Pigs used to be Overpowered

Check out the Extra History episode on Pig Colonialization here: noplayer.info/show/Nldrakh5S0h5WDQ.html
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  1. Extra Credits

    Extra Credits

    8 dager siden

    Oh, so THAT'S a hell pig... O.o

    • Coaster Mechanic Mario

      Coaster Mechanic Mario

      18 timer siden

      @Samuel K what a fuckin concept

    • Samuel K

      Samuel K

      18 timer siden

      Coaster Mechanic Mario yeah its not like theres some old addage that talks about learning history or else youll be doomed to repeat it, and its not like were smart enough to know if with hindsight that the nazis were evil and we should be nice to one another in real life

    • Coaster Mechanic Mario

      Coaster Mechanic Mario

      18 timer siden

      @Samuel K it's not like the Nazis were an actual threat that required the entire developed world to deal with. No just nerf them so you don't want to play as them.

    • Samuel K

      Samuel K

      18 timer siden

      Coaster Mechanic Mario yeah its not like were smart enough to know who the bad guys are or that its just a game we need to censor the history that makes us "uncomfortable"

    • Coaster Mechanic Mario

      Coaster Mechanic Mario

      19 timer siden

      You know what will immerse me in a WWII shooter? Red vs Blue

  2. The Rawhide

    The Rawhide

    9 timer siden

    I like TierZoo's viewpoint on evolution, seeing it as a game is really cool.

  3. Christian Lecroy

    Christian Lecroy

    9 timer siden

    What's your favorite build?

  4. The Absolute End

    The Absolute End

    9 timer siden

    Can you do a are moose op video

  5. Christian Lecroy

    Christian Lecroy

    9 timer siden

    Hey I really like these builds , Im actually working on my own hog build I'm trying to put more points in power than actual def though I'm not sure how.

  6. Khanadian


    9 timer siden

    good pig pixelart

  7. retosius


    10 timer siden

    with how scientists found correction code there is actual evidence that we're a video game.

  8. Diogo Guimarães

    Diogo Guimarães

    11 timer siden

    bro, you should make a wildlife arpg

  9. Josh Giles Friend

    Josh Giles Friend

    12 timer siden

    Could you do a vid on siphonophores? How do they work? Is each creature a separate player like an ant colony or is it one player controlling the lot?

  10. g76agi


    12 timer siden

    Best plays by human players?

  11. Jamel Jarvis

    Jamel Jarvis

    12 timer siden

    Sweating is NOT an exclusive human ability. Horses aren't humans.

  12. ola kede

    ola kede

    12 timer siden

    Do i need my max enchanted diamond set to kill one?

  13. Bong And A Blin

    Bong And A Blin

    12 timer siden

    Air cooled vs water cooled (cold blooded vs warm blooded).

  14. Ami LIME

    Ami LIME

    13 timer siden


  15. Alpha male

    Alpha male

    13 timer siden

    Do a video on elemental attacks or the skill tree!

  16. DJ HypeBeat

    DJ HypeBeat

    13 timer siden

    Are crit builds viable on pigs?

  17. Karma Sutra

    Karma Sutra

    14 timer siden

    How to Explain to Nature to the Kids nowadays 😂👌 Thanks to this, i now know how to approach things to my baby brother

  18. 1cetea


    14 timer siden

    Id go for the Hog build if you're a casual gamer since it's balanced.

  19. Teorija Ludaka

    Teorija Ludaka

    17 timer siden


  20. epic Tejas

    epic Tejas

    17 timer siden

    you should make a video on the best counter play options to the humans class

  21. Raul Martinez

    Raul Martinez

    17 timer siden

    I just binged all the episode on the channel.

  22. jomegadude


    17 timer siden

    Well given that heart disease is one of the biggest killers of mankind, I’d say bacon would make Pigs one of the best martyrdom classes as well.

  23. Upupa epops

    Upupa epops

    19 timer siden

    Feral pigs are one of the worst invasive species; definitely a successful build.

  24. The Great Western Trendkill

    The Great Western Trendkill

    20 timer siden

    BO2 soundtrack coming up unexpected... realize it is pretty good

  25. Swapnil Kumbhar

    Swapnil Kumbhar

    21 time siden

    5:43 Animal Farm

  26. kbm023


    22 timer siden

    Why does the closing credit song make me so happy?

  27. Nifty


    22 timer siden

    This Channel is so interesting. I just subscribed today and I love it! Also, we need a parasite tier list so god can nerf the parasites.

  28. LizardKing174


    23 timer siden

    Did anyone else notice that he sounded... Off? Like... The tone in his voice has a genuine lack of enthusiasm... Hope he's all good! Edit: Ohhhhh, I just saw the end. That's why.

  29. Draedaja


    23 timer siden

    Hahahaha, did that warthog just dig up a black lotus?! Such lucky, much wow.

  30. lavender Flower

    lavender Flower

    23 timer siden

    Hey can you do a pack hunter video?

  31. clarencepcanine


    Dag siden

    Sweating is not exclusively human. Horses sweat too

  32. TurboBlader123


    Dag siden

    I like that he pretends it’s a game

  33. Al TH

    Al TH

    Dag siden

    Could.you make a Rey tier.list

  34. Arnaud Baetens

    Arnaud Baetens

    Dag siden

    peepee poopoo army is op

  35. greywolf 18

    greywolf 18

    Dag siden

    can you help settle a dispute between me and my friends, who would win in a fight between a gorilla and a bear?



      16 timer siden

      A bear would most likely win due to their higher strength and the fact that they have claws and fangs.

  36. Josh Chew

    Josh Chew

    Dag siden

    yea minecraft hypixel skyblock pigman sword very good

  37. Jay Beck

    Jay Beck

    Dag siden

    And here I thought Hell Pig was my Smash Bros main

  38. Laser W Halprin

    Laser W Halprin

    Dag siden

    Where do Rays fit in the undersea meta?

  39. Lazydoge 129

    Lazydoge 129

    Dag siden

    great channel you should make videos more often

  40. yaddassi


    Dag siden

    What’s the outro song

  41. FunNiceGuy 444

    FunNiceGuy 444

    Dag siden

    Hog rider

  42. Lane Games

    Lane Games

    Dag siden

    Remember when a boar destroyed all fo Westeros?

  43. wedson soares

    wedson soares

    Dag siden

    Peepeepoopoo is definetly a tier S+++

  44. Branko Mravic

    Branko Mravic

    Dag siden

    What is the music in the final credits?? I know the tune from somewhere...

  45. Massive CENT

    Massive CENT

    Dag siden

    Could you do a video on flightless birds? Things like Emu's and Ostriches

  46. Spartan


    Dag siden

    Damn I just saw on murdered by words how hard you just roasted the one guy who called dumb even though you are correct but do not do this to me though please

  47. XianL


    Dag siden

    Holy fuck dude, that segway into the channel promotion was slick as hell, well done. I'm hella interested in the history of pigs.

    • XianL


      Dag siden

      @TierZoo love the channel btw, life is the greatest game I've played. Your stuff sure helps us appreciate the meta.

  48. Resplendent Moron

    Resplendent Moron

    Dag siden

    In traditional agriculture, meat animals unlock XP otherwise unavailable to humans by using XP sources that humans cannot or will not use themselves (hunting wild insects, eating garbage, or cellulose). Pigs still fill this role in industrial agriculture, to a greater extent than do other farmed animals.

  49. Josh Hanna

    Josh Hanna

    Dag siden

    I heard that bo2 music

  50. KingLimaBean


    Dag siden

    Rats and other rodents need to be buffed I play the mouse most of the time and i always get taken down by humans, cats, foxes, dogs, and even birds what do you think about a buff on rodents?

  51. Jeffrey Manics

    Jeffrey Manics

    Dag siden

    This may sound odd, but can you do a tier list on Flightless Birds. I'm just curious on how that list would turn up.

  52. Karen Poellnitz

    Karen Poellnitz

    Dag siden


  53. Richard.X


    Dag siden

    Is the mulstelidae faction good? (Honey badgers, wolverines, weasels etc)

  54. Cell0


    Dag siden

    I like how this is all represented like a game lol

  55. gamini kokawalage

    gamini kokawalage

    Dag siden

    This channel is an iseikai

  56. Immortalstar01


    Dag siden

    What if kaijus where modded into the game?

  57. Cappuccino


    Dag siden

    Now they are haram

  58. Rocky Starfish88

    Rocky Starfish88

    Dag siden

    Can we get a chicken tier list?

  59. Love 2 Learn V Y

    Love 2 Learn V Y

    Dag siden

    I didn't ask of this extra history guy and anything he had to say

  60. kiwi


    Dag siden

    I didn't ask for this, I don't want this but now I'm watching a collag with extra credits.

  61. Magnum


    Dag siden

    Man I can't do with these videos, they are too good and funny!

  62. PatchyPretzel


    Dag siden

    I've always wished about a video discussing a perfect class (max intelligence, max attack etc.)

  63. Tsunami! :o

    Tsunami! :o

    Dag siden

    6:45 Extra history was once well researched summaries of history. It is now a shabby ass work of a few minutes, digging up whatever "diverse" truths and lies to seel a very specific picture of the past. They are now actively working towards revisionism and half truth.

  64. phantom gamer

    phantom gamer

    Dag siden

    Could you possibly talk about alligators and crocodiles.

  65. Chris Co

    Chris Co

    Dag siden

    Do the axolotl meta

  66. Faruque Ahmad

    Faruque Ahmad

    Dag siden

    Theres only one strong pig left.... and thats Technoblade

  67. Thecrazyvikin570


    Dag siden

    A good idea is to make tier lists on monsters or creatures from different movies or books and call them dlc packs

  68. Dom B

    Dom B

    Dag siden

    Not the crossover I expected, but the one I needed

  69. Despacito_Boi


    Dag siden

    There’s gonna be extra credits, 30-50 hogs, and technoblade memes, I’m gonna call it

  70. Ramoth OfPern

    Ramoth OfPern

    Dag siden

    Sweating is unique to humans? Did you ever see a horse dripping sweat after work? True it's not the main source of cooling for most animals but quite a few do it as a supplement, cows for examle or dogs (they leave these cute sweaty paw prints on hot days because they only sweat on their paws). sry to go all know-it-all on you

  71. Kyle White

    Kyle White

    Dag siden

    Hey TierZoo, would you consider making a video about the hyena builds? A fan video popularized the idea that they were just scavengers, but they actually have an edge over lions.

  72. Nick Zois

    Nick Zois

    Dag siden

    The black ops 2 backround music

  73. stephen raines

    stephen raines

    Dag siden

    Bovine tier list?

  74. The Gasmask Warrior

    The Gasmask Warrior

    Dag siden

    I kinda want a video on how the World of Monster Hunter creatures would fair in our todays ecosystem. The only problem would be that you would have to completely ignore the metabolism and energy thing because it would be impossible to do cause some of them are bigger than our biggest animals at all, with some of them on land minding you.

  75. 10,000 subs with no vids

    10,000 subs with no vids

    Dag siden

    someone legit needs to make tierzoo into an actual game

  76. Patrick Flicker

    Patrick Flicker

    Dag siden

    This is the best channel on youtube lol

  77. landen szabo

    landen szabo

    Dag siden

    Idk if you like to do extinct species but you should do a video on the best former evolutions of man and there biggest rivals

  78. Kyle Miller

    Kyle Miller

    Dag siden

    When are we getting eusocial insects

  79. Retax7


    Dag siden

    Your videos are a drug. Can't get enough of them. Please, whenever possible upload a parrot tier list. I've always wondered why did they developed the imitation tree skill.

  80. Christian Slowik

    Christian Slowik

    Dag siden

    Honestly tho if you teamed up with some skilled programmers and actually put all these videos info into it you could make the best game ever