Tones and I: Dance Monkey (U.S. TV Debut)

Music guest Tones and I makes her U.S. TV debut performing her global smash hit "Dance Monkey" for the Tonight Show audience.
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Tones and I: Dance Monkey (U.S. TV Debut)


  1. Monster Junior

    Monster Junior

    3 minutter siden

    I thought SIA who sang this song

  2. Eko Yuda

    Eko Yuda

    3 minutter siden

    Indonesia like👍👍

  3. Irfan Sailan

    Irfan Sailan

    6 minutter siden

    I can feel the pain she feel when she started the song 😢

  4. Ally Hilton

    Ally Hilton

    7 minutter siden

    I love her voice and everything about it. This song awesome 💜😘😘😘

  5. Milli Playz

    Milli Playz

    11 minutter siden

    The first time I heard this song I fell in love with it I love it is so good

  6. Ila Harish

    Ila Harish

    13 minutter siden

    She is the AUTO TONE!! damnnn

  7. هيا خليك

    هيا خليك

    16 minutter siden


  8. Aka Fauzi

    Aka Fauzi

    16 minutter siden

    kesini gara-gara tik-tok...!!!

  9. Cristina Schimbatari

    Cristina Schimbatari

    19 minutter siden


  10. Boody


    19 minutter siden

    Muffami muffami muffami🇮🇹🇮🇹

  11. Jeimy Gonzalez Madrid

    Jeimy Gonzalez Madrid

    25 minutter siden

    Me encanta cuando cantan sin nada de autotune 😍🥰



    28 minutter siden

    Is very very very good and im french

  13. Светлана Максимова

    Светлана Максимова

    30 minutter siden


  14. Kathrin LP

    Kathrin LP

    38 minutter siden

    i hate this song xD #nohate to the singer

  15. ana marha

    ana marha

    40 minutter siden

    Real voice 😘😘😘

  16. M.H Covers

    M.H Covers

    42 minutter siden

    Who cares if it's not autotuned I still hate this song and her voice

  17. waves of memory

    waves of memory

    48 minutter siden

    هالسباله تغني

  18. Валера Мухаметшин

    Валера Мухаметшин

    53 minutter siden

    Прикольная толстушка -зажигалка!!!.

  19. muhd nabil

    muhd nabil

    55 minutter siden

    almost mistaken her for alma

  20. Alain Béhar

    Alain Béhar

    Time siden


  21. bro luck

    bro luck

    Time siden

    She fat as fuck

  22. Zack Smith

    Zack Smith

    Time siden

    He'll yeah, wish her more success in the future

  23. boby iskandar

    boby iskandar

    Time siden

    Love her, from Indonesia

  24. Natalie Fonsi

    Natalie Fonsi

    Time siden

    Did anyone else think Duffy sang this song? She’s amazing I love voices like hers and Duffy

  25. Torja jobaka

    Torja jobaka

    Time siden

    Aki ezt a videót megnézte es magyar akkor L.I.K.E ! :)

  26. Edison Fajardo

    Edison Fajardo

    Time siden

    Llegaste a un comentario en español 😂

  27. Deola


    Time siden

    Brazil loves u

  28. Mya St. Clair

    Mya St. Clair

    Time siden

    Tones & I’s family: It’s Christmas, sing! Tones & I: ok, you asked for it

  29. Anonymous Anon

    Anonymous Anon

    Time siden

    Dance one more dime? Omg my ears are bleeding. She’s like miss piggy. Can’t stand this

  30. Gingga Andrian

    Gingga Andrian

    Time siden

    oh my god ... I just found out the original singer on this channel. and I really like it because it's very natural and really like audio. btw, which singer is she from?

  31. EaZy MaNz

    EaZy MaNz

    Time siden

    She was the autotune

  32. Sohaib Abdul Malek

    Sohaib Abdul Malek

    Time siden

    I legit thought a crazy old woman sang this song the first time i heard it

  33. A JIRAYU


    Time siden

    Siapa yang ke sini gara gara di ig denger lagu ini d covers

  34. Anita Lestari

    Anita Lestari

    Time siden


  35. Kasia W.

    Kasia W.

    Time siden

    I thought she looks different.

  36. Working Class Lad

    Working Class Lad

    Time siden

    She has a great voice

  37. Luisa Lc

    Luisa Lc

    Time siden

    She really unique in her own way. Thats was amazing!



    Time siden


  39. Ell Amm

    Ell Amm

    Time siden

    love from Malaysia. . i thought it was autotune.. 😂😂

  40. Haddie Howard

    Haddie Howard

    2 timer siden

    This girl can freaking sang. First time I watched tones and I perform this song it shook my soul. No denying Girl has some pipes and a very bluesy soul voice. 10 stars !