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This is the official lyric video for "It Is Well" by Kristene DiMarco on the album "You Make Me Brave."
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  1. Dienna de souza andrade

    Dienna de souza andrade

    Dag siden

    God bless you and ur family!

  2. Michael Young

    Michael Young

    6 dager siden

    My mother had this song play at her funeral. It was according to her wishes. Now I understand why

  3. Joy Dellvon

    Joy Dellvon

    17 dager siden

    I almost cry each time I listen to this song, its so beautiful. I always get shivers when I hear this. In fact this morning this song just started playing in my head. I can't say I'm going through a lot just the typical teenager things like not knowing who I am or who God wants me to be but this song still helps, I love it. As Proverbs 3:5-6 says Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your understanding. 6 In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall make your paths strait. Even though we go through so much and it kills us and it hurts we still have to trust the lord, he loves us and everything that happens is all part of a plan so that you can do something greater.

  4. The Scott Society

    The Scott Society

    24 dager siden

    My 4 year old sings this with me before we go to sleep

  5. Lesa Trulove

    Lesa Trulove

    26 dager siden

    Glory to your great name Lord Jesus. You give such beautiful songs to us.

  6. da mc

    da mc

    27 dager siden

    I have only Christ with me,though I'm surrounded by people.

  7. Menique R. L Hussein

    Menique R. L Hussein

    Måned siden

    This a great song. She sung it a great way. Hormanizing I a light crisp voice.

  8. breadrolls


    Måned siden

    Why am I like this if I know God why am I such a wreck at everything and I ruin everything I touch why am I so weak if I know God and why do the people around me that don’t even know him have everything so together I feel like a joke ...what’s wrong with me sometimes I think maybe God was wrong me I can’t do this ...

    • Tiangelo


      Måned siden

      breadrolls cause those are all lies you’re believing in- that’s the enemy talking to you. No matter what happens, no matter how you feel- you need to do what Jesus did to Satan when He was being tempted (you are being tempted into believing lies)- Jesus rebuked Satan and spoke the Word of God to him and Satan fled- the enemy cannot counter the Word of God.

  9. Melisa Chavez

    Melisa Chavez

    Måned siden

    lyrics too slow. I like to sing to it and I can't.

  10. Adebola Adekunbi

    Adebola Adekunbi

    Måned siden

    It is well by God's grace ❤

  11. Adriana Costa

    Adriana Costa

    Måned siden

    Our Lord is worthy to receive praise from

  12. Faith Pruetz

    Faith Pruetz

    2 måneder siden

    this song hits me hard cause i went to a camp and i had a moment with this song and i opened my eyes

  13. Jessica Weller

    Jessica Weller

    3 måneder siden

    My cousin died by suicide 2 days ago. I'm struggling emotionally. I pray that it is well with his soul.

    • Tiangelo


      Måned siden

      Jessica Weller I’m sorry. The enemy is taking out a lot of people by suicide these days. We need to help the ones still here who are under those lies to see that they are not alone

  14. willie EkaIndLand

    willie EkaIndLand

    3 måneder siden

    When the storm came to my life as a Student in foreign country, I was just 18. A chronic disease came and attacked my brain.2 times also have a near death experience because of it. I thought as well that Lord has left me alone. But when I looked back to my past, I could only cry thanking Him for what He do. I dunno if my faith would ever be strong to hold on Him, I hope so. And you all can always trust Him, even in storm.

  15. Leonardo Campos de Souza

    Leonardo Campos de Souza

    3 måneder siden

    Too beautiful, this song praise God

  16. HL B

    HL B

    4 måneder siden

    Every time I listen to this song, I cry.

  17. Maria Hodge

    Maria Hodge

    4 måneder siden

    Thank you Jesus

  18. Maria Hodge

    Maria Hodge

    4 måneder siden

    Beautiful song

  19. Bev Gritton

    Bev Gritton

    4 måneder siden

    It is well with my soul!

  20. Angel Maria

    Angel Maria

    4 måneder siden

    Through it all, My eyes are on you!😇

  21. Raul Smith

    Raul Smith

    5 måneder siden


  22. Sarah Costa

    Sarah Costa

    5 måneder siden

    Glory God ❤️🙏🏻😍

  23. Avalene Moore

    Avalene Moore

    5 måneder siden

    Stay strong it is well God is good

  24. Socorro Santiago

    Socorro Santiago

    5 måneder siden

    Quem está ouvindo em maio/2019?

  25. Madelin Barnes

    Madelin Barnes

    5 måneder siden

    I just love this song, I don't even understand the lyrics 100% but I feel peace when I hear it. God bless y'all.

  26. Madisyn Ruth

    Madisyn Ruth

    5 måneder siden

    The people who dislike this video must not believe that God is one their side and good things have happened.

  27. J E Z Z Y W A P

    J E Z Z Y W A P

    5 måneder siden

    for all the victims of the earthquake around the world right now, everything's going to be fine. Trust and be still. God loves you

  28. Kateasha Townsend

    Kateasha Townsend

    6 måneder siden

    It is well with my soul.

  29. Boost Mobile

    Boost Mobile

    6 måneder siden

    Chau utube

  30. Dahyanna Hamilton

    Dahyanna Hamilton

    6 måneder siden

    My brother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer but through it all it is well!!! I know the Lord's plan are perfect and he can move this mountain.

    • Tiangelo


      Måned siden

      Dahyanna Hamilton amen! Cancer is nothing for Jesus- many have been healed of it by His power

  31. Mieke B

    Mieke B

    6 måneder siden

    I love this song it reaches my heart ❤ but singing the same lyrics for more than 2 minutes non stop is a bit to much for me (not ment to be hate just my opinion❤)

  32. Angel Baltimore

    Angel Baltimore

    6 måneder siden

    This song is amazing first heard it at a tres dias weekend.

  33. Michelle Goaziou

    Michelle Goaziou

    6 måneder siden

    and it is well......

  34. God's Word Today

    God's Word Today

    7 måneder siden

    Through it all, my eyes are on You dear Lord. I trust You more, I believe that You will do miracles and favor into our lives. Heal my PCOS oh God. I pray for Your favor and may You bless our hearts desire to have healthy children. All glory to Your name. It is well because of your unfailing love.

  35. miriam itengo

    miriam itengo

    7 måneder siden

    just what I needed

  36. N


    7 måneder siden

    I struggle with anxiety and extreme stress often, but this song never fails to remind me that HE is greater than I. That I should Trust in Him and keep my faith. I'll be honest keeping faith throughout the trials and dark times is incredibly challenging, but nevertheless my walk with God has strengthened. It is well no matter what

  37. Francine Zerrudo

    Francine Zerrudo

    7 måneder siden

    My life may be crazy right now, but I know the Lord will provide a way for me to get through this storm easier. He's done it before, and i'll see him do it again!

  38. Vanessa Castaneda

    Vanessa Castaneda

    8 måneder siden


  39. Nick S

    Nick S

    8 måneder siden

    My church sang this song and everyone was singing along, there was no dry eyes at all in that room

  40. kyunghee Oh

    kyunghee Oh

    8 måneder siden

    Thank you so much Lord again! So beautiful! All the glory to Lord forever! Thank you so much for sharing with me so wonderful Worship videos music Channel today again! God bless all! God bless AMERICA!

  41. galaxxy


    8 måneder siden

    So I honestly don't have a religious belief other or religion other than a little Judaism. Reguardless, the meaning for me is through my boyfriend, my soul, my happiness and light

    • Yeow Xing Mei

      Yeow Xing Mei

      7 måneder siden

      Who loves u and whom you love

    • Yeow Xing Mei

      Yeow Xing Mei

      7 måneder siden

      Happy for u that u have a boyfriend!!

  42. Jessica Honorato

    Jessica Honorato

    8 måneder siden

    It is well with my soul.

  43. Carin Tutor

    Carin Tutor

    8 måneder siden

  44. Cheri Wood

    Cheri Wood

    9 måneder siden

    I love this song. But God won't let it out of my spirit for the entire day and night.

  45. Terry Davenport

    Terry Davenport

    9 måneder siden

    While I think the song is nice, it is my opinion that the effort to adapt or rewrite the great hymn 'It Is Well With My Soul' has failed. The original was powerful, but this piece is soft, and the message is weakened. I'm not a great follower of the new vision of 'praise and worship' music because it seems much of the music is simply mantras and repetitiveness and much of it is played in such a way as to become 'stadium rock'. The truth of the Gospel of Christ is powerful to draw prople to Him without adapting it to 'modern culture'.

  46. judsa2008


    9 måneder siden

    This song still helps me today .

  47. Charlie Gomes

    Charlie Gomes

    9 måneder siden

    Música da chamada #NovelaJesus117. Sexta-feira, 04/01/2019. Está por vir fortes emoções. Obrigado por essa música ao Senhor. 😭💛🙏🙌

  48. Henry Williams

    Henry Williams

    9 måneder siden

    I like her voice

  49. Taylor Marcum

    Taylor Marcum

    10 måneder siden

    This was my mom's song for getting through her cancer treatment. Knowing no matter what, it's in God's hands and it is well with my soul. On Thursday, doctors told us that her treatment has stopped working and there's nothing more they can do to save her. Within the next year, my mom will pass away and this will be my last Christmas with her. Through the hurt and anger, I look to God. Through it all, my eyes are on you, and it is well with me.

  50. Manuela Boell Alves

    Manuela Boell Alves

    10 måneder siden

    Eu sou do 3anob

  51. Manuela Boell Alves

    Manuela Boell Alves

    10 måneder siden

    Os meus amigos e amigas e a professora bota essa música e todos gosta❤

  52. Manuela Boell Alves

    Manuela Boell Alves

    10 måneder siden


  53. Malorie Cutecakes

    Malorie Cutecakes

    10 måneder siden

    i love this song it just leads me the the pom of gods hands if you like this song give this a thumbs up

  54. Cocoa Michelle

    Cocoa Michelle

    10 måneder siden

    This is such a powerful song and just so beautiful, every time I hear it I feel the Holy Spirit and it leaves me in tears honestly!! #LetgoandletGod

  55. Ela Sespene

    Ela Sespene

    10 måneder siden

    So let go my Soul and Trust in Him the waves and wind still know His Name👆💕👆

  56. Fortunato Pemessa

    Fortunato Pemessa

    11 måneder siden


  57. Kenneth Anderson

    Kenneth Anderson

    11 måneder siden

    I am not trying to be critical. Yet my mistake needs to be pointed out. First, look at the lyrics of these two songs. 1. Bethal Music - It Is Well 2. Audrey Assad - It is Well With My Soul Now, which one actually tells why it is well? Which one has meat? Which one truly points you to scripture, Christ, the cross, the victory over sin. I state this because my daughter loves the first option. She sings it loudly. Yet, what is she actually getting from it? Does it actually point her to the cause or does it actually delete the cause and only focus on the effect. In the first song the singer belts, “Because of who you are Lord!” Well, who is he? God yes is loving but he is also just. If we remove Christ, the cross, we are left with only the justice of God with no cause to sing, “It is well...” It is only well because of Christ. To some this may not be a big deal. You may say, “Just teach her afterwards why.” Well, music is one of the few times the whole brain is engaged in learning. Music is an extremely powerful influence. She may not hear me afterwards and just because it is “Christian” doesn’t make it solid. Anyways, just one dad saying I grew this week out of seeing a need to be more intentional as a dad. Also, I want to praise First Baptist Church Jackson for modeling and discipling me so I can see the importance of the lyrics we sing and the motivation/posture we approach the song in order to praise God. I am not the center of worship to receive a blessing in or through song. I am to sacrifice and humble myself making Jesus the center of worship and give Him my offering. My daughter will not be listening to the first option anymore. Now I need to go humble myself and teach her why and how dad made a mistake. I need to ask for her forgiveness and give her the opportunity to forgive me.

  58. Ruan Anderson

    Ruan Anderson

    År siden

    Novela Jesus♥

  59. Brian Whitten

    Brian Whitten

    År siden

    I could really use some prayer right now. My wife and I are going through a divorce and I have been making a lot of bad decisions and not putting God first. I know He will guide us through this trying time but it is very difficult

  60. Ruan Anderson

    Ruan Anderson

    År siden

    Novela Jesus