Kim Kardashian West Breaks Down 21 Looks From 2006 to Now | Life in Looks | Vogue

Reality star turned mogul Kim Kardashian West dishes on her most iconic, and most regrettable, looks. Some of her greatest moments include Juicy Couture, Kanye West, and a whole lot of Skims.

Directed and Produced by Rom Bokobza

Editor Marcus Niehaus

Filmed at the Hotel Bel-Air
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Kim Kardashian West Breaks Down 21 Looks From 2006 to Now | Life in Looks | Vogue


  1. Manisha Dash

    Manisha Dash

    7 minutter siden

    None of anything matters when The Olsen Twins approve 😋😍🤩

  2. Maaha Ansari

    Maaha Ansari

    Time siden

    Kim is the one who deserves her own self made success.. You go gal..... ❤

  3. mo brown

    mo brown

    5 timer siden

    The floral pregnant dress looks like a couch lol

  4. taima krayem

    taima krayem

    6 timer siden

    No one: Kim Kardashian west: Kanye had this whole vision

  5. Lisa Trevino

    Lisa Trevino

    11 timer siden

    6:46 is my favorite part. This is our Generation of Marriage. We are all one body!

  6. Fight me.

    Fight me.

    13 timer siden

    Sweats are the new vibe

  7. jc73871


    14 timer siden

    She needs a reality check

  8. ninja blender

    ninja blender

    15 timer siden

    She’s such an actual person. A lot of celebrities today fake it, but she’s so genuine

  9. JasmineSkyy


    16 timer siden

    I loved her first met ball pregnant look

  10. JasmineSkyy


    16 timer siden

    Kim is so nostalgic and sentimental

  11. love u you are love energy

    love u you are love energy

    20 timer siden

    A book of What shallow dumb empty headed human being looks like...

  12. Kat Ramirez

    Kat Ramirez

    20 timer siden

    Love you so much Kim. You’re a queen, a goddess, everything

  13. Erica


    22 timer siden

    She's so cute here and I love her but please girl, it's "he and I," not "him and I." People are listening to you so use correct English please!

  14. crazy cowgirl

    crazy cowgirl

    23 timer siden

    looked better when she was younger ...butt and lips way too big now...have nothing against her just my opinion

  15. Beatrice Overton

    Beatrice Overton

    23 timer siden

    She seems like the nicest person

  16. Anastasia Cassandra Wilson

    Anastasia Cassandra Wilson

    23 timer siden

    I loved that Fendi schoolgirl look, i dunno! Just do! :)

  17. katerina z

    katerina z

    Dag siden

    i love the red look

  18. Khushi Chotai

    Khushi Chotai

    Dag siden

    can we just talk about how soothing her voice is, like she could read me a bedtime story and I'd fall asleep right away oof

  19. gladys marin

    gladys marin

    Dag siden

    What vulgarity of dress, that black

  20. gladys marin

    gladys marin

    Dag siden

    que vulgaridad mostrando ropa interior

  21. Tom Jones

    Tom Jones

    Dag siden

    She said she was going to be "fun" three times...but it was kinda boring.

  22. Emory Jae

    Emory Jae

    Dag siden

    She’s iconic

  23. Keayanna Davis

    Keayanna Davis

    Dag siden

    no her worst look of life was the paris yeezy fashionshow

  24. Mm M

    Mm M

    Dag siden

    Someone saying about their own looks "iconic" "legendary" how humble

    • Sam Anthony

      Sam Anthony

      Dag siden

      Someone else designed it and she was just complimenting it which is the right thing to do.

  25. Loraine Kat

    Loraine Kat

    2 dager siden

    I was hoping her first look would be the sextape look 😩 she looked pretty bomb before getting undressed though

  26. Stephanie Mae

    Stephanie Mae

    2 dager siden

    Someone out there owns a dress that Kim Kardashian wore and probably paid $200 for an$5000 dress

  27. Jeta Bekaj

    Jeta Bekaj

    2 dager siden

    She is ICONIC and thats just it, whether u like it or not!

  28. kotur28


    2 dager siden

    I still think that Ricardo Tisci set her up!

  29. Sxxm *

    Sxxm *

    2 dager siden

    She’s honestly so smart, people just overlook her due to her past or just things she’s been accused of 🤷‍♀️

  30. elm0505


    2 dager siden

    Her voice sounds weird :-/

  31. Social Democracy

    Social Democracy

    2 dager siden

    This is Kim 🍋🍊🍈🍑🍐🍅🍓🍒🍇

  32. Evie Jynx

    Evie Jynx

    2 dager siden

    Her voice is so different

  33. Osya Sa

    Osya Sa

    3 dager siden


  34. Nanuka Ramishvili

    Nanuka Ramishvili

    3 dager siden

    Thierry not Terry :)))

  35. Iteboheng Langeni

    Iteboheng Langeni

    3 dager siden

    I think when Kim was pregnant she looked good

  36. Denya Blanco

    Denya Blanco

    3 dager siden

    She said, "I cherish every face that I've had." Verbatim.

    • Crontainer


      19 timer siden

      "phase" not "face" bruh

  37. Erica Mae

    Erica Mae

    3 dager siden

    "iconic" jesus christ

  38. Ashlyn Tingley

    Ashlyn Tingley

    3 dager siden

    We need one with Stevie Nicks

  39. Phương Dung

    Phương Dung

    3 dager siden

    She had grown and develop as a respected woman and I think that’s a great thing !!

  40. Bonita Janssen

    Bonita Janssen

    3 dager siden

    V A I N Clueless. Understatemint of the century!