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  1. Jimena Loblo

    Jimena Loblo

    29 minutter siden

    She sdks

  2. bee's honey

    bee's honey

    6 timer siden

    But who's Jana?

  3. King kai

    King kai

    13 timer siden

    Boring. Pewdiepie’s got taste.

  4. Jayne Kucharski

    Jayne Kucharski

    14 timer siden

    how did this random dude make it all the way to the front of the wedding......... it seems like that was intentional for the extra dramatic affects...... and then it appears that the big dude beat the fuck out of him.. wonder how much they paid him for that

  5. Zen Zen

    Zen Zen

    Dag siden

    Come on are you guys gonna fall for this ?

  6. Barack Bobama

    Barack Bobama

    Dag siden

    This has to be the biggest bullshit i’v ever seen

  7. - j e l l y -

    - j e l l y -

    Dag siden

    Oh my goshhh I haven't been here since Tessa left and he's getting married to TANA.

  8. A JADE

    A JADE

    Dag siden

    it's insane how immature this was

  9. Ghostly Storms

    Ghostly Storms

    Dag siden

    Why does this girl look like she has gotten plastic surgery

    • Zoe ZR

      Zoe ZR

      Dag siden

      Ghostly Storms She has... lots

  10. Gerard Ravanes

    Gerard Ravanes

    Dag siden

    People are literally just crowding

  11. Attiq playz Games

    Attiq playz Games

    Dag siden

    Man I feel bad for him he just wants to splash water on you guys let him do what he wants

  12. Omar Sabry

    Omar Sabry

    Dag siden

    Song name ? 8:55

  13. Noémie D

    Noémie D

    Dag siden

    It looks like a parody

  14. StarryNight Cloud

    StarryNight Cloud

    Dag siden

    What happend at the end someone fought!



    2 dager siden

    This just looks like joke 😂

  16. • c u d d l e z •

    • c u d d l e z •

    2 dager siden


  17. So SpunOut

    So SpunOut

    2 dager siden

    This is all for views. They will be divorced in 2 yrs.

    • Zoe ZR

      Zoe ZR

      Dag siden

      So SpunOut Or sooner

  18. Sami Heta

    Sami Heta

    2 dager siden

    I really want you to go back with yo ex

  19. Omar Sabry

    Omar Sabry

    3 dager siden

    Beautiful ❤

  20. layla M

    layla M

    3 dager siden

    اغبى مقطع و اغبى عرس شفته في حياتي

  21. Anne Margret Añover

    Anne Margret Añover

    3 dager siden

    do they even love each other!!??...

  22. Kara Laremoue

    Kara Laremoue

    3 dager siden

    I’m happy for your guys it’s making me cry

  23. Wiren Thakoersing

    Wiren Thakoersing

    3 dager siden


  24. Wiren Thakoersing

    Wiren Thakoersing

    3 dager siden


  25. Wolfie 1207

    Wolfie 1207

    3 dager siden

    I miss jerika

  26. Kristin Lmao

    Kristin Lmao

    4 dager siden

    I was just watching Felix’s and Marzia’s wedding fot like 1000th time and i cried again and then I saw this there so i clicked here and I have tears all over my face and straight face bc like wtf

  27. Katherine Russell

    Katherine Russell

    4 dager siden

    I thought tydus\mini jakepaul was supposed to do the ring and why that guy do that cruel right

  28. OpS PrO

    OpS PrO

    4 dager siden


  29. Itz Gacha Julz

    Itz Gacha Julz

    4 dager siden

    The “Priest” dosent even look or sound like an priest.

  30. Caylee Middleton

    Caylee Middleton

    4 dager siden

    If you listen closely at the beginning of the video you can hear some people say Erika

  31. The Queen

    The Queen

    4 dager siden

    Do all of you e

  32. The Queen

    The Queen

    4 dager siden


  33. Friends forever

    Friends forever

    4 dager siden

    You all are hurting their feelings

  34. Kefe Kefe

    Kefe Kefe

    4 dager siden

    Wasn’t she on the Maury show

  35. Sophie North

    Sophie North

    5 dager siden

    WTF did that man just throw juice all over Tanya and he thought it was funny like WTF dude.Dont do that on a wedding day like come on dude,

  36. Evelyn Rivas

    Evelyn Rivas

    5 dager siden

    July 28 is my birthday omg

  37. Taehyungie 69

    Taehyungie 69

    5 dager siden

    Wtf is this is is weird

  38. Beril Aksit

    Beril Aksit

    5 dager siden

    whats the deal with the dude who threw his drink? it looks staged lol

    • Beril Aksit

      Beril Aksit

      Dag siden

      Zoe ZR the whole wedding is staged whatsoever

    • Zoe ZR

      Zoe ZR

      Dag siden

      Beril Aksit Because it is

  39. T.O.D Fifa King

    T.O.D Fifa King

    5 dager siden

    when jake paul married a slut

  40. Mm Cann

    Mm Cann

    5 dager siden

    9 ads in a 15 min vid 🤦🏼‍♀️