We Made Home Alone R-Rated

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The crew takes on their most intense VFX Makeover yet - Home Alone.
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  1. Dat1peep Smile u Fagg lol

    Dat1peep Smile u Fagg lol

    9 timer siden


  2. 10,000 subscribers with only 1 video challenge

    10,000 subscribers with only 1 video challenge

    9 timer siden

    Make IT rates

  3. Daniel Rules-espinal

    Daniel Rules-espinal

    9 timer siden

    How about you make toy story rated R or NC17 or make any of the child's play movies PG or G

  4. FantasticFlex :P

    FantasticFlex :P

    9 timer siden

    The blood looks sooo fake thoughhh

  5. TheLemonBuddy


    9 timer siden

    Ooh I love super cool stuff LMAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Jordy TheGreat

    Jordy TheGreat

    9 timer siden

    It two

  7. yvette valles

    yvette valles

    9 timer siden

    good boys

  8. Beyblades rock Pokémon to

    Beyblades rock Pokémon to

    9 timer siden


  9. Noob Epic

    Noob Epic

    9 timer siden


  10. Rocket Jumping Scout

    Rocket Jumping Scout

    9 timer siden

    Please try and make some gory Saw shots as G as possible. I really want to see Count from Sesame Street ride put on a tricycle.

  11. Christy Claus

    Christy Claus

    9 timer siden

    But kid friendly

  12. Christy Claus

    Christy Claus

    9 timer siden

    Do fifty shades of gray

  13. Fayte Hayden

    Fayte Hayden

    9 timer siden

    Ooo I know a fun one to make G rated! There is a movie called Zombieland and it’s pretty much blood so if u do this idea, good luck! Well I’m gone BAIIII

  14. Terry Greene

    Terry Greene

    9 timer siden

    Dragonball evolution r rated lmao

  15. XxLegendxX


    9 timer siden

    I would watch this

  16. Caelan Hunter

    Caelan Hunter

    9 timer siden

    make IT G-rated 😂

  17. Steve Harrington

    Steve Harrington

    9 timer siden

    Oh I know make it g rated

  18. mapoyc


    9 timer siden

    If y'all are going to try and G-rate a violent film i dare you to try and make SAW I dont care which one any saw movie will work just try to make it G-rated i fucking dare you, you WILL fail

  19. Elliott's Videos

    Elliott's Videos

    9 timer siden

    Plz Help Me I’m Now Traumatized. No Offense.

  20. Ghetta


    9 timer siden

    You should make the house explode whit the cops in

  21. EletricSkull Demon

    EletricSkull Demon

    9 timer siden

    11:47 When I don't get my food in time..

  22. Object America 1

    Object America 1

    9 timer siden

    Sausage Party G-rated

  23. tommy soup

    tommy soup

    9 timer siden

    I see Wes

  24. calamity prowler

    calamity prowler

    9 timer siden


  25. David Smith

    David Smith

    9 timer siden

    I dare you to make a G-rated it

  26. samuel marquez

    samuel marquez

    10 timer siden

    rated g john wick

  27. bad luck brian

    bad luck brian

    10 timer siden

    why is this not age restricted

  28. Itz Polarzz

    Itz Polarzz

    10 timer siden

    Make the movie 300 g rated

  29. Werdos Squad

    Werdos Squad

    10 timer siden

    Make birdbox G rated

  30. Isaac Sunrazer

    Isaac Sunrazer

    10 timer siden


  31. Jose Flores

    Jose Flores

    10 timer siden

    My face was the black guy with glasses reaction

  32. OCTO MOI


    10 timer siden

    12:52 Kevin All Pyshco Rage

  33. Doopy_lovers only

    Doopy_lovers only

    10 timer siden

    🎽🎽 (0_0) (🥊) my kevin: hope you like it

  34. Aven Beltran

    Aven Beltran

    10 timer siden

    Pleeeeeaaass g-rate "kill bill"😆😆😆

  35. Kareem Houston

    Kareem Houston

    10 timer siden

    How aren’t you guys banned for copyrighting

  36. Jevante Binns

    Jevante Binns

    10 timer siden

    Yay my childhood ruined

  37. Kayden Hatchett

    Kayden Hatchett

    10 timer siden

    G rated resident evil

  38. Santos Martínez

    Santos Martínez

    10 timer siden

    Al final tuvo que haber explotado la casa full llena de policías.

  39. Alejandro Gonzalez

    Alejandro Gonzalez

    10 timer siden

    How about “G-Rating” Blade with Wesley Snipes? Those movies are filled with gore. Or the movie “The Thing”

  40. Voiloz


    10 timer siden

    i wonder if this video is monitized. HMMMM OH WAITTTT!!!!!!! dude, this proves that they do this for the viewers not the money

  41. Della Collins

    Della Collins

    10 timer siden

    Papa pig

  42. Jsab Katty Cube

    Jsab Katty Cube

    10 timer siden

    Me: *minding my business * Also me: * sees the robbers foot get impaled with a nail* Me: . . . *slowly holds foot* aaaaaAAAAA *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*

  43. GROOT50564


    10 timer siden

    I think I’m going to have PTSD

  44. Toxic Renagade

    Toxic Renagade

    10 timer siden

    Final destination make that g rated

  45. OMG BOI


    10 timer siden

    Make 50 shades of grey G



    10 timer siden

    Is that the cinema sins guy!?

  47. Big Citycat

    Big Citycat

    10 timer siden

    When you animated the foot I kept holding onto my feet

  48. jorssu13


    10 timer siden

    Make "The Crazy 88 fight" from Kill Bill Vol. 1 G-rated! Good luck

  49. Adela Cedillo

    Adela Cedillo

    10 timer siden

    Make 300 g rated plz it’s my favorite r rated movie

  50. pamtri 2.0

    pamtri 2.0

    10 timer siden

    Make toy story r rated

  51. Evangelene Coffin

    Evangelene Coffin

    11 timer siden

    shit that was dark. thank you

  52. Tricky T Clown

    Tricky T Clown

    11 timer siden

    This is why people think kevin became jigsaw

  53. TJH TJH


    11 timer siden

    0:31 bruh i thought that was baba oriley

  54. ggg space

    ggg space

    11 timer siden


  55. Joshua Hein

    Joshua Hein

    11 timer siden

    Make Tayo the little bus rated R.

  56. Bronxz


    11 timer siden

    Do a G rated version of 300

  57. Story Lover

    Story Lover

    11 timer siden

    My childhood will never be the same again and I don't mind

  58. bigslim1961


    11 timer siden

    the last seen was terafiying

  59. Darth Carlos510

    Darth Carlos510

    11 timer siden

    12:53 makes no sense theres no chair in front of him

  60. Tristan Chadwick

    Tristan Chadwick

    11 timer siden

    Edits start at 12:25