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  1. Jst -III

    Jst -III

    29 minutter siden

    I swear if he clickbaits WE HAD A DIVORCE and it wasn’t true im done with his channel😂

  2. HannahCorn


    31 minutt siden

    *cough cough* who’s here for tana? 😐

  3. those•hazel•eyesツ


    44 minutter siden

    Svens wedding was better



    Time siden


  5. Flossie Hall

    Flossie Hall

    Time siden

    I feel so sad for tana, this wedding wasn’t personal in anyway

  6. lilly pacheco

    lilly pacheco

    Time siden

    I wonder how Erica feels

  7. Death Trooper

    Death Trooper

    2 timer siden

    That is fucking crazy

  8. Jayleen Sanchez

    Jayleen Sanchez

    2 timer siden

    When Tana said what she said it made Me cry😭😭😭

  9. cookiepaws tv

    cookiepaws tv

    2 timer siden

    Is that Justin

  10. King David

    King David

    2 timer siden

    those vows are shit jake

  11. greta garbo

    greta garbo

    2 timer siden

    Wow....from vine to this congrats jake

  12. JXY C

    JXY C

    3 timer siden

    I've been to weddings wayyyy more better than this and this was half a mil???? Yo Jake wtf bro 🤦🏽‍♂️



    3 timer siden

    👰🏼❤️🤵🏼 Will soon become “Honey I’m pregnant 🤰🏻”

  14. Iamthebeeper


    3 timer siden

    1,00 ads

  15. Sara Albastaki

    Sara Albastaki

    3 timer siden

    says he is married 2 weeks later releases a song called (im single)

  16. Venom Aqeel

    Venom Aqeel

    3 timer siden

    2019 marriage be like

  17. Ron Arnold

    Ron Arnold

    3 timer siden

    I don't like ya all that much just cause some stupid shit u do but BEA-UTIFUL weedind hahahaha

  18. Parallel Howl

    Parallel Howl

    3 timer siden

    I deadass almost started crying.

  19. Lisette Garcia

    Lisette Garcia

    4 timer siden

    Did they fr fr get married or it’s just the one with Erika pretend shit

    • Joanna


      3 timer siden

      I'm convinced that Jake finally went broke, just get a JOB!!!

  20. mini minister

    mini minister

    4 timer siden

    I hope that Tana cheats on you with deji than marries him and has kids with her than she divorces you

    • Joanna


      3 timer siden

      This is so cringe and funny at the same time

  21. The dirty Dan

    The dirty Dan

    4 timer siden

    A dumb white boy married to a dumb white girl. Am I supposed to be surprised?

  22. MrxIInq


    4 timer siden

    Honestly that was sweet I love it ima cry ❤️💖💖💖😁🥺💖💖🥺

  23. Kelbin Sharma

    Kelbin Sharma

    4 timer siden

    I want jerika to come back

  24. Cheri Tibbs

    Cheri Tibbs

    4 timer siden

    Waste of money!

  25. Macrame Artist

    Macrame Artist

    5 timer siden

    A real gentlemen would have take off the hat to talk to his wife !!

  26. Margaret Garcia

    Margaret Garcia

    5 timer siden

    That’s why I stoped watching

  27. Margaret Garcia

    Margaret Garcia

    5 timer siden

    It’s too bad the real team 10 fell apart🙁🙁

  28. vine is dead 9

    vine is dead 9

    5 timer siden


  29. Zayzay Tomarra

    Zayzay Tomarra

    5 timer siden

    Why Couldn't do this with erika

  30. Lasedria Alcorn

    Lasedria Alcorn

    5 timer siden

    OMG... tana u look like a beautiful angel 😇

  31. Champ Lubag

    Champ Lubag

    6 timer siden

    Then they will divorce😂

  32. TTV Bubblz

    TTV Bubblz

    6 timer siden

    bout to get that fatttttt divorce

  33. Hailey Venuto

    Hailey Venuto

    6 timer siden

    “i didn’t know what vows were until an hour ago” wow this is the most professional and traditional wedding in history

  34. Amara Marie

    Amara Marie

    7 timer siden

    This is so cringe and funny at the same time

  35. Kyaisha Milton

    Kyaisha Milton

    7 timer siden

    I'm convinced that Jake finally went broke, just get a JOB!!!

  36. Hailey Dorsey

    Hailey Dorsey

    7 timer siden


  37. Sara Rostamzadeh

    Sara Rostamzadeh

    7 timer siden

    Jake Tiana you guys didn't easy and Nobles mean comments on my gosh can I can't believe you ate your wedding erect don't listen to them you're amazing

  38. blessing sogbetun

    blessing sogbetun

    7 timer siden

    This is how jake and tana have sex With a toothbrush

  39. good noodles

    good noodles

    7 timer siden

    Of course he is getting married to the girl who Said the n word

  40. Mew Atria

    Mew Atria

    8 timer siden


  41. george and juan

    george and juan

    8 timer siden

    Who else came here from Jorge Aguilera

  42. αιѕнα


    8 timer siden

    Who came here after reading Joana's Ceddias desc. 🙋‍♀️

  43. sorry for your bleeding ears

    sorry for your bleeding ears

    8 timer siden


  44. Jujubee


    8 timer siden

    So a random guy just showed up at your wedding and poured drinks in your face...ok

  45. Naralia Bullard

    Naralia Bullard

    8 timer siden

    Why am I actually loving this lol

  46. -Gacha Daisy-

    -Gacha Daisy-

    8 timer siden

    What happend to jericka?💔

  47. James OBrienNZ

    James OBrienNZ

    8 timer siden

    Faker than the Kardashians

  48. Slothy :3

    Slothy :3

    9 timer siden

    Why did they make the kids tydus and ry ry?

  49. posewwRBX PRO

    posewwRBX PRO

    9 timer siden

    Congratulations jake

  50. SilverclawDraws


    9 timer siden

    They haven’t even been dating for a year, I will shit my pants if this ends up working, or if this is even real smh

  51. Micheal Alston

    Micheal Alston

    9 timer siden

    congrats and jana is the best couple ever

  52. Antonia Conway

    Antonia Conway

    9 timer siden

    Congratulations!!! 💕🖤❣️💜

  53. Nikolas Pikionis

    Nikolas Pikionis

    9 timer siden

    I left for six months and came back to this

  54. Ines


    9 timer siden

    Imagine the captain in the plain being annoyed asf & he was like "well life was great" *crashes plain*

  55. シUwU


    9 timer siden

    13:58 who tf was that guy

  56. Ronsun 86897

    Ronsun 86897

    10 timer siden


  57. Aaron Rowe

    Aaron Rowe

    10 timer siden

    Jake still has felling s for erika

  58. Makayla Modricker

    Makayla Modricker

    10 timer siden

    14:17 RIP sarah's eyelash

  59. Dark night- Wolf

    Dark night- Wolf

    10 timer siden

    Awwwwwww so cuteeeeee i love this

  60. CoLe KeMpF

    CoLe KeMpF

    10 timer siden

    Lil mosey at 1:16 tho. Lucky.

  61. Jaycee Rae

    Jaycee Rae

    10 timer siden

    Pause at 6:24 ( it's my face when I get food)

  62. Jaimie Brown

    Jaimie Brown

    11 timer siden

    Remember jerika

  63. Rachel Baldwin

    Rachel Baldwin

    11 timer siden

    jake pauls 3rd marriage..

  64. Danger Bro’s Army Lopez

    Danger Bro’s Army Lopez

    11 timer siden

    My sister was there

  65. Charley Wright

    Charley Wright

    12 timer siden

    Congratulations big man ❤️❤️❤️

  66. Quirky Kaitlyn

    Quirky Kaitlyn

    12 timer siden

    Me: Starts to cry *Ad pops up for college* Also Me: I DONT CARE ABOUT COLLEGE RIGHT NOW

  67. DragonPam


    12 timer siden

    Where is jerica

  68. Latis Brooks

    Latis Brooks

    12 timer siden

    I’m sorry but I’ve never seen a messed up wedding like this before!

    • okow tina

      okow tina

      11 timer siden

      I hope you don’t divorce like you did with Erika so many exes but this one feels real so lots of love

  69. sarp kılıç

    sarp kılıç

    12 timer siden

    Erica better than this girl you are stupıd Jake

  70. Aleah Lynn

    Aleah Lynn

    12 timer siden

    Y’all want clout so bad but Pewdiepie literally playing Minecraft get more views than ts

    • okow tina

      okow tina

      11 timer siden

      They must have been the most annoying people you could have had on a plane

  71. Gary Fernandez

    Gary Fernandez

    12 timer siden

    Nobody Jake Paul: hmm hit 32 million with jerika Tana let’s go baby we’re getting married

  72. TF Skeleton

    TF Skeleton

    13 timer siden

    14:20 If you pause at the right moment Jack Doherty will appear.

  73. ;3


    13 timer siden

    15:29 why ... just why

  74. Randa


    13 timer siden

    I just came here to see the fight

  75. JP Matt

    JP Matt

    13 timer siden

    Good for them :)

  76. Logan Hartley

    Logan Hartley

    13 timer siden

    Rushing things faster than a Russian going to b site

  77. Zaiście Wspaniała

    Zaiście Wspaniała

    14 timer siden


  78. Jaymee Rodriguez

    Jaymee Rodriguez

    14 timer siden

    I don’t like her for u I liked Érica

  79. Lateefa. H

    Lateefa. H

    14 timer siden

    Oh my lord! I couldn’t believe that!

  80. ewelina kobyra

    ewelina kobyra

    14 timer siden

    Jake's vows weren't that good