The Haitian Revolution - The Long Fuse - Extra History - #2

Across the water, the French National Assembly debate a new document, drafted by Marquis de Lafayette, The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. Little do they know that this document will ignite the fuse leading to the powder keg in Saint-Domingue. Hold on to your fancy Revolutionary hats because things are going to get absolutely buck wild. Alliances will be formed and break within weeks, laws will last about the same time, and while all this chaos is happening, a revolt is forming.
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  1. Extra Credits

    Extra Credits

    26 dager siden

    This period of history seriously needs a flow chart to keep track of all of the alliances that are made and broken and in a really short period of time.

    • Michał Pakuła

      Michał Pakuła

      14 dager siden

      @Felix Mortem You wanted to say *short* 20th century (1914-1989)

    • Jester Dacuno

      Jester Dacuno

      21 dag siden

      Hello extra credits, I got a lot of good time watching and learning on your historical animations. I hope in the future you can make a video about the history of the Philippines. There's a lot of interesting stuffs there like the Magellan-Elcano's circumnavigation of the world, the battle of mactan, Spain colonize the Philippines, about Jose Rizal, the Philippine rebellion against spain, the Philippine american war, Philippines under Japan in WW2, the battle of Manila Bay, the Battle of Leyte Gulf in which the largest naval battle in history, the EDSA people power revolution, etc. I hope you can read this and see some of it in the future. God Bless and Stay Strong😊😊😊

    • thuglife89 43

      thuglife89 43

      21 dag siden

      Please do a video on revolt of 1857 in inda

    • Kyle Basham

      Kyle Basham

      23 dager siden

      Making extra history about the famous cat Unsinkable Sam also The Unlucky Sam

    • geoffrey herrick

      geoffrey herrick

      23 dager siden

      I would like to see a series on Granville Sharp and how he and Wilberforce abolished slavery in the British Empire.

  2. Jen Chi No

    Jen Chi No

    Dag siden

    *_Going to war..._* Voodoo Priest: *Aight, let me pray to the Goddess of Love real quick.* Me: *LOVE!? NaNi!?*

  3. DCP


    2 dager siden

    any bets they are just going to ignore the 1804 massacre of the French

  4. Not Snipistan

    Not Snipistan

    3 dager siden

    *g o n u t s.*

  5. Moa Jamir

    Moa Jamir

    3 dager siden


  6. Stephen Hall

    Stephen Hall

    4 dager siden

    Marque de Lafayette.....? **guns and ships plays in background **

  7. Soviet Doggo

    Soviet Doggo

    6 dager siden

    why does the french army uniform look like the scottish flag?

  8. Deodat Lawson

    Deodat Lawson

    10 dager siden

    This channel is the reason I'm so into history now...

  9. Joe Drumm

    Joe Drumm

    10 dager siden

    If you want some specifics on the reforms (who's-who) and how things happened in France, check out oversimplified. They did a French revolution series that was very good!

  10. Alexandre 06

    Alexandre 06

    12 dager siden

    We french are the best to make things a mess :)

  11. Ra'ah the destroyer

    Ra'ah the destroyer

    13 dager siden

    False, thats not how the history went

  12. Mrs. Brumhildern

    Mrs. Brumhildern

    14 dager siden

    “All men are created equal” was put down to deny the divine right of Kings, it wasn’t meant to mean literally all people in the world are equal.

  13. Pepijn Kruiswijk

    Pepijn Kruiswijk

    15 dager siden

    Why do they always forget the Dutch Acte van Verlatignhe when discussing the bill of rights and such. It is the first such bill.

  14. Combine 12:39

    Combine 12:39

    15 dager siden


    • Combine 12:39

      Combine 12:39

      15 dager siden

      Edit: Theeeere it is.

  15. Thomas Reed

    Thomas Reed

    16 dager siden

    The French Revolution is an example of what happens when a revolution goes sideways and then some. Arguably, the French are still trying to figure things out.

  16. Andres Lopez

    Andres Lopez

    16 dager siden

    8:30 the goddess of love they refer to is most likely Erzulie Freda or any loa of the Erzulie family. Also We don't have gods in Voodoo we have Loa.

  17. Geo


    17 dager siden

    Great video but the way you pronounced voodo left me confused on what you were saying till I turned on the captions. The correct pronunciation is "vuu-do".

  18. KenZ Enlow

    KenZ Enlow

    18 dager siden

    You should do the arsony explosions of the (american) civil war. This is just a suggestion but i want to learn more about it

  19. Yanny Chan

    Yanny Chan

    18 dager siden

    “We want to be equal and free, like all people should” “What about the coloured and slaves in Saint-Domingue?” “No, no. We are better than them. They don’t need any rights. I don’t think you understand.”

  20. François Bellerose

    François Bellerose

    19 dager siden

    I can't wait for Rochambeau to appear.

    • neone nayoy

      neone nayoy

      19 dager siden

      the Haitian revolution changed the world.

    • neone nayoy

      neone nayoy

      19 dager siden

      who is Rochambeau?

  21. Tacticslion


    20 dager siden

    The phrasing around 6:30 just... makes me feel nauseous. The idea that "white supremacy" is something that needs to be "protected" just... makes my skin crawl. Yeaugh.

  22. Krakka Jakk711

    Krakka Jakk711

    20 dager siden

    This youtube channel needs a discord server

  23. Nunovia Gottdamnedbizzness

    Nunovia Gottdamnedbizzness

    20 dager siden

    Haiti Revolutionaries: "All Men are Created Equal" Independent Haiti "who shall lead our land of equals?" Oliver Toyssaint "I call EMPEROR" 🇭🇹. "SHIT 🙁"

  24. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect

    20 dager siden

    I would argue that the rebellious slaves were not the faction that won; rather, it was the free people of colour, who would come to run Haiti after the Revolution and essentially reinstate the plantation system, just with more steps.

  25. CODDE117


    21 dag siden

    The fact that the big whites didn't come to the compromise that would've saved their asses is hilarious, and satisfying.

  26. Tabish Dayani

    Tabish Dayani

    21 dag siden

    Gotta watch this one on 1/2 speed, there's so much goin on lol

  27. mors


    21 dag siden

    I kept hearing “Voe Doe” and not “Voo Doo” I barely see anyone mentioning this and I don’t know how to feel

  28. bdogg47 click

    bdogg47 click

    21 dag siden

    I this from the simon bolivar series

  29. Rebecca Hurford

    Rebecca Hurford

    21 dag siden

    Thanks for the disclaimer on inability to cover depth due to time restrictions! It encourages me to do my own research and not to assume I've 'done' this subject and know most of what I should about it.

  30. Mr. mystery

    Mr. mystery

    22 dager siden

    I think a series on vlad the impailer would be interesting.

  31. B- Beast

    B- Beast

    22 dager siden

    Something terrible comes with the storm...

  32. Haitian Creole With Luciano

    Haitian Creole With Luciano

    22 dager siden

    Our history is awesome! First free black people 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹 By the way, we speak a wonderful language as well: Haitian Creole (I teach it on my channel). Anyways, glad you guys decided to narrate our story I’m such a fun and precise way. Thanks!!!

  33. Luke Thompson

    Luke Thompson

    22 dager siden

    Here from Barbados again but this was anything left than straightforward but hard fought and it had great leadership and a strong strategic advantage.

  34. Zachary Durocher

    Zachary Durocher

    22 dager siden

    1:27 « couler »

  35. LEEboneisDaMan


    22 dager siden

    Kill the masters

  36. Ignacio Martinez

    Ignacio Martinez

    22 dager siden

    Guys. Can you make an episode about the war of Arauco? Ia a really good topic and is one of the few times my country appears in old history

  37. Nathan Wilson

    Nathan Wilson

    23 dager siden

    From what little I understand of it, the French Revolution was a scattered mess. Jesus Christ be with you friends.😊

  38. thevioletskull


    23 dager siden

    Ok,so let me try to get this right. The big whites and the small whites are for the most part are against everyone expect them selfs. (The reason I say that is there might be a few that support the slaves and the free people of colour and the government,idk. Same for everyone else) The free people of colour for the most part are for them selfs too,yes they support the government but that’s most likely because they want rights for them selfs. The government I think is just following what is supported by politics at the time and the slaves are also pretty much against everyone but them selfs. It that right?

  39. mankytoes


    23 dager siden

    If anyone watching this doesn't have a bit of background on the French Revolution and rise of Napoleon, I strongly advise you learn a bit about it before finishing this series. The Haitian Revolution is very complicated, as he says in this video, and is also very closely linked with the French one throughout.

  40. Raoul Simon

    Raoul Simon

    23 dager siden

    coupe tet burial Kay

  41. Work In Progress

    Work In Progress

    23 dager siden

    Where is Dark Napoleon?

  42. Born2BWild


    23 dager siden

    Sounds like the upcoming episode's gonna feature Haitian Revolution 2 electric bugaloo

  43. Rat Boi

    Rat Boi

    23 dager siden

    Talk about the Polish help in the revolution.

  44. Starwarsdude8221991


    23 dager siden

    This shit makes my skin skin crawl

  45. Cometmoon448


    23 dager siden

    I'm surprised more of the slaves used Voodoo as a symbol for their commonality and revolution rather than Islam. After all, the majority of people in "French Africa", and West Africa in general, were Muslims centuries before Europeans even set foot on their land.

  46. Kyle Basham

    Kyle Basham

    23 dager siden

    can someone talk to me my grandpa died i need some help

  47. jordan elias

    jordan elias

    23 dager siden

    You guys should do a series on Chernobyl

  48. sahteekrem


    23 dager siden

    Bravissimo, guys. Luv ya.

  49. History Buff

    History Buff

    23 dager siden

    Are you guys going to pax east

  50. Cyborg_ninja25


    23 dager siden

    I’ve Listened to a podcast about a Book Called “Good night stories For rebel girls”, it has an episode on the Maroons and Queen Nanny, what about a series on her?

  51. IZSM


    23 dager siden

    I'm noticing (and I'm guessing I'm not the only one) that, since they didn't feel below the big whites, the free blacks probably weren't racist: they were _classist_ . This is probably possible with whites, but it would be more difficult to tell.

  52. TreePanini


    23 dager siden

    Please make something about the Philippine Revolution!

  53. Sergeant POSTman

    Sergeant POSTman

    23 dager siden

    I have a suggestion; perhaps the history of Korean War MASH units, and what they endured?

  54. Mexican Mapper

    Mexican Mapper

    23 dager siden

    Great stuff i love these types of videos

  55. Korben Heagerty

    Korben Heagerty

    24 dager siden

    Out of curiosity, are there any countries with significant slave populations that managed to peacefully institute reforms, pay off slaveowners, and *not* have a terrible civil war to abolish slavery? Because between this and the American Civil War, slavery and its proponents sound like they were really hard to shake off.

    • Randall Young

      Randall Young

      19 dager siden

      no, the concept of slavery requires a level of dehumanization that makes a peaceful resolution impossible. also slaves were a very valuable asset, comparable $1200 in 1830, which is ~$130,000 in today's dollars. ~ $2 billion was invested in slaves at the time, and most of this was concentrated into a few families who held a lot of political power. the civil war wasn't fought to free the slaves, it was the eventuality of a political struggle between northern industrialists, and southern plantation owners. the industrialists destroyed the plantation owners by freeing the slave, essentially bankrupting the plantation owner making and nullifying them as political opponents.

  56. BlazingFury


    24 dager siden

    My boy marquis de lafayette

  57. Max Power

    Max Power

    24 dager siden


  58. Brooke Rickettson

    Brooke Rickettson

    24 dager siden

    Your videos are the best! I’ve learned so much more from them then during school dedicated history classes or history covered as part of non history classes for context and background such for art, and French courses! You have a talent (and extreme research skills) needed to tease out narratives that make sense, even from convoluted messes!! Which makes the history come alive! You probably have an eternity of ideas in mind to cover in future video series, but maybe someday you can look into doing a few ( more? Wendigo and Iroquois were fantastic!) videos on the native Americans vs The US government, in confrontations like Wounded Knee, or the many (many, many) treaties formed and subsequently ignored? The history of natives and whites is long and tangled, and could easily be divided by events ( like big battles, or movements like the ghost dance), or focus by region and describe the conflict with settlers, and retreating march into smaller territories. Their hero’s and chiefs, like Crazy Horse, Red Jacket, and Sitting Bull are other topics to focus on ! Again, just a direction to head in if you ever need inspiration! Thanks again for all your videos!!

  59. GMan & Mom

    GMan & Mom

    24 dager siden

    If you think About the Haitians,there Very Similar to the Russians.

  60. Serious Bichon

    Serious Bichon

    24 dager siden

    I just started reading "The Effluent Engine" around the time you started putting this out, so your timing was impeccable. By the way, go read the Effluent Engine.