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Summer Anime 2019 in a Nutshell

There wasn't enough Isekai this season. Yes I know I'm late.
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Intro song: Super Riser by Nanidato
Edited by: Bakashift
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  1. Clover Zero

    Clover Zero

    3 timer siden

    Kinda sad Astra part was so short. It's so good, I love it.

  2. Rasitha Senevirathne

    Rasitha Senevirathne

    3 timer siden

    wouldn't milfsekai just mean milf world?

  3. Xenolance


    4 timer siden

    "Watch Symphogere!"

  4. Shadowmist909


    4 timer siden

    Isekai month

  5. S A G E

    S A G E

    4 timer siden

    These isekai are getting out of hand

  6. wizardjack


    5 timer siden

    imouto is dead and busted the age of the milf is here

  7. kishlarats


    5 timer siden

    plz try to not compare those bad us movies to those good animes ^_^

  8. JAHB 1210

    JAHB 1210

    6 timer siden

    1:24 what is this song

  9. An drés

    An drés

    6 timer siden

    Vinland 💘

  10. Emishimaru - Sama

    Emishimaru - Sama

    6 timer siden

    Maybe the answer to Gigguk's test of the anime gods be like "Gigguk Is gay" Dx Dammit, RNG Gods are too OP DDD:

  11. anh vũ nguyễn

    anh vũ nguyễn

    7 timer siden

    Gikguk *the one who has give some guidence to almost 2 millions views of people to the new anime!!!!*

  12. Albert Aribot

    Albert Aribot

    7 timer siden

    Talent people wasted there live on making this gross anime shit

  13. vimain


    7 timer siden

    no seriosly please give symphogear a full vidoe im not joking

  14. FPS Entertainment

    FPS Entertainment

    8 timer siden

    0:56 who jerk off like that, and dont lock thier door

  15. sairoof


    8 timer siden

    Senko is just mr beast for anime

  16. Saito Jiraga

    Saito Jiraga

    9 timer siden

    Given is pretty good or I mean gayon

  17. espnky1


    9 timer siden

    Bring back Anime in minutes

  18. Crynn Plays Games

    Crynn Plays Games

    9 timer siden

    I once again question my sanity after watching Momsekai episode two, after 'dropping' it until i saw this vid.

  19. —- Anonymuz*

    —- Anonymuz*

    9 timer siden

    When will u make a gintama vid?...#2019

  20. lilundr


    10 timer siden

    yellow rem yellow rem yellow rem

  21. roxorsoxor


    10 timer siden

    >new fate is episodic well, guess i don't have to watch it if its not going to have anything in it

  22. Polarity


    11 timer siden

    Never seen an anime that had a perfect representation of what masturbation looks like... That guy was legs up, dick in hand, leaned back, and just stroking. Fucking props. He better have said “sup” to the girl that walked in

  23. Polarity


    11 timer siden

    Have you watched the best Anime in the world? Corey in the House?

  24. roxorsoxor


    11 timer siden

    i literally got a gym membership because of anime.... and it got me a freind so i am happy :)

  25. y o m a d r e a m

    y o m a d r e a m

    11 timer siden

    i love that

  26. GodLike Industries

    GodLike Industries

    12 timer siden

    "premarital hand holding" Gigguk you sick fuck

  27. Alif Akmal

    Alif Akmal

    12 timer siden

    Damn "Gay-on" U r Genius, Lmao

  28. Nolux5 0

    Nolux5 0

    12 timer siden

    Dr stone and saying there is a jojo character is all I need to watch it

  29. MobiusOne6


    13 timer siden

    Isekai Cheat Magician is what conception should have been

  30. NGOtaku


    13 timer siden

    *not a single imouto in sight* Looks like someone doesn’t know about Hensuki

  31. Markaiser


    13 timer siden

    Gay-on this one got me so Hard hahahahaa

  32. hakayma


    13 timer siden

    you watch it too much A

  33. Rick Bonilla

    Rick Bonilla

    13 timer siden


  34. bradley mapstone

    bradley mapstone

    13 timer siden

    Theres another fate coming out soon. In what order should i rererewatch the fate franchise before it is released? >.>

  35. E Zach Lee Wright

    E Zach Lee Wright

    13 timer siden

    what songs are playing at the very beginning of the video and at 10:21?

  36. Ossian Fridh

    Ossian Fridh

    13 timer siden

    Yes south park Give me more south park memes

  37. Root Beer Guy

    Root Beer Guy

    13 timer siden

    I don't like jojo

  38. Tokki Foefire

    Tokki Foefire

    13 timer siden

    Monogatari + Tokyo Ghoul + teleport to another world of fantasy = Arifureta

  39. Sayyin


    14 timer siden

    Big sad demon girl next door isn't getting as much attention as it really should. It's really good

  40. Outlawrockman


    14 timer siden

    Milfsekai must become a new genre

  41. Leo Nardo

    Leo Nardo

    14 timer siden

    Gigguk I swear to god. You are the only dude that talks about anime and can make me cry laughing because it's all true and I identify with everything you're saying.

  42. Kowai Otaku

    Kowai Otaku

    14 timer siden

    1 iakesi which i know - re: creators

  43. thibautisserant


    14 timer siden

    I litterally discovered half of those as mangas a while back and I was so surprised to see them adapted XD I deemed the Milf-sekai as an obscure okay-ish manga (past the first three jokes, it gets annoyingly repetitive) and there it is ! Adapted with a fanbase of it's own.

  44. Kirby 3003

    Kirby 3003

    14 timer siden

    1:24 any help with the song? It sounds like a Ramones song, but I can't seem to find anything.

    • Kirby 3003

      Kirby 3003

      7 timer siden

      Got It:

  45. Habib


    15 timer siden

    what isekai means ?

    • Sylvie Rose

      Sylvie Rose

      5 timer siden

      "another world", any anime where the mc is transported to a paralel world. The ones that include reincarnation also are called "tensei"

    • NAiNE


      6 timer siden

      Habib -bad anime

  46. Tortonx T

    Tortonx T

    15 timer siden

    Take a shot everytime he makes the same Isekai joke.

  47. Caleb Camarillo

    Caleb Camarillo

    15 timer siden

    Gigguk has literally turned me into Isekai trash

  48. Pillsen


    15 timer siden

    Dude, playing Berserk music over Vinland Saga was just taking it too far..

  49. GD RageDasher

    GD RageDasher

    15 timer siden

    Gigguk literally missed "To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts"

  50. KBang Productions

    KBang Productions

    15 timer siden

    Just from the intro I can see my favourites Enen no Shouboutai Dr stone O maidens in your savage season

  51. Yoko Automata

    Yoko Automata

    15 timer siden

    What if we're all in an Isekai? I don't know what's real anymore.



    15 timer siden

    MilfSekai..!!! 👏😂😂😂🎉❤️hahaha i love this vdeos..

  53. asygat azamatov

    asygat azamatov

    16 timer siden

    where this songs from?6:11 9:59

  54. Ninjapilot10


    16 timer siden

    "this is just tokyo ghoul in another world" i died

  55. Multe Mulot

    Multe Mulot

    16 timer siden

    I think I just don’t like the mentality wants these things. I often had the delusion it’s power of my wish that things became that. The mentality enjoys being a hero would be a promoter of evil. Bcs they need so. Something might just be a normal positive hero show to u. But the mentality enjoys the world or setting makes me feel annoying. I can’t accept watching most of shows. I don’t need to enjoy that. Nowadays I find myself just watch some reviews without watching the anime enough. That’s so called spoilers,but usually don’t bother me. I just need to see some major developments,others are at most meaningless pompous. When we become adults,only meanings should be enjoyable to us. I don’t want to waste time in order to get things which can be told in a few minutes. While these big plots always fall into these a few points. I hate to bother to be repeated again,not even quickly.Not fun. Then I don’t even seek for reviews,expect for u. U know that’s what’s right to me,don’t u? I should quit. There’s countless knowledge and things u can enjoy in world. How can we get as much as we can if we drag time for each thing?

  56. Aggelos Sovolos

    Aggelos Sovolos

    16 timer siden

    We need a video about seven deadly sins !!!

  57. no u

    no u

    16 timer siden

    So what takes longer to make? The thumbnail or the video

  58. Matt New

    Matt New

    16 timer siden

    Kimetsu no Yaiba?

  59. 語タク


    16 timer siden


  60. Lucas An

    Lucas An

    16 timer siden


  61. vlogs-raoul-challenges the-interviewer

    vlogs-raoul-challenges the-interviewer

    16 timer siden

    arifureta is not so good i dropped it after seeing the animation and the horrible script

  62. Azur volt

    Azur volt

    17 timer siden

    0:25 the captions say hyped gigguk noises

  63. hazarddex


    17 timer siden

    Did demon slayer slip under your radar?

  64. kataku ken

    kataku ken

    17 timer siden


  65. AromasLOL


    17 timer siden


  66. Srekino


    17 timer siden

    That Side-o-chesto killed me

  67. Draco Lupine

    Draco Lupine

    17 timer siden

    thank god Vinland Saga finally got the hype it deserved. Now please god beastars turn out ok

  68. Theodor Totev

    Theodor Totev

    17 timer siden

    Got Conway's Game of Life flashbacks at 14:20

  69. Alexis Rose

    Alexis Rose

    18 timer siden

    8:51 Nobody: Me:

  70. Makoto Niijima

    Makoto Niijima

    18 timer siden

    No love for HenSuki? Your lack of culture disturbs me.

  71. abdou yay

    abdou yay

    18 timer siden


  72. abdou yay

    abdou yay

    18 timer siden


  73. abdou yay

    abdou yay

    18 timer siden


  74. That Guy

    That Guy

    18 timer siden

    What’s the song playing when Accelerator falls and lands on that nice taxi cab

  75. duck trapper

    duck trapper

    18 timer siden

    I need to catch up on seasonal anime cuz like I was just constantly watching one piece

  76. Diego Sobarzo

    Diego Sobarzo

    18 timer siden

    I noticed the background overlord music during the Isekai bit

  77. Jean Elysée

    Jean Elysée

    19 timer siden

    13:41 *THANK GOODNESS!*

  78. anh vũ nguyễn

    anh vũ nguyễn

    19 timer siden

    so there is a fact that everyone are already knows when watch this video. *THIS ANIME WE MISSED ALL OF THEM AND THEY BEING FORGOTTEN ALL*

  79. Dantex Bayonetta

    Dantex Bayonetta

    19 timer siden

    See, you can tell he hasn't actually watched Symphogear yet, because he somehow didn't decide it's the best anime of the past 25 seasons. So, uh, Gigguk, you should watch Symphogear. It's badass.

  80. CHIKA кαωαι

    CHIKA кαωαι

    20 timer siden

    I cAn’T beLiVe, Mari okida can write something not sad.