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Watch Elon Musk announce the Tesla Cybertruck in 14 minutes

Elon Musk unveiled the new Tesla Cybertruck tonight at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, California.
Tesla Cybertruck: Inside the unveiling:
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  1. depression


    3 timer siden

    Who agrees that the Cybertruck should join the army

  2. grandma bertha

    grandma bertha

    8 timer siden

    0:15 the terminator

  3. Adumah Emmanuella

    Adumah Emmanuella

    9 timer siden

    Detroit in real life

  4. Daniel berthold

    Daniel berthold

    9 timer siden

    That’s not a truck or a Ute the sides don’t fold down is the anywhere u can put a vice on there to use it as a work bench I’m from Australia and no one here would use that as a real work Ute all u can do with that is maybe take the bikes out on the weekend 😂

  5. R3al g3ose 1

    R3al g3ose 1

    9 timer siden

    Did anyone else hear “hi dad” lol

  6. hUrIzE aNd ShYinE

    hUrIzE aNd ShYinE

    10 timer siden

    7:34 -you're- -welcome-

  7. James Ross

    James Ross

    11 timer siden

    I find it hilarious that this is an example of one of the greatest minds we have today. This kid ain't no Edison folks and we are devolving.

  8. hbo1230


    11 timer siden

    what else ... how about a crash test?

  9. QuestioNumber3


    11 timer siden

    Looks very sturdy and behind a dangerous driver , it’s going to destroy a normal Sudan. Which is great for me. Also where the rear view mirrors ?

  10. Dog Tank

    Dog Tank

    14 timer siden


  11. Jose Blaze

    Jose Blaze

    16 timer siden

    Lmaooooooo he broke the glass twice hahahahahaha noooooo



    22 timer siden

    It is time for a meeting for Greta and Elon .



    22 timer siden

    I can not trust the 75K likes ,versus 6.6 K dislike. I guess it is Evolution. Survival of the fittest.



    22 timer siden

    Did you hear the paid voices of the Paid Screamers ? Elon ,Elon,Elon ..... Than the silence , the deafening moment : Oh noooo ! I am cancelling my Taught of a Request to fly to Space with Elon. He should show an example to stay in space ,at least 1 year ,before i book my Ticket to Ride.

  15. Cgrice23


    22 timer siden

    Um stainless steel has led we all wil be dead soon

  16. Plane


    23 timer siden

    I really think he drives crazy. On the psychologic level he is trying to prove that he is invulnerable, but his voice and the car can not hold up the performance that they all trying to serve like it all looks like Matrix. I am sorry, but really Elon is this what you think people wanna drive in on this planet? It just looks damn silly, ugly like a tank, its exaggerated and unnecessary. You want to try to live in a movie, and with Grimes, you just construct your fantasy world where you are strong and have power. Is this really what you want, to go to Mars? Well go. But it will not save you.

  17. Elone moustache

    Elone moustache

    Dag siden


  18. 只攻與防


    Dag siden

    Maybe it will improve the quality of window

  19. Romero-Kyun


    Dag siden

    DeLorean = cyber car

  20. a prole

    a prole

    Dag siden

    I keep on expecting it to reassemble itself into Michael Jackson.

  21. ji joi

    ji joi

    Dag siden

    Tron - Legocy

  22. Johnny lopez

    Johnny lopez

    Dag siden

    Zombies ppl

  23. Johnny lopez

    Johnny lopez

    Dag siden

    It's made for zombies

  24. Guiltless


    Dag siden

    He definitely came up with this design while high af

  25. Not Talented

    Not Talented

    Dag siden

    Your comments aren’t funny.



    Dag siden

    8:14 When you screw up on the presentation but

  27. xLashion


    Dag siden

    8:19 is me a sheep 🐑 trying to get some food :)

  28. Anatol P

    Anatol P

    Dag siden

    Elon Musk who is he? a genius? or a blind billionaire? or maybe he is doing that on purpose? Installing low latitude so called SpaceX satellites, by hundreds for now, but very soon by thousands, up to 42,000 by the year 2017. And not only him, others billionaires are thinking to do the same, like amazon, facebook and others. In a few years there will be hundreds of thousands or even millions of these questionable technology machines flying over our heads. Looks like in general people are thinking about these satellites like low flying harmless birds. But these machines are not harmless, they emit radiation, and a lots of it, day and night 24/365. Maybe Mr Elon will tell us, how much radiation they will send to the Earth. And that radiation will effect all inhabitants on the Earth including the plant world. More, Mr Elon is using even laser technology, which is also dangerous like the microwave technology to our health, and to the environment? Many of us are excited to see these satellites train in the sky? and are very happy to have a cheap and fast internet? really, will it make us happy? Looks like it is only a cover up, something serious is behind that? so some specialists say on the internet. Perhaps human mind reprogramming, and control? How about all sicknesses? a whole list of them, starting from A and ending on Z? including cancer? caused by the microwave radiation and the laser technology? If Mr Elon cares about us and the planet? maybe in his wisdom he would build a space craft, which will clean the space from all debris and junk send into the space by intelligent and highly developed human? It will be a real good deed, for all of us. "What is a benefit for a man, who even possesses all Earth, but will lose his soul"?

    • Anatol P

      Anatol P

      3 timer siden

      I have read more info regarding Mr. Musk's achievements, and I am very impressed. Looks like Mr. Musk really cares about the environment, and well being of others. The affordable electric car, Solar City success, work on a renewable energy, to name a few, and there are more. Looks like my previous post, was having to much critics. Looks like Mr. Musk weights his decisions to take into consideration the safety to the environment and the well being of others.

  29. Hon Arroyo

    Hon Arroyo

    Dag siden

    Musk: Hit it! DemoGuy:Sure? Musk: Yeah DemoGuy: ---- splashkkkk! Musk: Ohhhh my G! YOU BROKE IT! Oh my! DemoGuy: lets hit it onemore time? Musk : ehhuhmm... dont ruin my show..

  30. Sultankinggold


    Dag siden

    1:37 do i spot nate from TKOR?!

  31. Blattgold


    Dag siden

    why do people not like the look of it, its something different i really like it

  32. Juste Rayane

    Juste Rayane

    Dag siden

    it is the batmobile

  33. More Chainz

    More Chainz

    Dag siden

    Love this man



    Dag siden

    It's a great car. I love such cars. I also have a car channel for all car lovers. Welcome to my channel

  35. Jon V

    Jon V

    Dag siden

    The "strong guy" with that sledgehammer hit the cybertruck's door on the first hit so light

  36. jelly


    Dag siden

    To be fair however, the ball didn’t go through. Worse comes to worse you gotta get new windows but thats a lot better than risking the safety of those in the car. Also if that were a regular truck ,that glass would have been absolutely done for.

  37. K Bec

    K Bec

    Dag siden

    It's ugly 😭 I don't like it

  38. W00t! !

    W00t! !

    Dag siden

    This material in the Tesla car would be awesome.

  39. Cling Clang

    Cling Clang

    Dag siden


  40. eagletrek3


    Dag siden

    Time for a new night rider show with this truck