CNN is Fake News | Change My Mind

Steven Crowder takes Change My Mind outside the CNN Headquarters in Washington D.C. to have real conversations with real people on hot button issues. In this edition, CNN is Fake News.
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  1. StevenCrowder


    5 måneder siden

    What do you think? Has any other major outlet so consistently pushed news stories that have been shown completely false?

    • RTV Cowboy

      RTV Cowboy

      2 måneder siden

      sparklynamjoon I watch cnn to laugh at how stupid they are

    • RTV Cowboy

      RTV Cowboy

      2 måneder siden

      StevenCrowder I watch cnn to laugh at how stupid they are and how much they lie

    • Gravity


      2 måneder siden

      The most insidious power the media has is the power to ignore. CNN ratings are very poor.

    • Nikki Gowing

      Nikki Gowing

      2 måneder siden

      I think Lucy was extremely articulate and had some very good points! Made me rethink a little...but it comes down to transparency for me. Getting a story wrong and blatantly lying are two very different things. Especially when you are SUPPOSED to be non-biased (as journalism should be, with the exception of opinion pieces that are marketed that way). My Comp 101 class a hundred years ago was based on journalism and we were asked to write both opinion and non-opinion pieces. I was amazed how hard it is to keep your opinion out of your writing. It was truly an eye opener. That being said, completely fabricating information is not accidentally putting your swing on it. It is malicious and deceitful. Intent DOES matter. Oh, and by the way - I got an A in the class but had one paper that I was especially proud of (opinion piece) about allowing CWP holders to carry on campus as long as they did so with the CWP and state regulations in mind...I got a C on that paper because my instructor stated that I couldn't compare checking a CWP to checking a license for driving, or smoking or drinking alcohol. Which I think is wildly untrue and biased as hell. No one should even know you are carrying (no open carry in FL) and if they do you are probably very wrong or potentially a hero...depending on the situation. And if for some reason people DO know you are carrying, the police only have to ask for your CWP (which you are required to carry) really IS that easy. Anyway...point is deceit is not the same as an accidental miscommunication or a small swing to the right/left in a story. But i applaud Lucy for her discussion!

    • Raziel354


      2 måneder siden

      I think the problem is not CNN, the media in general is not being held to that "golden standard" of journalism like before, now anything controversial that attracts views is fair play. Even when covering a story back in the day, had you for w/e reason spelled a name wrong or even given your political view on it, would of immediately put into question the reputation of your business. Now we are so desperate to be the first ones to report something that it doesn't matter. But that is just my opinion.

  2. showtime951


    12 timer siden

    The Second Girl: Zero redeeming qualities. A fully functional sub-moron. An absolute danger to anyone ever in her vicinity. Lost in space.

  3. showtime951


    12 timer siden

    The First Girl: So well mannered, so soft spoken, so courteous, so attractive, so even tempered, so measured, so seemingly sweet, so nicely dressed, so uninformed, so misinformed, so embarrassingly ignorant, so conversationally stupid, so absolutely dangerous to our United States.

  4. M K

    M K

    Dag siden

    When it comes to CNN, leftists are so ready to give them the benefit of doubt. But when it came to Kavanagh or Trump, nothing at all. Double standards. Yet most of these leftist are completely unaware of their biases.

  5. O R I O N

    O R I O N

    Dag siden

    Completely random, but I just noticed how you kind of extend your arm when you take a sip from your mug. Is that a power move? Or is that just how you drink the mug? Lol. I take a sip a different way, lol.

  6. apumasterp


    3 dager siden

    I can’t stand lazy talkers that drag the end of their words out. Annoying!

  7. must know Info

    must know Info

    3 dager siden

    Fake as fu*k

  8. me me

    me me

    3 dager siden

    I do not understand why you wasted your show with someone who has no clue she didn't even listen to you when you gave her facts.

  9. Dean Morgan

    Dean Morgan

    4 dager siden

    OMG 😳 I DONT KNOW HOW YOU CAN TRY AND REASON WITH IDIOTS!it is funny but I don’t have the patience 😎

  10. Burner Fire

    Burner Fire

    6 dager siden

    For fuck sake, China has never been Communist.

  11. Burner Fire

    Burner Fire

    6 dager siden

    She thinks it may or may not have happened.. Well folks, that's a Democrat opinion for you.

  12. Burner Fire

    Burner Fire

    6 dager siden

    She certainly knows all about bias.

  13. BodieHammer


    6 dager siden

    CNN is so patently biased that it can no longer be considered a reputable news outlet. Headline News took a dump for a was no longer "news". I lost all respect many years ago.

  14. John Goodfriend

    John Goodfriend

    6 dager siden

    Steven - you'e lying about EVERYTHING you claim CNN is lying about. You know goddamn well the Steele dossier started with YOUR party getting oppo research on Trump and then it was LATER purchased by Clinton. You also lie about the Wikileaks thing. You lie about Comey and you lie about all the Russia/Trump collusion including the Trump Tower meeting. Trump DID know about it but your buddy Richard Burr on the Senate Intelligence Committee and the totally corrupt and soon to be jailed Devin Nunes refused to get Trump's cell phone records where anyone with a BRAIN knows Jr. called his orange daddy and told him that meeting was about to happen. You LIE about most everything.

  15. Ray Datdude the poet

    Ray Datdude the poet

    7 dager siden

    The first girl sound Slow asf

  16. RaincloudTheDragon


    7 dager siden

    "I come from a communist country and as long as I'm not being beaten to death in the street for protesting I'm pretty much alright"

  17. MisterMeanieFace


    9 dager siden

    The way the first girl speaks makes me want to put a fucking gag on her. It's like nails on a fucking chalkboard.

  18. Miami Gaming Hoodie

    Miami Gaming Hoodie

    10 dager siden

    The 3 worst news networks are Fox, CNN, MSNBC

    • Miami Gaming Hoodie

      Miami Gaming Hoodie

      10 dager siden

      Both Republicans and Democrats have gone completely out of hand with corruption.

  19. Pat Dalager

    Pat Dalager

    11 dager siden

    The 2nd lady is no republican, just saying.

  20. Big hp

    Big hp

    11 dager siden

    No way that second lady was. conservative, it sounded like she was snooping for information rather than having a debate.

  21. Big hp

    Big hp

    11 dager siden

    I hated Christy voice

  22. Digital Creative Front

    Digital Creative Front

    11 dager siden

    "CNN is viewed worldwide"... mouahahahahaha. What world are you living in sweetheart? "Murica and everybodys' so into us" much? Nobody gives a fuck about CNN world wide. Except, idk, 3 other countries? Australia included maybe? xD Honestly nobody. Thanks to CNN most people see all American news outlets as propaganda. LOL. Which is even more unfair for those doing their job right in America. ESPECIALLY on news with regards to events in other countries. That is just the shit a portion of America watches. Most countries litterally give zero fucks about hearing news on their or neighboring countries from CNN. If its a big enough subject, the most that will happen is a look into what the news outlets on multiple countries (multiple being the key word) are saying. As a matter of fact, the only news from CNN that can be at times referenced to from individuals who eat shit up online are mostly leftists in other countries that do even less research of wtf is going in America and use your politics as "points" to argue with. TROLOLOLOL. Meaning, the only part of your news that a handful of of biased people are using because they are desperately looking for anything online is your politics :D I had to comment on that, my god, so sad when some of these countries think their "influence" on so many is more than a bucket of piss xD Just, such delusions are sad. Especially with NOplayer and other online sources? Who the fuck even does that? Look at news from other countries? Depending on the country and how aware the people are, in many occasions people don't even listen to what their OWN country is saying and just get their info online from MULTIPLE resources to cross reference things. lol. Look at Russia in Syria. I think I had an unusual interest in it at the time. I must of had info from news sites and outlets from at least 5 different countries, INCLUDING RUSSIA, to see an overall picture. And truth be told, the American outlets were the least and a recap of what each outlet more or less was on about. lol. "CNN is viewed worldwide".... mmmmmkay xD

  23. bootlegged jeanstarch pgtfv

    bootlegged jeanstarch pgtfv

    11 dager siden

    Dumb broad

  24. The C.I.A.

    The C.I.A.

    12 dager siden

    I'll say what I said before, anyone who knowingly falsely accuses someone of rape, man or woman, should be thrown into a men's supermax prison for the same sentence the person they accused would've gotten, as well as slandered all over the news, being labeled as a rapist.

  25. Cosmic Tuxedo

    Cosmic Tuxedo

    12 dager siden

    Being in denial about life is more dangerous than an honest murderer.

  26. Talus St.Germain

    Talus St.Germain

    12 dager siden

    The Onion has the only trustworthy news

  27. Shaun Mallawaarachchi

    Shaun Mallawaarachchi

    13 dager siden

    At 5:01 she says people "think WE'RE biased" so she probably does work for CNN

  28. Liddle BPickles

    Liddle BPickles

    13 dager siden

    Damn she is SO horny....

  29. Dark Matter Beatz

    Dark Matter Beatz

    14 dager siden

    First woman was a fucking doorknob

  30. Patrick Walton

    Patrick Walton

    14 dager siden

    yes I believe that it is fake news

  31. Jay Hemphill

    Jay Hemphill

    15 dager siden

    Highly doubt 50% of people read the report

  32. Grant Schweitzer

    Grant Schweitzer

    15 dager siden

    This girl sounds like she is a surfer from California in the 1990s and has been smoking weed all day. Ha ha ha

  33. Jtwood274 -

    Jtwood274 -

    16 dager siden

    Woah woah woah...CNN considers themselves unbiased?!

  34. Lukas Fletcher

    Lukas Fletcher

    16 dager siden

    Define fake news. I would argue that CNN is nothing but biased, but does that mean that its fake news. It could still deliver news that is accurate but from a liberal perspective. I would say the same about Fox News. I believe Fox News is biased against the left, but that doesn't discredit its ability to deliver information. The information it delivers will just come from a right-leaning perspective. If you're going to watch either of these news stations, then you need to know you are receiving biased news, and should maybe do some extra research to get an unbiased/full picture of what is happening.

  35. Nestor Pylos

    Nestor Pylos

    17 dager siden

    I have a crush on the Chinese filipino

  36. Jason Persilver

    Jason Persilver

    17 dager siden

    That second girl honestly believes that half of America read a 400 page report? I need to look up those stats cause that is super difficult to believe.

  37. Sourish Saha

    Sourish Saha

    17 dager siden

    CNN is piece of shit for left .Change my Mind.. From India

  38. Eddie S

    Eddie S

    17 dager siden

    Mind not changed, CNN is fake news, and she is the cutest CNN employee I ever seen

  39. Phillip Seymour Hoffman

    Phillip Seymour Hoffman

    17 dager siden

    The way the first girl enunciates everything she says makes me want to throw a baby through a brick wall

  40. Rob Jones

    Rob Jones

    17 dager siden

    why are the prettiest girls always the most fucking stupid

  41. Jeremy's Swiggs

    Jeremy's Swiggs

    18 dager siden

    So the first girl's point is that they aren't fake news......just consistently incompetent journalism.

  42. davesrandomvideos


    19 dager siden

    OMG! The patience Steven has...

  43. Daniel Lowrey

    Daniel Lowrey

    19 dager siden

    These things... are very... high intelligence, you know??? This lady is great lol I don't know if she is thick headed or just from CNN.

  44. Dwight Schrute

    Dwight Schrute

    19 dager siden


  45. Cool Dude

    Cool Dude

    20 dager siden

    Every news media is fake News, change my mind!

  46. Colton Crook

    Colton Crook

    20 dager siden

    CNN is fake news

    • spookmilk 64

      spookmilk 64

      Dag siden

      Colton Crook you’re also gay

  47. Patrick Matthews

    Patrick Matthews

    20 dager siden

    Did you see that ass tho lol???

  48. Appleholic1


    20 dager siden

    I think some people would not admit that CNN is agenda driven, biased and fake news even if CNN came right out and proclaimed it.

  49. Lib Smasher

    Lib Smasher

    20 dager siden

    the first person is extremely difficult to listen to

  50. Catherine Halliday

    Catherine Halliday

    21 dag siden

    watched this not long after it came out ............... and just had a flash back regarding why I didn't like it much back then........the lady with the brown hair talks like finger nails across a chalk board

  51. Kaptain Kush

    Kaptain Kush

    22 dager siden

    Why the cute ones gotta be so dumb 🤦🏾‍♂️

  52. MAURIE20


    22 dager siden

    That annoys me because the news channels shouldn’t be bias they should give you the facts and let you choose what to believe

  53. jhg fsefes

    jhg fsefes

    22 dager siden

    But trump had been none of it but how is that colluding?

  54. jhg fsefes

    jhg fsefes

    22 dager siden

    CNN has been all over my feed!

  55. EpicGamerDude64


    22 dager siden

    I say CNN is a mix of both. I believe with every news outlet, like khq or cbs, or CNN in this case, are told what to say to the public by an government-styled corporation under those news companies. Like CNN. For example, news went out that Sylvester Stallone had passed away a few years ago. Not too long after, he came out that he was very much alive. See something fishy there?

  56. Turn1and2gang


    22 dager siden

    news broadcast are also not allowed to pick sides yet they are and they get to keep their job

  57. Kryptiiq


    22 dager siden

    Holy shit that voice somebody shoot me please

  58. Triton James

    Triton James

    22 dager siden

    Christy is intelligent attractive and obviously in denial! Her voice just drives me nuts!!! Can't believe how much time you wasted on her Steven.

  59. Grey Worm

    Grey Worm

    23 dager siden

    Crowder making some gains 💪

  60. Jenna Karpe

    Jenna Karpe

    23 dager siden

    18:23 this bitch is crazy. OF COURSE, innocent until proven guilty 🇺🇸