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  1. Marwin Smith

    Marwin Smith

    9 timer siden

    Take the cullinan man class and comfort for the baby and the moms plus its the first rolls royce suv

  2. antonlengkeek


    10 timer siden

    RR for sure !

  3. Aleksander Berger

    Aleksander Berger

    10 timer siden

    Try the bentley benteiga

  4. RTB


    11 timer siden

    Mercedes-Benz...Das beste oder nichts!!

  5. daanje1062


    12 timer siden

    Bags cool. Brandname not cool.

  6. WhosMaD1337


    13 timer siden

    A bentayga maybe?

  7. Danito


    13 timer siden


  8. Pieter Balliere

    Pieter Balliere

    13 timer siden

    maybe an ABT RSQ8?

  9. Anoni.mouse same

    Anoni.mouse same

    14 timer siden

    Ricard with a fragrance spray bottle should become a new internet GIF-Meme

  10. Michalis Michailidis

    Michalis Michailidis

    14 timer siden

    Just get a Tesla model X

  11. Ronnie HD

    Ronnie HD

    15 timer siden

    Bentley Bentayga? Fits right in the middle of the two :)

  12. JON#1


    15 timer siden

    Where is Marcus?

  13. Anders Nilson

    Anders Nilson

    15 timer siden

    Who else have been here since the 100 subs? Go Jon Olsson, att leva en vecka med dig och gänget vore drömmen asså! :D

  14. JON#1


    15 timer siden

    Why don't you mud bloods start creating some real vlogs.

  15. Maximilian Gasche

    Maximilian Gasche

    15 timer siden

    Happy Birthday Jon

  16. Zalva


    16 timer siden

    i would take the Ururs bcz it can be used for a baby but also to do what you do with cars

  17. Jørgen Grøstad

    Jørgen Grøstad

    18 timer siden

    Why not both ? Urus and RR. wifey use the RR and Jon use the Urus. If u live in Marbella and Monaco, do as the locals do, right ?

  18. Christian Højberg Madsen

    Christian Højberg Madsen

    21 time siden

    Lamborghini Urus for sure!!

  19. Sven S

    Sven S

    21 time siden

    luxury but sooo ugly. two cars meet in the middle :)

  20. Max Coenen

    Max Coenen

    21 time siden

    Go for a RR Sport SVR, or a RR SVA. High luxury standard and a lot of performance for less money.

  21. Sam Evans

    Sam Evans

    21 time siden

    The term "douche bag" has negative connotations in the US. Not sure about in Europe, but those bags will never sell in the US. Unfortunate because they seem well designed.

  22. marcelo tripoloni

    marcelo tripoloni

    21 time siden

    Jon Lexus LX 570 for sure!!! Esquema Ninja noplayer.info/show/dTF6UlNtNGRzcms.html

  23. David Hedin

    David Hedin

    22 timer siden

    i would reccomend a new gen volvo(like the v90) beacause its one of the safest cars on the market and is perfect for family

  24. Mikołaj Duda

    Mikołaj Duda

    22 timer siden

    Only RR

  25. Dominik Czech

    Dominik Czech

    22 timer siden


  26. Abozar Shukori

    Abozar Shukori

    23 timer siden

    Get the 7 seater BMW x7 cuz it has plenty of room in every seat an adult could fit on the third row

  27. OldKool


    Dag siden

    Jon, the Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo and the Aston Martin AMR Rapide are 4 doors though!🤔

  28. AJE1697


    Dag siden

    The Urus is a Audi Q7 on steroids, not worth the money

  29. Dominik Czech

    Dominik Czech

    Dag siden

    Since 2002 I used porsche cayenne turbo. Now it's my 4th model. I've got the same question. What kind of car I should buy now...

  30. Dominik Czech

    Dominik Czech

    Dag siden

    URUS=40year old virgin, RR=60year old virgin. Of course Urus😂🤣😎👍



    Dag siden

    I am your fan from China, i just wanna a bag, i dont know how to buy it in China

  32. Nomu Toy

    Nomu Toy

    Dag siden

    Jon, do you have any video about your Mongol Rally experience in 2016? Did you enjoy your journey at the time? We'd be glad if you share us your experience in your blog or vlog.

  33. Hugh Burke

    Hugh Burke

    Dag siden


  34. Trent Gonzales

    Trent Gonzales

    Dag siden

    North American market would take the company to the next level though, Jon. Whole world thinks the bags are cool

  35. Alessandro Antognoli

    Alessandro Antognoli

    Dag siden

    Orribile car.

  36. Mr_naitsabes


    Dag siden

    Rs6, Cayenne, Panamera, E 63 AMG S

  37. Calvin H.

    Calvin H.

    Dag siden

    Install portal axles with 35-inch mud tires on the RR Cullinan, then matte black the entire car and then it would be awesome!

  38. Yuda Prastowo

    Yuda Prastowo

    Dag siden


  39. matic šorn

    matic šorn

    Dag siden

    rolls, but tune it hard, urus is becoming too comon .. tuned rolls royce its only jon olson

  40. Zimon h.

    Zimon h.

    Dag siden

    Buy a Tesla

  41. Southern


    Dag siden

    Yeah great car for a baby. And then it pukes in the back seat.....

  42. John Boesveldt

    John Boesveldt

    Dag siden

    jon try the Lamborghini Urus

  43. live4trucking


    Dag siden

    Sorry, but this car is so ugly in my opinion!

  44. Albin andersson

    Albin andersson

    Dag siden

    Nice seatbelt Rickard deler 4:55

  45. eduardo tejero

    eduardo tejero

    Dag siden

    The URUS Jon for God´s sake! Leave the Cullinan to the future Jon in 30 years

  46. Aiman Othman

    Aiman Othman

    Dag siden

    I think the urus is perfect for you 👍🏻

  47. Hytham Hammer

    Hytham Hammer

    Dag siden

    These Eurocunts lead a very boring life. Small wonder, their IQs must be as low as their shoes. What a bunch of ugly, pathetic, punks who would do anything to escape their cold-ass stupid countries!

    • RGustavsson90


      Dag siden

      Your comment only proves how pathetic your own life is

  48. Esper Van Bakel

    Esper Van Bakel

    Dag siden

    An rs6 or panamera sport turismo is maybe also a good family car😂🤔

  49. Saul Martínez

    Saul Martínez

    Dag siden


  50. rabiejos


    Dag siden

    Rolls is beautiful but Urus has just so much more to offer especially for you Jon. Speed, luxury, looks, tuning, noise etc

  51. Muchten


    Dag siden

    who calls it a motorcar?

  52. CeedBeats


    Dag siden

    This car is one of the ugliest things I ever saw in my life. Almost like a Fiat Multipla

  53. Robert_Febrizzio


    Dag siden

    What about the Bentayga Speed or Bentayga with an ONYX kit??

  54. Pim


    Dag siden

    Will the backpack pro be restocked? In different editions?

  55. Sam Walsh

    Sam Walsh

    Dag siden

    Bentayga. Or an Onyx Bentayga. Urban Range Rover SVR / Vogue?

  56. nicholas fraser

    nicholas fraser

    Dag siden

    £209 for a backpack. Bloody rip off

  57. Eric


    Dag siden

    U should try the Bentley Bentayga. Fits you more.

  58. HaraldGustavsen ಠ_ಠ

    HaraldGustavsen ಠ_ಠ

    Dag siden

    Giv a like if Jon should make a video in Swedish

  59. pavel husák

    pavel husák

    Dag siden

    I dont uderstand why jon keep benji okey for edits and wanna hire next one editor what for ????? when the vlogs really missing content and past 1year vlogs are borring okey sometimes funny but not at all is just quantity over quality

  60. Linus Klang

    Linus Klang

    2 dager siden

    ROLLS, Lambo is to mainstream rapper / 50yo crisis car.

  61. faisalleeds


    2 dager siden

    As others have said. Urus or Panamera Sport Turismo would be great options with still lots of modding potential!!

  62. Alex M

    Alex M

    2 dager siden

    Your baby will be much more comfortable in the RR in terms of noise. The noise insulation and suspension is on a whole other level. The Urus is just an expensive SQ7 with Lambo logos vs rings and jet start button.

  63. GuysOnDuty


    2 dager siden


  64. Michi


    2 dager siden

    you should buy an sq8 and a sports car for fun👌🏿

  65. TutoTV 100

    TutoTV 100

    2 dager siden

    what about the bentayga ? it has a good philosophy for jon (sporty x luxury)

    • R Søgaard

      R Søgaard

      19 timer siden

      TutoTV 100 Range Rover sport svr

  66. Paul Ungureanu

    Paul Ungureanu

    2 dager siden

    Anyone know something about Benjamin Ortega video editing courses? Tks.

  67. Sam Evans

    Sam Evans

    2 dager siden

    Why is Mezut Ozil driving around in your old custom Audi R6? www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-7360477/Unai-Emery-confirms-Mesut-Ozil-Saed-Kolasinac-Arsenals-team-squad.html

  68. Stephan Stephan

    Stephan Stephan

    2 dager siden

    Really how old are you Jon. 70 years old with a private driver.

  69. susanne nygaard

    susanne nygaard

    2 dager siden

    Ett ord, URUS

  70. Nejc199


    2 dager siden

    Why not Audi rs6 ?

  71. Fredrik Behmer

    Fredrik Behmer

    2 dager siden

    or just go for the Bentley Bentayga

  72. Scott Fortune

    Scott Fortune

    2 dager siden

    WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!! I got a Backpack Pro!!!! Douchebags is coming all the way to Scotland. Can’t wait for its arrival!

  73. JiddSter -

    JiddSter -

    2 dager siden

    När öppnar ni c’est normal igen ?

  74. Nobody nice

    Nobody nice

    2 dager siden

    Brabus 800 GT63 4-door coupe!

  75. Asaf eliyahu Zvulun

    Asaf eliyahu Zvulun

    2 dager siden

    Hey Jon, how about you buy yourself a Range Rover, it's very nice and much cheaper, plus, you can buy another sports car🤔😉

  76. Dominik Czech

    Dominik Czech

    2 dager siden

    I'm terribly disappointed :( The rules of purchase were not carried out professionally :(

  77. Dominik Czech

    Dominik Czech

    2 dager siden

    When I tried to buy a still available CIA refreshed page and the bag was no longer available

  78. Dominik Czech

    Dominik Czech

    2 dager siden

    I'm disappointed, I tried to enter the site from 7 to buy the entire collection, succeeded at 7 26. At this time everything from Benni collection was sold out. What were the rules for purchasing? Disappointing unfortunately.

    • Dominik Czech

      Dominik Czech

      2 dager siden

      @iStar3D agree

    • iStar3D


      2 dager siden

      So true. Don't get the point of having such a strong limited edition. It's only a low cost consumer good, not a watch or a car, which allows much higher price discrimination.

  79. lukenzi


    2 dager siden

    Check out the new porsche panamera please :)

  80. iStar3D


    2 dager siden

    The douchebag webshop is so bad. unbelivable