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Everything GREAT About Avengers: Endgame! (Part 1)

Endgame! You've all seen it, you all loved it, let's celebrate it! Maybe you'll even see some things you missed. Here's everything right with Avengers: Endgame!
And yes, this is Part 1. Part 2 will be published Friday, Oct 11, 2019
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  1. SLY saint

    SLY saint

    9 timer siden

    Am I the only one who thought that in theory iron man should have been able to lift the hammer

  2. Neihana Tapiki

    Neihana Tapiki

    14 timer siden

    I choose to believe that the “H” in “Morgan H Stark” stands for Happy. As a nod to Tony and Peppers close friend, but also Howard works.

  3. Katie H

    Katie H

    15 timer siden

    i'M SO SAD THAT I DIDNT NOTICE THE GAY EXTRA! I can't believe I didn't notice that when watch lol.

  4. TheNintendoPros


    16 timer siden

    1 part for every hour

  5. Freshairkaboom


    16 timer siden

    I see this video as an absolute win

  6. sayonara crossing

    sayonara crossing

    18 timer siden

    What? More horns? The title card for endgame literally had half of the instruments of what there were in Infinity War

  7. JohnnyHotshot


    19 timer siden

    Actually, in 2015 Agents of SHIELD had Joey Gutierrez - an Inhuman with the power to melt metal from up to 3 meters away. Was one of the members of the Secret Warriors and is actually the first openly gay MCU character. Not in the movies sure, but Agents of SHIELD is 100% MCU.

  8. sal ty

    sal ty

    20 timer siden

    could u do far from home

  9. Emma Culp

    Emma Culp

    20 timer siden

    Chris hemsworth didn’t use a fat suit. He actually got that fat in real life

  10. danny phenton

    danny phenton

    22 timer siden

    YOU DIDN’T MENTION “oh look its like a puppy! You want to go to space puppy!? I’ll take you to space!”

  11. Code Khalil

    Code Khalil

    Dag siden

    Strange saved them all. Really wish he had more screen time in Endgame but they can only do so much :-(

  12. Gumball Watterson

    Gumball Watterson

    Dag siden

    Brightburn reference lol

  13. The house of Chaos

    The house of Chaos

    Dag siden

    just curious when "acting" became being.... how someone supposed to act, when the actor must embody the character verbatim.. All of you who have to have a gay character played by a gay person... jesus.. no matter what you will never be satisfied.. your constant need to bitch will always override... and what's with all this equal representation griping.. you do realize that Gay, trans, black, latino are all represented far more than the actual population percentage vs the amount they are cast in movies... the ones that aren't is Asian and native American... so lets stop with the constant complaining and attacking the companies, directors, actors, etc… But honestly the Hollywood crowd has brought it on themselves with their constant virtue signaling...

  14. Spartan0417


    Dag siden

    the endgame title card has half the musical ensemble of infinity war as well

  15. Diego Armando Quino Puma

    Diego Armando Quino Puma

    Dag siden

    man you miss the slow mo walk

  16. Nathan Johnson

    Nathan Johnson

    Dag siden

    It took till Endgame for me to realize that New Asgard was actually in Tonsberg, Norway. Way back in the original Thor, Tonsberg was where the Frost Giants were defeated on Earth. It's an important part of Asgard's history on Midgard and a call back to Odin into the bargain!

  17. Good Boi

    Good Boi

    Dag siden

    ben 10 could have killed thanos

  18. Nick Nack

    Nick Nack

    Dag siden


  19. Eienias20


    Dag siden

    7:24 that part still gets me cause...from the moment i saw infinity war and hulk refused to come out i was like "well obviously he wouldn't given how badly he got his ass kicked" then everywhere on the internet ppl were coming up with so many theories and so many reasons i was like "was it not obvious? or am i wrong?" come endgame i was like "I WASNT WRONG" its such a silly little thing to be glad about but i really thought i was crazy for thinking the answer was so simple

  20. Yolky


    Dag siden

    2:43 It’s actually half the instruments from the original theme, not double.

  21. jimmy2k4o


    Dag siden


    • I don't understand

      I don't understand

      Dag siden


  22. Demigod A1ryz

    Demigod A1ryz

    Dag siden

    13:32 note: this is one of the very very VERY few times he DIDNT give a point

  23. William Brown

    William Brown

    Dag siden

    They used Dragonball z time machine rules

  24. Theresa Galyean

    Theresa Galyean

    Dag siden

    next should be spider man far from home

  25. Joe M

    Joe M

    2 dager siden

    I like the bright burn reference😁

  26. Carson


    2 dager siden

    the math i did: All the guardians: Peter, Gamora, Rocket, Groot, Drax, Mantis, Nebula & Thor. If you're only counting the dusted ones then it's 5/8 x 100 = 62.5% If you're counting the dusted ones AND the ones that are unavailable at the time (Thor in his depression, Nebula in space) then it's 7/8 x 100 = 87.5%

  27. T Bone

    T Bone

    2 dager siden

    I’m a big marvel fan and I hated it ! I was so pissed and disappointed tbh most ppl I know rather thought it was ok or didn’t like it them selves but for me it was such a deep wound I don’t even like hearing the word end game anymore I just pretend this movie didn’t happen just some events took place between infinity war and Spider-Man far from home. Though they were big events the story sucked and just shit was just boring and a regular ass movie when it was suppose to be so much more after all these movies after all these years after how good infinity war was I thought they could top that with something greater with all these characters and build up .....and to do my favorite marvel character the hulk so wrong I was expecting the hulk to be the raged out monster that I know and love and after we wasn’t in infinity war much I was sure they were gonna do him justice but noo we got some green mark ruffulo yeah professor hulk was “cute” at first and different but that’s not my favorite marvel character that’s not who I came to see didn’t do shit but snap his fingers when he’s known to be and what made me fall in love with him a brute fighting crazed raged monster warrior ...yes that’s who the hulk is to me and that’s what I wanted on the big screen in the most anticipated movie of all time the biggest marvel marvel movie or biggest bust in my opinion..but that’s what I wanted most along with a lot of action and good story and I got none of that ....what ever I’m still gonna follow and watch marvel movies but they hurt me bad with something I was thinking about and so excited for for a whole year shit 10 years ..

  28. sliver fox

    sliver fox

    2 dager siden

    Goop that is all

  29. GRAMPS


    2 dager siden

    Cap holding the hammer was indeed an experience, but for me the moment i’ll never forget is Sams “On you’re left” i remember everyone just being dead silent with awe and then just random dude just breaking it by yelling *_“BROOOOOO!”_*

  30. Nathan Gray

    Nathan Gray

    2 dager siden

    Also hulk was so used to wining from sacar so it was embarrassing for him

  31. Thordan Ssoa

    Thordan Ssoa

    2 dager siden

    A possible simple explanation of the mobius strip inverted bit. A mobius strip can either twist clockwise or anti-clockwise. It would make sense to make one of these a default, and inverted would be the other.

  32. Patrick Blacker

    Patrick Blacker

    2 dager siden

    No win for miek eating pizza? Come on

  33. Toxic-Pop


    2 dager siden

    Gay representation is unnecessary. And if there must be a gay character, the actor doesn't have to be gay. Just as the director of a POC lead movie doesn't have to be POC and a Female lead movie doesn't have to have a female director. This whole representation argument is ridiculous.

  34. KidKinsey


    2 dager siden

    Loved this part💯💯🔥🔥1

  35. Sean Beaton

    Sean Beaton

    2 dager siden

    So straight people can't play gay characters but no-one says anything about (straight) Rami malek playing Freddie Mercury, I guess because he isn't white?

  36. Zohran Moin

    Zohran Moin

    2 dager siden

    Everything GREAT About Avengers: Endgame! shows entire movie

  37. Evan Conrod

    Evan Conrod

    2 dager siden

    Hulk just channelling his inner Ed from Shaun of the dead and totally selling the bit

  38. HoracioAmiritoDiaz


    2 dager siden

    I wish you won Meek eating two slices of pizza at once then throwing one of the pizza slices at the TV when Noobmaster69 called Korg a dickhead.

  39. Subject_Changed


    2 dager siden

    One dark thought.. how many people committed suicide because they lost someone close, not knowing that one they had lost would be back. Or the ones coming back discovering that the ones they had left behind wouldn't be there when they returned.

    • TheGalacticCrafter


      21 time siden

      Also people in cars/planes that will come back in mid air/traffic, people lost during wars and riots and starvation, they left the world much much worse, but hey, Morgan gets to live, so it's fine😂

  40. RedGeoBlaze


    2 dager siden

    11:19 Lee gets a win for researching how to pronounce his name. The 'R' sound trips up a lot of us native English speakers since it's so foreign to us.

  41. Henry Carmichael

    Henry Carmichael

    2 dager siden

    When it started with Clint I was like..."Ohhh..." Then it goes five YEARS I was like..."Wow boy..."

  42. Tosticlezz


    2 dager siden

    Here’s the math from 1:25 solved: 62.5% comes from: 8 total GOTG: Starlord, Gamora, Rocket, Groot, Drax, Nebula, Mantis, and Thor. The 5 that are dead/gone are: Starlord, Gamora, Groot, Drax, and Mantis, making up for the 62.5% (5/8). 87.5% comes from: 8 total GOTG: Starlord, Gamora, Rocket, Groot, Drax, Mantis, Yondu, and Adam Warlock. The 6 that are dead/gone are Starlord, Gamora, Groot, Drax, Mantis, Yondu, and Thor (Not being a GOTG yet 12:18), making up for the 87.5% (7/8).

  43. Tom Rath

    Tom Rath

    2 dager siden

    I heard a theory that the opening Avengers theme is scored with only half of the instrumentation. Not sure if it’s totally accurate, but the supporting countermelodies are a lot more brought out, and the theme itself feels a little more exposed and less bombastic than the one in Infinity War. Super cool detail on Silvestri’s part if its true.

  44. Ashton Snapp

    Ashton Snapp

    2 dager siden

    11:37 Another version of the “would you kill baby Hitler” problem

  45. Xerox GG

    Xerox GG

    2 dager siden

    Did you count Yondu as a Guardian?

  46. Oscar Ruex

    Oscar Ruex

    2 dager siden

    Man, what a movie.

  47. magdalene adjei

    magdalene adjei

    3 dager siden

    "I can do this all day." "Yeah I know.... I know...." #GOLD



    3 dager siden




    3 dager siden


  50. Diego The King

    Diego The King

    3 dager siden

    Why don’t you do lion king 2019 or addlain 2019

  51. ManBearPigRawrrr


    3 dager siden


  52. Desterii DelQuonomonna

    Desterii DelQuonomonna

    3 dager siden

    hahahahaahahaha the counter to CinemaSins, that's awesome, but Sins was...funny....

  53. Francisco Rendón

    Francisco Rendón

    4 dager siden

    9:47 How is that a win? It's a flaw!

  54. Alien from Area 51

    Alien from Area 51

    4 dager siden

    No win for Noobmaster69?

  55. RD Mower

    RD Mower

    4 dager siden Check this out and please give an extra point or two for this teamwork and listening skills

  56. João Lucas Lopes

    João Lucas Lopes

    4 dager siden

    11:41 frank castle (aka cosmic ghost rider) tried that too

  57. Sh N

    Sh N

    4 dager siden

    A113 also appears in Spidey's HUD in Homecoming during the Washington Monument scene.

  58. bigjake423


    4 dager siden

    Major Win. If you look when you first see Bro Thor he is so depressed he won’t even wield Stormbreaker which anybody can lift

  59. Devin Moss

    Devin Moss

    4 dager siden

    Can you please do Everything Great About Spider-Man: Far From Home next?

  60. Zachary Samuel

    Zachary Samuel

    5 dager siden

    STAN LEE you were a great inspiration I know it is late but rest in piece stan lee