Incredible Lightning Strike Over New York

Links To Sources:
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herbal tea by Artificial.Music soundcloud.com/artificial-music
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  1. four ramsey

    four ramsey

    5 dager siden

    I started school today, this definitely helps my mood 🙂

    • VisionOva


      5 dager siden

      I start school in 2 days. Summer felt so short it’s like it didn’t even happen.

    • JavaFloof


      5 dager siden

      Omg same

    • King


      5 dager siden

      It started yesterday for me

    • GamerPsycho


      5 dager siden

      I start on the 22nd of August!

    • Lord_Memeus


      5 dager siden


  2. SSOC CheMiCaL

    SSOC CheMiCaL

    9 timer siden

    1:20 Oh, So Basically it's Mount Wether From The 100

  3. Hamster Squeakery

    Hamster Squeakery

    10 timer siden

    Hamsters have torpor

  4. Tactical Ultimatum

    Tactical Ultimatum

    10 timer siden

    Ahh the noise of low flying aircraft over the rice fields. *fortunate son intensifies*

  5. the epic informer

    the epic informer

    10 timer siden


  6. GamerMoment Unlimited777

    GamerMoment Unlimited777

    10 timer siden

    2:28 the avatar

  7. Ayanna Mills

    Ayanna Mills

    10 timer siden

    Well looks like I’m going to die when the end of the world is here ;-;

  8. FlickyFlashback


    11 timer siden

    Btw that in australia and its not a mouse

  9. ULTIMADestructor


    11 timer siden

    Well thats how aliens fly their ships.

  10. Gray Lindblad

    Gray Lindblad

    12 timer siden

    That underground bunker needs two more things. 1. There has to be more of those and in more countries 2. It needs more food the 5 years will be in luxury and then if needed it has easy astronauts food and MREs

  11. Maeve Kernstock

    Maeve Kernstock

    13 timer siden


  12. Aiden Chachula

    Aiden Chachula

    13 timer siden

    How to get famous: 1: be a singer 2: be an actor 3: get pinned on a daily dose of internet video

  13. TopsyTriceratops


    14 timer siden

    Good to know us hard working people hold no promise in the future. In fact, sounds a bit stupid to have a bunch of rich people who are used to doing NOTHING all their lives get to live. Who will rebuild? Them? Certainly not. They'd rather die than get a blister fixing the machines they were never taught to fix if something goes wrong.

  14. Mr DIXON

    Mr DIXON

    14 timer siden

    2:04 animal name?

  15. FocusMystic


    14 timer siden

    Thats thor

  16. Ashish khaitan Vlogs

    Ashish khaitan Vlogs

    14 timer siden

    Well farmers in my country owns huge depts

  17. AlexKaboom


    14 timer siden

    i was leaving new york city that day and i was sleeping by new york in a tent im glad i left on time



    16 timer siden

    2:27 looks like a reminded me of beyblade

  19. The Anonymous 7

    The Anonymous 7

    16 timer siden

    U can't hide when it's end of the world. Every one will die. Honestly I find it stupid about the shelter for the rich.😑

  20. JOHN Micheal

    JOHN Micheal

    17 timer siden

    When barry allen escapes From the speed force

  21. Dudu Duuduuu

    Dudu Duuduuu

    17 timer siden

    This is the most positive channel I have ever seen

  22. バイカー


    17 timer siden

    2:49 it’s called “crop duster”

  23. バイカー


    17 timer siden

    “Shelter that rich people can hide in” THE VAULT

  24. AHBZ The King

    AHBZ The King

    18 timer siden

    1:18 the reason I hate rich people

  25. 8box12 Israel

    8box12 Israel

    19 timer siden

    5 years? That isnt much time. So in five years do they toss them back out into the surface so whats rest of the human race can have at them?

  26. IxKilledxYou


    19 timer siden

    So i have to be rich to survive the end of the world Well damn....

  27. H 2.0

    H 2.0

    21 time siden

    0:47 good human

  28. Epic Tryhard duh

    Epic Tryhard duh

    21 time siden


  29. Tina Flintstone

    Tina Flintstone

    22 timer siden

    I learned. I laughed. I cried. I’m appreciative!

  30. Theodore Shuai

    Theodore Shuai

    23 timer siden

    1:10 Why did it have to drink water from the water sprout when it was already in the water lmao😂.

  31. Rorio Mario

    Rorio Mario

    23 timer siden

    Wow, ghostbusters goddamn.

  32. Defaulty Boi247

    Defaulty Boi247

    Dag siden


  33. Lazer Moody

    Lazer Moody

    Dag siden

    Sub to my channel or you will Get stryke by a me 👹

  34. g cah

    g cah

    Dag siden

    So they have room for dogs in the underground shelter but not for more people??

  35. ryanppu 99

    ryanppu 99

    Dag siden

    1:22 Cant relate

  36. Scorpio_ Slash

    Scorpio_ Slash

    Dag siden

    2:29 “LET IT..RIP!!” “SPECIAL MOVE!”

  37. Airpods Suck

    Airpods Suck

    Dag siden

    My name is Barry Allen and I’m the fastest man on earth .

  38. Modehunter plays

    Modehunter plays

    Dag siden

    Me: Why aren't there Air planes in Stardew valley? It's a farming game and it has rice! Someone who plays Stardew valley: Rice can be bought and not grown in Stardew valley and also there aren't any airports or areas for the airplane to take off.

  39. Bad YouTube Channel

    Bad YouTube Channel

    Dag siden

    Wait why did that manatee drink out of a tiny water flow when it literally lived in the thing it’s drinking 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  40. Blaster 1738

    Blaster 1738

    Dag siden

    Zenitsu probably fighting a demon in NYC

  41. Moderreeen


    Dag siden

    I bet that was Thor

  42. darkskies oof

    darkskies oof

    Dag siden

    If it was the end of the world i would've just killed myself

  43. Claudine


    Dag siden

    I just got on a cruise (Carnival Sunrise) out of NYC on 8/7 and it was storming and i saw lightning STRIKE out there.

  44. Mitchell David Bliss

    Mitchell David Bliss

    Dag siden

    That's the kinda lightning I'd expect a ufo to appear out of.

  45. Varietyyy


    Dag siden

    2:31 Mysterio IRL

  46. Eli Mcarthur

    Eli Mcarthur

    Dag siden

    1:24 they just looks so sad for a dog park

  47. James Perry

    James Perry

    Dag siden

    Best part 0:22

  48. V B X A

    V B X A

    Dag siden

    There was man who lost his for a month in Rhode Island on vacation the dog was found in a house that was up for sale sense there was no one living there the dog had no food or water for a WHOLE MONTH the survived by eating bugs that were on the ground The mans instagram is pope of welding for the full story

  49. HexoNova


    Dag siden

    Thats not a mouse, it seems like a gerbil, i should know, i own them

  50. Maury G

    Maury G

    Dag siden

    5 years I’d rather die from the nuclear blast



    Dag siden

    IT'S AN UFO!!!

  52. GoldenPlays iOS

    GoldenPlays iOS

    Dag siden

    You got me scared by saying the word will end

  53. Sim Mckenzie

    Sim Mckenzie

    Dag siden

    You really can’t make a place that can save thousands without having a cost to stay there..nah I think I’ll just die if this is how the world is thanks

  54. Sim Mckenzie

    Sim Mckenzie

    Dag siden

    Actually a bunker for rich people to stay in when the worlds ends..how thoughtful...

  55. Memer Gamez

    Memer Gamez

    Dag siden

    These animal videos are cute

  56. K S

    K S

    Dag siden

    Ah yes every underground bunker needs an indoor dog park a cinema and a swimming pool😂👍🏻

  57. sagi barel

    sagi barel

    Dag siden

    Beyblade beyblade let it rip

  58. Wilson Hotchkiss

    Wilson Hotchkiss

    Dag siden


  59. Daily Reddit

    Daily Reddit

    Dag siden

    WELCOME TO THE RICE FIELDS... Oh the feels

  60. vasilisa vorontsova

    vasilisa vorontsova

    Dag siden


  61. MVazer


    Dag siden

    He sounds like leafy tf

  62. BTS vibe

    BTS vibe

    Dag siden

    That’s why I’m glad I was born before the end of the world

  63. tAsTe DiVinE fUry

    tAsTe DiVinE fUry

    Dag siden

    „...this amazing lightning strike over New York City“ *immediately shows vid* Me: huh? What just happened? He didn’t stretch it😳

  64. Fallout Freak509

    Fallout Freak509

    Dag siden

    Kinda sucks that the vault only allows people who are rich or can afford 2 million dollar housing

  65. William Salmony

    William Salmony

    Dag siden

    this made my day 1:50

  66. Charl Jnr Croeser

    Charl Jnr Croeser

    Dag siden


  67. matthew cortes

    matthew cortes

    Dag siden

    2:22 my alien 👽 showing me his legos 😂

  68. Bailey McHugh

    Bailey McHugh

    Dag siden

    At the very end was a shiba Inu my dog is also a shiba inu and I thought he was the only one who puts his ears back when he’s happy

  69. pappi


    Dag siden

    I guess if you hold a phone horizontal you too can be a photographer

  70. The GamerYT

    The GamerYT

    Dag siden


  71. J0J0


    Dag siden

    Wow perfect the rich snobs are the ones that will get to live on and reproduce because who needs genuinely kind average or poor people am I right lmao have fun watching your movies and swimming while the rest of the human population is burning outside

  72. ClumsyAmbivert


    Dag siden

    The indoor dog park is one of the saddest things I've ever seen.

  73. lonertype


    Dag siden

    death: hi mouse i'm here Mouse: well yes but actually NO

  74. peachie Babiie

    peachie Babiie

    Dag siden

    " where rich people can go in the end of the world " Donald Trump: Let's put a wall around it.

  75. jay ch

    jay ch

    Dag siden

    1:25 there is no way in hell that the builder of that place is just letting it rot or just builT it for one time real estate sale. I’m 2000% sure that it is being used as orgy or drug party place for very wealthy people.

  76. The Empire of Valeria

    The Empire of Valeria

    Dag siden

    Somebody just either turned into Shazam or into a titan

  77. Actual Noobie

    Actual Noobie

    Dag siden

    *has water everywhere *magical droping water "oh well"

  78. iIfwat ili

    iIfwat ili

    Dag siden

    It must be that one sc- *SHAZAM*

  79. Leah Garces

    Leah Garces

    Dag siden

    1:01 *E Z L I F E Y O*

  80. Amber Alm

    Amber Alm

    Dag siden

    0:55 Georgie "Dog Version"🤡