bad photoshops (minecraft edition)

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  1. LazarBeam


    5 måneder siden

    WE GOT A SPONSOR! - Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: Start with💰50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion 💥 on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program

    • Nikole Paoli

      Nikole Paoli

      23 dager siden

      Hi Daddy

    • Barb Horne

      Barb Horne

      Måned siden


    • Alcremax


      2 måneder siden

      LazarBeam I legit that this was spam from the amount of emoji

    • Jeremi oskar Skribikin

      Jeremi oskar Skribikin

      2 måneder siden

      LazarBeam lololololollolololololollololololol

  2. Jac Rhisiart

    Jac Rhisiart

    2 timer siden


  3. Damsey Doo

    Damsey Doo

    8 timer siden

    3:00 uhh... *Stacks of 100?*

  4. Rhys Mathews

    Rhys Mathews

    10 timer siden

    Getting sponsored by raid is betrayal. I still love you but come on now

  5. ItzLel 100

    ItzLel 100

    11 timer siden

    But First, a word from our sponsor : rAiD sHaDoW lEgEnDs

  6. Samuel Thompson

    Samuel Thompson

    19 timer siden

    But first a word from our sponsor Raid Shadow Legends

  7. Greyson Beasley

    Greyson Beasley

    22 timer siden

    But you can't stack more than 64

  8. Liam Burk

    Liam Burk

    Dag siden

    He says 100 dollars when it is actually 10

  9. can I please have 100 subs please

    can I please have 100 subs please

    Dag siden

    Come on LazarBeam Raid Shadow Legends

  10. Stop Motion Mayhem

    Stop Motion Mayhem

    Dag siden

    You where supposed to destroy the annoying ads not join them

  11. Leslie Griffith

    Leslie Griffith

    Dag siden

    1:14 to skip to photoshop part

  12. David Ruddy

    David Ruddy

    Dag siden

    He said every 2 months....... It’s FEBRUARY

  13. Tammy Protheroe

    Tammy Protheroe

    2 dager siden


  14. Ryan Clayton

    Ryan Clayton

    2 dager siden

    Lazarbeam:your john wick you shouldn't be sad Me:his dog and his wife died why wouldn't he be sad

  15. Dragon Gaming

    Dragon Gaming

    2 dager siden

    That ssundee joke tho

  16. ThatBread


    2 dager siden

    1:14 if u don't care about the curse that is raid Shadow Legends

  17. Rolo Fag

    Rolo Fag

    2 dager siden

    I have watched this dang abomination of a video and want to kill my self WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO DO IT please tell me.

  18. trinalcomic6


    3 dager siden

    Das a 10 dollar bill btw

  19. Organic Bananas

    Organic Bananas

    3 dager siden

    **Raid shadow legends sponsor** “YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO DESTROY THE SITH, NOT JOIN THEM!”

  20. Bladen Keene

    Bladen Keene

    3 dager siden

    Lannan is a sellout and a bitch for getting sponsored by raid shadow legends

  21. Lucas Kountouriotis

    Lucas Kountouriotis

    4 dager siden

    I hear you saying $100 bill but in my mind I keep saying “THATS A $10 BILL”



    4 dager siden

    i like the nik munat meme

  23. Shadow _

    Shadow _

    4 dager siden

    10 dollar bill

  24. Santiago Jimenez Galvez

    Santiago Jimenez Galvez

    4 dager siden

    NOOOOO not raid

  25. Cooper Rothman

    Cooper Rothman

    4 dager siden

    Why did you stop saying dumb shit science

  26. nova gaming

    nova gaming

    4 dager siden

    1:14 100 dollar bill?? they said its a counterfeit 10 dollar bill idiot

  27. Diego Coa

    Diego Coa

    4 dager siden


  28. Ittleguy Gaming

    Ittleguy Gaming

    5 dager siden

    they should add wasps to Minecraft!!!!

  29. Anyssel Estol Navedo

    Anyssel Estol Navedo

    5 dager siden

    Which American is going to tell him that Alexander Hamilton is on the $10 bill another $100 bill

  30. Hippo 23

    Hippo 23

    5 dager siden

    Lannon thats a 10

  31. Wyatt Wilson

    Wyatt Wilson

    6 dager siden

    Laser knows ss

  32. Mr Bush

    Mr Bush

    6 dager siden

    lanan how do u make it look ez Do u have any tips? Luv ur vids

  33. Anderson Thiel

    Anderson Thiel

    6 dager siden

    LMAO imagine this: there’s a deadly virus killing the earth and then the news says wait we have a sponsor raid shadow legends

  34. Marco Doco

    Marco Doco

    6 dager siden

    I like sounded =(

  35. Jacob and Angel

    Jacob and Angel

    6 dager siden

    I love your channel I would fucking watch your videos if the world was about to end shit ya!!!!!!!!!

  36. hamzah abdulhamid

    hamzah abdulhamid

    9 dager siden

    Spongbop startied when I got to the patric part

  37. Sebastien T

    Sebastien T

    10 dager siden

    You gotta be kidding RAID?!? u r bad person

    • Ben Tails

      Ben Tails

      7 dager siden


  38. Reinhardt Willhelm

    Reinhardt Willhelm

    11 dager siden

    Category: Gaming Game: Minecraft Hmmm

  39. Goodatfortnite


    11 dager siden

    I thought you play Fortnite raid suck I want old you. Yeeeeeeeeeeeet

    • Ben Tails

      Ben Tails

      7 dager siden

      Go away

  40. Bubbles McDragon

    Bubbles McDragon

    12 dager siden

    Nobody: NOplayerrs: 0:23

  41. Osvi's Adventures & Games

    Osvi's Adventures & Games

    12 dager siden

    I love ssundee

  42. Matt Stallman

    Matt Stallman

    12 dager siden

    Ok did anyone else catch when he said *re-NAI-ssance **9:23* Well here in America we say *REN-ais-sance*

  43. Dragon Master

    Dragon Master

    12 dager siden

    He gives himself sooo much credit in the wars

  44. Aaron9760


    12 dager siden

    Says 10 dollars lazerbeam seems 100 to me

  45. Nyan Prakash

    Nyan Prakash

    12 dager siden

    1:54 It is a $10 bill

  46. Daykup 12

    Daykup 12

    12 dager siden

    Could anyone please tell me what website to use to photoshop

  47. Kristof Farkas

    Kristof Farkas

    13 dager siden

    Lazar Beam is wohrf 100$

  48. Ben Potter-Friend

    Ben Potter-Friend

    13 dager siden

    Ofc it’s raid shadow legends

  49. Hayden Dillinger

    Hayden Dillinger

    13 dager siden


  50. Potato Sloth

    Potato Sloth

    14 dager siden

    LazarBeam: (Edits minecraft facecam with 100 diamonds inthe inventory) FBI: (KNOCKS ON DOOR) FBI OPEN UP

  51. Paul LaGrange

    Paul LaGrange

    14 dager siden

    ITS $10 NOT $100

  52. man man

    man man

    14 dager siden

    i know you need money but dam you take raid sponsor smh

  53. V6 Clan

    V6 Clan

    15 dager siden

    that ant is stronger than you

  54. Charmander's Heat

    Charmander's Heat

    15 dager siden

    Raid lazar legends



    15 dager siden

    IT'S A 10 DOLLAR BILL!!!

  56. slyfox boy

    slyfox boy

    15 dager siden

    Says doesn't know if it's on mobile literally shows is champions on his phone

  57. Ryker Falicki

    Ryker Falicki

    16 dager siden

    Bruh you littarly spender two min playing raid shadow legends

  58. Vampypluto Gaming

    Vampypluto Gaming

    16 dager siden

    0:34 I was a little bit offended because he said "it might be on mobile" because I use phones not a hater btw

  59. Cook cook

    Cook cook

    16 dager siden

    Whot the hell

  60. Y33TU5 3L1TUS

    Y33TU5 3L1TUS

    17 dager siden

    sky:children of the light have better graphics