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David Dobrik
Jair Rojas: jai_rojas?hl=en
Burning Man Outro Song by Simon Rex: simonrex415...
camera/editing by Oscar: oscaralva
Editor Joe Vulpis: ughitsjoe?...
Nathan Speicer: nathanspeis...


  1. Jeff Wittek

    Jeff Wittek

    Måned siden

    Thanks for washn guys who’s hair should I cut next? MaYbe dAvIdS?

    • JR Thomas

      JR Thomas

      24 dager siden

      @Jeff Wittek You're dope af, you had Sean mf'n Evan's on your show. Your eps are hitting +2 million. You could have literally who ever you wanted on the show. Emma Chamberlin, Nadeshot, Ryan Reynolds, Joe Rogan, Brendan Shaub, Nate Diaz, Tfue. Like seriously. Anyone bro

    • Ingrid Varon

      Ingrid Varon

      27 dager siden

      Jeff Wittek you should do Natalies hair!

    • SNZM


      27 dager siden

      Daviiiids 🤣🤣

    • ZiggieMusic


      27 dager siden

      bernie sanders

    • Abbie Hawarneh

      Abbie Hawarneh

      27 dager siden

      Ryan Higa

  2. Jett Philips

    Jett Philips

    2 timer siden

    David's got a deep hairline. lmaoo

  3. Sam Parkinson

    Sam Parkinson

    4 timer siden

    How did I not notice Jeff does that with his hands till David pointed it out?

  4. Kayla


    13 timer siden

    If you can cut Zac Efron’s hair.

  5. TSM


    18 timer siden

    why is there a film grain overlay on this video?

  6. Hewell Ibarra

    Hewell Ibarra

    21 time siden

    To be fair tho.. his hair did look a lot better after than it did before

  7. Robert Driver

    Robert Driver

    Dag siden

    David looks like the the actor who plays el chapo in the netflix series

  8. Summer Summer

    Summer Summer

    Dag siden

    why jeff is still single? he got a cute personality, sweet voice, handsome, tall, and the best hairline ever...and he went to jail.

  9. Leslie Agreste

    Leslie Agreste

    Dag siden

    3:13 ❤️

  10. Leslie Agreste

    Leslie Agreste

    Dag siden

    No one: Jeff: *puta* *puta*

  11. Ashley Jones

    Ashley Jones

    Dag siden

    “Look at my hands they do do that” I laughed out loud probably a little to much at that!!! Made my night

  12. Gage Foreman

    Gage Foreman

    Dag siden

    This show is like if Eric Andre started cutting hair

  13. Seffi Shestopal

    Seffi Shestopal

    Dag siden

    Also Blake O’Brien’s initials are BO

  14. JCV


    Dag siden

    jeff's spanish kind of embarrasses me and it turns me on at the same time because it's so bad

  15. Will Clack

    Will Clack

    Dag siden

    Anyone else see the chair fly away?

  16. Amelia Pethullis

    Amelia Pethullis

    Dag siden

    Cut carlys hair, a break up cut. Cut off those split ends and start a fresh ♥️

  17. Mason Madaras

    Mason Madaras

    2 dager siden

    Why is this show always so cringey is that the plan

  18. Hidro Pidro

    Hidro Pidro

    2 dager siden

    10:17 was David about to say just a Bike? and Jeff looked at him like u talk i kill you .

  19. Finnegan Perry

    Finnegan Perry

    2 dager siden

    Next u should do David dobrik

  20. Pest Mines

    Pest Mines

    2 dager siden

    Best part about the moped Alex crashed it after

  21. Guadalupe Mora

    Guadalupe Mora

    2 dager siden

    Was that Natalie and Jeff in the back picture

  22. youssef tarid

    youssef tarid

    3 dager siden

    Jeff is identical to Brenton Thwaites

  23. ᎯєᎦTᏂEᎿlᴄᎯLLᎩ ᎵɛAᏣʜч


    3 dager siden

    I like David’s new wig

  24. jroller 67

    jroller 67

    3 dager siden

    Wtf am I watching and why can't I stop?

  25. Kirby


    3 dager siden

    Mf still looks the same

  26. j ack

    j ack

    3 dager siden

    jeff looks like jared leto

  27. Virza Farabi

    Virza Farabi

    4 dager siden

    I love how david solving every problems with money. Like, dude haha

  28. Seffi Shestopal

    Seffi Shestopal

    4 dager siden

    I can't stop thinking about when Josh Peck said "Jeff, if you want to hit up Blake"

  29. Brianna Benson

    Brianna Benson

    4 dager siden

    Honestly you guy's should shave his head by suprise one day 😂😂

  30. Pikachu


    4 dager siden

    The Raid can 😭😭😭



    4 dager siden

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that Jeff came out of the closet😂 0:01

  32. Thomas Killcross

    Thomas Killcross

    5 dager siden

    Should pay David $1,000 to shave his whole head!

  33. Ansel Longoria

    Ansel Longoria

    5 dager siden

    Whats the song when he introduced the motorcycle?

  34. vestly gaming

    vestly gaming

    5 dager siden

    do james charles bdw did you have sex with him?

  35. Vape


    5 dager siden

    Jason is sobbing rn

  36. Nai 94

    Nai 94

    6 dager siden

    David would be better doing something like a Graham Norton where he gets lots of people at once to chill and chat. Late night American shows suck

  37. Nesto And Roberto

    Nesto And Roberto

    6 dager siden

    Most handsome guys aren’t funny but this guy is HILARIOUS 😂😂 0:04😂😂

  38. Abby V

    Abby V

    6 dager siden

    He’s so beautiful he’s like a painting. Actually I should do a painting of him. He almost looks like a relative of Raphael

  39. Ghost Team

    Ghost Team

    7 dager siden

    natalie noel

  40. The_royal MATT

    The_royal MATT

    7 dager siden


  41. The_royal MATT

    The_royal MATT

    7 dager siden

    Faze tfue

  42. sarah s

    sarah s

    7 dager siden

    David always reminds me of Dipper from gravity falls

  43. Jorge Vasquez

    Jorge Vasquez

    7 dager siden

    Did anyone see the chair tho 😂

  44. Kristine K

    Kristine K

    7 dager siden

    This reminds me of Eric Andre lol

  45. UWU skyeee

    UWU skyeee

    7 dager siden

    David: “Who’s your boss?” Jeff: “Probably you” 🤣🤣



    7 dager siden

    Is David gay



    7 dager siden

    I thought David would say Jeff would be in jail and David will be a successful worker

  48. Jessica Jusi

    Jessica Jusi

    7 dager siden

    Have Alex or the Dolan Twins on the show

  49. iLoveMotocross


    7 dager siden

    Isn’t this the guy who gave a homeless guy a hair cut? I watched Jeff years ago and now I see him with David, so is it him?

  50. Shadiyah Thomas

    Shadiyah Thomas

    8 dager siden

    He called him a tik toker 😭😭

  51. Leslie Agreste

    Leslie Agreste

    8 dager siden

    Has he kissed a girl since he broke up with Liza?

  52. Leslie Agreste

    Leslie Agreste

    8 dager siden

    1:00 cute

  53. Damian Romero

    Damian Romero

    8 dager siden

    Who tf pull the chair

  54. Pokemon Man

    Pokemon Man

    8 dager siden

    I love how you went from cutting people to cutting hair

  55. blindedeath


    9 dager siden

    where'd that chair go? lmaooo

  56. Fahmina Zaman

    Fahmina Zaman

    9 dager siden

    "Slovakian Tik Toker" 🤣

  57. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover

    9 dager siden


  58. bryawnn


    9 dager siden

    Damn natalie snackin again

  59. Desiree Gonzalez

    Desiree Gonzalez

    9 dager siden

    Nobody: David: “It’s a vlog mobile”

  60. Musty Taylor

    Musty Taylor

    10 dager siden

    I used Davids name on seat geek already and Jeff now!? Hahha thanks guys