We Made Home Alone R-Rated

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The crew takes on their most intense VFX Makeover yet - Home Alone.
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  1. Sir Bulger

    Sir Bulger

    26 minutter siden

    G rated pulp fiction

  2. Hans-Jørgen Kristiansen

    Hans-Jørgen Kristiansen

    32 minutter siden


  3. Steve Reddy

    Steve Reddy

    2 timer siden

    Guys guys guys.... just finished watching the Mandalorian. You HAVE to make it R rated. The show is dam near perfect except its M rating. A bit of blood and gore is exactly what the show needs, make it happen (copyright be damed)!!!

  4. Keeper


    3 timer siden

    6:12 Kill Bill!

  5. Pancobra


    9 timer siden

    Maman j'ai raté l'avion.. Home alone... 1 or 2 ?

  6. brad houska

    brad houska

    18 timer siden

    Love it

  7. OneBadDay


    23 timer siden

    You should do The Dark Knight Trilogy Rated R next or just The Dark Knight rated R I bet Ledgers Joker would seem a lot more dark with the rated R effects, it would be sick

  8. Nick Self

    Nick Self

    Dag siden

    Y'all realize that was a BB gun right?

  9. No


    Dag siden

    Demonetized instantly

  10. Nandi Roberson

    Nandi Roberson

    Dag siden

    U should think about reviewing district 9 or elysium

  11. Kabuki Man

    Kabuki Man

    Dag siden

    I like how they’re all laughing like psychopaths when they’re watching the movie

  12. Subscribe to me for no absolute reason

    Subscribe to me for no absolute reason

    2 dager siden

    Video starts at 13:11

  13. GuyMan ManGuy

    GuyMan ManGuy

    2 dager siden

    G-rate a clockwork orange They didn't rape her! They just had a nice, friendly game of snuggling!

  14. Stephanie Hughes

    Stephanie Hughes

    2 dager siden

    Saving Private Ryan let's see you make the D-Day part g-rated

  15. Huh.


    2 dager siden

    White people I swear.

  16. El Guacho

    El Guacho

    2 dager siden

    You should do saving private ryan g rated

  17. Baz The Storyteller

    Baz The Storyteller

    3 dager siden

    A G rated version of Peter Jackson's Braindead.

  18. Team ZeroSeven

    Team ZeroSeven

    3 dager siden

    make game night the cleanest G movie ever

  19. aaron simmons

    aaron simmons

    3 dager siden

    So I can’t watch anything?

  20. Kitten Plaz

    Kitten Plaz

    3 dager siden

    A foot gave me high anxiety

  21. Susanne Hunt

    Susanne Hunt

    3 dager siden

    Kick ass

  22. Minnesota State

    Minnesota State

    3 dager siden

    6:57 ok who let the Russian in

  23. JustWasted3HoursHere


    3 dager siden

    "Cinema 4D"? Does that program still exist?

  24. YouTube Mill

    YouTube Mill

    3 dager siden

    Hevemetel and hevemetel 2000

  25. immortalbuilder


    3 dager siden

    U guys are the best at editing

  26. Becky Zimmerman

    Becky Zimmerman

    3 dager siden

    This is the movie from a Netflix knock off brand

  27. Lethal_Mitten


    3 dager siden

    why would you do this?

  28. Go Nicro

    Go Nicro

    3 dager siden

    It like a typ 13:06

  29. Ivan Lozano

    Ivan Lozano

    3 dager siden

    Make a home alone 2 rated R

  30. Arian S

    Arian S

    3 dager siden

    Make terminator salvation rated R. Like When they open the body of marcus and stuff like that.

  31. Alt Acc Golden

    Alt Acc Golden

    3 dager siden

    They sound so cringe 😬

  32. B4P3beats5upr3m3


    3 dager siden

    G rated - Saw movies or Final Destination movies

  33. Sam Lawry

    Sam Lawry

    3 dager siden

    A movie like that already existing before H.A. 36.15 code pere noel. More Die Hard style with a rombo kid.

  34. Triston Mcintire

    Triston Mcintire

    4 dager siden

    When Buzz got stabbed you should have turned into blood

  35. TheLegionItself


    4 dager siden

    Make spongebob G rated

  36. Riley Alderson

    Riley Alderson

    4 dager siden


  37. the best fighter

    the best fighter

    4 dager siden

    The grinch

  38. Bahati Birere

    Bahati Birere

    4 dager siden


  39. Padraig Higgins

    Padraig Higgins

    4 dager siden

    Lol turn jurassic park g rated oh yes!

  40. Rugz Real

    Rugz Real

    4 dager siden

    G rated final destination

  41. doctorfeelucky


    4 dager siden

    .........good thing ya'll aren't actually in the real movie business.......

  42. Jeff D

    Jeff D

    4 dager siden


  43. Marshal Lewandowski

    Marshal Lewandowski

    4 dager siden


  44. Mwiah


    4 dager siden

    Really looks like there are many fatal ways to die in home alone...

  45. Amber Pogue

    Amber Pogue

    4 dager siden

    you should make Freddy Kruger G rated

  46. Go back to the kitchen and make me a sandwich

    Go back to the kitchen and make me a sandwich

    4 dager siden

    Make wrong turn G rated.

  47. HelloThere 3721

    HelloThere 3721

    4 dager siden

    I have 9 AUNTS AND UNCLES. All have children and most of them also have children. Do not talk to me about a big family

  48. Martha Acuña

    Martha Acuña

    4 dager siden


  49. Katniss And Peeta

    Katniss And Peeta

    5 dager siden


  50. organic shadow

    organic shadow

    5 dager siden

    Jason should be g rated

  51. villehvo


    5 dager siden

    jigsaw g rated

  52. Risky


    5 dager siden

    John Wick

  53. Lucas Carrero

    Lucas Carrero

    5 dager siden

    Make Deadpool 2 G rated

  54. A kiwi Somehow

    A kiwi Somehow

    5 dager siden

    This is a g rated to a none g rated DEATH NOTE And... BIRD BOX ... Netflix

  55. Emma Taylor

    Emma Taylor

    5 dager siden


  56. Boo Boo

    Boo Boo

    5 dager siden


  57. alejandra natalia monreal bustos

    alejandra natalia monreal bustos

    5 dager siden

    that horror kid hes killer not like that

  58. Jai Cray

    Jai Cray

    5 dager siden

    Make wreck it ralf R rated ;)

  59. Liakos Gr69

    Liakos Gr69

    5 dager siden

    my childhood is ruined

  60. Just Living

    Just Living

    5 dager siden

    Continue doing these !!