PewDiePie ROBBED! #DramaAlert Alinity did it AGAIN! Ninja FLAMED!

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  1. DramaAlert


    9 dager siden

    Please be my Bodyguards tomorrow homies I need you! The beauty community gonna try to cancel me!!!!

    • Bignigga


      6 dager siden


    • JeAnimation


      6 dager siden

      Ur a killer aren’t you?

    • WulcNTV


      6 dager siden

      get cancelled gnome

    • SYST3M4TIC


      7 dager siden

      Got you Gnomeo

    • Smiley


      7 dager siden

      Fuck off

  2. Dysruptionz


    Time siden

    NOplayerr flexes, gets robbed .. Shrug, i can't care.

  3. Maelstrom_Wander


    2 timer siden

    Kicking is the easiest position I'm overweightband bomb in like 30 and 40 yards, it ain't that hard really

  4. adam toth

    adam toth

    6 timer siden

    I tried to watch this video, but couldnt get past 1min. Holy shit this guys is obnoxious

  5. Dizly809


    11 timer siden


  6. tooswt4bs


    12 timer siden

    With pewdiepie being robbed.... it’s not just about the material things… It’s also about feeling victimized and your privacy invaded. It makes you feel unsafe in your own home. It makes you wonder if they’re going to come back. So to the people that saying that they can just replace all of those things that were stolen… They cannot replace their feelings of safety & security in their home

  7. Ethan Conn

    Ethan Conn

    16 timer siden

    Why would you make the thumbnail like that?

  8. trint k

    trint k

    20 timer siden

    Wtf you are so fake and bias.

  9. RadiantSparrow


    Dag siden

    Beauty community? those women don't even look beautiful just ten pounds of make up

  10. Nyamkhuu Ganbold

    Nyamkhuu Ganbold

    Dag siden

    You are fucin little bittch

  11. vuk king

    vuk king

    Dag siden

    Road to 100k likes

  12. Rick G

    Rick G

    Dag siden

    How did people actually support this asshole?

  13. T Stinzy

    T Stinzy

    Dag siden

    when you need to hit that 10 minute mark, but only have 9minutes of content

  14. pew pew

    pew pew

    Dag siden

    Seriously? people are mad because a dog sniffed her butt. I don't even know who she is but that's just absurd

  15. Jordzyi1


    Dag siden

    These NOplayerrs are pathetic accept for Pewdiepie

  16. Ben Satake

    Ben Satake

    Dag siden

    This is the first video I've watched in a super long time His content has advanced far beyond

  17. nate joe

    nate joe

    Dag siden

    It's not a big deal because they're rich

  18. 5_ qm

    5_ qm

    Dag siden

    My mom thought this was a actual tv show lmao

  19. Baba Tunde

    Baba Tunde

    Dag siden

    How old is that popcorn 🍿?

  20. CapitalTeeth


    2 dager siden

    If there's one thing i know about Twitter, it's that you don't share your fucking opinions on it. It's just that much of a toxic wasteland.

  21. Saitama's Apartment

    Saitama's Apartment

    2 dager siden


  22. Michael wtf

    Michael wtf

    2 dager siden

    Poor pewds

  23. Aterhallsam


    2 dager siden

    He was not robbed. He got burgled.

  24. Nur Raheemah Mohamad Almutangalli

    Nur Raheemah Mohamad Almutangalli

    2 dager siden

    I hate robbers. Once I had my house broken in and they took all of our valuables. Thank God we weren't harmed physically ;_; Anybody else had the same experience?



    2 dager siden

    My mom owns a few of the same popcorn cups. The same one that is on Keem's desk. Is it just me or is that a coincidence?

  26. God Cove

    God Cove

    2 dager siden

    Jake Paul did that so he won't have to fight someone stronger

  27. Easiest cc

    Easiest cc

    2 dager siden

    Keem would be a REALLY good sports narrator! Who else agrees?

  28. Hamalcar Barca

    Hamalcar Barca

    2 dager siden

    What does keem know about being poor

  29. spinta xd

    spinta xd

    2 dager siden

    am sorry a rematch for a fight that you won ok jake paul ok

  30. Shea Meyer-Hanson

    Shea Meyer-Hanson

    2 dager siden

    Robber: *Steals vase with grandma's ashes inside* Internet: just get more

  31. wyatt Clyxs

    wyatt Clyxs

    2 dager siden

    I am a amazing hit man

    • wyatt Clyxs

      wyatt Clyxs

      2 dager siden

      Just hire me

  32. pra prase

    pra prase

    2 dager siden

    Uf Balkan alert guzman pewdiepie

  33. Jerelle81


    3 dager siden

    Pewdiepie gets robbed? Gamers... *UNITE*

  34. Amund Bjorn

    Amund Bjorn

    3 dager siden

    Juice WRLD has died 21 years old check wikipedia

  35. Supreme Mugs

    Supreme Mugs

    3 dager siden

    Rip juice wrld.

  36. Marabito balaha

    Marabito balaha

    3 dager siden

    This guy lost a lot of weight

  37. Bri 777

    Bri 777

    3 dager siden

    okay but my dog does that too that isn't something to go and hang her for. weird yes but not bad or harmful. not unless she's like doing other more explicit stuff which I doubt

  38. neoTGX


    3 dager siden

    Just now got the notification

  39. artemis_ark :D

    artemis_ark :D

    3 dager siden

    The beauty community has to be the most stupid community ever just look at them most of them are covered in ugly makeup making them look like fake rip off dolls I don't see beauty they just look ugly and not natural at all

  40. WeirdnessLord YT

    WeirdnessLord YT

    3 dager siden

    " *Pewdiepie Gets Robed* " The 19 year old army: We Will Find This Man

    • S0ccerMan13


      Dag siden

      @WeirdnessLord YT ahhhhh BIG BRAIN

    • WeirdnessLord YT

      WeirdnessLord YT

      Dag siden

      @S0ccerMan13 19 To Make It Legal

    • S0ccerMan13


      Dag siden

      You mean 9?