "This maybe *Michael Bay's* trailer* *Look of confusion and shookness*

  20. B_asque


    3 dager siden




    3 dager siden

    8:36 best part

  22. Bill Nye

    Bill Nye

    3 dager siden

    Did y'all see Michael Jackson!? 0:05

  23. muzikology 101

    muzikology 101

    3 dager siden

    6:55 this is great advice for social anxiety people

  24. Ruthless Soul

    Ruthless Soul

    4 dager siden

    Wait what..! Will Smith got a chance to act in Thomas's movie.. 😅 Whow 😅

  25. Jonathan Gutierrez

    Jonathan Gutierrez

    4 dager siden

    wow this is insane

  26. Jazib Ahmed

    Jazib Ahmed

    4 dager siden

    Ya gotta love that deep throaty Will Smith laugh

  27. Competitive Underwater Basketball

    Competitive Underwater Basketball

    4 dager siden

    all that for some cake!!! :):):)

  28. Victoria Llanos

    Victoria Llanos

    4 dager siden

    The fact that the directors were so down to earth makes me want to go see their previous movies 🎥

  29. Olly Ellis

    Olly Ellis

    4 dager siden

    9:17 um

  30. Ruchunsinle Tep

    Ruchunsinle Tep

    4 dager siden

    Will Smith is so kind🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  31. Kyro Mercs

    Kyro Mercs

    4 dager siden


  32. Deep Bhalerao

    Deep Bhalerao

    5 dager siden

    i am adding this to my bucket list

  33. Gavin Taylor

    Gavin Taylor

    5 dager siden

    That is the coolest thing a human could do

  34. Michael Pozzuto

    Michael Pozzuto

    5 dager siden

    IMDb under cast it says Thomas Brag Jeffery- cake boy

  35. joe schofield

    joe schofield

    5 dager siden

    2:02 "well we can discuss" *looks him up and down*

  36. Furious Furry

    Furious Furry

    5 dager siden

    I challenge you guys to travel around the world in eight days by train....

  37. Robbie13


    6 dager siden

    how fun,, you guys.. shakin my head lol. that last impression in the mirror Thomas, fuckin scary man!!!!

  38. Sarah Shazza

    Sarah Shazza

    6 dager siden

    He is the cake 🎂 hahaha ❤️💯💯💯

  39. Cemil Bayram

    Cemil Bayram

    6 dager siden

    Can't believe that how he could so easily handled such a tough acting.

  40. Jaiwaaah Miaaa

    Jaiwaaah Miaaa

    7 dager siden

    Now I'm gonna watch the movie