Trump Faces Scrutiny Over Personal Properties, Hurricane Lies: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump insisting Hurricane Dorian was going to hit Alabama.
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Trump Faces Scrutiny Over Personal Properties, Hurricane Lies: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  1. Daniel Santiago

    Daniel Santiago

    7 dager siden

    He's such a stupid fuckin moron

  2. Ugly German Truths

    Ugly German Truths

    9 dager siden

    Did BoJo the Clown try to recount the Miranda Warning that is only applicable in the USA???

  3. Lucis Ferre

    Lucis Ferre

    11 dager siden

    How does the UK elect the only dumb man in the UK?

  4. Lucis Ferre

    Lucis Ferre

    11 dager siden

    How many times can one point out that someone is a lying ass clown before we become jaded by it and no longer pay attention because we are on fabrication-of-alternate-reality overload?

  5. Scott Gibson

    Scott Gibson

    22 dager siden

    The most dangerouse thing about Trump, is he belives his own bullshit.

  6. Star Fire

    Star Fire

    23 dager siden

    I'm very upset that you put the guacamole in the same league with Donald Trump, guacamole is way better😏😏😏😋😋😂😂😂😂

  7. Richard Cantin

    Richard Cantin

    23 dager siden

    Talking about stupid. Take a look at Caitlin Bennett, trump supporter on NOplayer.

  8. rex wall

    rex wall

    26 dager siden

    I love how chump calls his followers stupid and they roll onto their backs and take it up the ass but anyone else does it and they get all bent out of shape and melt down.

  9. wayne johnson

    wayne johnson

    29 dager siden

    of course you did you liar

  10. Brad and Mawm

    Brad and Mawm

    Måned siden

    That was actually a pretty solid Johnson impression

  11. Sambo Mambo JamboTango

    Sambo Mambo JamboTango

    Måned siden

    bojo & trump = dumb & dumber

  12. Iron Boss3

    Iron Boss3

    Måned siden

    i never told anyone to stay at my hotel, its a beautiful place , its wonderful, ii have alot of hotels, they are the best........... mr trumpet do shut up, you are so annoying

  13. RedSkin8008


    Måned siden

    It's never a good sign when even your subordinates laugh at what you're saying... ^^

  14. RedSkin8008


    Måned siden

    Just for the sake of argument and precision: 1.) exaggerating and spinning is NOT lying. Probably everyone does that when talking to get a certain point across faster or more efficiently (even Seth did it the very second he said that that was lying through body language, facial expression, intonation and the choice of words themselves), it's the nature of storytelling. It's not the nature of lying. Does that make DJT or what he says any better? No, of course not. NOTHING makes anything DJT says any better. But for the sake of accuracy: it's not lying. 2.) saying they have good taste is not admitting they stayed at the hotel (implicating DJT lied about what he said... although he still probably did). It may implicate that, true, and since we're talking about something DJT said, it just as probably is a lie, but that conclusion (and the subsequent accusation) is wrong, in regards of the rules of reasoning/argumentation. DJT was an idiot (d'uh) trying trying to advertise his product by fitting that comment in this tweet, unaware (d'uh) that it may heavily backfire on him, but it was no confession, not even an involuntary one. 3.) hesitating or waiting before a reply is not necessarily a bad sign and definitely no omen that the following answer WILL be a lie. I know it's common to assume that nowadays and mostly it even might be correct (like probably in Seth's example) but it is not naturally so. The question asked is not a simple yes or no question (unlike in Seth's example, where it's about one single fact/event) but a question that has to be deeply and carefully thought over before giving an answer! He had to take EVERYTHING the President of the United States EVER said into consideration and weigh up lies against truths because the question was "is he a liar" not "did he lie about that (specific one thing)" or "is he more a liar than not" or something like that. The question was so general, in fact every faster answer would have led (me personally) to rather not believing it... Just think about it through Seth's example: "Did you have a lapdan... NO". Just as if not even more suspicious, right? Look, I get it. Taking anything DJT or his associates say as a joke or lie is so tempting (and yes, more often than not turns out to be true). Because there have been so many before. But for the sake of argument AND truth you should not jump to conclusions over what you think you know or over "what people usually do". DJT is not "usual", he's pathological AND stupid which is probably the worst combination there is. ESPECIALLY for a POTUS. But you can not get dragged into his thoughtless and judgemental way of thinking. Also I get, that this is just a late night show and what fun is being 100% correct all the time? You know, lighten up, make a joke, relax, enjoy! But even though it is "just" entertainment, it does heavily influence the way we see DJT (and therefore think and act). Not intensly (as in "a lot in a short period of time") but effectively (as in "a bit but consistently"). Shows like this have a much bigger influence on decisions we make than we think/know. Always have, always will. And I'm not saying that what's happening is bad, on the contrary, I believe that shows and hosts like this are majorly responsible for the change of mind in the U.S. and a major player in the realization of the Trump-impeachment! But: tread carefully. The ridge between satire and cynicism is foggy, blurry and thin and one can easily drift to the "wrong" side if not careful... But if you really want him gone (and you're SO close now, yay, don't give up! ^^), you have to continue to be what he is not: smart. He's nothing but a spoiled stupid bully who unfortunately is also in charge through the support of thousands of wannabe-bullies and out-for-revenge bully-victims (have some sympathy for them). Once you get into his line of argumentation or conflict-settling (that previously mentioned cynicism), though, he WILL drag you down onto his level and beat you with experience there. Listen to what Trevor Noah said: treat him like a toddler. And keep it up. Be patient and let him explain his sh*t reasonably. Over and over and over and over again... He can't and eventually he'll give up. On the other hand: I get it, you're under pressure! We all are (even here in Germany). And under these circumstances it's tempting to use more efficient tools to resolve the matter more quickly. But that also means playing dirty/-ier... and that definitely is DJT's turf. It always has been and always will be. So change the turf, change the game, change the outcome. You can do it, don't give into temptation :D

  15. John Moldoch

    John Moldoch

    Måned siden

    This is why you practice you're speech before you speak it.

  16. Phil Green

    Phil Green

    Måned siden

    I laughed so hard, the tea and biscuit did a U-turn and shot out my nose! Then I remembered I'm British and wept into what was left in my cup.

  17. m3 talent agency

    m3 talent agency

    Måned siden

    What's happening all around the world that Presidents & Dictators are the most idiotic and corrupt sorry excuses for Human beings?

  18. Ichiya Charendini-Stewart

    Ichiya Charendini-Stewart

    Måned siden

    The excerpt of that girl cursing the president out -- in the White House, no less -- always gets me laughing hysterically! XD. I want to meet, greet and high-five her for that! And that smile on Seth's face as they cut back to him??!! DOUBLE XD! Oh, Seth, you cheeky devil!

  19. Eleni 1979

    Eleni 1979

    Måned siden

    I just love how he claims his properties are the best, when he has had issues with various Health Inspectors over the years. His properties are actually rather disgusting especially for being supposedly luxury

  20. Stephanie Adams

    Stephanie Adams

    Måned siden

    Absolutely no one should be allowed to be president of the United States if they don't know basic US geography! There is no Tallahassee Trail! Trump is a constant embarrassment.

  21. John Moldoch

    John Moldoch

    Måned siden

    You know, I miss Gerald Ford.

  22. John B

    John B

    2 måneder siden


  23. John B

    John B

    2 måneder siden

    Watch the axxlicker behind him filling his account s up sad n he admits to it disgusting treatment for the American people WOW HE DOESN'T RESPECT YOUR OPINION AT ALL AND ADMITTED TO IT TIME AGAIN AND AGAIN AND NOTHING BUT TALK 💚✌☝️

  24. Gerry Reyes

    Gerry Reyes

    2 måneder siden

    Hey Seth, British always look up to USA they have to have a cloned Trump.

  25. Jamie Houk

    Jamie Houk

    2 måneder siden

    This is the guy who thinks colorado borders mexico. What did he do with New Mexico. The stable genius!

  26. daisx beohfox

    daisx beohfox

    2 måneder siden

    The prime minister is on something

  27. Shirley Randolph

    Shirley Randolph

    3 måneder siden

    wow an illiterate crook running the government and just to think he has the nuclear code's !

  28. Javier Gonzalez

    Javier Gonzalez

    3 måneder siden

    So, did these investigations turned something out or?

  29. Ryan Clark

    Ryan Clark

    3 måneder siden

    Here in scotland we keep shitting in the holes on his golf course

  30. Linda K

    Linda K

    3 måneder siden

    I don’t know about politics , but I can tell who needs mental health ...

  31. Donna Blackman

    Donna Blackman

    3 måneder siden

    Just to clear this up: I didn't vote for either Donald Trump OR Roy Blunt and I never will. And, yes, I am a Missourian. Neither of these men are worthy of the offices they now inhabit. :0) DBB

  32. pearlgarden29


    4 måneder siden

    Americans getting fucked without pain

  33. Thomas Tamir

    Thomas Tamir

    4 måneder siden

    I can't believe 3.2 million subscribers. Just to listen to a trouble making bull artist. No wonder they're always crying about being broke. the biggest con going, and they fell for it.

  34. Jason Olson

    Jason Olson

    4 måneder siden

    I vote A.I. for president 2020

  35. Gloomy Blackfur

    Gloomy Blackfur

    4 måneder siden

    "Never Trump" people need to understand that they will never convince other Republicans to ditch Trump. He is their messiah. If they are truly "never Trump", they need to support Democrats.

  36. Michael Cortese

    Michael Cortese

    4 måneder siden

    Repubs cried about Obama golfing a few times. Hypocritical.

  37. Radschel E

    Radschel E

    4 måneder siden

    At least Boris Johnson is not stupid. And he is able to laugh about himself. Which makes it less absurd talking about him. Comparing to Trump, that is. I don't like both.

  38. Kathy in the Wallowas

    Kathy in the Wallowas

    4 måneder siden

    Boris Johnson clip - it was hilarious to watch the policemen try not to giggle.

  39. Kelly ann kanye

    Kelly ann kanye

    4 måneder siden

    $30,000 for a holiday party, at a trump taxpayers expense..these Republicans are really Bilking the taxpayers.

  40. Maxi Anaya

    Maxi Anaya

    4 måneder siden

    🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ fucking ridiculous.. honestly .!! This fuxking Americans that still support that fool.!! Yall are a fuxking joke .!!

  41. Lorna Nunez

    Lorna Nunez

    4 måneder siden

    Where are his 3 wifes & 5 kids. To save him from is self?

  42. Jerry K

    Jerry K

    4 måneder siden

    People like my products.. That's why people eat my steak, drink my vodka, and gambling in my casino

  43. Jeremy Fitzroy

    Jeremy Fitzroy

    4 måneder siden

    At least he has manners, the prototype doesn't even have basic decency.

  44. Christine McIntyre

    Christine McIntyre

    4 måneder siden

    Obviously he is a better commedian then Obama. He has you all laughing and you all cant stop talking about it!

  45. Shawn Smith

    Shawn Smith

    4 måneder siden

    Britain is f*cked!!

  46. Shawn Smith

    Shawn Smith

    4 måneder siden

    A pause to answer that long like a kid knowing he's been caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar while still chewing it.

  47. International Anti Slavery Commission

    International Anti Slavery Commission

    4 måneder siden

    In August alone = 700 tweets x 10 mins/tweet = 116 hours tweeting = 3 weeks & 1 day spent tweeting. That means he only works FOUR DAYS in one month - so he couldn't squeeze in any time to be ACTUALLY WORKING.

  48. Mr Jibs

    Mr Jibs

    4 måneder siden

    Our one out with Boris Johnson was we didn’t elect the idiot

  49. PutinWithAnimals


    4 måneder siden

    Appalachia belongs to Super Mutants!

  50. william ingram jr

    william ingram jr

    4 måneder siden

    look at that, 1.5k trumpes who follow Seth Meyers and watched this video. Now that's funny.

  51. ike awunor

    ike awunor

    4 måneder siden

    F**** me Boris sounded dumb as feathers there!!

  52. Jester Flight

    Jester Flight

    4 måneder siden

    Trump isn’t capable of telling the truth, he’s all about conning anybody or everybody for stealing , defrauding, , corrupting, etc., he is precisely like the carnival people who try to bait anyone to play their conn games for money. He’s totally at peace with never telling the truth, then calling noble ,righteous liars, then feeling good about himself? The Trump is a perfect reflection of what the GOP stands for.

  53. Laurie Huntley

    Laurie Huntley

    4 måneder siden

    Stuart is Lying. Shame shame SHAME! You should go help Boris? He seems to need it too! You’re a Moron

  54. fanatamon


    4 måneder siden

    Orange man so dumb doesn’t know he’s so dumb.

  55. Cheryl Owens

    Cheryl Owens

    5 måneder siden

    Mr. President, F**** u!!!

  56. Wheels Lifts

    Wheels Lifts

    5 måneder siden

    I hate trump as much as the next guy, but when Bezos bought the Washington post, didn't he admit that it was to defame trump?

  57. Anjayl


    5 måneder siden

    Do not forget : Donald is a real moron, Boris is playing one.

  58. Jacqueline White

    Jacqueline White

    5 måneder siden

    Let’s stick Boris and Rump in a small jail together, no other people, no mirrors, no windows forever.

  59. Uriyah Thomas

    Uriyah Thomas

    5 måneder siden

    WTH is the British guy saying? Is he talking English?

  60. Uriyah Thomas

    Uriyah Thomas

    5 måneder siden

    Too be on the safe side nobody should talk to him after he's had his coffee either!